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  1. Ummm..I think in state recruiters in charge of Indiana visit several schools regardless if any kids to recruit or offer. Developing relationships is important but the reality is SW Indiana has very few kids that receive D1 offers in football. It’s really surprising considering the quality of some of the programs.
  2. Castle wins the SIAC all sports conference championship trophy every year. Castle is a 1 loss maybe 2 loss team every year in the pac for football. Castle being a middle tier team in football speaks to the strength of the conference.
  3. It’s an upgrade in all sports from top to bottom. Don’t kid yourself. Huge upgrade in overall athletes from top to bottom.
  4. MD vs Reitz beat rivalry in area Central vs North schools just don’t like each other in all sports Harrison vs Bosse two evenly matched east side schools Memorial vs GS two teams that just win and the class of SW Indiana football Jasper vs Castle. Two big schools that can’t win when it matters VL Vs Boonville. Two schools going the same direction in a hurry.
  5. New Albany? Lol. They are traditionally a bad 5A school. Come on.
  6. It would be silly to leave in the next few years. Clear path to LOS with Memorial and Chatard up in 4A.
  7. I think that’s what separates the really good ones from the great ones. The ability to get more than 1 group of kids to LOS. Time will tell.
  8. I guess opposing defenses won the mental game from 2016 to 2020.
  9. I struggle with Allen not getting out of the sectional more than 1 time. Figured a 4 star Purdue commit with all those weapons would have won multiple sectionals. Great player for sure.
  10. That year finished kizer Bell Lindauer Elliot I think George QB from WC was just outside top 4. 3 players from one team. Wow. Bell wound have been my pick.
  11. I think it’s more about move-ins or transfers for academic reasons. Maybe we need a high school transfer portal. That way there’s no BS lies from parents and programs about how or why a kid ended up in a new program for their senior season. JMO.
  12. Memorials 3rd grade thru 8th grade went a combined 68-4 this year. Studs at all levels who are can’t miss college bound D1. 😂 Kidding! I honestly couldn’t tell you the record of one team outside of varsity. I think the 2017 and 2018 group were under 500 every year until sophomore year. 2019 group below average every year until high school. Hope these upcoming groups are just average right now.
  13. Reitz has a really good QB in the program. I think 8th grade or maybe a freshman.
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