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  1. Bosse could struggle the rest of the way. Sounds like 3 pretty good players have been dismissed for doing the new Tik Tok craze of vandalizing restrooms in school buildings. Kudos to the principal for having zero tolerance.
  2. Memorial is a different team with Ray Brodie on the field. It’s been awhile since EM had a RB with his skill set. Power runner with big time break away speed. Agler, Brodie, and Shea brought some juice after missing weeks 1 and 2. I like a healthy EM vs a healthy Jasper week 10. JMO.
  3. Respectfully disagree. This is a good football team that needs to run the football 75% of the time. Caleb is perfect for the job. Great leader and he has his teammates trust. JMO but we are in trouble if we ask a 9the grader to lead this group. He made a nice pass vs Central’s backups in a blowout.
  4. Fishers starting 2nd half vs Harrison? I don’t see that happening.
  5. TigerFan20 are you getting paid for play by play on the grid?
  6. I like VL over Central. Not only do the bears lack overall talent and depth it sounds like the wheels are coming off the bus. Lots of finger pointing by players, asst coaches, and dads that are too close to the program. Please let Memorial draw Central week 10.
  7. Central has a really good shot at a winless season.
  8. Im not sure any week is a must win except week 10. Obviously teams want to win. Its the only way to win a conference championship and it makes for a better week of practice. IMO It’s a must be better upfront with experience OL and it’s a must be better offensively and it’s a must be better at stopping the run. But I trust this staff will have Memorial as the 4A sectional favorite by week 10.
  9. IB this Memorial team better quit reading the paper and listening to outsiders tell them how good they are. They have all the pieces but looked like they thought it was just show up and we win. Not how it works fellas. Attention to detail was lacking on both sides of the ball. Nice thing is it’s only week 1. My biggest concern watching last night …….zero leadership on the field.
  10. Lauck kid is a stud. Big offers from FBS. Grandfather played on a National Championship team at ND.
  11. Central always has athletic RBs. Their QB is a nice 3 sport athlete. They have kids on the outside who can flat out run. Normally tough hard nosed kids at LB. I think there are 4 maybe 5 teams that could be anywhere from 5-4 to 7-2. Central is in that group. JMO.
  12. Looking to Friday night lights. Great time of the year. Good matchups right out of the gate. VL 35-14 MD 27 -21 Castle 35 - 13 Reitz 28 - 13 Memorial 24 - 14 on a side note it’s remarkable John Hurley has guided his teams to 5 state championship games in just 13 years. He is the 🐐 of SW football coaches.
  13. Central and North both dominated their scrimmages. I know coaches all have different approaches to how many reps key guys get but at the end of the night Central and North spent a lot of time in the end zones.
  14. Castle has hard time winning 4 regular season siac games most years.
  15. Castle doesn’t play GS. I think this is more about parents looking for something different. JMO. I’d bet the bank not one of these kids suggested to their parents to send them to GS. I think both looking for a chance to play at LOS. JMO. Or maybe GS is trying to out recruit Memorial.
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