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  1. Completely disagree with disappointment and need some new blood. Memorial and Central another great season, North , Castle and Bosse much improved. MD after being banged up most the year just took down a team many think win 4A sectional. I think it’s been as competitive of a league as I can remember. JMO
  2. Memorial loses a pretty good group of seniors. Something ridiculous like 35-3 for several seniors going into Friday. Also fun to see the next groups cone together with new stars.
  3. Looks like EH and Boonville got the best draw. EM has to feel pretty good about their draw.
  4. I’ll take Central running clock at some point Castle 17-14 Reitz in an ugly game 10-6 Memorial running clock
  5. Heritage Hills looked very athletic and extremely physical tonight. That combined with speed will make for a tough out in 3A.
  6. Don’t see North running the table anytime soon. They have wins over Princeton, Bosse, and Harrison. Combined 2-16. They likely finish season 3-7. MD lost a good OL player for the season and one of their best 2-way players was out again tonight. Memorial will be without starting LB vs Central and I think a DE went out with an injury. That will hurt vs Central. I’ll take Brock Combs as mvp for what he means to his team.
  7. Surprisingly, Heritage Hills looked a lot quicker/faster than GS on both sides of the ball. I didn’t expect that from a ground and pound team. Very explosive for a team that only had 2 pass attempts tonight.
  8. Those 4 plus Heritage Hills make for a solid group from SW Indiana.
  9. North vs MD. Team with better night vision wins. Going from midfield towards the locker rooms is like playing sandlot after dark.
  10. Never said they were having great success. Numbers are good with multiple sport athletes at all grade levels. Good size kids- as seen by the frosh listed on max preps with a 7th grade QB that can sling it. Nice 8th grade RB- son of Memorial great, Randall Baker. Reminds me very much of the 2017, 2018, and 19 classes. Couldn’t tell you the record of any of the feeder teams. I’d bet most Memorial feeder teams are around or below .500 most years. Then high school comes along and something just clicks when different age groups combine. Hard to argue the success across the board come tournament time. But I’m biased.
  11. 23 to 25 plus one playing only varsity OL. I think the JV team was going to be short kids for JV so Memorial has moved freshman up to play the JV schedule a few weeks. I don’t see 2 freshman listed that came out after school started on maxpreps.
  12. Come out and watch 7th thru 9th grade teams play. Lol. Freshmen class best group I’ve seen in years at Memorial and 7th grade just as good. Future is extremely bright in cake-eaterville. Funny thing....last year was supposed to be the last year of relevance.
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