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  1. Screagle

    SW Indiana football 2019

    Not sure why he wouldn’t continue to compete in the toughest sport there is to play. Also not sure why the Allen kid is only playing one sport. Both of these fine athletes will end up in great situations regardless.
  2. I’d be surprised if that’s true about SR wanting in small division.
  3. I’m all for it, Tango. Competition level in lower half of each conference is declining quickly.
  4. Screagle

    SW Indiana football 2019

    I’m assuming coaches voted for POY in the PAC? IMO Cole Sigler was the toughest matchup problem in the PAC on tape. I also feel that will be the case again in 2019.
  5. Screagle

    SW Indiana football 2019

    I thought Cole was the best football player in the PAC in 2018. I think it’s hard for a QB to be MVP when you have a kid that never comes off the field and can play anywhere. I could see CO MVP for 2019 with Sigler and Allen.
  6. IMO HC at Jasper is a premier job in just about all their sports. Jasper football has been a dominant program in SW Indiana. Only .500 1 time dating back to 1994. Not sure any team around has been as consistent as Jasper over a long period of time.
  7. Screagle

    SW Indiana football 2019

    Opinions are good! Not sure Castle can get back on top. I’ve thought for the last few years they would be top 3 easily. But they do have some nice players coming back. I have rarely watched a Lewis coached team. Will they continue to be run heavy or use the pass game more? QB play in the PAC could be as good as I can recall. Allen, Montgomery, and Sigler are special athletes.
  8. Screagle

    SW Indiana football 2019

    Interesting on Bosse possibly going 3A. Their overall team speed can cause problems. Biggest thing for me on Lewis will be if that community will embrace an outside hire. He has been pretty good at most stops.
  9. Is this the year the PAC and Big 6 (8) are better from top to bottom than the SIAC?
  10. Screagle

    Allen receives another offer

    I would bet several from the top tier of FBS football will come during college camp days this summer.
  11. Screagle

    Heritage Hills 69 Evansville Mater Dei 54

    Tough weekend for Mater Dei. Memorial beat them 71-63 the next day without the services of 6’10” Sam Devault.
  12. Unrealistic expectations every year. JMO isnt that what sent Gaddis to CE?
  13. Screagle

    S.I.A.C. 2019

    Reitz Central Memorial Castle North MD Harrison Bosse