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  1. Except MTV. O/U on transfers from MTV to Reitz 2.5
  2. Top to bottom the SIAC is more physical, more athletic, and more talented than any conference in SW Indiana. Not close.
  3. Not sure on announcement but Bosse is getting a good one.
  4. Any chance John Hart returns to the tri-state?
  5. Not sure....tell us. I’m hearing the GS job is best around and the entire state knows GS and it’s players. I find that comical.
  6. I think losing two kids that played all the way through Reitz feeder program really hurt the last 2 - 3 seasons. And it really benefited Central.
  7. Any chance a former Panther that did a good job at Harrison and now Mt Vernon would have a shot? I can’t see Hart leaving GS with QB in place for a deep run. Crazy that 3 HC jobs are available. Not sure Harrison and Bosse will have a lot of applicants. I could be wrong. I can see Reitz attracting a large number of candidates.
  8. 4A sectional and regionals more difficult. Semi-state a wash, 3A state more difficult. All based on the last few seasons with realignment and success factor.
  9. Curious as to why GS HC job would be in the same sentence as Reitz? HH has been to state a couple times and Memorial has 3 years in a row and 5 of last 12. .neither of them would be close to as good as Reitz HC job. JMO.
  10. 2020 looks like great opportunity. Obviously getting out of 32 and L-burg will be extremely challenging.
  11. Yep...my last 3 vacations have been to Indy. Not much of a vacation but at least my entire family was able to met us there all 3 times. BTW I like the new PAC
  12. You need to leave Coal Mine Road.... occasionally! It’s not all bad out here. 3 things we always do in the Ville....Keep windows up, doors locked , and revolver ready. If you get assaulted I know a really good lawyer. Almost forgot...always travel in pairs.
  13. kicked off basketball team because of behavior and moved from QB to DL/DB because of poor leadership/attitude. I’m guessing this has zero to do with living in a better area. This one will be up to IHSAA. Central is recommending zero participation for 365.
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