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  1. I just assumed it would be 9 SIAC games. Any idea or rumors on the new set up? Two non conference would be nice but I’m guessing coaches and ADs are tired of finding games. The former AD at Memorial did a 1 year deal at Northview week 2. When I think about that I like not worrying about non conference.
  2. 3 of last 4 coaches couldn’t lose a game without emails and phone calls. Lived on west side 35 years. Lewis accomplished as much if not more than all head coaches during that time span. Not aware of any concerns during his tenure but the guy can flat coach. Jasper got a great one. SIAC will soon figure that out.
  3. Reitz has 6 regional titles in football that are recognized by ihsaa. Lewis has 2 of those in 5 years. His state title came in year 2.... how is that inherited? If you guys struggled with Lewis I can only imagine what your going thru now.
  4. You are correct, Sir! My apologies!! He is an awful coach. I thought he went twice. Now I can see why people were not happy with him 🤪
  5. Facts- 63 wins in 5 years , 3 sectorial titles, 2 trips to LOS, 1 state title, and 1 very sour dad. Those are facts. I could be wrong but the coach he replaced had 63 wins in 6 seasons?
  6. Lewis in 5 seasons at Reitz 3 sectional titles , and two trips to state with an undefeated state title and big blue couldn’t wait for him to leave. That is funny as hell. Come on? That sounds so stupid!
  7. So we agree on unrealistic expectations year end and year out? And that Big Blue ran Gaddis out of town? I think the last straw for coach Gaddis was the tombstones in his yard for his wife and kids to see.
  8. Internal problems started in Henderson before Lewis ever arrived. Same people hating on Lewis are the same people that worshipped him at Reitz. He got out of a place that has unrealistic expectations year end and year out. Gaddis did the same and that turned out pretty good. Big Blue drove him out of town , Lewis out of town and sounds like current coach can’t wait for AD job at Reitz to open.
  9. Jasper hasn’t been typical Jasper in 16 and 18. Rest of decade looks pretty good. I haven’t seen many local teams trying to get Jasper on their non-conference schedule over the last decade.
  10. So it’s not Jasper in general, it’s the new coach? Because Jasper football has been damn good for a long long time. I’m guessing Hart is last coach Reitz has liked but he didn’t stick around long either.
  11. I think Jasper and new coach will do just fine. Not many coaches will be looking forward to Friday nights at VL or JHS.
  12. Jasper could finish anywhere from 1st to 5th most years. Vincennes better than Harrison, Bosse, and North. How do those two additions not make SIAC stronger in football?
  13. Does the regular season mean anything? I guess that’s a question for your players/coaches. I’ve haven’t met many players/coaches that Friday night didn’t mean everything. It’s high school sports. It’s hard enough to keep kids involved...now tell them they can play the regular season but there is a chance they won’t get to play in the tournament. And for a good number of teams I’m sure they would realize from day 1 they won’t be good enough to qualify. If the regular season is ever meaningless to a team then that team has competitiveness issues and character issues. We are talking about programs that will likely be one and done. So who cares? And, if they shock the world....good for them! HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS! Let’s do all we can to give the kids a chance to play. Evansville Bosse would have never qualified last season in football. But they took a 28 point lead over an undefeated Boonville team. Boonville eventually won by 7 but that game was everything that is right with “all-in!”
  14. I like “all in” for high school sports. Regardless of how the season went it’s a chance to keep playing. Kids deserve that opportunity with their high school teammates, coaches and fans. Sports end soon enough for 90% of the kids. T32 is correct. 1 small adjustment can solve a lot of problems.
  15. Epic fail by all those involved in moving games to Monday and Tuesday. Felt more like a late midweek legion game instead of a state championship game.
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