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  1. Having two capable QBs is a good problem. Bryant obviously feels he can win the position. Would not make sense transferring to be QB2. Unless it was more about the environment and education. 😂 I just think his chances of being QB1 were better at a few other schools. I like the fact he’s in blue and white and not afraid of the battle ahead.
  2. I’m a little surprised the Bryant kid didn’t transfer to North. They need a solid QB and he passes North driving down 41. I don’t see Fisher getting knocked from QB1. Especially if Fisher is “all-in” this offseason. Is Bryant capable of playing other positions or is he set on competing for QB1? Does Hurly implement a 2- QB system. Bryant looked like a solid running QB in limited time last season.
  3. NFL scouts rarely miss on finding kids that should be drafted or at minimum invited to camp with chance to earn a contract. All FCS, G5, and P5 schools host pro days leading up to the draft. IMO regardless of where Brady ends up I’m sure NFL talent scouts know him and will follow his progress over the next few seasons.
  4. NFL draft scouts and NFL team reps visit colleges daily during the fall season. FCS, G5, and P5 teams have reps at practices watching players. They know where possible draftees are and they follow them religiously throughout the year.
  5. I’m assuming you never played college sports? You can be incredible at any college athletic program.
  6. Not sure. I think a player has to find the right fit with coaching. Great coaches and great position coaches from D3 to FBS. I think players get a pretty good idea how things are going to shake out and what their chances are of being QB1. Ultimately, most probably want a chance to play asap regardless of level. NFL scouts go to a lot of college practices from FCS, G5 and obviously P5. If you can play they will notice.
  7. I’ve never heard of this debate?
  8. I know USI has offered and I’m thinking UE has offered. Can’t imagine any kid giving up Friday night lights but it wouldn’t shock me in todays era of softness. Lots of good QBs from 6th grade up at Memorial. The 7th grade QB is the best I’ve seen at Memorial for that age. If the Bryant kid comes in focused he could win the spot. IMO. His competition will be busy playing baseball.
  9. Official visit? Or a Junior invite day? Huge difference. 75% of players do Junior days at the bigger schools.
  10. I think he has a couple NAIA opportunities but maybe more will come with this recognition.
  11. Not a bad final 3 that season 1 Kiser 2 Bell 3 Lindauer also in the mix Romeir Elliot.
  12. While Memorial has certainly been a really good tournament team, I think sometimes people overlook the Tigers regular season successes. Only 12 regular season loses dating back to 2016 season. Averaging less than 2 losses per regular season over last 7 years. But I do agree about the coaches. They find a way to elevate the kids to a different mode come tournament time.
  13. I’m ok with it. 100%. Guessing by the fact he went 3 years to Thompkins and 3 years at Central that kinda negates his elementary school experiences. 😂
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