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  1. Just doesn’t add up. Went to the 4A title game last season, most likely the favorite to win another sectional, most likely the favorite to win the SIAC, a very talented group of kids coming back, plus, three move-in’s from the state of Illinois.
  2. HH is my pick to win the PAC and whatever sectional they end up in.
  3. T32 you have all the calprep scores posted with VL and Jasper. You talk about domination by GS football for the next several years. You talk about GS being different. And you reply with being married and you win??
  4. Well GS has reinvented the wheel. So it takes parents and players to buy in? “We have to build things differently than I suspect what your used to.” Would love to hear WTH that means.
  5. Might want to read again.....90% of SW Indiana. Can’t speak for teams out of this area. I visit enough schools and coaches in this area to see that most have really good feeder programs. What is different about GS compared to programs in SW Indiana. Enlighten us less knowledgeable fans.
  6. Lol. Model? Please explain on here. I’m sure everyone will “grab their popcorn” and listen. Since Hart era is all you like to talk about I’m guessing the Hart model? I’m guessing GS not doing anything different than 90% of all the programs in SW Indiana. I could be wrong but I’m not sure GS has made it out of a sectional 4 of the past 5 years.
  7. My point is Castle rarely loses a feeder football game at any level. Great feeder program that has tons of kids. 2 7th grade teams, 2 8th grade teams and all 4 teams usually very good. And those teams even combine in high school. Memorials group that just won state and then played for state rarely won at any level. Class on 18, 19, and 20 rarely had success. Matter of fact they struggled against almost all SIAC teams in 7th and 8th grade....all 3 classes.
  8. Absolutely not! I think any school that has a good feeder program is most likely getting good results. Any good HC is deeply involved in their feeder program. Wins and losses by feeder teams have zero impact on varsity football. JMO. Just hard to imagine a person can look at 5th grade football and know that’s a “grab your popcorn” group.
  9. T32 That’s a skill that could earn you a very lucrative salary. I would bet Castle fans feel they should win state championship after championship based on feeder team records.
  10. 5th and 6th grade? 5th grade is projected as the “get your popcorn” group? Are you sure you’re not working for a scouting service?
  11. 100% agree on Castle. Endless resources, 2000 students, and a very winnable sectional and regional every year.
  12. I would agree. I was only including the ones mentioned by seal 63 and T32.
  13. I agree with you, sir. I was only including the 3 mentioned by Seal 63 and T32
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