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  1. A success factor bump state title in inaugural year should be worth the most points JMO.
  2. As long as the IHSAA continues to make sure EM gets all home games for the tournament besides LOS....then I’m good with it. IHSAA 💙’s the Tigers.
  3. Not sure EM SOS will change much. Already play Jasper and week 2 has been hit and miss with good team. The Border Bowl was a debacle. Football across the bridge is just not very good. I’m good with it. Not sure about the brain trust that couldn’t figure out how to balance home and away better. But considering those in charge of siac athletics it doesn’t surprise me at all.
  4. Over the past 3 years EM has played 17 postseason games. 3 at LOS 6 away 8 home
  5. I think the more talented team is HUGE in who gets to LOS. Away games are like home games for EM...have you paid attention to their following? EM fans come in droves to watch the Big Blue Whoop-a$$ train play.
  6. I agree with you....but the PAC faithful have said SOS means absolutely nothing. With that thought why would Boonville have to improve schedule to get better?
  7. Lol. Junior?? Lmao! Certainly an upgrade. What wouldn’t be?
  8. I’m just saying for a team like HH a waste of time. GS will soon find out.
  9. Across the River is no challenge unless u head east on 64.
  10. I think EM HC knew who his DUDE at RB would be heading into the season. Credit coaches for waiting till week 7 vs Central and the tournament games. Not sure his body would have held up being the feature back all season. Being a physical DE is tough enough without getting hit all season on offense. Plus it really helped develop a kid who IMO will be a stud two way player the next two years.
  11. Asked a simple question. Still not a fan. But Semi State and State much easier in 4A. Sectionals and Regionals not so much.
  12. It’s sarcasm!!! Might check my bio...which I’m sure you have since you’ve sent a message to me. But I do like your “bring it” comment. We lived by that 3x in SS the past 12 years 😜
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