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  1. Anyone at Reitz game? Did I see almost 40 pass attempts and only 7 points Central only scores 12 but collects 4 unsportsmanlike penalties Castle went as I expected Thoughts on Bosse? Sounded like they played decent Memorial went as I expected. Best defense Hurley’s ever had. Offense sharp as usual Is the North score a shocker? How is Princeton? I suspect with all the new faces in SIAC it will take a few weeks to figure the teams out. And it wouldn’t shock me if several teams have 3 or more losses in regular season. More balance this year. Huge wakeup for Central. Guessing it will help them unless they continue racking up selfish penalties.
  2. Go back to PAC thread. PAC of Wolves Or the unsportsmanlike conducts bit them in the ass. Troll.
  3. Anyone know how Central did? Asking for a friend from the PAC. Heard they were killing it on offense. Hope we can get the Terre Haute South game tape. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. No dig taken. Friendly testosterone banter. At end of day we all love Friday night lights. I will miss the small town sectional atmosphere. Hopefully you guys are still 3A when we get back. I think Reitz, Memorial, GS and HH should start a thread. Passionate fans that like to jab and talk. 😂 Happy teams from the PAC and SIAC have finally caused people to realize football is played at a high level south of Indy All in good fun, sir! Good luck to all SW Indiana teams. Hope all players come out healthy tonight.
  5. GS 259-217 3 sectionals 3 regionals HH 403-125 12 sectionals, 9 regionals 2 SS 1 state SR 313-202 9 sectionals, 6 regionals 4 SS , 1 state. Hmmmm 🤷🏻‍♂️ I lied, I couldn’t wait patiently.
  6. 563-371-18 13 sectionals/ 7 for Hurley 9 regionals/ 4 for Hurley 4 SS/ 4 for Hurley 1 State Title. Hurley. Obviously I left off mythical crap. I will sit patiently and wait for you to post the history of Titan football. Please go back past 2012.
  7. Yes, that team. Thx. Because that Memorial team was BAD.
  8. You are correct, I was thinking 2012 when GS needed OT to beat the 2 SIAC win tigers. Sorry
  9. Yes u can. I own that. Great win vs a 2 win SIAC team. 4 trips to state kinda like Witte’s 75 yards and TD vs JV in 4th quarter! Again only remember what you want. I’m honestly surprised where Gibson Southern is after only having a football program for eight years. Phenomenal growth.
  10. Now that made me laugh. Could you check that PAC thread and let me know I’d i commented!? Seems The PAC of Wolves are all over the board
  11. You forgot 3 years ago and your missing 4 trips to state under Hurley. 2 years. Lmao. Only remember what you want.
  12. You came back. I knew you couldn’t stay away from SIAC thread. I can promise I won’t be on PAC thread for minimum of 2 years. Or is it a Gibson Southern thread and you better not say anything negative or the PAC of wolves will attack
  13. At least for 8 years we have. Before that I didn’t realize GS had a program. Short term memory loss just north of 64
  14. McCool 8 carries 150 yards. Lol. Can’t get past a regular season game in 2017. Lmao. STATE CHAMPS Last chance u. Haha. Again, McCool dominated GS. Matter of fact several tigers ran up and down the field celebrating TD after TD. Minus our two best defensive players. Go back to PAC of WOLVES thread. Like a Central coach said...he predicted GS would finish 5th in SIAC this year. Lol. I agreed. Six hundred and fifty
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