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  1. Thought both teams were sloppy and careless. Can’t fault the effort by both teams but the game didn’t live up to the hype. Sectional 24 is wide open. I’d say Jasper is back in the mix after that W in Paradise.
  2. Maybe I’m wrong. We will soon find out in tournament play. Memorial looked very average last night but was basically a crazy blocked punt into the end zone and 3 missed opportunities on PATs from a win.
  3. Won’t be a popular opinion but the SIAC is a bunch of average teams and 1 above average to good team. Thinking of the top teams over the last few years, I think those teams beat this years top teams pretty handily.
  4. Won’t be a popular opinion but the SIAC is full of very average teams this year and 1 team above average to good. When I think of teams over the last few years that have finished 1st and 2nd I think they hammer this years top teams. JMO.
  5. Never thought I’d be worried about a freshman kicker possibly being out a few games. That was and will be a huge problem moving forward.
  6. Move makes zero sense to me. You’re 7-0 and siac champs and finally over .500 as HC at Reitz. They all ain’t gonna be pretty. Enjoy a victory, learn from mistakes and move on. JMO
  7. It’s puzzling. The basketball team has improved over the last few seasons and even won a couple of sectionals. Baseball team has always been top half of the league but hasn’t been able to win a sectional for awhile. Football team seems to start out on fire then fades away 2nd half. They have a very impressive roster. Size and athletes all over the field.
  8. Hopefully Memorial finds a way to be competitive. I know this will be the best team they’ve faced in years including the post season. Hope the moments not to big for the Tigers. Male sure you use pencil on your 4A title game unless the teams in south 4A have changed since the start of the season.
  9. I do think Reitz will have a HUGE chip on their shoulder based on the last 5 games Vs Memorial all being blowouts. I expect an extremely fired up excited Panthers team ready to erase 5 straight losses. I know Memorial felt the same when they finally ended a streak to the Panthers.
  10. Just curious? Do you expect Reitz to score 50? They haven’t this year and Memorial IMO will be the best team defense Reitz has seen this year. Reitz is a big favorite for a reason but don’t underestimate Memorials ability to prepare to win 1 game. I think this staff has proven they can win and compete on any stage over the past 6 years. Memorial will have to play lights out to have a chance. I think the only outcome that will be a surprise IMO is a blowout win by either team.
  11. They don’t have to make up a 24 point deficit. It will be 0-0 with a completely different memorial team lining up to play. I’ll be happy to eat crow if they play in sectional and Jasper wins. 2021 the SIAC was very good. Jasper ran the table in conference, Memorial - semi state, and MD - state.
  12. Not sure they care either way. Gotta play all 9 and hope for good health week 10.
  13. Great season last year. SIAC championship is a difficult task. Great week 1 win. JMO Memorial wins convincingly if healthy.
  14. He’s played great. Really extends plays that look dead.
  15. That was a great game by Jasper. I just don’t think Jasper will have much for Memorial if they meet again. Tigers would be 6-0 with 6 convincing Wins if healthy all season. I get injury’s are part of it but rarely do teams start the season with 4 or 5 all SIAC kids out weeks 1 and 2.
  16. If Tigers start season healthy this would have been a matchup oh two 6-0 teams. That would of added a lot of juice to this game. Still going to be an electric atmosphere. North proving to be just another typical North team. I know people on here love coach P but coach Wilson was fired for consistently being .500. One could argue North has had as good as talent as any siac team the last couple of years
  17. Wow. Throwing shade on a good young man who loves his Tigers. Stay classy big guy! from NOT Grant.
  18. 08, 09, 17, 18, 19. List the transfers. The number of voucher kids is much greater than you think the past few years. Large number of families that have been in Catholic schools now qualify for money. Why not take advantage of a great opportunity both academically and athletically? With or without Ervin and Mcquire the Tigers finish season Thanksgiving weekend.
  19. Exactly. This started with the grown men at Bosse not sticking to an agreement and those same grown men worrying about something the kids could careless about.
  20. LMAO. Go look at 2016, 2017, 2018, rosters and guess again. You obviously know ZERO about Memorial football. Sit this one out. These names ring a bell. COMBSX2, Hart, Lindauer, Turnbaugh, Goodwin, Johnson, McCool, Pence, Falkenstien, Hurley, Lively, Merrimee, Ervin, and I could go on all day.
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