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  1. Correction my list of players who give Memorial the best chance to win who didn’t play in Hurleys career. 1.
  2. Here’s my list of great players that have sat the bench at memorial 1.
  3. Who doesn’t play that’s a great player ? Hurley is notorious for sitting out great players. It’s been a big issue at Memorial.
  4. Lol. Not playing 4 and 5. 5 is one of the best DE in SIAC and 4 will get a shot this week most likely. 6-1 and things seem off? Lol. RB ran into each other 1 time that I recall and the offense wasn’t vanilla until injuries to QB 1. Not recovering an onside kick is coaches fault? That’s hilarious! Fisher made it look like Oline held up because he was making plays on the move and moving the pocket. He had no choice but to take off and make plays. I’ll take 6-1 all day with this group.
  5. I’ll give you the easy answer. Two Sophs and freshman on OL in several games, RB1 injured and QB1 injured. #5 was very average last year at RB with Rode out. #5 is much better on defense. If Tigers win last 2 SIAC games it could be best regular season coaching performance in Hurleys career considering the talent level.
  6. Hurley will have to reach in to the plays that best fit Bryant’s style. I definitely would get away from the rollouts that Coach likes to call to move the pocket.
  7. I’m guessing the Lefty will get more reps this week for Memorial. Threw a couple nice balls in the 4th.
  8. 5 to 6k max. Anytime there’s a big game at the bowl everybody likes to say 10,000.
  9. The last time the Tigers and Panthers faced off as undefeated teams in the bowl the Tigers came away with the three score victory. I see those results getting flipped, and then some.
  10. Fisher made up for a lot of young OL miscues. Rode wasn’t having the best year but you had to account for him every snap in the run and passing game. Defense wasn’t bad outside of the 1st and last TD for Bosse. hopefully we come out somewhat healthy. I do think the last two games are both winnable. Even without Fisher and Road.
  11. Tigers game has the makings of a 2nd half running clock.
  12. SIAC higher ups not smart enough to figure out 2 divisions. I can’t think of a team in the SW Indiana area over the last 10 or so years in any class good enough to compete with this 2023 EC team. Obviously have to play the game but it’s a mismatch no matter who they play from sections 24.
  13. I think if we combine the teams in sectional 24 East Central would only be a 2 TD favorite.
  14. No. He will be QB2. Senior Pedke ? QB1 and Looked good after he settled in.
  15. What a stupid comment to make without the information. Has nothing to do with his ligament. Small fracture at the head of the elbow. He’s not ruled out for the season and is 110% committed to getting back by seasons end and playing next season.
  16. Most games between MD and Memorial are close. Throw the records and names out. 7 straight over MD is not easy. Take the dub and off to next week.
  17. Over the last 10 years only 3 times have the games been decided before the 4th quarter. MD in 2015 with lopsided win and Memorial 2017 and 2018. Should be a good atmosphere and great weather.
  18. I thought this would be the year Memorial finally gets sent back to 3A. Not so sure anymore!
  19. Would not surprise me to see a couple TDs for the Bears.
  20. I think it takes a QB more than any position to have a special year. Right now Memorial has the best one. North is showing us why a QB is most important.
  21. Serous question? Who in sectional 24 will have success in the tournament? Sectional 24 winner is likely going home in embarrassing fashion. EC is just that good.
  22. You’ve seen every snap of Memorial football but this coming Friday you hate to watch Jasper offense vs Reitz. The games at Jasper. Hmmmm There is a Combs #12 played offense and defense
  23. Memorial no true game breaker. Lmao. You obviously haven’t paid attention to their skill guys last year and this year. Fisher and Ellsperman are game changers. Broshears is one of the baddest dudes on the field every Friday night. Then mix in the best offense coach and D coordinator in the SIAC. You are saying Memorial will be ok until tournament then struggle ? Again, you obviously have paid little attention to the best tournament team in the area over the last 8 years.
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