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  1. Anybody have SIAC and PAC champs getting beat tonight? I sure didn’t.
  2. Tigers at Boonville for the ship. Gonna be a battle.
  3. Hard fought battle. Both teams made mistakes but not for lack of getting after it. Gods season Cats.
  4. Unstoppable and a top 10 all-time great in the SIAC. I think the old North coach, Mike Wilson, said he’s only seen 1 better player in his time coaching in the SIAC, and that was Deke Cooper.
  5. All things considered?? Very average. on paper and in the airport probably one the most impressive looking teams.
  6. I think it’s a coin toss. BV vs Reitz slight edge Reitz GS vs OV big lean GS
  7. There are exceptions and it’s a constant teaching process for our young Tiger, GG! He’s is learning but does stumble from time to time. Back to football. What an exciting time for the coaches, players, and fans! Nothing better than the anticipation of a Friday tournament game. If players only knew how much excitement these times provide for their community. Some great games this Friday for SWI football in all classes with some really good players.
  8. Seems you’re more the BF that keeps chasing what you can’t have. IM Kidding! But damn Memorial is coming out that mouth often. I promise this fan could give two poops if you win or lose. Ultimately it’s about the kids and I love seeing kids win at a high level from all schools. This will likely be the last time 90% of these kids will ever play organized sports on a team outside of intramural again. Can’t imagine being an adult and cheering when a team loses. You know anybody like that?
  9. This could be a complete swing and miss… GS 2022 reminds me of EM 2019. Big names graduating after state title(s) runs and some questions that needed answered about who’s the next man up. Almost feel like underdogs most nights because most outside of the inner-circle of Titan football expected a let down. Im sure Titan32 and others felt different. I had no doubts in 2019 the Tigers would make a deep run when many thought that was it. Im sure GS vs OV will be a good game with lots of big plays. Tournament wins on the road are never easy for high school teams this time of year.
  10. Does regular season schedule matter? GS and other PAC fans were saying schedule didn’t matter leading up to the S32 battles with Memorial and the rest of the field. I always felt like it was important to some degree. Now I’m hearing some of the same GS/PAC fans say schedule does matter. Has the thought on scheduling changed now that GS has beefed theirs up?
  11. IMO Central can thank the culture Andy Owen developed at Central. Win at all cost, disrespect your opponents, hire unqualified friends, and turn a blind eye to all on and off field problems. Just win baby!!! They lost back to back HC that could flat out coach but couldn’t straighten out the dumpster fire created by AO. Now the program will suffer for the foreseeable future.
  12. I’ve said for the last decade the SIAC needs to elevate their level of play to that of the PAC. I think they are getting closer but not there yet. I thought Memorial was there but then they couldn’t get to state that 4th time in a row. Keep grinding SIAC. Next year is the year.
  13. No. He had the flu. Could of played tonight if needed.
  14. I’m sure they will get their mojo back week 10. Unlike any conference in SW Indiana, the SIAC is a grind and can cause many ups and downs for a young talented team.
  15. MD can be there late with a chance to win if they can create a few turnovers and be efficient in 3rd down situations. QB from MD needs to have a big game. key to week 9 for all teams….be healthy on Saturday morning.
  16. Jasper or Memorial vs Reitz and their transfers.
  17. Only if Memorial gets home side and use of Hudl live 😎
  18. Here’s my opinion as it has been for years with officials. The official made a call, live with it and move on.
  19. Other than better record I’m not sure MD is 2.
  20. Thought both teams were sloppy and careless. Can’t fault the effort by both teams but the game didn’t live up to the hype. Sectional 24 is wide open. I’d say Jasper is back in the mix after that W in Paradise.
  21. Maybe I’m wrong. We will soon find out in tournament play. Memorial looked very average last night but was basically a crazy blocked punt into the end zone and 3 missed opportunities on PATs from a win.
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