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  1. I think Allen wins this award running away, as much as people want to say it is about a player’s senior year, it’s just as much about their career body of work. Look at Bell and Kiser in 2018, Bell was hands down the most talented player in the state, but Kiser’s career body of work was more impressive. As talented as Allen is (top 20 QB prospect in the country) and as good as he was this past weekend, I don’t think he is top 3 talent wise in the state (Goodwin, McCullough, Curry). But Allen has had the best statistical QB career in the history of the state, capped off by a big win on Friday, he wins this award and I don’t think it’s close.
  2. Isn’t in 32, but doesn’t BHSS have the McCullough kid? Shocked they aren’t favored.
  3. Personally, that’s not what I had gotten from the initial post, I don’t think anybody has a problem with the kids at all and I hope they walk out of LOS with blue medals around their necks. I’ve seen the accomplishments and off-season regiments of the youth program bolstered about on this forum since Hart arrived in Fort Branch, just from the posts on here I think it’s evident that all of these kids have put in a tremendous amount of work and deserve the success they are experiencing. The GS program has essentially been built in the last decade because of the kids buying in and putting in the necessary work at the youth levels and combining that with the support of the community has built one of the powerhouse programs in this corner of the state. I think the problem that some people have around the area are the murmurs about the involvement that a future Purdue superfan (don’t know the validity of these rumors, just the feeling that I’ve gotten from a number of people that I’ve talked to) has had in some of these cases and maybe a couple other instances that fell through. Again not taking anything away from these kids at all hope they continue this momentum all the way to LOS.
  4. I may be wrong here, but it seems like year in year out there always seems at least one game (2A-4A) that a team from around the Southwestern Area plays a team from over near the Ohio Border, whether it’s the EIAC vs PAC or EIAC vs SIAC. And it seems that the Southwestern areas teams usually win these games, so is there any real reason for this? Like just from a higher number of quality athletes from the area around the Pocket City, because the top athletes over in the EIAC area are absolute studs (Parris, Yoon, I remember EC having some dudes on that State Championship team) , or does it have to do with more with the style of play in the two areas (Schemes, Coaching and such)? Just curious.
  5. Am I the only one that understands what NO PARTICULAR ORDER means?
  6. Is the argument against private schools based on the caliber of students enrolled, or is it financially based?
  7. I don’t think it is as much class size, as it is where your school is located. There are definitely certain areas of the state that are more highly recruited than other areas. JMO
  8. Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that not a single player on EM has a college offer, a school of 650 students winning a state title a class up and not a single player is good enough to play at the next level? It is mind-boggling to me that college coaches do not think any of these kids are good enough to play for their programs.
  9. The only reason EM didn’t practice at LOS the past two years is because they had played there before. I know that at least two teams had played there as 8th graders. If EN hadn’t been fortunate enough to have that experience, then the practice would be extremely beneficial, especially to calm as many nerves before game time on Saturday, as possible.
  10. I’m shocked that everyone seems to think that this game will be a blow out. I’m not trying to take anything away from either team, but the games on Thanksgiving Weekend always seem to be close no matter how much “better” one team is than the other. I think HH matches up really well with the Trojans, run-heavy and a great defense should mean low scoring. I think the Pats have a chance at the end, but fall just short. Should be a great atmosphere and outstanding game. Trojans 21 Pats 17
  11. I think, personally, this will be the biggest factor in the game. Not saying that EN hasn’t played in big games, but playing in LOS under these circumstances is an entirely different animal. I believe experience will be Memorial’s biggest strength, as they have played on Thanksgiving weekend the last 2 years. The first quarter of the game will be huge. Can Memorial capitalize on experience early, or will EN come out ready to play and we have a great 4 quarter game?
  12. I honestly can’t say I expected anything different from a Danville fan. The exact same thing happened in 2017, they had just beat Chatard and hopped on the GID jumping to outlandish claims. The SOS argument is pointless in HS football, only thing that I care about is the game tomorrow, which the Pats roll 42-14.
  13. I don’t think Woods will either, because he won’t have a chance. The game will be over before half, the Pats roll 42-14.
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