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  1. Against 3 Memorial teams with a record of 11-22. Congrats.
  2. They are considered a “Dark Horse”, but have the best player in SW IN and a group of seniors that have played more HS games than almost anyone else in the state. Memorial’s senior class have played in multiple BIG TIME games over the last two years, and always seem to play their best in the tournament. I don’t understand the consistent “over-looking” that teams from SW IN continue to get, despite having 4 teams play in the state finals over that last 3 years.
  3. Never understood why GS doesn’t play more kids both ways, especially skilled position players.
  4. Castle by at least 4 TDs MD by 2 TD North by a TD GOTW- Central and Memorial- Central is a VERY good football team with a lot of weapons that will be a tough out in the tournament, but I just think Memorial is due for a big game after three straight sub-par weeks. Tigers 28-17
  5. Jack Jewell win percentage-65.65% John Hurley win percentage-62.5% Jewell’s win percentage was so high because of the level of competition they played every year. Jewell and Hart are the only 2 coaches in GS history with winning records. 2012-2015 are over and you can continue to argue about how good those teams were, but they failed to make it to LOS in the middle of Memorial going 4/11 years... thanks senior... new material would be awesome.
  6. Those 12-15 Memorial teams also all had losing records, and had played GS to within one TD for 2/3 years. 3 year memory? I haven’t forgotten that Memorial has gone to LOS 4 out of the last 11 years, how many times has GS made that trip? It’s funny how GS fans are the first to call someone out about having short-term memory, but forget they were irrelevant until 2012.
  7. Most experienced group Hurley has ever had.
  8. Confused about how exactly you think this is a troll? Memorial returns 3 DL, 2 LB, and 3 in the secondary, 3 OL, 3 WR, and the starting RB from last year. This group of seniors has played in two straight state championship games, and should be the favorite in the conference until proven otherwise.
  9. Memorial will have the best defense in the conference in 2019, and some big time weapons on offense. Will not be surprised if they win Sectional 24.
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