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  1. The Rebels put a scare into Heritage Hills with a freshman quarterback making what I presume was his first varsity start, they killed almost the entire first quarter on the initial drive before the Patriots stopped them on the HH 23 yard line on a 4th down play. Score was 0-0 after 1 quarter and just 14-0 with less then a minute left in the half before HH scored twice in the final 31 seconds the 2nd was after recovering a Rebel fumble. Patriots took control after that for the 42-0 win. South spencer was just the 2nd team this season to hold HH to under 300 yards of offense the other was Forest Park the previous week.
  2. Against Roncalli he had a bad sprained ankle and only practiced 2 days ,the coaches added a new set of plays because of the ankle.
  3. Who's pretending Gibson didn't do anything ??? You make a lot of assumptions over my 1 small comment, I didn't say Gibson didn't move the ball I was actually at all three of those games and saw every play , I know Gibson had success moving the ball just pointing out the turnovers came when the team was trying to come back from 3 touchdowns down. as far as turnovers on downs Heritage Hills turned it over on downs also with about 1 minute left in first half on Titan 21, At the time I said it was huge for GS because we had a chance to go up 28-0 and that's a big difference then 21-0, Especially with Titans having ball to start the half. . Also the Southridge game you talk about the game being 7-7 at half and talk about Raider mistakes in 2nd half but no mention of the HH missed chances in the 1st half, HH had a missed field goal in the first half and had 2 fumbles on another drive, we recovered both but pushed us back and ended up turning it over on downs. HH played their 2 best games of the year against GS and SR and I'm sure if they meet 1 or both again the games will be dogfights. Anyway I'm done talking about the first game its in the past and only reason I replied again is its hard to resist when you use words like " If you don’t believe me " making assumptions what I'm thinking over my 1 sentence reply. My only point was when you get buried like that against a good team its a huge hill to climb and Yes the turnovers hurt the Titans chance to comeback and impacted the game in that way but if you don't fall behind 3 TDs could have overcame the turnovers and had a chance to win. When a team scores the first 21 points of a game and last 21 points a game its hard to overcome..
  4. Heritage Hills was up 21-0 before the Titans had their 1st turnover.
  5. Heritage Hills 8-0 at South Spencer 1-7 This is the 49th meeting between Heritage Hills and South Spencer and the Patriots lead the series 36-12. This season South Spencer is averaging 17.0 ppg and giving up 36.4 ppg while the Patriots are averaging 44.0 ppg and giving up 6.6 ppg. Heritage Hills clinched a share of their league leading 27th PAC title with the win over Forest Park last Friday and can win the conference title outright with a win over their county rivals. South Spencer with 11 PAC titles are 2nd place behind Heritage Hills in PAC football titles with 11. The 12 wins that South Spencer has over Heritage Hills is 2nd to Southridge for the most wins of any opponent against the Patriots. The Rebels are one of 3 teams that was on the Patriot football schedule in their inaugural season in 1972 that the Patriots have played at least once every season since. The Rebels won 5 of the 1st 7 meetings in the series, the Patriots would win 4 of the next 5 to tie the series up 6-6 and the Rebels would regain the series lead 7-6 with a overtime win in 1984 and the series would remain tightly contested through the first 21 meetings, After a Rebel win in 1991 the Patriots led the series by a slim 11-10 margin after that loss in 91 the Patriots would win the next 19 meetings before the Rebels ended the streak with a 14-0 win in 2011. 1972 HH 21 South Spencer 20 1973 South Spencer 41 HH 3 1974 South Spencer 9 HH 7 1975 South Spencer 35 HH 7 1976 South Spencer 35 HH 2 1977 HH 19 South Spencer 7 1978 South Spencer 21 HH 14 1979 HH 14 South Spencer 2 1980 HH 48 South Spencer 0 1981 South Spencer 19 HH 13 1982 HH 27 South Spencer 0 1983 HH 28 South Spencer 6 1984 South Spencer 25 HH 19(OT) 1985 HH 31 South Spencer 14 1986 HH 26 South Spencer 13 1987 HH 20 South Spencer 7 1988 HH 20 South Spencer 17 1989 South Spencer 35 HH 7 1990 South Spencer 28 HH 0 1990 sectional HH 14 South Spencer 6 1991 South Spencer 14 HH 13 1992 HH 23 South Spencer 12 1993 HH 25 South Spencer 12 1994 HH 21 South Spencer 7 1995 HH 35 South Spencer 14 1996 HH 26 South Spencer 0 1997 HH 55 South Spencer 7 1998 HH 28 South Spencer 7 1999 HH 28 South Spencer 7 2000 HH 14 South Spencer 6 2001 HH 31 South Spencer 7 2002 Heritage Hills 41 South Spencer 7 2003 Heritage Hills 28 South Spencer 3 2004 Heritage Hills 42 South Spencer 14 2005 Heritage Hills 44 South Spencer 0 2006 Heritage Hills 28 South Spencer 8 2007 Heritage Hills 31 South Spencer 7 2008 Heritage Hills 23 South Spencer 0 2009 Heritage Hills 13 South Spencer 7 ( 1 OT ) 2010 Heritage Hills 28 South Spencer 14 2011 South Spencer 14 Heritage Hills 0 2012 Heritage Hills 45 South Spencer 8 2013 South Spencer 17 Heritage Hills 14 2014 Heritage Hills 19 South Spencer 10 2015 Heritage Hills 41 South Spencer 13 2016 Heritage Hills 28 South Spencer 7 2017 Heritage Hills 52 South Spencer 21 2018 Heritage Hills 76 South Spencer 0
  6. Funny thing I knew Jay Cutler was really good when he took over as starter late in the Southridge game his Sophomore season but until he made that pass across the field his Senior season I still thought Pat Crews was our best all-time QB. Pat quit the team midway through either his Sophomore or Junior season but when he returned still impressed enough to get offers from the University of Michigan. He had a lot of similarities to Jay, Rocket arm and great runner but Pat was faster if I remember correctly he was state finalists in the 100 yard dash.
  7. According to Digital Scout Forest Park kicker Abby Eckert is 15 out of 16 on extra points and 4 out of 6 on Field Goals.
  8. Not sure what game was shortest for Heritage Hills we have had running clocks in 6 of 7 games the Jasper game being the only one without a running clock. We had 2 games where the running clock started at halftime Mount Vernon and Pike Central, 2 started in middle of 3rd quarter Tell City and North Posey and 2 started late 4th quarter Gibson Southern and Southridge. My guess would be Mount Vernon because neither team scored or used a timeout in the 2nd half.
  9. Final game of the series at least for the near future. Whenever this game approaches I remember 2 things the double overtime loss in 2013 and the game that Braunacker jumped over our line . Heritage Hills 7-0 at Forest Park 4-3 This is the 12th meeting between Heritage Hills and Forest Park and the Patriots lead the series 10-1. This season the Patriots come in averaging 43.4 ppg and giving up 6.7 ppg while the Rangers are averaging 19.6 ppg and giving up 21.3 ppg. Patriots can clinch a share of the PAC title with a win. 2008 Heritage Hills 45 Forest Park 7 2009 Heritage Hills 21 Forest Park 16 2010 Heritage Hills 27 Forest Park 21 2011 Heritage Hills 38 Forest Park 18 2012 Heritage Hills 28 Forest Park 7 2013 Forest Park 24 Heritage Hills 21 Double overtime 2014 Heritage Hills 42 Forest Park 0 2015 Heritage Hills 42 Forest Park 0 2016 Heritage Hills 56 Forest Park 0 2017 Heritage Hills 44 Forest Park 0 2018 Heritage Hills 46 Forest Parlk 0
  10. At halftime both teams had 121 yards of offense the final numbers were 377 HH and 182 SR.
  11. Herald reported broken Collar Bone said surgery was successful and expected 4-6 week recovery .
  12. http://www.812hoops.com/heritage-hills-vs-gibson-southern-full-game.html
  13. We had a 6 quarter period that was pretty bad, Patriot 74 already mentioned the Jasper game but the following Friday at North Posey we had 3 more turnovers all in the first half ( 2 fumbles and 1 interception ) In addition to the lost fumbles we had 2 or 3 other fumbles in those 2 games we recovered. If we had put the ball on the ground against the Titans like we did against Jasper and North Posey we probable wouldn't be talking about a unbeaten matchup.
  14. I wonder if there is any chance the SR QB will be back for this game ?? Injured in week 3 and had surgery the next week I believe, Paper said 4-6 weeks but maybe a quick healer. According to MaxPreps Taylor was 19 out of 32 for 470 yards with 7 touchdowns and 4 Interceptions in 3 games, His replacement Niehaus is 12 out of 26 for 324 yards with 4 touchdowns and no interceptions.
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