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  1. Just looking at last season Sagarin ratings the Big division is stronger then last seasons PAC Big Division final Sagarinn rating Heritage Hills 62 Gibson Southern 76 Boonville 93 Mount Vernon 189 Princeton 210 Washington 274 Small Southridge 121 Tell City 234 North Posey 259 South Spencer 263 Forest Park 290 Pike Central 304
  2. Sounds like no championship week 9 in PAC and a lot of rumors addresses. Have to commend the Gibson Titan AD for not leaving schools hanging . https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/06/22/how-southern-indiana-ads-made-decisions-joining-siac-pac/1531269001/
  3. If its who I think it is its pretty official he transferred since people have posted pictures of him in summer workouts with his new team. But he's only been cleared by IHSAA for summer at this point , Eligibility still has to be ruled on.
  4. At Heritage Hills the quarterback normally plays defense. In 2012 when Justin Hedinger tore is acl we not only lost the starting quarterback but also best linebacker and punter. Following game we shanked 2 punts both leading to touchdowns in a close loss at Gibson Southern. In this case though we missed him more at LB and punter then at quarterback.
  5. https://duboiscountyherald.com/b/pocket-athletic-conference-to-expand-in-2020
  6. I hope they don't adopt the week 9 playoffs. for 1 thing with 2 Non Conference in weeks 1 or 2 unless the 3rd was in week 8 you wouldn't know who you were playing week 9 until the week 8 games were final. Also with Southridge still being 3A by success the first year this takes place if HH or GS would schedule Southridge as a crossover game it would be possible to not only play twice but 3 times. Once in the crossover over game before week 9, again in the week 9 playoff and again in sectional. GS / SR would be more likely because we will be hammered by graduation after the 2019 season.
  7. All sports... Actually 13 teams all sports and 12 for football with Tecumseh remaining independent in football.
  8. New additions to the Heritage Hills schedule announced so far Evansville Bosse at USI ( Believe its in the River City Classic ) Forum Tipoff Classic and Hall Of Fame Classic.
  9. With the PAC expansion now official does that end anymore expansion in the SIAC?
  10. 1 more season and the Big Eight will be dead. Who would have predicted this 20 years ago ??
  11. Any clue how they plan on doing football ?? Divisions again ?? If this was voted on yesterday how did it go on without someone leaking it ahead of time again ?
  12. Looks like it is 2020-21 BREAKING: Conference realignment continues as Boonville, Princeton, Mount Vernon and Washington will join the Pocket Athletic Conference beginning in the 2020-21 school year. https://t.co/nCvxJXCRwm
  13. Tecumseh in all sports but football. Start season has to be typo but Walt is pretty reliable source he's been at WITZ Jasper forever.
  14. After all the talk about scheduling of non conference opponents the past decade or so it's hard to understand why the SIAC would want any more teams and have to deal with divisions. 10 teams eliminates any future scheduling concerns for football unless the IHSAA changes the number of regular season games. As long as the SIAC stays 10 teams I can't see the PAC changing also because the options for non-conference opponents is drastically reduced with the SIAC at 10 teams.
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