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  1. The program has other fundraisers like KY Derby booth, golf scramble, QB club donations and memberships etc.. so I would guess everything from this would go to this project.
  2. I have no clue about financial details my only involvement in the project was spending a hour or so at the library taking pictures of football pictures in yearbooks for the years that rosters are missing on my website to assist in finding all the names for the player database. I believe anyone that played their Senior year will have their brick at no charge, all others have to pay the 200.
  3. http://www.hhqbclub.com/hof/?fbclid=IwAR3edTkFDm9b1jLdMeEdU1gGw3obFPQ8XyRQJiONfiFh79e8lWhdP9kt5mc
  4. I see where you're coming from with Tecumseh but at the time they voted to allow it the PAC wanted Forest Park in the conference and doubt they wanted 9 teams in football so at the time it benefited all parties.
  5. A 3 team rotation is unlikely unless they change back to reclassing every 4 years, Southridge could be back in 3A in the 22-23 classification.
  6. Pass more then 12% of the time, I love running the ball but running 88% of the time like we did in 2018 is a bit much.
  7. Add South Spencer per J/D sports editor Twitter https://twitter.com/Zane_Clodfelter/status/1115717680466677760?s=19
  8. Here is the link for the All Metro team. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/03/30/castles-alex-hemenway-flashed-his-potential-early-and-often/3277592002/
  9. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/03/30/braeden-beard-made-history-during-his-career-tell-city-basketball/3278990002/ 2019 COURIER & PRESS ALL-SOUTHWESTERN INDIANA TEAM Name, School, Ht., Year, Avg. First Team Braeden Beard, Tell City, 6-5, Sr., 17.8 Colson Montgomery, Southridge, 6-5, So., 21.1 Murray Becher, Heritage Hills, 6-4, Jr., 20.4 Paxon Bartley, Wood Memorial, 6-3, Sr., 26.0 Simon Scherry, Heritage Hills, 6-2, Jr., 15.6 Josiah Ricketts, North Posey, 6-0, Jr., 22.7 Stephan Wilkerson, Princeton, 6-3, Sr., 15.6 Second Team Zach Dove, Princeton, 6-6, Sr., 15.0 Curt Hopf, Forest Park, 6-7, So., 16.2 Gabe Gladish, Barr-Reeve, 6-0, Sr., 13.2 Jackson Kabrick, Jasper, 6-2, Jr., 12.7 Blake Sisley, Heritage Hills, 6-8, So., 12.8 Coulten Mouzin, Vincennes Rivet, 6-1, Sr., 19.6 Jace Kelly, South Spencer, 5-11, So., 19.7 Player of the Year: Braeden Beard, Tell City Coaches of the Year: Josh Thompson (Barr-Reeve), Nate Hawkins (Heritage Hills)
  10. Remember that well, they thought they would dominate PAC, didn't happen.
  11. Total guess on my part but since the PSC Holliday Classic is always between Christmas and New Years and this game is December 29th which I'm guessing is the final day of PSC games that PSC will have to find a replacement for the 3 time defending champs. 2 Trips to Newcastle in 2019 to watch Heritage Hills play only this time I'm getting a motel and maybe travel to the Football Hall Of Fame between morning and evening sessions. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/03/25/heres-who-playing-new-castles-2019-raymond-james-hall-fame-classic/3268551002/
  12. Heritage Hills should be loaded with mostly Senior starters. This class went 7-1 in 7th grade, 7-0 in 8th grade, 8-0 as freshman , As sophomores with 4 or 5 of them playing varsity the JV was 5-1-1 and with most of them varsity last season the varsity went 10-1. That said if we want to make a post season run must be able to pass the ball more, last season HH ran the ball 474 times and only threw 66 passes, You wont make a post season run passing 12% of the time 3A is too tough to be one dimensional . Don't get me wrong love the Flexbone but personally feel we need to pass at least 30% of the time to keep defenses honest.
  13. What you have makes the most sense . Below is school district maps with teams you have in 32 highlighted yellow, 31 highlighted blue.
  14. Evansville Bosse Powel and Heritage Hills Becher who were rivals in sectional are the only 2 Evansville area players to be selected and both on the blue group who will play against the KY Junior all stars at KY. Team has a Core 6 and 3 more groups of 6 the Core plays in 3 games and other 3 play in just 1 game so sounds like 12 dress for each game. Click link for complete team. https://ibcacoaches.com/download/all-stars_current_and_historical/junior_all_stars_historical_boys_and_girls/2019_boys_girls_junior_all_stars.pdf
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