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  1. Maybe if the IHSAA approves 8 man football we will see quite a few new teams.
  2. This is not a Frosh or JV score, but close enough. Vincennes 8th 27 Memorial 8th 14 Vincennes finishes at 9-1
  3. It looks like Boonville and Mt Vernon may have PAC top dogs like GS, HH, and Southridge looking over their shoulders. This should be interesting. Also Tell City may enter into this conversation.
  4. Nice video run down of SIAC contests. https://www.14news.com/sports/
  5. All the tribes that lived in the Lafayette area had at one point attacked and slaughtered the tribes that were there before them. Warfare was endemic among Native American Tribes. So we should remove all tribal names from all places right?
  6. Wood Memorial suspended football a couple of years ago after a hazing incident. They also suffered from low numbers. Has there been any talk about restarting the program?
  7. How about how long does it normally take the IHSAA to evaluate proposals like this?
  8. 1.561 schools in 30 states play reduced-player football. So you think those schools all play a silly sport?
  9. Look at Youtube 8 man football. There are a lot of videos including the Illinois 2019 championship game. There are also some very good instructional videos. There is generally a lot more scoring, usually games are in the 40, 50, 60 point range. It seems pretty entertaining to me. I think Indiana is behind the times as is par for the course.
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