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  1. Love reading these. Would love to see Luke Amstutz from East Noble or Jarred Souder from Leo.
  2. We had the Decatur Yellow Jackets, Decatur Catholic Commadors, and the Monmouth Eagles that formed Bellmont.
  3. Combing the 3 Adams Co Schools would put the enrollment around 1400. I think they would do very well in the 4A North. This would probably be the Sectional they would fall into. Delta FW South Side FW Wayne Huntington North Jay County Marion Mississinewa New Haven
  4. I would agree and add Adams Central to that too. AC and SA both have around 350 students and seem to have close to 45-50 players every year. They figure out ways to beat the bigger schools on their schedules.
  5. This what I would like to see as a Bellmont fan. New NE8 Angola 4A Columbia City 4A Dekalb 4A East Noble 4A Hun North 4A Leo 4A New Haven 4A West Noble 3A New ACAC now called the Eastern Plains Conference: Adams Central 1A Bluffton 2A Bellmont 3A Heritage 3A Jay Co 4A Norwell 3A South Adams 1A Woodlan 2A ACAC boots Southern Wells. Have heard they will be going into the second year in a row
  6. Have said this for awhile now. Eastern Plains Conference: Adams Central Bluffton Bellmont Heritage Jay Co Norwell South Adams Woodlan ACAC boots Southern Wells. Have heard they will be going into the second year in a row without a varsity team. Will make the ACAC much more of a competitvive conference where someone other than SA or AC win it every year. Will give Norwell a chance for some championships. And maybe we can win some games finally! NE8 adds Angola and West Noble
  7. Not sure why this gets you so fired up? Just was making a statement that went along with this the topic of this thread. I was asked to verify it so I did.
  8. Dont take to sarcasm well I see? Have you read this thread? The entire point of the first post was why small private schools can get big move transfers while small publics can not.
  9. Anyway. It was one of the best games I have ever watched. He was the best player on the field. Not sure why he wasn't on the All State Team.
  10. Can find his Soph information when you search his name and Warren Central on Hudl.
  11. You sure? I was told he was there freshman and sopohmore year from a CC Coach. Also, how was that kid not All State?
  12. In NE Indiana- Josh Gerber- Norwell Matt Thacker- Fairfield Todd Mason- Eastside
  13. I heard the CC rb was a Warren Central transfer. SA also gets 6A trasfers all the time from Snider so it is very similar 🙂
  14. 6A CG 5A Cathedral 4A Chatard 3A Concordia 2A BL 1A Adams Central or Monroe Central if the Jets go 2A
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