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  1. I just saw on twitter that these are the two most winningest programs in Indiana over the past two years in all classes. Should be a shootout.
  2. 6A Homestead vs Warsaw- Homestead 28-17 5A Dwenger vs North- Dwenger 35-20 4A Leo vs East Noble- Leo 22-21 3A Norwell vs Concordia- Concordia 21-12 2A Luers vs Eastside- Eastside 34-21 1A AC vs Southwood- Southwood 28-21 1A SA vs Madison Grant- South Adams 41-7
  3. Dekalb by 14 EN by 14 Leo by 14 Norwell by 14
  4. 1. Homestead 2. Dwenger 3. Carroll 4. Leo 5. Concordia 6. Snider 7. North 8. East Noble 9. South Adams 10. Norwell/Columbia City (Will find out shortly. Jacked for this game to see Bolt vs Norwell D) Eastide and Adams Central will both win thier Sectionals again.
  5. Bellmont at New Haven - I wish I could pick my Braves. They have made great strides after missing the first two weeks. Just too tough of a conference right now. NH 42 Bellmont 13 Columbia City at East Noble - Is Columbia City for real? Cant wait for CC vs Leo. CC 21 EN 14 Dekalb at Norwell - Norwell D is for real. Norwell 24-7 Huntington North at Leo - Called Leo as being the champs this preseason. Leo 35-14
  6. Good for AC picking up Twin Lakes. I think that will be a good game for them. Any word on if SA is going to replace SW game?
  7. I watched part of the game and yes, the refs looked horrific. Seemed like the wanted to make the game all about them. Some of the worst calls I’ve seen. Also as I called it earlier, SA coaching staff calling trick plays at the right time with pass to Shock, something the Jet staff struggles with. in other, more important Adams Co news, Bellmont looked better Friday. I liked Halls idea to take away the run, although Leo had 4 completions for 4 TDs. That WR is so good. We will get better and better. I know I’m hijacking an ACAC post but how exciting is the NE8 right now wi
  8. Nice win by SA. Back to back conf champs. I bet they will be ranked first in the state now with Lutheran losing. I did hear Curry (sp) went down early. That could be a factor in the regional.
  9. Trent is helping out now and I believe Daniel is still calling the defense.
  10. He has been great. Was incredible as a player. Young guy similar to Mosier when he started at SA. He will get guys out which is the hardest part. I like listening to him on Saturday morning radio. We have so much untapped talent at Bellmont and I think he will get them out.
  11. Should be fun. As a Bellmont dad, I wish we could compete better with our “little brothers” who have both bested us the last four years. I do think Coach Hall has us on the right track. I think this game comes down to the wire with the Stars winning with a little more creativity from the coaching staff.
  12. 1. Carroll 2. Dwenger 3. Leo 4. East Noble 5. North Side 6. Homestead 7. New Haven 8. Snider 9. Eastside 10. Coumbia City In the mix.. South Adams, Adams Central, Angola, Norwell, Northrop Thoughts?
  13. HN 42 Bellmont 0 CC 35 Dekalb 7 Leo 28 EN 21 NH 17 Norwell 7
  14. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong about this football season and thinking it wouldnt happen. Things seem to be going better than expected with minimal teams having to shut down a couple weeks. My question is this, assuming we make it to week 10 (which I now am confident we will), and Team A beats Team B in first round of Sectional. On the following Monday, Team B has a significant player test positive for COVID. Is Team As season over just like that?
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