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  1. I could be wrong but I think both Adams Central and South Adams only lose 3-4 total starters on both sides of the ball (Someone from these teams could correct me if I am wrong) I would predict they get to play twice again next year for another conference and regional title if both take care of business with the rest of their conference schedules and sectionals once again. Should be another epic game of top 3 teams in the state.
  2. I know Coach Hoch from when he was at Central. Fantastic Coach and even better man.
  3. In Northeast Indiana, I would say the following coaches are all on the rise and are in their 30s. Mike Brevard- North Side Pete Kempf- Dekalb Brett Fox- CC Paul Sade- Busco Josh Gerber- Norwell
  4. LCC, Adams Central, South Adams, Lutheran, West Washington, Southwood.
  5. I think Marion has a little more team speed than EN but EN may be a little more disciplined. Ole Miss will match up well with them. Should be another great game similar to last week.
  6. 12-0 SA vs 11-1 AC in their first ever Regional Meeting i read. Doesn't get much better than that. I think this is the game i will be attending.
  7. 1A Schools Adams Central, Busco, and South Adams are currently 10-1 vs 2A, 3A, and 4A schools in NE Indiana.
  8. CC 41 Bellmont 7 New Haven 21 Dekalb 20 East Noble 56 . Huntington North 7 Leo 42 Norwell 7
  9. My predictions: 1. East Noble 2. Leo 3. Columbia City 4. Dekalb 5. New Haven 6. Bellmont 7. H North 8. Norwell
  10. Bellmont- Coach Davis seems to have been everywhere. I am curious what he can do. I do think he has a very underrated QB in Wilder and Friedt should be a beast again at FB. Columbia City- Soph QB who is a stud. I think he will be one of the best QBs in the area when he becomes an upperclassmen. I think they can make a jump this season. DeKalb- They are getting a lot of hype in the Fort Wayne media and I am curious to see if it is deserved. East Noble- Favorites again. One of the top 3 players in the area at QB. Huntington North- Love the new Coach from what I am hearing. I think he will turn them around in the next year or two. Leo- Very excited to see the week 1 matchup vs Woodlan. Hope to watch it. New Haven- Sounds like they have a lot of athletes but i think they will finish around 500. Norwell- They have had a rough couple years being in a conference of 4a and 5a schools but I know they have some players back this year.
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