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  1. I’m not making any sort of prediction with the following statement because I genuinely have no idea how this game will go… Tri runs wing t belly, jet sweep and counter. AC runs belly, rocket, counter, down and trap. The only variations I saw from the Tri O that you might consider “more creative” against Lutheran was a few PA concepts. None of which came anywhere close to working (in fact they all ended in sacks or a turnover). Neither offense is based on creativity. They’re based on execution and ball fakes. I do agree that Lutheran seemed to figure out the wing concepts and made some solid 2nd half adjustments. AC will need to execute to perfection to score enough points to win this game. Their D will give them a chance to win this game, assuming the offense can score a few times.
  2. Illness? Really?? It’s funny how the North Judson/HNAC faithful give Winamac fans a hard time for complaining about a muddy field and now North Judson had to be sick or not giving enough effort. Couldn’t it be that AC was clearly much faster and more talented than North Judson? It wouldn’t take anyone very long comparing the films from these two teams to know that was the case going into the game. There were even comments made by the NJ coach in an interview that AC wasn’t the fastest team they’ve faced. They definitely were. Not even close. They underestimated the Jets in every aspect of the game. They had no answers for the stud DTs(Wurm and Hirschy) and LBs (Heyerly, Bluhm and Tester). They sure as heck had no answers for Currie, either. I stand by my statement from a few weeks ago that got some pushback (mostly from HNAC fans) - Churubusco would’ve won any other sectional in the North. The opening sectional matchup of Busco vs AC was the de facto semistate game. I don’t even think NJ could’ve beaten South Adams or Monroe Central. NJ was physical and had some really good players. Allen is an absolute stud. I don’t think anyone should come on here questioning their effort or health. Great season to the Blue Jays and I expect them to continue that success next year. Hopefully the Jets can represent the North well at Lucas Oil against Lutheran!
  3. I agree with your statement 100%. It's a physical and competitive conference. My point was just that it's hard to compare Bowen and Kiser because they play different schedules and have different team make-ups. I saw firsthand what Kiser could do in 2016 and 2018. He would have been a stud regardless of the competition that he faced. I've seen AC play Triton (HNAC) the last two years and it is very clear that they play a physical type of football in that conference.
  4. I'm curious to hear from the North Judson fans on here about the matchup this Friday, but it seems like the only thing that gets them going on the Gridiron is an argument with Winamac fans! Maybe @WalterSobchakshould get on here and stir the pot to get NJ fans going.
  5. Davis has thrown for 1,571 yards and 20 TDs, but prefers to do his damage on the ground. He has rushed 262 times for 2,152 yards and 32 TDs.
  6. This isn't a "one OR the other" situation. Just because Jack Kiser was amazing does not mean that Bowen is not also a fantastic football player. Big time football programs offered Bowen for a reason. Those staffs are paid tons of money to win games and they wouldn't offer a 5 star LB if they thought he was just an ok football player. I get that programs can be wrong in their evaluation of recruits, but just because Kiser put up better numbers than Bowen does not make him a lesser player. You really can't compare the level of competition that Pioneer and Andrean face. How about we just appreciate the fact that both players are extremely talented??? That being said, you can't count Eastside out because they have a special athlete in Laban Davis. I'm not sure if Davis really has any offers to play at the next level, or if he is even interested in doing so, but he could definitely contribute to a college program.
  7. According to John Harrell, the predictions are... AC over North Judson 35-17 - I think this will be a closer game that that. NJ looks tough and the 2.5-3 hour drive will be no joke for AC. The Jets are 1-12 in Semistate games, with the lone victory coming in 2000 when they won state against Attica. This will be their 3rd trip to Semistate in the last 4 years...and 4th in 6 years. Can they finally get over the hump? The 41-0 final score from Regional against South Adams is misleading. It was a tough game for 3 quarters. The Jets defense is legit and is often overlooked due to the big-play ability of the offense. They have pitched 7 shutouts and are giving up under 5 points a game. I think the NJ game will be similar to the Busco matchup: physical and intense from start to finish! Lutheran over Tri 49-14 - I don't know much about these teams, but it looks like Lutheran was rolling last night against Parke Heritage.
  8. Fortunately for AC, they have a stud of their own in Blake Heyerly. Will be tough to bet against him after that performance last night. SA knew Central would have to ride Heyerly in the slop and he still went off for 220 yards. That was one of the best performances from an AC back in recent history. Allen is a tough kid, though, for sure! It will be a fun game next week.
  9. It looks like they kept the chip on their shoulder. Congrats to Eastside on the regional championship (I think it’s the program’s first)!
  10. https://outsidethehuddle.net/2021/11/12/blitz-regional-championship-picks/ So much for Coach Grant Moser's "underdog" approach. Blitz from OTH has South Adams as 1-point favorites.
  11. I feel like the Winamac and North Judson people just need to switch to DMs. The game was played 2 weeks ago. Let's move on to the regional championship matchups... John Harrell's Predictions North Judson over Carroll 24-17 - I could see this being a really good game, but I'm rooting for Carroll so AC can host semistate if they beat SA. Adams Central over South Adams 38-17 - The 2019 regional upset of SA by AC will come up a lot. This is 2021. Can't apply past narratives to different teams/situations. Most of the seniors at AC played important roles in the 19 game and they know what can happen if you overlook anyone at this point in the season. It should be much more competitive than earlier in the season with Wanner back at QB. Lutheran over Parke Heritage 38-24 - Lutheran has had some tough games the last two weeks and I don't think things get any easier this week. Parke Heritage has some great athletes and I think the 35-0 score against AC in week 3 is not representative of how that game would go without the weather conditions that game was played in. I think the winner of this game will end up in LOS. North Central over Tri 31-28 - I have no clue about either of these teams.
  12. Not really sure what I said that was incorrect. I figured fans in Grant County didn’t know much about the resolve of the kids and staff at Eastside. Just thought I’d inform people that they wouldn’t let the win against Luers get to their heads as was suggested. I get the feeling from the 2A threads that the Eastbrook fans are somewhat sensitive to any sort of criticism or any thought outside of their own.
  13. I have a hard time believing they’d risk any more injuries to their players than they’ve already had by being on that field all week.
  14. I don’t think you know very much about Eastside and Coach Mason if you think they’ll lose the chip on their shoulder. If they lose this game, it won’t be due to lack of focus or intensity. Coach Mason and his leaders on that team won’t let it happen. I think Eastside pulls it off in a tight one.
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