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  1. I'm biased, but Adams Central's Minnich Field is the best natural grass field I've been on. We have a fantastic maintenance crew at AC that takes care of the field. There's no better example than the regional championship game against South Adams in 2019. We had just got 6+" of snow and the crew spent hours clearing the field and getting it in relatively fantastic shape for us to play on. In terms of other ACAC schools, I think Bluffton and Heritage have the best facilities. The locker rooms are fairly new and right next to the field and the turf fields look fantastic. Home and away stand
  2. Topic on turf football fields (legit topic) --> Student-athlete safety debate (legit topic) --> School funding debate (beginning to veer off-course) --> Covid/Vaccination debate (Why????) --> Political debate (Why again???)... When did this forum become Twitter?
  3. Care to explain this one @1st and Goal? I don't agree with banning endzone cameras at all. I'm curious if the argument is simply that it's an unfair advantage for those who have it vs. those who don't? If that's the case, then you'd have to outlaw Hudl Sidelines even if they're just using the press box view.
  4. Pioneer's football success is historic and dates well beyond Jack Kiser and the Llewelyn brothers. To attribute the dominance of that program to those 3 players is misinformed. Below are some of the past years before Jack Kiser came in as a freshman. 2015 - 12-1, sectional champs, lost to LCC 31-14 2014 - 13-2, state runners-up 2013 - 10-3, sectional champs 2009-2012 - 38-6, no sectional championships due to running into the meat grinder that was LCC who won 4 straight state championships Their most recent state championship teams can definitely thank Kiser and the Lle
  5. I agree that JC could compete for a conference championship in a few years under Coach Zgunda. My only disagreement was with the previous statement that was made about JC being ready to move to a larger conference in that time frame due to their potential dominance of the ACAC in football. I think it will take awhile for that to happen, if it ever happens. It'll be interesting to see what happens with realignment because as it stands right now, Jay County is in a tough 4A sectional with Delta, Marion and Mississinewa I believe.
  6. I don't think I'd go that far. Jay County will be far more competitive in the ACAC within a couple of years, but to go from 3 wins per year since joining the ACAC (1 in the past two years) to being too strong for the conference in 3 years is an exaggeration. The potential might be there eventually, but the conference is usually top heavy with strong teams recently from SA, AC and, a few years ago, Woodlan. Those 3 teams have had stretches of consistently winning lop-sided games in the conference. Since Jay County joined the ACAC, here's how their 3 wins per season stack up with the top 4
  7. Adams Central had to drop Monroe Central due to a schedule change in MC's conference. They picked up Parke Heritage and the game will be played at Pendleton Heights. The AC/Monroe Central matchup has been a good one over the years, especially in the postseason, but the matchup with Parke Heritage will give AC a way to compare itself to southern 1A schools (assuming AC doesn't jump up to 2A). Regardless of reclassification possibilities, this will be a good matchup for both schools.
  8. This is huge for Jay County. Coach Zgunda should be able to turn them into a solid program. A school the size of Jay County should be much more competitive in football in the ACAC against schools around half its size. I'm assuming the primary hurdle will be to get kids to come out and to get the community to buy in to what it takes to build a winning program.
  9. Has there been legitimate discussion within the SAC to create 2 divisions and allow schools to play a few non-conference games? I'd like to think this would help programs like NS and SS have a better shot at winning some more games, or at least be more competitive.
  10. If a program feels like they need to do this to get the upper hand in a matchup, it speaks pretty loudly to the confidence in their team and in their staff to prepare for an opponent. I've never understood this and would rather give up our entire library of film - sideline and end zone - than purposely give a secondary, lower quality film. Like you said, some fields aren't set up well to have great film quality so you can't fault people for that. There have been several times, though, that teams are clearly using an iPad.
  11. All of our games are broadcasted through a local media outlet and posted on YouTube just like yours at Triton. I have to say that the production value of the Triton games were great comparatively. It's not the best case scenario to break down film using full broadcasts, but it's nice to have the option in addition to the Hudl films we trade.
  12. I’m sure Bellmont would fair much better as a rebuild in the ACAC. Coach Hall will do a solid job building numbers and tradition regardless of conference, though. I believe 2021 is the final year Bellmont is playing AC (not AC’s decision according to my sources), as I believe Bellmont is picking up Heritage for week 1 to replace AC. Probably a good move for Bellmont to have a better shot at picking up a win early in the season, at least in the short term, but I’m not a fan of the county schools not playing each other.
  13. Southwood could still play tomorrow according to Blitz from Fort Wayne.
  14. Not so fast! Southwood is now testing their varsity players and will be able to play Friday if all tests come back negative.
  15. Wing teams will use it to create better angles on down and cross blocks.
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