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  1. All of the backs, TE and QB will play both ways. There won’t be a ton of depth unless the younger kids really step up. I think the team that plays in week 10 will be much better than the team week 1 assuming they stay healthy.
  2. @Oldschool Currie & Heyerly aren't playing college football to my knowledge. @Basementbias I think we'll have some solid runners, but none of them have had more than a handful of carries over the last two years. The coaches have a lot of work to do to get some of these guys to be the 2-way studs that Heyerly, Currie and Newy were. I don't think there's as much quality depth at any position this year.
  3. I agree. They will likely lose to Heritage, but it'll feel better to the Bellmont community because they aren't losing to AC.
  4. I like that idea, but I get the feeling that a lot of Bellmont/Decatur people would rather get spanked in the NE8 in football than have to play AC every year because it's embarrassing to lose to their smaller county rival. They dropped AC from their schedule for Heritage. They'd compete in the ACAC, as it's a weak conference, but they would still lose a few of those games. I just think that community has some odd competitive preferences when they can't come close to competing with other local schools. I'm sure that the coaching staff would gladly play the ACAC schedule, though. These decisions have to consider all sports - not just football. Bellmont would do very well in the ACAC all-around.
  5. I agree with this 100%. If your teams at Taboro had a ton of talent and you weren't winning state championships (or sectional for that matter), you might have some thoughts about what you can do differently, though. "We've always done things this way" is fine if you're still churning out championships. Trust me, I'm not pounding the table for every program to move to the spread. I'm a fan of Adams Central and we run the ball 90% of the time out of the wing-t. We've also gone to semistate 4 out of the last 6 seasons and made a trip to LOS in 21. If we went 10 years without a sectional championship and we were averaging 11 pts/game in post season losses, I hope the staff would consider changes that can be made to get over the hump. What works for one program won't necessarily work for another. Staffs of talented rosters need to maximize their potential. Running the same system for 20 years is fantastic as long as it produces postseason championships, assuming that's how you define success. I think Leo is at the point where regular season success and NE8 championships just aren't enough to deem a season a success.
  6. I haven't seen/heard the complaints about Leo's offense under Sauder, but I do understand the frustration with the lack postseason success. I'm assuming that Coach Sauder and his staff would trade most, if not all, of their conference championships for sectional & regional championships. I'm not saying that had they run a more modern offense they would've had more postseason success, but I do understand how people can draw that conclusion. Since Coach Sauder has taken over, Leo has averaged 11.6 points per game in their postseason losses. Many of those teams had expectations to make it out of sectional and only 2 of them did (0 since 2011). Most of those losses boasted some solid defensive performances as well. Like it or not, the game is changing and more importantly, the strengths and abilities of opponents are changing. There are more teams now, especially in the upper classes, that are equipped with size, strength and speed (opposed to simply being a bruising team or a speed team). Teams can definitely have postseason success running more "traditional" offensive systems, but the results of the Leo's last 10 postseasons are suggesting that what they're doing isn't enough. If anyone says that Leo's offensive system worked, that's fine. It won a ton of regular season games. But if you say that, you're also saying that Leo maximized their postseason potential the last 10 years and I'm not sure that's the case. I do think Coach Sauder was a fantastic coach and his win totals reflect that. I just think that Leo may have left some meat on the bone the last 10 years and their offensive system may have been a part of that.
  7. I think you can argue that AC’s 2021 team wouldn't have gotten past Busco in round 1 of sectional without the lessons learned from the week 2 loss to Eastside. I’d love to go undefeated, but a loss early on can offer a lot of lessons if you’re willing to learn. I’m glad they picked up Covenant Christian week 3. That’ll be a fun one and will offer a lot of insight to the state in terms of comparing 1a teams from the north to south. Bellmont electing to drop us is a loss for the community, but good for our program overall. I’m not sure about the “ACAC is down” comment, though. It was already one of the worst conferences in the state.
  8. I do think that the regional assignments allow for some potentially fun matchups - Park Tudor vs. North Judson/Pioneer/Triton and AC vs. Carroll Flora (not sure what they bring back from last year, so maybe they won't be the favorites in sectional 43???)
  9. The north regionals are a little weird, especially with Park Tudor coming to the north and Monroe Central going to the south.
  10. I was very surprised to see that whoever puts together the Hoosier High School Football page left North Judson out of the top 10. They return their main offensive producers from a semistate run and are probably favorites in the tough sectional 41. HHF releases some great content for HS football in Indiana (interviews, player/coach spotlights, etc.), but NJ should definitely be in the top 10.
  11. I figured it was best to start a specific 1A thread since there were a decent amount of comments about it on the general sectional realignment threads. How do we think things look in 1A? Who are the favorites? Are there any up-and-coming teams that will surprise us? I can really only speak on the North. Sectional 41 is definitely the strongest in this half of the state. Whoever comes out of that (North Judson, Pioneer, Triton) will likely have to go through Park Tudor for a place in semistate. Adams Central loses the bulk of their offensive production, but there will be a strong core of returning incoming juniors that will be ready to pick up the slack on both sides of the ball. I think AC will be a tough out in sectional 44 and in the regional, although I'm not sure what Carroll returns. I'm assuming that Lutheran and Covenant Christian will be the favorites in the South. I look forward to a week 3 matchup between AC and Covenant Christian at Taylor University as a chance to compare the North & South.
  12. LCC won sectional in 2021. In a normal 2-year reclassification period, would a single sectional championship keep a team up?
  13. I'm assuming that the IHSAA just used 2021's performance for SF decisions for schools that were playing up. Again, it would just be nice if there was official clarification from the IHSAA, but I don't have much faith that we'll get that from them.
  14. Sectional 41 is tough for all, including Pioneer. North Judson will have a talented group. Losing Benson and Frasure will be big, especially on defense. Triton returns basically everybody besides the really big fullback/DL. That will definitely be a physical sectional.
  15. I think we need to add Pioneer as a clear winner. They go from having a potential regional matchup against Andrean to now potentially playing Park Tudor in regional.
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