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  1. Agreed on how to play a running scheme like North Judson's. Problem is AC hasn't played a team that runs that style of offense and likely won't until the postseason. I'd put Eastside's physicality with about any 1A & 2A team, but their running game was not like North Judson's will be. Totally different schemes. Maybe a matchup against Madison Grant in sectional could somewhat prepare them, but MG's offense likely isn't anywhere close to as dangerous as NJ's.
  2. Benson did look like a stud. I expected Allen to be the feature player, but it seems NJ runs their offense through the young fullback. I think assuming that players "forget" their assignment/job is dangerous for people who aren't on the coaching staff. Since I don't think either of us are on the staff, I'd consider the possibility that you're missing something. We don't know the game plan or what the players are being told to do. I don't think any team has taken advantage of our upperclassmen DEs being undisciplined and I think they're decently disciplined. If the two teams face off against each other again this year, I highly doubt it will be a running clock right out of halftime - or at all for that matter. We can definitely agree on that. I think it would be a fun semistate matchup if it happens. A lot of football has to be played to get there, though.
  3. I bet if you talked to most ACAC coaches - football as well as other sports - they’d be fine with getting rid of Southern Wells. I could be wrong, but I doubt I am.
  4. Serious question - What would need to happen to remove Southern Wells from the conference?
  5. Possibly, but I'm curious to hear your explanation as to why? AC's defensive strength is its front 7. Teams haven't been able to run on them at all. North Judson is a run-heavy team. If anything, I'd say that plays into the AC defense's strength. I'm not sure how personnel would matchup - maybe North Judson's boys up front are that much tougher than AC's front 7 (although I'd put AC's front 7 against anyone's in 1A)- but AC's defense is better set up to stop what North Judson wants to do than they would be against a passing team.
  6. North Judson put the north on notice tonight, blowing out top 10 Triton. Great win for them as they roll into a HUGE matchup against Laville. The Tri Titans also won a big one against Park Tudor. Some fun matchups around the state and some clear front-runners are established as sectional favorites. Is there any sectional out there that’s truly up for grabs? Seems like the north will go Park Tudor, North Judson, Carroll Flora and Adams Central. I think AC and NJSP are on a collision course for a rematch from last year. I would enjoy watching that, but would appreciate it being played in Monroe this time!
  7. I’m really curious in the North Judson - Triton matchup as a fan of a fellow 1A team from the north. So far, North Judson has looked the part of one of the favorites in the north. I’d say Triton has as well if you can forget about the 2nd half against Laville. The first half was tight and Laville is a legit 2A team, so I’ll be curious to see the North Judson - Laville matchup as well. I may need to tune into the NJ - Triton game on YouTube instead of the Adams Central - Southern Wells game this week! If North Judson dominates this game, no one can really question their legitimate chances of making it to state. I know I’ve been critical of what seems like overconfidence in the NJ fanbase, but a convincing win would certainly put some weight behind their confidence. If it’s a tight game, then NJ is still a legit team, but that would mean Triton has arrived as a contender as well. I expect/hope for a close one.
  8. It’s one of, if not the top small school rivalries in the state, so it’ll be a challenge. SA has a solid passing game and an aggressive defense. They always play AC tough, but the Jets are much better up front on both sides of the ball. I see AC pulling away by the 4th quarter.
  9. I agree that Triton is a much better overall team, but it's still a mental hurdle for the Triton program. Maybe this game isn't as much about Triton winning, but HOW they win. Do they look sharp and take care of business early? Getting the monkey off their backs will feel good whether they are the better team on paper or not.
  10. The top 3 teams in the standings are pretty well-established - AC Heritage SA I would actually argue that SA may be better than Heritage, but it can't really be justified in the overall standings in the conference. I do think SA would win if they played Heritage again. That being said, here goes the 2nd half of the season... AC @ SA - This will be a close game in the first half. Grant Moser usually gets his guys up for these games. Even in regional last year, the Stars only had a 14-0 deficit at half and nearly scored right before half. I think AC's physicality will wear down SA in the 2nd half. Opponents will actually need to account for the passing game against AC this year, which makes their offense difficult to stop assuming the Jets are willing to pass against a 9-man box. AC by 28 Bluffton @ Southern Wells - Bluffton by 40+ Heritage @ Lapel - I see Heritage bouncing back against an average Lapel team, but don't count out the Bulldogs. Two of their losses have come from Indy Lutheran and North Decatur, possibly the top 2 teams in 1A South. Heritage by 7 Woodlan @ Jay County - Does anyone on GID know what's going on with Woodlan's Head Coach? He has been suspended by administration the last two games. Either way, I think Jay County wins by 2.
  11. I disagree on them not being a snub, but I understand your reasoning since they are next in line. Having seen some of Triton's games so far on YouTube, they are 100% a top 10 team, if not higher (I'd place them at 6). The polls ultimately don't mean anything, I understand that. They'll get their chance to in the next few weeks in matchups against Pioneer and North Judson to show whether or not I'm right. SA will have a couple of pretty solid athletes to stop if they want to win. Does anyone know if MC is strong up front like they usually are? They always have some big dudes.
  12. I feel like it’s better to respond to your SA/Heritage comment from the 1A thread here because my thoughts have more to do with the ACAC. I don’t really care about whether or not SA deserves to be #6 after the loss. I don’t think Heritage is a great team by any means but I do think they’re getting better which is good for the conference. I don’t think the other teams are moving in the right direction. Bluffton will be decent again at some point because Kunkel has a decent, established culture. Woodlan, Jay County and Southern Wells are still far away from being competitive with the top 2-3 teams in the conference.
  13. New IFCA poll - I think we're getting to the point that it's more accurate. SA dropped (rightfully so) after their loss to Heritage. I think they're still worthy of #6, though, and see them beating #10 Monroe Central this week. The biggest snub is Triton. Their only loss is against a stout 2A opponent in Laville (game was 21-14 at half). Triton has averaged about 50 ppg and is giving up around 5 ppg in their wins. They have one of the best run games in 1A and, in my opinion, they should be top 5 by the time sectional comes around. Sectional 41 will be a fun one! CLASS 1A Lutheran (9) Adams Central (1) Park Tudor North Judson North Decatur South Adams Carroll (Flora) Tri South Putnam Monroe Central Others receiving votes: Triton, Covenant Christian, Edinburgh, Sheridan, Clinton Prairie, Madison-Grant, Pioneer.
  14. ***Game of the Week*** Adams Central @ Heritage - This one becomes the de facto conference championship after Heritage beat SA last week in a big time win for their program. The Adams County schools have been hoping that a team steps up and turns into another tough matchup and it looks like Heritage is there. If Heritage wins, they'll win conference because no one left on their schedule will beat them. If AC wins, they'll still need to get past the rivalry game next week against SA. I don't think they'll have a hangover from the SA game and will compete against AC. The Jets have looked decent, but tend to take their feet off the pedal once they get up. Assuming they fix that problem, I think AC wins by double digits. Jay County @ Bluffton - This one is kind of tough. I think Jay County can score, but they will need to put together a solid performance to stop Bluffton's running game. Monroe Central @ South Adams - Give me SA in a bounce back game against Monroe Central. I'm sure MC will be up for their return to Starfire Field after last year's appearance at the Mud Bowl. That game should have never been played on that field and I'm sure MC would like to provide some payback. Southern Wells @ Woodlan - Woodlan wins big.
  15. I think the interim coach from 2020 is still on staff. Maybe he didn't want to be the HC? I'm not sure, just speculating.
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