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  1. Wing teams will use it to create better angles on down and cross blocks.
  2. Just about any wing or straight t team will line their OL in this way. They're not any more off the line than many WR's typically are when they're considered on. Maybe spread teams don't benefit as much from the spacing that this alignment creates, so it's not seen as often. I would argue that spread teams often will violate the illegal man downfield on RPO's, though. I don't think being lined up head-to-hip on the center is anywhere near the advantage as the RPO games that are played. I guess it comes down to how much officials want to nitpick.
  3. Adams Central had two 1,000-yard rushers as sophomores - Blake Heyerly (fullback) and Alex Currie (wing) - behind an inexperienced line. The OL will be improved and should open up even more holes for them. Honestly, their stats may not be much better, as it would be best for AC if our QB and other wing got more involved in the running game. They will both be fantastic runners and defensive players (Heyerely at LB and Currie at S). South Adams will have one of the most athletic juniors in all of 1A in Aidan Wanner. I'm sure SA will use him diversely as a WR and in the backfield. Aidan comes from an athletic family with a history of carrying the SA football program. He'll thrive with the talented class above him.
  4. @foxbat Do you know how many kids Traders Point is returning? They looked solid in the film against LCC for the first half or so.
  5. How will Monroe Central be? I know they'll have Ullom for 2 more years, but I was thinking that a lot of their interior guys were seniors. It seems like MC always have plenty of size.
  6. Fresh off the end of a great state championship weekend, I'm curious what GID's thoughts are on 1A next year. I can't speak to the strength of the teams in the south, as I haven't seen them besides Lutheran last week, but I know there will be a few teams from the north that can compete. LCC - I'm sure LCC will reload from the skill and big guys that they're losing. Barrett looked the part of a multi-state championship QB and Coach Nay has done a fantastic job at getting that program back to strength. I know LCC has a solid freshman back (#25) who played when Schrader was hurt, but not sure what else they have in the lower classes. Anyone want to enlighten? South Adams - South Adams definitely has a nasty taste in their mouths after county rivals Adams Central sent them home short of what many in the southern part of the county thought was a definite shot at a state title. They have the talent to repeat in the ACAC and contend for a state title. Arnold is back with all of his fast and extremely talented receiving weapons, but they will need to replace some people up front. They also lose major leaders on the defensive side in the ball in Sprunger and Stuber. I have no doubt that they'll win Sectional 43 (unless Monroe Central as something to say about it), but can they take the next step? I know they have the skill to do so. Adams Central - AC surprised about everybody in the state, including those in the community, by returning to the semi-state game for the 3rd time in 4 years. They have to replace some important players, especially Schwaller at QB and Voirol at DE/TE, but they return a talented incoming junior class. There are some freshmen who may need to play roles, but we'll let that play out this summer. I don't think it's a guarantee that AC wins Section 44, as we got a favorable draw this year. If we played Northfield, Busco or Southwood in round 1, I'm not sure that we win the sectional. Busco and Southwood will surely be solid again in what I would argue is the toughest sectional in 1A. If you have info on any of the other teams in 1A, let the posting begin!
  7. LCC is playing the correct team because they're playing the team that was better when it mattered in November. If you show up and outplay a team in a regional championship, then you have earned the chance to play for a semistate championship. Sagarin, polls and hype don't determine who the right team is to play. Friday night results determine that. It seems like people assumed that it was SA's "fate" to move on and play in LOS. Teams have to make their own fate at this point in the season. AC could very well come out flat after an emotional victory and lose to LCC, but that doesn't mean they were the wrong team.
  8. What happened with Roach in the NJ game? I saw that he was hit late and then I heard he "retaliated" but I'm not sure what that means. He looked like their top weapon on offense, but they spread the ball around quite a bit and the freshman (#25) looked pretty good when we came in after the ejection.
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