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  1. It was a creation of the legislature when they got the supermajority and went full-bore with the Mitch Daniels/Tony Bennett butcher knife reforms. If Daniels & Bennett had their way, every single public school would've been converted to a charter school (and it's even been written in the law that any public school can voluntarily convert to a charter at any time).
  2. He's injury-prone, but his talent is insane. He threw a couple of picks against Ball State in his first career start, but other than that, has done a decent job of hanging onto the ball. He can make throws - and plays - that stretch the defense. IU's offense is *much* more dynamic with Penix behind center, although Ramsey has always been a solid game manager who gets the ball to the right places.
  3. Penix is the most talented QB IU has had since Sudfeld, for sure, and possibly since ARE. Ramsey is a good game manager. Penix is a unique talent ... and has three years of eligibility remaining after this year (and he's already burned his redshirt year). CTA was very adamant that Penix was the starter and he only "lost" the job because of injury. Ramsey does well, but Penix is the better QB and should be the starter if he is healthy. Meanwhile, Tuttle has already transferred once (from Utah to Indiana).
  4. Charlie Spegal was named Gatorade Player of the Year for Indiana this morning. It's not Mr. Football, but it's pretty common for the recipient of this award to *also* be named Mr. Football.
  5. Greg Werner (who is now an orthodontist on the east side of Indy), Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
  6. NP exclusively runs spread and has traditionally thrown 20+ times a game under Coach Ralph, but went run-heavy as giving the rock to #32 was a pretty good offensive option.
  7. ... which is in the Zionsville school district (it's actually several miles north of Brownsburg and several miles east of the WeBo district line).
  8. Any job is a possibility and I'm sure their AD will call, but he's got a pretty good situation where he is right now. At Fishers, you're likely dealing with some combo of Carmel, HSE, Westfield or any of the northside MIC schools every year in the sectional.
  9. The Big Ten East has pretty much been OSU, MSU, UM & PSU in the top four, and IU/MD/RU fighting each other for fifth-sixth-seventh most years. The path to a bowl for those three teams is always going to be beat the other two, sweep the non-conference, and pick off one of the crossover games. IU this year went 3-0 in the non-conference, 2-0 against MD/RU and 3-0 in the crossover games (Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue). Schiano may be well-known in the northeast, but Rutgers is an athletic department that has been in disarray for years. The benefit is, there's not a lot of P5 competition in the northeast for recruits (Syracuse, Penn State & Boston College are basically the only P5 teams in the northeast). But it's going to be a very slow build and Rutgers is budget-wise and facility-wise in the bottom tier of P5 schools. Right now, IU is the top of those three programs, but things are cyclical. What I like about IU is that most of the talent is frosh/sophs and Tom Allen is getting a lot of talent out of Florida and Georgia in addition to the recruiting base in the Midwest (especially IN/MI/OH). IU's recruiting under Tom Allen is as strong as it has ever been.
  10. Anyone who doesn't vote for Spegal should just watch the TD run vs. Valpo and the one from last year's State Finals vs. Decatur Central on an endless loop.
  11. Shelbyville will field a program next year, and for many, many, many years thereafter. In our area, Connersville, Greenfield-Central and New Castle have had years where they struggled, and have not only soldiered on, but have had some pretty good seasons mixed in. Shelby is three years removed from having consistent winning records. These things run in cycles. Programs DO NOT shut down due to results. They MIGHT shut down due to low numbers. No AD or school board member in his right mind goes "hey, we went 0-10 last year, might as well pack it up. Let 'em play soccer." An AD will say "look, we only have 15 players out for football, and that's not good for the health of our kids," but even then, they might suspend the program for a year or two and try to rebuild it by playing a JV schedule and investing in lower grades. 320 should be the magic number, not 280.
  12. And, just to follow, how would Crawford losing football "make Indiana football better?" It would eliminate opportunities for about 25-30 kids, and Crawford is isolated enough that those players are likely not going anywhere else to "make a program better," and it's simply going to make a bunch of teams rearrange their schedules. This isn't college, where players live on campus, usually away from home, and can simply transfer to another school. For the vast majority of players outside of the largest metros (where football is pretty strong), transferring is not an option. It's eliminating and losing opportunities. The fact that Boone Grove, Forest Park, Hanover Central, Scottsburg, Oldenburg, Heritage Christian, Indy Lutheran, Attucks, Shortridge, et al, have added football in the last 20+ years (as well as a number of newer schools like Anderson Prep, Covenant Christian, Traders Point, Tindley) as well as Fishers splitting from HSE makes our game BETTER, not worse. Not all of those have been state-level programs - Lutheran and Heritage have played for state titles - but it creates new opportunities for people to play football. I was fortunate to watch a Forest Park QB run the show for Franklin and carry them into the D3 playoffs a few years back. The game grew to the point where it had to have six classes to accommodate the fact that 320+ schools were playing football. That's a *great* thing, and Indiana high school football has never been better. Eliminating opportunities in 40 programs like one poster here is openly advocating for would eliminate chances to play football for more than 1,000 players in our state (and that's not consolidation, as there would still be opportunities to play football at a consolidated school, but eliminating programs entirely).
  13. Ah, DT again mixing up "contraction" (schools dropping programs) and "consolidation" (schools merging). I'm not sure why 280 is your magic number. I know you're often confused about the difference between high school and college football, but fewer schools does not mean more quality, because - outside of the largest communities, students aren't likely to jump schools. It just means fewer opportunities. If an isolated rural school drops football, that's 30 or 40 kids who simply won't get the opportunity to play football, not 10 talented kids that will go somewhere else. High school sports are about opportunities, and the fact that someone actually celebrates and gloats about reducing opportunities for participation in this great game on a high school website is absurd, but par for the course for certain people around here who traffic in absurd, off-base and usually uninformed hot takes. Those schools are consolidating due to finances and population changes in their communities. As Indiana suburbanizes, consolidation is a reality. But we may also see addition - like Fishers being carved out of HSE. Programs do not close for "poor results." They may close due to smaller numbers (and those are generally programs at tiny schools), but there are a lot of programs who went through 20+ game losing streaks that continue to run - and some are thriving.
  14. Weight room strength, conditioning and speed/quickness can neutralize size. New Pal's D-line has a Big Ten DE who led the state in sacks last year on one side and a junior DE who has had FBS interest on the other, plus a very aggressive and talented LB corps. They're used to being outsized, but they've done fine. The other team has won 28 straight games and Friday's was the only one decided by less than 10 points. They're pretty good at football.
  15. New Palestine's non-conference opponents for the next two seasons will be Decatur Central & Brebeuf Jesuit.
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