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  1. I remember that coming up during the 2016 Bucket game. IU was up 26-22 and had fourth down deep in its own territory in the final seconds. Rather than risk a blocked punt, they took an intentional safety on the game's final play. IU radio analyst Buck Suhr says "you can hold all you want in the end zone here because, even with the penalty, the game's over if you do. It's a safety either way."
  2. It's because of this that a team trying to take an intentional safety at the end of a game can hold in the end zone, because the foul results in a safety, which ends the game (and a declined penalty, assuming the offensive team downs the ball in its own end zone, would also end the game), correct?
  3. Out of curiosity, is it illegal participation instead of an illegal touch because the WR is no longer considered an eligible player once he steps out of bounds without being forced and thus cannot participate in the play?
  4. Teams are going to go through rebuilding cycles. Those who follow the program expected last year and this year might be one of them with the Class of 2020 graduating and a really small senior class this year (and there was some regression last year with a lot of new players and an unreal amount of injuries and they went 8-2), but NP has more than held its own in 5A (2 state titles and a state runner-up in six years), to the point where they've achieved the points necessary to stay up three times. Coach Ralph has lost nine games at NP and every one except the 2017 sectional loss to Zionsville has been to a ranked team (and Zionsville is always underrated because they play in a 6A conference). Nobody feels like these players are being "punished" because of the success of teams that came before. The attitude here has been "we've earned the right to play in 5A. It's a bigger challenge. It's going to make you be better. Embrace it." If NP goes back to 4A next year, it will be interesting to see some new (and familiar) teams again, but it'll also be weird because we've gotten used to the October and November path being games against Zionsville, Columbus East and Whiteland.
  5. Eastern Hancock has picked up South Putnam, whose game with Edgewood had been canceled. Rematch of the legendary 1985 semistate game that was decided by a millimeter on a pass to the back of the end zone. TA was EH's DC in 1985. He once told me he was pastoring a small church at the time. The game came down to one play - a pass ruled out of bounds - by the slimmest of margins - that clinched the win for EH (which would go on to win the Class A title the next week). Nearly the entire team and coaching staff were in the pews that next Sunday. South Putnam went on to win the Class A title the next year.
  6. This is actually Year 3 of the cycle - it was extended last year due to COVID screwing up enrollments but the SF points were applied and will be applied again this fall when the realignment takes place (unless the IHSAA punts another year). As I understand it, if New Palestine does not win the regional, they go back to 4A next year.
  7. And it's filled. Lewis Cass is hosting Delta tonight. Not sure if it was someone who saw it on GID or social or some digging around on the phones, but it's a last-minute game for both teams.
  8. Shelbyville at Delta had to be canceled due to COVID concerns. Delta posted on its Twitter feed it is looking for a game tonight or tomorrow (9/3 or 9/4). If anyone has an open week, have them contact Delta AD Tilmon Clark at tclark@delcomschools.org.
  9. New Palestine averages 6-3, 277, but Roncalli's line is enormous.
  10. New Palestine is $6 if you buy at the gate, $5 if you buy online in advance. We learned this week Brebeuf Jesuit is $7 online in advance and $10 at the gate (or if you buy online less than an hour before kickoff). When I started going to HSFB games as a student 30 years ago, $3 was the going rate.
  11. Very few small township schools had football. They didn't have the numbers for it.
  12. LC is currently undergoing a significant renovation/expansion, so Lawrence Township is certainly expecting the school's enrollment to grow, although the township is already pretty built out. There really aren't any other sandboxes for them to play in - go back to Conference Indiana (which would add significant travel times). Is open enrollment hurting? Who knows.As of the latest DOE report, Lawrence Township has 1,348 students who live in the district and go to another public school (which is the second-highest among Marion County townships to Warren). Assuming a sizable number of those end up at Mt. Vernon, that would likely affect LC a bit more. But Lawrence Township also has 1,293 students coming in from other districts (which is second in the state to Penn - once you take out the two school districts that run large online charter schools). You also have the issue of Lawrence Township has three large private schools in or near its district - Cathedral, Chatard and Heritage Christian, all of which provide nearby options. Cathedral and Chatard are not too far down the road from LC. Heritage is a little closer to LN.
  13. They've consolidated because both communities are rapidly losing population and could no longer financially sustain multiple high schools. One could argue the consolidation's net benefit on athletics was limited as a number of Anderson Highland and Muncie South families transferred to other districts (Pendleton Heights ended up with a not insignificant number of Highland kids) rather than go to/play for what had been for decades a fierce rival.
  14. None. They usually come out around now. They were announced Feb. 28 two years ago and in mid-February in 2017.
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