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  1. Of note, New Palestine has about 500-800 homes either under construction or approved, with a few more neighborhoods in the approval process. It needs about 400 more students in the high school to get to 5A, but I expect it'll get there in the next decade.
  2. As long as the status quo remains, Cathedral will likely be bouncing between 5A and 6A depending on which part of the success factor cycle it's in. All of that undeveloped and rapidly-developing land near Hamilton Town Center feels like Noblesville, but is in the HSE district. HSE has shown a willingness to cap its high schools at a certain enrollment and build new when they grow large. It's likely Carmel won't ever split the high school no matter how big it gets. Gotta keep the swimming title streak alive.
  3. Whiteland will be 6A sooner rather than later. Two relatively-new exits off I-65 have been built in the Clark Township half of their school district and it's growing fast. Plainfield is also in a fast-growing area although it will need some time to get to 6A. I'd expect to see it get there in 6-10 years. Wouldn't be shocked to see Franklin eventually join them but it will take more time. Greenfield-Central has been 5A but likely won't get to 6A as their enrollment has been leveling off and declining for some time. Another to look for is Mt. Vernon, which is one of the fastest-growing are
  4. You can add Yorktown in ... Tod was an assistant coach there in-between his stints at Highland and Delta. And his son attended Pendleton Heights as a freshman, so you could add them in, too.
  5. Virtual students are still students at your school. They still count in terms of enrollment and receive funding.
  6. This was in response to my comment that most schools in IN didn't have football until the 1960s. I need to dig up hard data and can look it up in the old IHSAA handbooks that are now freely available, but prior to the consolidation wave of the 1960s/70s, it was rare to see a football team outside of a county seat or larger community. Many of the county schools - remember, there were more than 700 schools in Indiana in the 1950s - simply did not have enough people to field a football team. I do have a list of enrollments from 1954, and about half the schools have fewer than 100 students i
  7. Ohio has twice the population of Indiana and three major cities (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati) and a number of good-sized smaller cities like Toledo, Akron, Dayton and Youngstown. In the Midwest, football tends to thrive in large cities in larger industrial cities as they had the critical mass of people to have teams and programs. Most schools in Indiana didn't have football until the late 1960s and 1970s after consolidations. Michigan only has one major city (Detroit), but a number of smaller cities like Grand Rapids, Flint, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Lansing ...
  8. Of all the ridiculous hot takes that have been spewed on this forum (and has, honestly, driven more people away than he has drawn in with his "content generation"), the contraction one is by far the dumbest. Most teams aren't going to win state championships, but they do give kids opportunities. And one of the great things about football is there's a spot for virtually everyone and it brings together people from many different backgrounds in pursuit of one common purpose.
  9. The reason 6A is 32 teams is because that's the number needed to have a tournament without byes. Same with 5A. And the way the numbers work, there will always be around 310-325 schools playing football in the state, which provides pretty good numbers for two 32-team tournaments and four 64-team ones. There are always going to be schools in the bottom end of the largest class - no matter how big/small you make it - that feel slighted and will not have the resources of the megaschools. The IHSAA already rejected a proposal to reduce Class 4A to 64 schools in the other sports (b
  10. The classifications are based on *this* year's enrollment, not necessarily next year's projected enrollment. The same article you're referencing stated Clark & Hammond will be merged, and Gavit/Morton are being merged, so I combined their enrollment numbers (Morton at 2,063 and Hammond at 1,596 ... but the projections are actually *more* students than currently attend the schools). It will be interesting to see how the IHSAA handles this. Usually, what it will do is add together the enrollments of the schools being consolidated.
  11. Jason Simmons is a very good football coach and is highly respected in Central Indiana. They continued to get better week after week this year, played in a semistate and was just outclassed by the best team in the state (which basically blew everyone out).
  12. At first glance, and again, nothing is official until the IHSAA releases it ... No surprise that Zionsville is moving to 6A, but i am a bit surprised Jeffersonville's enrollment has jumped enough to move it up. If this holds, it looks like (once again) there will be some crazy sectional travel in northern Indiana. And Carmel will likely be back in the northern half of the bracket. Somewhat surprised by Merrillville possibly moving down. They are a state contender in 5A. When all is said and done, I would expect Evansville North to be in 5A - their DOE school enrollments tend to be
  13. In other sports, yes (a change made due to a school with a very good softball program being upset about New Palestine getting bumped down by a success factor school in softball and then winning a 3A state title the first year of the cycle ... and then petitioning the IHSAA for a rule change). But in football, where the number of schools in each class has to be 32 or 64, a school moving up *does* bump down another school. Again, there will be some movement, but this at least gives an idea of what schools are on the borderline.
  14. Dugger is tourney eligible in 2022, the second year of the cycle.
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