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  1. Every student's choice and decision is different. I'm sure nobody's going "darn, I really want to go to a large school and have an opportunity to practice every day on a Big Ten program and suit up every Saturday for a Big Ten school. I may not play a lot, but I want to give myself an opportunity at a world-class education at a school that has my major, but some noisy throw-crap-against-the-wall-and-see-what-bad-opinions-stick message board troll thinks I'm hurting Marian's program by doing so, so I had better not go to IU." Thinking about walk-ons, understand that in-state tuition at IU, PU & BSU is significantly less than in-state tuition at most smaller (private) colleges, EVEN WITH financial aid. I'm a big supporter of small-college football, but also an IU alum. Success at all is not mutually exclusive. IU bringing in a few more PWOs *does not* have that much of a ripple effect on the D2/D3/NAIA schools in-state, as some of those would likely walk on at FCS Indiana State (which has 60 scholarships, not 85 as a D1 school would) or Butler (non-scholarship, but more flexibile with financial aid than a D3). St. Francis & Marian are *often* in the NAIA title game. UIndy has made runs in the D2 tourney. Franklin was in the final eight of the NCAA tourney a decade or so ago and has made a couple of trips to the final 16.
  2. Indiana small-college football is doing pretty well even though IU, PU and BSU all receive walk-ons. Marian & St. Francis are NAIA national powerhouses and IWU's program is growing, mostly with Indiana kids. Wabash is often in the running for the NCAC title & is often in the D3 Top 25. DePauw has been at that level in the past and I anticipate will be there again. Franklin has turned itself into a national player at the D3 level under Mike Leonard's tutelage (and I expect that to continue with Alan Hensell, who has hit the ground running this winter at FC). UIndy is often in the D2 national tournament.
  3. Northwestern isn't a public school, therefore it cannot be a "public" ivy.
  4. Johnny Football will have a degree from a world-class university that's the only Public Ivy in Indiana, while also having had the opportunity to be part of a Big Ten football team? There's a lot more to college football than the 11 guys on the field at any given time. IU's PWO program is opening up opportunities for student-athletes, and while many PWOs never see the field, some become scholarship players, team captains and more, but all have the opportunity to pursue a degree from a world-class university. I'm proud of my IU degree and the places where it has led me.
  5. And ticket/concession sales. Those are the lifeblood of an athletic department.
  6. That's likely for a 260-day contract (as opposed to 183 for teachers) and a LOT of night-weekend hours. You're putting in 60-80 hours/week pretty consistently from August to May. For teachers with more than a few years' experience, that would likely be a pay cut (especially once hours are factored in).
  7. Most schools require an admin license - and at the very least, a teaching license, extensive HS coaching experience and working on admin license - to even be considered as an AD.
  8. As someone whose job it is to come up with words to describe what he does on the football field each week, i've run out of superlatives to describe his play. Speed and power. Humble. Hard working. Strong. As an IU grad, I'm very excited to see what Charlie is going to do for the Hoosiers in the next four years. His records: 10,867 yards, 175 touchdowns, 1,054 points - are mind-boggling. When Brett Law set the scoring record 30 years ago, they were such crazy numbers, nobody thought they'd be touched. Seeing him do what he did is just incredible. He's the only RB in state history to rush for 3,000+ yards twice. And one of his teammates, Kyle King, got 21 votes, as well. Charlie's a great kid. Very humble. Just works hard, lets his play do the talking, keeps working, asks questions, wants to get better. He ran for 3,300+ yards last year while learning a new offense and getting in sync with a new line,. I'm very happy for him.
  9. 5A: New Pal, Valpo, Cathedral, Dwenger would almost undoubtedly have been the top 4. NP-Cathedral met in the regional, Valpo-Dwenger in the semistate, NP-Valpo in the State Finals.
  10. There are no good reasons to remove opportunities from student-athletes for the sake of a dumb talking point. Only 12 can be on a basketball team. Football has 11 on the field at any given time.
  11. Neither program was particularly strong in the years before the consolidation and Anderson's population has been in steady decline for years, but basketball rules the roost in Anderson. And while they were both pretty strong basketball schools, football took a back seat (although Highland had a couple of decent teams in its last years). However, a lot of Highland athletes went to Pendleton Heights and Yorktown rather than Anderson.
  12. The reason why urban schools are closing is because people have been moving to suburban schools for 50 years. Suburbanization has been the cause of urban schools closing, not the effect. A closure of a school might accelerate some suburbanization - as, especially in places like Anderson and Muncie, people had emotional ties to the closing school (Highland, South Side) and thus moved their kids to suburban schools (I noticed this a lot when Anderson Highland closed and a number of Highland kids ended up at Pendleton Heights and Yorktown), but that was a special situation with a very, very deep-seated rivalry that made the IU-Purdue rivalry look friendly. Hamilton Southeastern's enrollment is very, very close to that of Indianapolis Public Schools (HSE 22K, IPS 25K) and will probably exceed it soon. HSE was a 1A-2A school 35 years ago.
  13. You can go run your own site, since you are never going to run this one.
  14. Why are you so strident in your nonstop belittling of the accomplishments of a high school student, which has been full of inaccuracies and speculation based on a tiny sample size and a "I have to be right so I'm going to drill my point until you all agree with me" desire to argue. Two things: D1 is more than P5. It's actually even more than FBS. Also, learn how to spell the kid's name if you're going to spend nine pages trying to tear him down and question his decision-making. "Wear and tear." Spegal was getting, maybe, 20 carries a game most nights. The people who ACTUALLY WATCHED HIS GAMES (which you clearly have not) can tell you this. Age? Why would a teenaged high school football player whose age is not abnormal for a high school senior scare off recruiters? If you're the "content creator" you seem to think you are, you'd at least do a little bit of research and get your facts straight rather than believing wild rumors. If anything, the lack of P5 offers likely has to do with measurables - he's 5'11 and doesn't have 4.5 speed and thus got pigeonholed as fullback, but he's a football player. He has tremendous sense, he's incredibly strong, has tremendous vision, is hard to tackle and he'll be a solid player for IU. I would be shocked if he doesn't earn a scholarship during his time at IU. I'm confident most readers understand where you're coming from: that your opinions are based in nothing close to facts, and that anything you write here should be taken about as seriously as people who call into sports talk radio. But "content" or something. It's content in the way Cheez-Wiz is food. Sure, it's content, but it's not quality and you feel worse for having consumed it.
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