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  1. IMO, the main reason is because the football class alignments had already been announced before the bylaw change was proposed and voted on (the sectional alignments had likely also been put together). I don't know if it would have affected any other fall sports (volleyball the most likely), but those schools did not move up, either. Only the winter & spring. Bobby Cox hinted at this when the "stay up" threshold was lowered from 4 to 3. In an interview with Bob Lovell several years ago, he said quite a few members considered winning a sectional in the higher class to be enough evidence of success to stay up. I'm not surprised at all it was lowered again to 2.
  2. Why has the MIC, arguably the best conference in the Midwest, stayed at eight ... as have most other leagues? Even when the MIC added Pike & LC, it did so by shedding THN/THS. The SAC is basically a municipal conference. The SIAC is geographically isolated and have all of the big schools AND the p/ps who play at a big school level in that corner of the state. Once Jasper & Vincennes got hung out to dry with Mt. Carmel being forced to leave the Big 8 (thus leaving the league at five teams), those two schools were essentially left without a league. Adding them keeps travel headaches at a minimum since those are essentially the only large schools in the area. Of the two leagues you mention, the HCC is at eight schools and doesn't really have a need to expand at the moment. Who would it pick up? Terre Haute North/South, possibly, but they are geographic outliers. Unless the HCC splits up and the western schools (Brownsburg/Avon/Zionsville) decide to join the Terre Haute schools. Bloomington N/S & Columbus North would make sense for the Hoosier Hills for a lot of reasons, and that's something I could see happening IF the BCSC board would allow North & East in the same league. Right now, CI is six schools who really have no place else to go after losing Martinsville, Decatur Central & Perry Meridian to the Mid-State. If one finds a landing spot, that could cause some dominoes to fall.
  3. A lot of ADs see eight as the optimum number for a conference. Allows 7 football games, two non-con games, with no scheduling headaches because you can play noncon in Weeks 1-2 and conference games Weeks 3-9. Can play your conference basketball games on Fridays and spread them out throughout the year (or, for some leagues, B/G DHs in Dec/Jan). Allows for a double-round robin in baseball that only takes half the schedule. Ten makes the schedule a bit unwieldy. Six is too few. Any odd number creates headaches because someone is always going to be off.
  4. Meanwhile, they increased funding for charter and voucher schools several orders of magnitude higher than the increase in public school funding. Rural schools are getting hammered because their enrollment is declining.
  5. I teach economics. I work multiple side jobs, including one very visible one as the broadcaster for one of the five professional sports teams in Indianapolis. I basically work as an extra staff member in our athletic department running our website and broadcasts. I worked for a newspaper for nine years. I think I know the importance of businesses to our community, given we discuss it ALMOST EVERY DAY in class. These requirements are beyond insulting and essentially show the legislature is listening to the Chamber of Commerce instead of the Department of Education. The CoC is much more influential in dictating education policy than the DoE. I don't blame Jennifer McCormick for stepping away, but I wish she would remain. She's been the biggest advocate for teachers, but she's beyond frustrated with the actions of the legislature, which is controlled BY HER OWN PARTY. It's disgusting and insulting.
  6. He was pretty open about his identity here when he was coaching at Howe and even before then. I wouldn't "identify" a member if it wasn't known, but he identified himself pretty often.
  7. Whiteland is often really good and is very well-coached. They tend to go in two-year cycles, where they're loaded one year and then rebuilding the next (although they were 8-3 last year and sound like they will be pretty good again). Whiteland has also played the two closest regular-season games against New Palestine in the last six years. A potential path of Whiteland-Decatur Central-Bloomington South/Castle will be a gauntlet for NP to get to Lucas Oil.
  8. Not specifically football-related, but longtime GID denizen LCCFan09er (Kristof Kendrick) has been named the new head basketball coach at Warren Central. Congrats.
  9. After busing was implemented, some people called Ben Davis "Washington West" because so many of Indianapolis Washington's students were transferred to Ben Davis. But the natural rate of migration within a metro area also meant a lot of the old Washington High attendance area moved into Wayne Township. Now, we've been seeing over the last 20 years a lot of Ben Davis families migrating across the county line to Avon (and that's not an abnormal phenomenon - many of my classmates at Pike - many of whose parents went to Northwest or Washington or Broad Ripple - have their kids in Brownsburg, Carmel or Zionsville; Carmel also has a lot of the population that once lived in Washington Township and went to North Central, which in turn saw its boom after people moved north from Shortridge and Broad Ripple. HSE and Mt. Vernon both have a lot of former Lawrence Township families, New Pal has a lot of students whose parents went to Warren Central and Franklin Central).
  10. I-69 being completed to Bloomington changes the calculus a lot. SW Indiana is now more accessible to the Bloomington area.
  11. The IHSAA will minimize the drives as much as possible. There are three teams in the Region, so Jeff fits very well there as it's halfway between Hamilton County & Lake County, so it's got a drive either way. That allows for a grouping of four along the Toll Road corridor in north central Indiana, and there are three teams in the Fort Wayne area (counting Warsaw). Only one team was going to be sent north from Hamilton County and Noblesville is the farthest northeast team. It got the short straw travel-wise, but with 11 schools north of SR 26, someone was going to.
  12. Interesting, the change has officially been made. That makes much more geographic sense. Attica is in 45.
  13. I forgot 6/7 had switched numbers. The Southport/Perry Meridian sectional has historically been Sectional 7.
  14. Some thoughts 6A: North is pretty self-explanatory. Lafayette Jeff had to go northwest. Someone had to go northeast, and Noblesville is the farthest north/east school in Hamilton County. The biggest question was what to do with 5/6/7 with Zionsville entering. IHSAA decided to split Pike/BD and group Zionsville with Pike, Brownsburg & Avon. That moved BD to Sectional 7 and allowed Sectional 6 (WC/LC/LN/NC) to largely stay together in a grouping that has been pretty consistent through most sports. 5A: Makes perfect sense how the IHSAA handled the Elkhart/Valpo/SB/Mishawaka situation in sectional 9/10. Again, the north writes itself. The south sees some changes - the Bloomington schools get grouped with Evansville instead of Terre Haute, but I-69 being completed changes the calculus there. I-69 now makes Evansville closer to Bloomington than Terre Haute drive-time wise, and also creates an I-70 sectional w/THN-THS-DC-Plainfield (which is pretty consistent with how the IHSAA groups other sports). That basically left two schools on islands - BNL & Seymour. IHSAA decided to send BNL south and Seymour north. 4A: Shelbyville & Beech Grove trade places, with BG going south and Shelby going north with its HHC brethren for the first time (instead of having to deal with East Central every year). Mooresville/Martinsville being grouped with the Cincinnati/Louisville area schools will be a bear of a drive. Same with Northview - which is on an island - and the Evansville-area schools. 3A: By far the toughest class to group in the south every year. The five I-74 schools in southeastern Indiana are often together, and the question is, who do they go with? This time, three schools down the I-65 corridor, which will make for some interesting travel. Southwestern Indiana being grouped horizontally along I-64 instead of vertically along U.S. 41/231 is different than normal. Marion County gets split in half, with the north side schools going toward Lafayette/Hamilton County, while the south side schools get grouped in with west central Indiana (Hendricks County & I-70). Geographically, it on the surface makes sense to send WL to 18, Knox to 19, TV to 20 and Northwestern to 21, but that would've split Northwestern away from the Maconaquah/Peru/Oak Hill clump, which is likely why WL is going south instead of north. 2A: Again, grouping southern Indiana is really difficult. Triton Central & Union County get the short straw here - especially UC, which is closer to Dayton than it is to Mitchell & Paoli. As is typical, the three northern Indiana sectionals are grouped Northwest (Region area), north central (SB/MIsh area) and northeast (FW area) with the fourth being the clump around Anderson/Kokomo/Marion. The problem is, there are 18 schools for 16 spots in Central Indiana, and two had to go south. I probably would have moved Union County into the I-70 sectional and bumped one of the Indianapolis schools (Scecina or Howe) south as those schools have easier access to I-65. 1A: Some interesting groupings. The one that stuck out to me most was Attica being sent north instead of in its usual sectional along the Wabash River. Sectionals 47 and 48 write themselves and are the two easiest to group in the class, but I would've flipped their regionals by renumbering Sectional 45 as 47. Only real change I'd make is Attica to 45, Traders Point to 46 and Sheridan to 42 ... and possibly flip South Newton and North White. [edit: Attica was moved to 45 and Traders Point to 42. I'd still flip TPCA & Sheridan for geographic reasons ,but it's a solid map]
  15. The sectionals are now mapped. Check out the link for a map of the 2019-20 sectionals (note: for 5A/6A, the 2019 alignment is the one listed. Valpo moves to Sectional 9 in 2020, SB Adams/Mishawaka move to Sectional 10 & Elkhart moves to Sectional 2. (and if you're interested in boys basketball, here is that map. Regionals are grouped in colors - 1-4 in each class are red/orange, 5-8 are purple/blue, 9-12 are green/yellow and 13-16 are grey/black/brown).
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