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  1. Watching Etienne of Clemson fair catch a kick near the sideline got me wondering if a pro rule is also the same in high school and college (if you know). That is, if a kickoff is near the sideline and the receiver touches the ball while having at least one foot out-of-bounds (even if the ball itself is inbounds), is the kick then considered out-of-bounds? I've seen several YouTubes of pro games where this has happened.
  2. Was there a definitive point in time when the officials (at all levels) started putting the ball on a yard line to reduce the number of measurements? You hardly see any measurements nowadays, when there used to be at least one every game, it seemed.
  3. That's nice to hear, because I remember the old Ames. Back in '75 or '76, I remember when Penn went over and played Elston and our star running back, Tom Hill, was on a breakaway run, but tripped and fell because, if I recall. the field sloped down from the baseball base paths with which the football field shared.
  4. Tough year this year, but they were right on the cusp. Their regular season losses were to teams that had a combined record of 32-1, before the tournament and several of those loses were 4 points or less (Cathedral being the exception). Three of those teams made it to at least semi-state. No doubt eventual Ohio champion Cincinnati St. Xavier would have been a difficult game for Penn, had it been played. Their 2017 season was dominating, until hitting the BD buzzsaw in the Championship game. Penn will be back. Still haven't had a losing season in 48 years!
  5. It would be good competition-wise, but that's a lot of long distance travel on school nights in potentially bad weather.
  6. As I watched the CC-South Adams game, they mentioned multiple times that the CC head coach was an interim coach who started in the middle of the season. But no mention, nor could I find on the web, what caused this coaching change after the season started. Does anybody know?
  7. In this game, there was a Roughing the Kicker call on Zionsville during live play, then an immediate dead ball Unsportsmanlike Conduct call on Cathedral. I believe (according to the announcers) that both fouls were marked off and then it became 1st and 10 for Cathedral. Was there a time in the past where it would have been 1st and 25 for Cathedral because their foul was dead ball? I'm positive I've seen 1st and 25's due to dead ball fouls in the past. Maybe they were at a different level, though.
  8. Correction (as I wasn't allowed to edit my post, for some reason): 4 regular season losses BTW, before Coach Geesman came in 1973, Penn had losing seasons in 9 of its first 13 years.
  9. And, the 5 regular season losses this season were to teams who are currently 32-1 and still in the tournament. 4 of those 5 losses were by a total of 6 points (Indy Cathedral being the exception). And they STILL haven't had a losing season since 1972!
  10. From what I understand, Penn was the last remaining team in the state to have won at least one playoff game each year since the expansion to the all-in format in 1985. That streak was broken tonight at Chesterton.
  11. LaSalle is all-male, as is Moeller. Another all-male school in the Cincinnati area is Covington Catholic, just across the river.
  12. Penn at Cincinnati St. Xavier is cancelled on 9/11 According to the Harrell site, Andrean is off that week, also. That would be a good matchup.
  13. Latest word from Ohio, if they are allowed to play at all...Maximum of 6 regular season games, then an all-in playoff. Schools have no minimum number of games they have to play. They could theoretically play no regular season games and go straight to the playoffs. All districting will be done just before the playoffs start and they see who's all going to participate. Seeding will be performed and it will carry through all the way to the quarterfinal or semifinal round in each class. All games played at highest seed school.
  14. That's the speculation of what he will say at tomorrow's press conference.
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