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  1. Gorman is in good standing with the Nevada association. IMG in not a member of the Florida association.
  2. I have been discussing a four-game two-day event in Indy with a national promoter. Looking at four of Indiana's best playing a team from each of our bordering states. He seems receptive to the idea and hopefully with this change it can happen. Would be great to see nationally relevant programs come to our state.
  3. I read it to say that the game has to be played within 300 miles of Indiana. So, for instance, Carmel could play Don Bosco Prep in Nashville, Tennessee. To see the Papermakers play, you will most likely have to travel to Wisconsin. They still have a travel restriction for their teams.
  4. Any bets on who wins the Class 3A title next season?
  5. Never cared a lot for their numeric calculations for tournament entry although they did expand them this past season. However, I like the neutral site idea and it can work with a little effort and some out of the box thinking.
  6. If this so difficult, why do so many states have neutral site tournament games. Ohio plays every tournament game at a neutral site. In addition to neutral sites, the games need to be played on Saturday with a double-header format. Saturday allows for more time for travel, driving in daylight and in November, normally warmer weather.
  7. Agree that travel decisions should be left up to the local school board. But who wants to see Hoover or IMG play in our state?
  8. Norwell would be an option, they were good last year and I was told that they were real young. Taste of Philly has a great cheesesteak sandwich.
  9. My wife insists that I take her to a Huntington North game next season. She is a graduate of the school and wants to see the new facility. The question is, do I schedule a good team which most likely will be a bad game or a bad team where the game might be competitive. A follow-up question is, with teams like Carmel, Dutch Fork (SC) and Loganville (GA) Grayson already tentatively on my fall schedule, could I even make it through a Bellmont-Huntington North game? My Friday night gang has already opted out because 1) they will find a better game in the area and 2) Huntington only has one decent place to eat and with it being a Japanese steak house, it is out because two of our gang does not do Asian cuisine. Keep in mind that sometimes the pre-game meal is as important, if not more so, than the game selection. Not taking her to a game is not an option, as I am guy who likes home cooked meals and clean clothes. What is a guy to do?
  10. To prepare for Westfield, they could schedule Lakewood St. Edward, Columbus Upper Arlington or one of the Cincinnati powerhouses. Coldwater would be a good matchup for Luers, Concordia or Northside. I understand Homestead or Carroll not wanting to schedule a Division VI or VII team but there are plenty of high quality opponents within the 300 mile travel limit.
  11. As a fan, I can see East Noble play anytime I want to. Just to drive to Kendallville or wait for them to play locally here. However, a chance to see Toledo Whitmer, Coldwater, or Marion Local play close would be nice. In addition, why would you want to play an Indiana team that you may play again in the playoffs? Sometimes it helps to think outside the box.
  12. Sure hoping some of these matchups come to fruition, I am tired of driving to the north side of Indianapolis every weekend.
  13. Parking, concessions, restrooms, seating and field are some of the issues. Home side is packed and we usually sit on the visitor side, at all sites, to avoid kids. Can't say I like anything about their facility. I usually try to catch Luers on the road (at Carroll or Homestead) simply due to those being better facilities.
  14. My biggest question is how good of an opponent will get me to Luers Field? Not a big fan of the place.
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