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  1. While on the subject on crowd size, Texas had a lower division championship game where both towns that were represented had a total population of around 9,000. Their championship game drew a crowd of 19,000. They really love this stuff in Texas.
  2. Hopefully it will be someone who will be a little more responsive to ideas that will make the game better.
  3. I have a couple of ideas to throw into this discussion as well: 1. The use of video replay in the state finals. Several states are already going to this and there were several instances at this years finals where I heard people say "can't they look at that" to see if the call was correct. The equipment is there so why not use it. 2. To help with the decline in participation numbers, either create "co-op" teams, i.e., a team comprised of more than one school, or let kids from non-playing schools play for schools that have programs. I bet Loogootee/Barr-Reeve could put together a very good Class A team. Again, this concept is used in several other states and seems to work well. 3. Add a rule to the success factor that a team cannot drop more than once in a ten year period. The current system still needs some changes as a 5A team was allowed to play and win the 3A championship this season. Also to be noted was the fact that most of the final games this year were not very competitive which is another indication that something needs to be fixed. 4. My favorite suggestion still remains. The concept of semi-state doubleheaders on Saturday at small college or large high school sites. This season I stood five deep in the end zone at East Noble on a cold, dark Friday night while less than a thirty minute drive there were facilities that had more seating, parking, concessions and bathrooms. Saturday gives families and fans a chance to attend the game without having to cut out of work on Friday. In addition, it gives the teams at semi-state level the excitement of playing at a big facility which most will remember for a lifetime. The double-header idea brings the attendance to the point that the site would need to justify it's expenses. If planned correctly, it would also cut down travel time for at least half the teams in the tournament.
  4. Have been to many of their games and always sit on the visitor side and cannot recall ever having an issue with seating. I will be there tonight and reserve you a seat!!!
  5. They are adequate. Should be able to seat all the Hobart fans without any problem.
  6. From what I picked up watching the games, the replay official is on site and relays the call down to the officiating crew. The crew does not view the replay.
  7. I have noticed that several states have started to use replay for questionable calls in state finals. Does anyone know if the IHSAA is considering this?
  8. Their rib eye steak sandwich is worth the trip by itself. However, throw in a great game as well and it makes a perfect night.
  9. Is there any chance the game will be streamed? Long drive, cold temps and standing room only have me considering watching it in the comforts of my den.
  10. A lot of states provide bye weeks, including Georgia who allow two. My suggestion would be to start earlier, allow a bye week for all teams and let 6A and 5A go to a ten game regular season schedule.
  11. Fort Wayne would have been even better for me. It is less than an hour.
  12. Loyola brought a nice crowd but was disappointed in St. Ignatius' crowd. They did not even fill the small visitors stands. I sat on the home side with a great seat on a very nice afternoon. Hope they do something similar again next year. Saves me from having to drive further for a great matchup.
  13. Had a great time yesterday watching two very good teams play on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in a great facility. For those of you who missed it, Cleveland (OH) St. Ignatius defeated Wilmette (IL) Loyola Academy 27-10 at Ames Field in Michigan City. Both teams are highly rated in their respective states with both expecting big seasons this year. Loyola brought a nice crowd and the Ignatius band performed at halftime. As I watched the game it reminded me of my hope that someday Indiana will go to Saturday semi-states at great sites like Ames Field instead of cold Friday nights standing four deep in the end zone in an undersized home field. Do not know who set this game up, but hope they do it again because a chance to see nationally relevant teams play within a couple of hours of home can't be beat. Not only that, but the wife got in some shopping while I was at the game and we topped the day off with a great meal at a Polish restaurant in Michigan City.
  14. When in New Haven it is Rack and Helen's! Had a bad experience at the VooDoo Lounge a week ago. Bar-b-que jambalaya was so dry I could not eat it. The gumbo and beignets were good but the jambalaya was disappointing.
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