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  1. The event Kirk Herbstreit organized about a decade ago sought to showcase Ohio HS football to the nation. Perhaps it's time for the Colts, Jack Doyle, or some other entity to entertain a two-day event at Lucas Oil, inviting some of the aforementioned teams from Ohio, Louisville, and even Illinois.
  2. Football is a team game. While you're probably right in that Chatard should've had more defensive selections, I have also read on several Chatard game threads about this Trojans squad having few stars, but find success in the collective perhaps more so than the individual (as in years past).
  3. Very true. A good coach adapts his and his coordinators' schemes to the players. We're long past the days of Cathedral/Jasper/Roncalli running I-formation tight with a flanker or Power I and just feeding a back or two 45+ times per game on power tosses.
  4. From my understanding, Mater Dei was quite young and somewhat "overachieved" after a rocky start. Give them a wrestling season and another off season with Coach Goebel and the SIAC schedule, I think we'll see them competing to go to Lucas Oil next year from the south -- of course Western Boone is king until dethroned.
  5. What schools have fields or stadiums named after coaches or ADs? I'm not a fan of corporate naming conventions, which often occur in large urban/suburban communities. What schools in Indiana have fields named after coaches/ADs/players/other unique community icons/contributors?
  6. Do you have contact details for Union (Dugger)? I hear they may need some support and end zone cameras might just do the trick.
  7. Gosh, I'm getting old being in the same class as him, but Nick Hart at Gibson Southern -- especially interesting given his father's coaching path and the rumors that he has turned away several coaching jobs in Evansville. Perhaps the only one he would leave for in the Evansville area is Mater Dei once Coach Goebel steps down (pure speculation). Evansville North is in much better hands now with Coach Paridaen, as is Luke Messmer at Mount Vernon (Posey) -- all three my contemporaries graduating around 2004. Mac Webb had an outstanding year at Tell City and still being in his 20s has pl
  8. Yeah, living abroad for four years now and being paid into a foreign bank account. I'm going to need "a guy" very soon to make sure everything is correct as immigration is processed for my wife (who we already have "a gal" [lawyer] on retainer who specializes in this type of immigration).
  9. Much of Terre Haute's population is originally from the coal mines of West Virginia. One of my grandmothers was born in Brazil, Indiana. There is a documentary on YouTube about Slick Leonard. It's a good watch.
  10. Mater Dei could, but I think I've seen in other threads that they have smaller classes coming up (not 100% sure)... There's been talk of the establishment (maybe re-establishment) of a "northside" Evansville Catholic school, but of course that's up to the deanery. Evansville Day is the largest (and only non-Catholic private HS in Evansville), but have very low numbers and usually are barely able to field a competitive basketball team, but who knows -- the eastside and northside of Evansville are growing and some non-Catholic families will want to send their children to private schools.
  11. Brebeuf... Then Evansville Memorial will return to 3A (I believe) in two years. That Sectional 32/31 will be loaded depending on who goes where with Southridge always a contender, bounce backs by Gibson Southern and Heritage Hills, Vincennes Lincoln (possibly moving south if they stay in 3A). I don't know if the Mater Dei numbers have them close to the 3A line again... At least when Chatard was in 3A South, they didn't run their mouths like a certain team from Hendrix County. Speaking of which, are Danville and Tri-West flirting with 4A due to the never ending Indy suburban sprawl (
  12. Stirring the pot, can't have gravy sticking and burning on Thanksgiving... So besides this going to the best player in the IndyStar's coverage area, what about other players across the state? Kids like @Mockstangboyz (headed to Navy) deserve all the individual accolades they can. Shame Boonville didn't have more team success.
  13. Beautiful time of the year to travel down SR-37 and I-69... God's Country, I tell ya! BTW: As someone who hasn't been in Indiana in two years, but will be in a month (for a holiday visit) -- how far north has the I-69/SR-37 project progressed? Does it still basically end at Martinsville? If I come from Jasper, I'll take US 231 to I-69, but if coming from Santa Claus, it'll be I-64 to I-65 (hopefully no construction around Louisville/Jeffersonville).
  14. Coaches can win games, but players win championships... Coach Goebel has cobbled together a successful season from what at the beginning of the season looked like a wash of a season. That's what HoF coaches do though and I believe Coach Goebel is easily one of the Top 10 coaches statewide over the past two decades... I believe polling to IFCA would support that. That being said "Jimmies and Joes, Not Xs and Os" ... "Players Win Championships" ... I'm not sure Mater Dei has the horses of to reach the finish line first, but I know the Wildcats will scratch and claw the whole way.
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