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  1. :flush: is trying to argue NP can't reload like top Indy P/Ps... waiting for @crimsonace1 if he wants to stoop to this level of discourse.
  2. It can be a positive or negative at lower levels given how involved the league's administration is, the pedigree of the parent, and the need for the varsity HC to heard in the community if he or she can't have direct contact with the feeder programs. The best is to have an experienced youth coach, who is trusted and prepared by the time their children will become their players. At the varsity level in football, even relatives of (assistant) coaches had it harder and were often the first to be called out when an issue cropped up. I also understand now why it makes sense someti
  3. 2004 3A South Semistate: Chatard leads Heritage Hills by 10-0 after one quarter. The Trojans's D1 RB Dray Mason breaks his collarbone early in the second quarter. It was like a light going off for three-time 3A defending state champion Trojans, who had only lost by less than a score to nationally ranked Elder and Roncalli. HH defense locks down against a Chatard team still full of D1 players and wins 13-10 on a late field goal. Without that win, Chatard wins consecutive 3A state titles from 2001-2007, a feat never likely to be duplicated with the success factor.
  4. Random query here...speaking of the Knights rushing attack, what happened to the RB the year Castle played at Bedford for (I think) a regional title? Did he play in college?
  5. Beyond the obvious with Southridge at No. 1, it's a very similar list if you take out the Kentucky teams. It also has Jasper and Castle swapped, but I think that game is probably a coin toss. Could Tell City really beat Gibson Southern? Interesting question given their results against Southridge. I'd be more interested in seeing the CalPreps list.
  6. @IndianaWrestlingGuy is that correct, 90 years since the Irish last beat Elder (not that they play alot), but that losing stretch predates my grandfather, a Cathedral grad (true southsider) by less than 10 years. Good luck to the Irish on ending that drought. Hope all these GCL games are multi-year and Cathedral gets to spend half the season in Cincy next year.
  7. Hope Heritage Hills gets healthy and can string some wins together before tournament time. I hear business is down at the Chateau, while Haubs is on the rebound. Say it ain't true. (I kid)
  8. Yes, much of this senior class has played varsity since freshmen and sophomores. After multiple head coaches, Rookie Coach Mac Webb (from neighbor and rival South Spencer) is getting the most out of them and probably has the best TC team in three decades. Those who are older know the Marksmen were a small-school powerhouse in Basketball and Football in the 1970s and 1980s.
  9. Evansville Mater Dei picked up a big win against a ranked 5A Evansville North squad. Tell City was stuffed on a late two-point conversion to fall to 3A ranked Southridge. It was also Tell City's first loss but proved they are a sectional contender down here in 2A (with a weak schedule).
  10. After Week 6 1. Central (6-0) - Jasper game may have told us more about Jasper than Central 2. North (5-1) - QB or not, you have to show up every week. Lesson learned? 3. Southridge (6-0) - PAC title effectively clinched. Go Raiders. 4. Castle (4-1) - Win out and get a share of the SIAC. 5. Jasper (5-1) - Real sectional contender. 6. Gibson Southern (3-3) - Always impressive to shut out HH at home. Congrats Coach Hart. 7. Tell City (5-1) - The Marksmen gave it their all. Sectionals await. 8. Memorial (3-3) - Back to .500. Can they keep the mo' up against Reitz, VL and Castle?
  11. I'm not informed well enough about either team to make a prediction, but I do know as even Cathedral fans will tell you this year, don't play Chatard thinking you're not in for a war. Even if they don't have the athletes, they will play to/through every whistle and hit the player lined up across from them play, after play, after play. I'm not saying Merrillville hasn't seen that or that they will panic, but Chatard will do everything possible to make this as physical game as possible in every respect.
  12. Is it different than the "JH Prediction?" I haven't figured that one out yet, but it definitely doesn't strictly use Sagarin's ratings -- or in the way my predictor does/did/will.
  13. I don't even want to know... Although isn't there a canopy/covering over the press box now for cameras/booth coaches?
  14. There's progress... Although, I was quite sick this weekend and not able to work on it. http://predictor.gridirondigest.net (Yes I know it's not functional) Quick hint: Just go to Sagarin's website, use the predictor value of both teams and find the difference. That is all this little script is doing (you can add in the home field advantage which varies every week if you want)
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