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  1. Isn't this pretty standard across Indiana? Townships have determined school attendance, even in some cases crossing county lines? I guess the bigger cities are starting to see public services merge -- fire departments, police/sheriff departments, other forms of governance. I'm generally not a big fan of redundant systems, but also like to see governance and services as accountable as possible. Idk. Big decisions.
  2. A guy at my dorm at IU was from SB Riley. He said he played football. Got absolutely laid out by a current HS assistant coach (former all-state LB teammate of mine) in the DiNardo days in a 7-on-7 tackle game. He responded by ripping a fire extinguisher out of a dorm hallway while intoxicated and trying to assault various floormates... Judging by collegiate social media accounts, that was a foreshadowing of the current destruction of property craze. The guys from Penn were much more personable. That is my experience with and knowledge of South Bend football. Oh, I guess Gehrig Dieter has done the city pretty well after setting an NCAA record for most transfers.
  3. Never knew that JcHS had ever closed... One of the oldest schools in southern Indiana! 😛
  4. ETA: Where is just a straight list of enrollment and classification for football for the current cycle? The IHSAA used to release the enrollment numbers, along w/1-64 in each class and an asterisk on success/relegation teams. All I can find are these - https://www.ihsaa.org/Schools/Enrollments-Classifications - which doesn't include the current cycle by enrollment.
  5. Actually something like: 1A: # of teams left 2A: 96 teams 3A: 96 teams 4A: 24 teams w/4 sectionals of 6 teams, no regional round) - any fair success factor changes to increase the competition in the largest class would be welcomed. Without changing the success factor too much, instead of looking at the previous two years, you look at the previous four years and throw out the season with the most points and the least points to get a median average, which IMO is a much better measure of a program than the current system...
  6. 32-64-64-64-64-32 (actually fewer) makes tremendously more statistical sense. The enrollment lines would also be farther apart, so teams would naturally stay in a class longer (not considering success points).
  7. Final third of the regular season is here. Share you updates, scores and highlights from across Indiana. Also, help us get to 10,000 followers on Twitter @gridirondigest by sharing relevant updates with the #TGD tag for an auto-retweet!
  8. It's the Indy sprawl -- transfers or just being affluent enough to move into the school district has its advantages... Who's that Dakich guy and where does he live? 25 years ago, Zionsville had an enrollment of 850. Frankly, it's impressive that they and schools like Westfield have been able to grow and maintain quality academic and extracurricular activities.
  9. Is there not an exception for illegal participation? I believe there is also some lenancy in interpretation if say a coach or player came onto the field to blatantly affect the outcome of the game...
  10. Laying would be holding...offensive or defensive. A player on either side must disengage. It was a common strategy for linebackers to clog holes by laying on a blocking RB/FB.
  11. GS might cover 5 TDs if HH doesn't pass, continues with turnovers, and misses coverages... Second meeting is historically closer in recent years. Still, you have to strap it up and play...
  12. In-state only games... SoS is fairly easy to compute... It's usually something like 0.5*(Win pct of opponents) + 0.5*(Win pct of opponents' opponents)... The weights can vary from ranking to ranking.
  13. Closed conference, no way to compute that relative to the connected data...
  14. Raise it with Coach Goebel. Please record it and post a link.
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