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  1. Held together by Pete Swanson and spit... or maybe just Pete Swansons spit!
  2. We scored touchdowns on two consecutive kickoffs which were fumbled... The last score was by a freshman fullback, Charlie McKee.
  3. Does anyone put together a All Hamilton County Team? If not, we should. Quite the talent hotbed .
  4. hot off the press... Sagarin's Predictor: Gibson Southern (76.16) is a 1-point favorite vs. Heritage Hills (75.32) and has about a 51.61% chance of winning (0-point home-field advantage).
  5. @Rudy, perhaps for your interests! @Tippy Did the city ever have a University High School for children of faculty and the like?
  6. We should be at 5 classes anyway. Trim back the number of teams in 1A, 6A becomes 5A, then add one round to the 2A-4A tournaments called a "Super Regional."
  7. Assuming he has around 40 touchdowns counting his freshman season, or 240 points, Jett will need to average 208 points in both his junior and senior seasons, or 35 touchdowns, or about 2.9 touchdowns over 24 games. Better start drinking that pickle juice!
  8. Found this on Cole... 308 points in 2002 656 points in career https://www.ihsaa.org/football-career-single-season-statistical-leaders
  9. I need to dig up some of Seifrig's stats. I believe Cole is the all-time scoring leader at HH, but I'm not sure it is documented. I would support an effort to archive all of those end of year banquet stat packets that players used to receive. Probably something to talk to Jon about.
  10. I thought DeLong kinda got shafted... Not sure what you change to get him as an MVP or POY. Jett is of course very deserving and has an argument for MVP. Perhaps the PAC needs a "Newcomer of the Year" award. Just a very talented slate of players. Congratulations to everyone. I'm not sure how winless Pike Central gets two spots though. .... Regarding the lack of a PAC website... I've often thought of archiving the stuff that is still online or can be found, but what's the incentive? Maybe I will if I could get some buy-in from Coach Burch or other ADs?.?.?
  11. Man this is tough to stomach. The sophomores and juniors will be back, but the seniors have to go out like this... Unfortunate. Not the best showing for HH. Props to Chatard. Tough as always!
  12. Damn. I dont want to look it up, but I think HH is getting dangerously close to the biggest negative margin in school history... at least since the 1980s.
  13. Bcaster said if Chatard goes up 35-0, it will start the running clock? I thought I have seen it said previously that the IHSAA wouldnt allow the running clock during the finals? @Bobref any idea? Hopefully we dont find out. Rough day for HH. We have had our chances though.
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