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  1. Bosse happened to Bosse circa 1970-something or so I've been told by alumnists who considered it to be the East Bosse happened to Bosse circa 1970-something or so I've been told by alumnists who considered it to be the East Reitz of Evansville.
  2. If I were GS, I'd run a spread offense (three wide and a TE, and force HH to try to match up man to man for four quarters. I'm not sure HH has the same program work ethic that they once did. Meanwhile, Gibson Southern can platoon and out work the Patriots.
  3. Just impressed Muda did some original research. Take it a step farther and email all these teams' coaches and ADs. CC Bobby Cox just to let them know that you are serious.
  4. GAMEDAY! The regular season wraps up as we head into sectionals... Who is playing for an outright conference championship? Who needs to be upset for other teams to grab a conference share? Any bigger game than Cathedral and Center Grove across the state? As always please also post your scores and updates here or on Twitter @gridirondigest using #TGD...
  5. Wow I remember watching early 90s IU basketball games with Kitchell commentating and went to some Bob Knight basketball camps with his sons. What became of the Leerfield Sports Network?
  6. He's a gamer for sure. But when the outcome is decided he'll be the first in line to wish you future success.
  7. All the better that WL and Chatard play in the same semistate. How long has the southern 3A semistate dominated the state finals? ..
  8. Mike Goebel is the epitome of class in Indiana HS sports... Football and wrestling. Bravo. Can't wait until you and your team team return to The Jungle with the (not your) cadre of lunatics. Nothing but respect from Heritage Hills, football and wrestling, to Mater Dei and Coach Goebel.
  9. Statistically, it will happen. I don't think using statistical anomalies will boost the idea that some school corporations should cut the support, which is exactly what he is advocating for, indirectly or in this case directly. Shame. We are on a platform that aims to support Indiana HS football programs and their supporters. Mudas dissent is worrisome. My father always told me that you shouldn't complain unless you have a better alternative. Not sure what his is.?
  10. RIP to the school boards and soccer programs who promoted such a great job. Bravo. You deprived student athletes of the athletics which they will want to compete in. Muda, as a a man of logic, you know that a certain number must go 0-9 while a certain number must go 9-0. Simple bell curve statistics.
  11. If the goal is to equalize all schools then we play a 364 (or whatever it is now) tournament and only allow the upper enrollment programs to play their best players by quarter, upper enrollment of course includes the current success factor teams. Reduce to the common dominator. Sounds "fair" right?
  12. Mater Dei is a fine upstanding institute full of devote Catholic students who would never stoop to that level!
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