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  1. If we get 6-8 frequent players, we can definitely split it into divisions Big/Small School or North/South... Also because not everyone has the time/desire to do weekly roster changes, we could do a collective points system ... I believe it's called rotary or something. Draft whoever you want, change your roster whenever you want, scoring is collective end-of-year (Week 15) by category (Most Pass Yards, Passing TDs, Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs, Catches, Receiving Yards, Defense, Kicking)... Join one, join all...
  2. Is anyone running an NFL fantasy football league this year? If someone puts it together and we get 8-12 players, the winner will receive a donation for Booster status on TGD which they may use or pass it on... Also braggin' rights in your profile. Anyone willing to organize? Is everyone using ESPN or NFL or another site nowadays?
  3. I'll do 2A, 3A, and 4A. TGD poll is the only poll that combines the opinions of coaches, fans, media, administrators, and Uncle Rico. Even @DT's vote is welcomed. (In all honesty we need more northern representation on the poll ... Da Region and that isolated 9-team conference (I forget its name) needs to have some pollsters.
  4. Calling on @Bcaster to see if he has lists of broadcasts for Heritage Hills, South Spencer, Forest Park, Jasper, Tecumseh, Perry Central, and Tell City?
  5. @WCGrad92has done them in the past. Let's see if he's up for it or if he is able to pass the system on to another. Here's what's needed: - At least eight voters preferrably geographically balanced in each class (8+ is optimal) ... SIGN UP BY POSTING ON THIS THREAD WITH WHAT CLASSES YOU CAN COMMIT TO - A 10 week commitment to have your votes submitted by Sunday night at 9 p.m. (when Sunday night football starts) - If @DK_Barons could set up a Pollsters Forum, that would be great We used the traditional 10-9-8... scoring system where first-place gets 10 points, 9 for second, 8 for third... (@WCGrad92 or I may have a spreadsheet to speed up this process) Archives 2010-2015 (for my own records) GID Poll Preseason 2018-19 (Last year) Class 6A Total (First Place Votes) 1 Warren Central 146 11 2 Ben Davis 134 4 3 Carmel 115 4 Avon 112 5 Penn 70 6 Center Grove 67 7 F.W. Snider 58 8 Lawrence Central 27 9 Westfield 20 9 Columbus North 20 9 Brownsburg 20 Receiving votes: Lafayette Jefferson 14, Fishers 11, Franklin Central 10, Valparaiso 1 Class 5A Total 1 Columbus East 122 8 2 Indpls. Cathedral 119 4 3 New Palestine 104 1 4 Roncalli 92 5 Zionsville 57 6 Decatur Central 56 7 Michigan City 48 8 Bloomington South 46 9 Kokomo 25 10 McCutcheon 21 Receiving votes: Concord 17, LaPorte 3, Martinsville 3, Castle 1. Bedford-North Lawrence 1 Class 4A Total 1 East Central 150 15 2 Lowell 125 3 Evans. F. J. Reitz 114 4 F.W. Bishop Dwenger 109 5 New Haven 59 6 Mississinewa 45 7 Northridge 42 8 New Prairie 28 9 Greenwood 23 10 Mt. Vernon (Fortville) 22 10 Angola 22 Receiving votes: NorthWood 21 , Mishawaka 19, Culver Academies 18, Jasper 8, East Noble 7, Leo 5, Western 4, S.B. Saint Joseph 3, Evans. Central 1. Class 3A Total 1 West Lafayette 155 6 2 Evans. Memorial 146 7 3 Indpls. Bishop Chatard 139 4 4 Brebeuf Jesuit 112 5 Danville 83 6 Gibson Southern 74 7 F.W. Bishop Luers 64 8 F.W. Concordia Lutheran 41 9 Andrean 32 10 Mishawaka Marian 26 Receiving votes: Indpls. Cardinal Ritter 25, Lawrenceburg 19, Brownstown Central 7, Guerin Catholic 5, North Harrison 4, Monrovia 1, Heritage Hills 1 Class 2A Total 1 Southridge 112 6 2 Indpls. Scecina 105 4 3 Woodlan 102 1 4 Eastbrook 95 2 5 Western Boone 77 6 Evans. Mater Dei 68 7 Tipton 54 8 Triton Central 29 9 Linton-Stockton 25 10 Shenandoah 16 Receiving votes: Bremen 13, Lapel 6, Cass 5, Rensselaer Central 3, Milan 2, Heritage Christian 2, Eastern (Greentown) 1. Class A Total 1 Pioneer 160 16 2 North Central (Farmersburg) 121 3 Monroe Central 106 4 Fountain Central 85 4 Churubusco 85 6 Adams Central 74 7 Lafayette Central Catholic 72 8 Sheridan 69 9 Indpls. Lutheran 45 10 Eastern Greene 31 Receiving votes: Carroll (Flora) 10, LaVille 7, Tri Central 4, Covington 4, Indiana Deaf 3, South Adams 2, Indpls. Howe 1, North Vermillion 1.
  6. I am a huge fan of open enrollment. I don't know the specifics of this situation, but I have seen it earn boys and girls college scholarships. I've seen it work the other way too ... Warren Central - CG and the George family. The timing is quite convenient for all parties!
  7. How many freshman games this year? Can you add some links to your signature to your website. I know HH fans like your 2020 schedule/results page, and SW Indiana fans like your history against all other teams. Athletic directors and those who make pregame factsheets/rosters have told me they use your site, Harrells', and Almanac. Journalists as well!
  8. Such the prognosticator he was. Dawgie shall remain in the pound until Batesville DBs learn to cover a pump--and-go fly route. In his defense, he shouldn't have been playing CB. Definitely more of a rover/SS type.
  9. Is there a difference? "That" is a bunch of line of computer code. Yes I still have it, but not the most updated version. Hoping to get it up and running by Week 1 or 2.
  10. This thread is about me, thou holier than thou admin/moderator. Now that @DK_Barons and @77Jimmie have welded the bleachers back together with bailing twin and chewing gum from the class of 1973, we can properly have a smack down. 1. Reitz = Gibson Southern south; Memorial yes; Castle no (Why is my niece now enrolled in her first year of kindergarten at Castle?!? Recruited into the gymnastics program, I believe.) Paradise no more? Fair weather fans, can you get enough Walmarts in and around Newburgh? Take an adventure and drive to the East Side Walmart at midnight on the 31st. Good times! 2. PAC ADs finally listened to what we were saying ... after 10 years (yes you can get to TGD archives using waybackmachine.com) ... as early as 2006-2008 some of us suggested splitting the PAC into an upper/lower tier or combining with the Big 8 @Bcaster and @DaveMosbey recall these discussions, I'm sure. 3. Stay humble, but don't get it mixed. @TW (wherever you are) has that Circle City Conference page on lockdown. It's the Cathedral kryptonite. Can't beat Cathedral at its own game? Divide and conquer starting at the CYO level. Boo yaa from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (7-8 hours ahead of you, no apologies).
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