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  1. Lots of talented players returning conference-wide if I remember correctly. Looking forward to seeing how much production each team is returning. For now, here is just a "top of the head" list (probably forgot some) of best impact players returning for each team: North - Jason Rucker, Sam McKinney, Luke Grayson, Cainen Northington, Kasey Hospelhorn, Keonta Barton, Kaleb Harris, Delshan Davis, Ben Brasher, Jayden Hazelwood, Timothy Dixon Memorial - Matthew Fisher, Porter Rode, Luke Ellspermann, Brady Combs, Donavan Baker, Sam Nichols, Jeremiah McGuire, Alex Broshears, DeMarviyon Vaughn, Aiden Waller, Dasmon Johnson Jasper - Will Wallace, Griffin Hile, Max Bueltel, Mitchel Leinenbach, Carter Holsworth, Jaylon Van Slyke, Eliot Smith, Landon Fleck, Tyler Atkins Vincennes - Xander Hunt, Darrius Hill, Tate Keller, Luke Lindsey, Dusty Bilskie, Jace Kinnet, Will Hambrick, Tanner Gilbert, Daniel Nash Reitz - Ben Davies, Hayden Summers, Harlen Summers, Roland Vera Jr., Quentin Boeke, Bode Pressley, Devin Coomer, Levi Oxley, Calab Utley, Kole Brantley, Alex Sitzman, Ayden Wells, Keifer Sanderson, Troy Davis Jr. Castle - Caden Gordon, Antonio Harris, Max McCool, Quentin Wilson, Landon Holder, Jersey Wells, Cameron Russelburg, Gavin Leach, Coleton Adamson, Benny Patterson Bosse - Tizhaun Tomlinson, Elijah Wagner, Royal Elliot, Amari Hope, Adrian Jackson, Antonio Floyd Jr., Arron Finott, Lavan St. Germain, Cedric Norris, Jadrion Griffin Harrison - Myles Terry, DeShawndre Brown, Devin Heneisen, Nation Johnson, Jalen Sutton, Brooks Thomas Mater Dei - Tanner Halbig, Tate Mallory, Wyatt Stratman, Spencer Turner, Aiden Scheu, Camden Marx, Ethan Goodin, Brett Wilkey
  2. I agree. Difficult to rank them. I could see them finishing anywhere from 3 to 7. They do return a handful of talented players and have young talent emerging. However, replacing a multi-year starting QB talent like Wunderlich is not easy - especially if it's a sophomore with no prior varsity experience. I could definitely see it being Mallory though. If so, there could be so growing pains and MD could struggle at first. However, I see them improving throughout the season like usual and at least winning their sectional.
  3. May change as we learn more about teams but way too early prediction: 1. Reitz 2. VL 3. Memorial 4. Jasper 5. North 6. MD 7. Castle 8. Harrison 9. Bosse 10. Central
  4. Agree with what most are saying. As far as the 4A South - East Central, Roncalli, New Pal, even Memorial and Reitz - all probably would've went to/won state in 5A. I mostly believe it, but I've heard many people echo that same belief. It's unfortunate but not sure what can be done about it. One of those things where it just is what it is. I have a feeling it will be similar next year.
  5. They still got 9 on though, the same as Reitz who won the conference by 3 games. Rode is definitely all-conference worthy but I can't think of any reason he would not be voted on unless some coaches are bitter about how he ended up there. And I would venture to guess Reitz didn't get more love due to bitterness as well. Unfortunate for the kids who work hard and deserve it.
  6. Congrats to all players and Coach Brunson on the selections! They are all very deserving of the honor. I was fairly close on my predictions. Few initial reactions: - Surprising to me that Hunt was selected as POTY even though he was an at-large. Hunt is a great player though, not trying to say he doesn't deserve it. Based on the selections, I would have thought it'd be Wunderlich, Purdy, Summers, or Vera Jr. - I feel like Harris and Bishop from Castle were both All-SIAC type players but not sure who they would have made it over. - Seems like Reitz could've gotten a bit more love, considering all-conference is awarded based on the regular season and they won it by 3 games. They have a bunch of talent and put up big numbers. - Would have liked to see Bosse or Central get at least one player each but I guess that's the unfortunate part of losing a lot of games. They both had a few talented players that could probably start on most teams, but their stats may not have been good enough. - Loaded list of talent and 18 of those players will be back. SIAC will be a lot of fun to watch again next season.
  7. Should be a great game! Looks like it will drop to mid-low 20s during the game with a wind chill in the teens. Just a light breeze and no precipitation luckily. Sounds brutal to spectate though, you'd have to be crazy to put yourself through that. Sign me up, I'll be there.
  8. They would age 5-10 years after that one week of coaching them. But man would it be fun to have that much talent at your disposal!
  9. I don't doubt it. Apologies again for only speaking on large school PAC. I do know some of the small school players. The two you mentioned obviously, Howald and Meadows from Pike Central, Neukam and Allen from Southridge, Stone and Galvin from NP, Jochem and Lueken from FP, Hurt and Olmstead from SS, Terry and Glenn from TC. But those are really the only players I know much about and I still don't know how they compare to the top large school players or the SIAC for that matter. I could maybe say Schroeder, Kramer, Howald, Neukam, Stone, and Jochem belong on the All-PAC-Stars, but it's hard for me to say past that.
  10. I would think Reitz will be the favorite to win that sectional next year considering who they have returning, but obviously cannot count out Memorial or Jasper. I know Memorial fans/coaches/players would love to see them win it again, but there's also a lot of people who would like to see Memorial back in 3A. Notably - the 4A teams in their sectional, and people who think they have a better chance at going to state in 3A (which they probably do). Personally, I would like to see more Memorial vs. Gibson Southern matchups. Those were fun.
  11. I also think East Central would've beaten Reitz somewhat comfortably as well. Earlier in the season (after they blew out Jasper, North, Castle, and then held on in a close one against Memorial without their QB), I and many others probably would not have thought that. I would have thought their size and speed would match up well with East Central and whoever else they would run into, but their offense was never the same after their QB got hurt, and with Vera in there they were too limited against good defenses. Unfortunately for the rest of 4A south, there was a massive roadblock this year in East Central/Roncalli/New Pal. I think all 3 of those teams could win state in 5A this year, and I think Reitz or Memorial could've went to semistate or state. Just how it goes sometimes. So what are the chances looking like that Memorial moves back down to 3A after next season? I forget how the points work, but how far would they have to make it to stay in 4A?
  12. I agree. There's no valid way to compare and I do think it is close. However, I think the SIAC is slightly better overall - mostly speaking on depth, coaching and size/speed of the players. The only thing you can really look at is film, stats and player measurables (size, speed, lifting numbers, times, etc.). But even then, the game still has to be played and technique/mechanics are a huge part of the game. It doesn't really get me heated like a lot of people, as I am somebody who supports and follows all Evansville area football so I just like seeing all players and teams succeed (well, most of them lol). But I do like a good debate and comparison, which are usually pointless, but do make for fun discussion and hypotheticals.
  13. I believe the All-SIAC is not released until after all teams finish their season. Speaking of, congrats to the SIAC for having two teams still alive (Castle and Mater Dei). Surprised they have Castle there instead of Reitz/Memorial/Jasper, but never know what can happen. I just posted who I would start in an All-Star game, so I guess those would be my predictions. Also, I imagine most of the All-City players will be All-SIAC.
  14. You say that sarcastically, ha ha and all that, yet you confidently used it as your point to make in the SIAC vs. PAC argument. All season long, all the talk was who was the best team in the area...Reitz or Gibson Southern. No argument, they were clearly the two best teams around. Yet, they both lost early to opponents who, on paper, did not seem to be near as good. If those two matchups were played 10 times each, Reitz and Gibson Southern maybe win 8 or 9 of them right? But again, that's why the games are played. And you are right, on that night, Reitz was not good enough to beat Boonville (who then lost to Memorial who previously lost to Reitz) and Gibson Southern was not good enough to beat Owen Valley (who then lost to Monrovia). That happens in sports. Sometimes in the pros, a lot of times in college, and definitely a lot of times with high school teenagers. Can't judge by one game that was played on one given night. However, would definitely like to see some SIAC schools play the PAC schedule and some PAC schools play the SIAC schedule and see what the results would be. It's either that or an All-Star game. I'd be okay with either one!
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