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  1. ICYMI - Zirkelbach and Central High School have chosen to hire Mary Deig as the first female Assistant Football Coach in Evansville. Mary has been helping with the Reitz football program for years and is well known on the west side. Good for her!
  2. That name is what the NO Saints logo is right? Without knowing much about Greenfield, where does that name come from for their football field? I assume something to do with the 1800s and slaves that were harbored in the area, but honestly don't know. Best - Reitz Bowl Unique - Snake Pit
  3. Yes, I would guess he will be able to keep his current job and not be in the building. I agree, the Memorial-Central game will be more interesting, as well as the Reitz-Central game.
  4. Lol. So after what fbcoachD and I said, you know that he is a defensive coach from a nearby foe and a former asst coach at Central. I figured that would give it away. I believe it will be made official tonight at the school board meeting.
  5. Man there would be 5 years of very angry west side folks if that were true!
  6. Not trying to spread rumors since I don't know for sure, but I'll say they are getting a defensive guy from a nearby foe.
  7. Next school board meeting should be this coming Monday, April 5th. I assume they have made their choice and it will be announced then. Based on west side chatter, I am pretty sure I know who it will be and I would think it will surprise some people.
  8. bump Thread has been quiet for three weeks. Just checking in with y'all - any news, updates, or thoughts? April is here so I assume teams will be having spring camps soon, which has to be exciting considering last year at this time.
  9. You're not alone. With strict Illinois starting their spring football season and allowing some fans + Indiana restrictions loosening up even more, you start to feel like we could have a very-close-to normal season. Not only are fans pumped to be able to attend games again, but I'm sure the kids are more excited than ever, and I would imagine more kids will come out this season. Win, lose, or draw, this will be a season where we all can just appreciate what we have with high school football and not take it for granted.
  10. Not sure of any team camps. But I do know there are plenty of scrimmages and 7 on 7s scheduled, which is great. Hopefully the kids get a *mostly* normal preseason and summer.
  11. My reply/predictions to TigerFan20 post: " From some observations/questions Who will be the next starting Memorial QB? Ellsperman Can Jasper maker some noise again this year? Yes but not as much, lose a lot of key players Can North finally get above .500 after a disappointing end to the season last year? Not this year Do we see any improvements from Bosse and Harrison? Yes, Harrison returns most of their team Will Coach Brunson get his first winning season at Reitz? Yes, I would say 5-4 or 6-3 Does a talented MD team finally make it to state? I would sa
  12. I would think that as well and it could make it more difficult. However, there is also the possibility that Coultis plans to just finish the school year out teaching, and then leaving. Which would open that position for the next coach, next school year. Granted, for that situation to work, that would probably have to be communicated between Coultis and the school prior, which is unlikely. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds because I have no idea right now.
  13. Whether it makes sense to us or not, I am not surprised by this news. And yes, it is possible that Reitz and North will benefit from this, especially if Central looks to be down over the next few years. I would guess some current 8th graders may be looking to go elsewhere. Not sure what to think about the players currently in high school, guess it depends on who they hire.
  14. Chances the teams get a normal summer AND the crowd limits are gone for games? If I had to guess, summer will be close to normal. Possibly no more practice limitations, some scrimmages and 7 on 7s will be allowed, but some of the bigger events like team camps and 7 on 7 tourneys may not happen. As far as crowds? I would guess in the SIAC there will still be a crowd limit. If so, hopefully it's at least 750-1000 per school. But man, I really want to see packed stadiums again on Friday nights.
  15. I also heard that Collin Brown committed to UIndy. Both talented, hard-working, good kids. Hope they can find roles at those schools.
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