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  1. Sectional track meet was last night. I saw Memorial's Ray Brodie won the 100m with a 10.58 which is a sectional record. I also saw Reitz' Xavier Thomas won the 200m with a 21.58 which is also a sectional record. Two of the fastest kids in the state are in Evansville! Gotta love it. I haven't seen many of the other results, how did all the other football players do?
  2. That's great for VL to get a key player back. I knew they had a guy out from the beginning but never heard how it happened, that's extremely unfortunate.
  3. Kind of surprising to me that those records have held this long with all the athletes to come through Reitz. Congrats to Xavier!
  4. Yeah sorry, I just saw the All-SIAC teams released this morning so it's only 1st and 2nd place lol. And also wasn't sure who all were football players as well. Some teams will definitely be solid in the trenches!
  5. I saw his 100 time was 10.74 and 200 time was 21.55 which I believe is very close to the SIAC record. I think he is now the #1 200m dash runner in the whole state. Just a junior as well. With that speed and size I would imagine he gets some big college looks in track and football. Very dangerous weapon for the Reitz football team who already has a handful of them. St. Louis has grown quite a bit too I believe. I imagine he will be a difficult guy to tackle. Bair has a great chance to be the best DB in the conference. Very athletic and always in the right place. As far as other results, I think the All-SIAC teams just came out. As far as football players, I saw senior Isaac Maynard from Reitz won the high jump and senior Eli McDurmon from MD won the 400m dash. Other one was junior Domonic Brown from Harrison was 2nd in 300m hurdles. There may be other football players that placed but unsure. Lots of dynamic athletes in the SIAC, looking forward to see how the rest of the track season plays out and then how all those guys perform on the gridiron!
  6. I agree. I thought that ranking was a bit puzzling. I think GS should be closer to top 5, and definitely not behind HH. I do think that GS vs. HH game will be a great matchup this year. Sure, GS will not be as good as last year, but would not be shocked at all if they make another postseason run.
  7. Looking forward to all the talent coming back in the SIAC this season. Lot of it untapped, underrated, or unknown at this point. Here is just the returning SIAC All Conference players: QB 2nd team - Jr. Cameron Tilly - Castle - (not playing this year) At Large - Jr. Mason Wunderlich - Mater Dei RB 2nd team- Jr. Jaiden Thomas - Bosse WR/TE 1st team - Jr. Leo Collins - Memorial 2nd team - Jr. Weston Aigner - Castle G/T 1st team - Jr. Drew Weinzapfel - Memorial 1st team - So. Timmy Dixon - North 2nd team - Jr. Jack Cassidy - Memorial K 2nd team - Jr. Tyler Sitzman - Mater Dei DL 2nd team - Jr. Kelton Farmer - Memorial 2nd team - So. Jayden Hazelwood - North LB 2nd team - Jr. John Purdy - Castle DB 1st team - Jr. Bralen Bair - Jasper 2nd team - So. Roland Vera Jr - Reitz P 2nd team - Jr. Charlie Kabrick - Jasper
  8. Agreed. Could be a positive or negative depending how you look at it, but GS will be able to play a majority of their sectional games with their backups/JV team. Keeps them fresh and healthy but also could limit the starter reps. Either way, they will be heavy heavy favorites to win their sectional for years to come. MV Posey will be competitive with them this season and maybe in the near future, but that's really it. And oddly enough, GS now has the chance to see HH or Southridge in either regionals or semi-state (not sure which it would be off the top of my head) if those teams make runs. Interesting, if not confusing, realignment there.
  9. Sectional 24 comes out really nice with the realignments. One less team who could potentially beat our beloved SIAC teams (sorry Jasper and Reitz), one less place to travel. Boonville obviously isn't too bad of a trip, although the field could use upgrades. Now the dreaded trip will be Jasper, especially if you have to do it twice in a season. Bosse enters a more difficult sectional now, but on the positive, they will see more teams who they already play and know more about.
  10. He has definitely shown glimpses, has the ability to break a long run every time he touches it due to his small build and quickness. I believe he is a cousin to Mt. Vernon's QB Nicot Burnett. They should both be poised for big seasons! Memorial will definitely have options. Any updated word on whether Ellsperman will get the nod at QB or is it an open competition between him and Fisher? I feel like if Fisher seems ready, they may be even better with Fisher at QB and Ellsperman at WR. Or do they give Fisher a year to play JV and take over next year? Getting close, summer practices and competitions should be picking up by the end the month!
  11. Speaking of RBs, how about projected starters or 1-2 punches at the RB position in the conference. I know there has been talk of some transfers, but let's assume the transfers aren't happening or at least are not official yet. I admit I don't have much depth of knowledge on some of the rosters, just taking a shot at it. Lots of returning starters/contributors at the RB position it seems, should be a loaded position! Feel free to add your own thoughts or add input. Memorial - Donavan Baker - very well built and a solid athlete, think he gets some opportunities regardless of who else they have Castle - Peyton Guerzini - had a great sophomore season and high expectations last season before the OL was dwindled down and he got hit with an injury, hopefully he has a healthy senior season because that offense will rely on him heavily North - Angelo St. Louis & Cainen Northington - heck of a 1-2 punch to have as they are both quick and talented, but not necessarily proven yet. With a new unproven QB taking over, they will be relied on heavily Reitz - Jonas Burnett - has shown glimpses of how quick and talented he is, but has not been able to stay healthy the past two seasons, hopefully that changes his senior season as Reitz could be very solid if so Mater Dei - Joey Pierre - huge for MD to return their QB and RB to defend their runner up season, Pierre should have a huge season Harrison - Albert Wadlington - tough to tackle, sort of an MJD bowling ball type, may be relied on heavily to carry the load of the offense Bosse - JD Thomas - made a name for himself last season until some trouble sidelined him, but good size and talent, with a new QB taking over should be relied on heavily Jasper - Mitchel Leinenbach - maybe overshadowed by the other horses in the stable last year but still talented, forms a solid 1-2 punch with the returning QB, not sure who else they have in the flex backfield Vincennes - Tanner Gilbert - he might be more of a fullback but not sure who else they have, and I do believe their JV or freshman RB is a solid player Central - Rode/Diaz? - Honestly not sure, this is a wait and see, I think they also have a kid named Broshears who is talented but not sure what position he will play
  12. Bosse had 4 commit to SMWC - Breylin Behme, DeBryan Bush, Adonimi Parker, Jeffrey Lapointe
  13. If you have not heard yet...the Reitz community lost a freshmen Tuesday night in an accidental death. The school announced that it was Kaden Vera...younger brother of Roland Vera. So sad for that family and the community 😔
  14. I disagree. USI will be competitive in D1 in the near future. Recruiting should not be an issue at all, especially with the transfer portal options. The big question will be maintaining and developing the players. As far as USI football goes, I agree the chances are low. However, I could see the wheels begin to turn within the next decade.
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