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  1. Would you describe yourself more so as an epicurean or hemophiliac?
  2. Voted for myself. I encourage you to vote for me too. "Generally, a player must have been named on more than one all-star team to be a finalist, but we'll also accept write-in votes if your favorite player wasn't included.'
  3. ~ 11 percent over two years ... I wonder what the median percent change is in the state in the same time span???
  4. Happy Holidays! I hate this expression, but TGD is good people!
  5. That's why I was raised Methodist! You're right though TBH, excommunication never happens!
  6. A FG attempt can also be fair caught, correct? It's because they are old. They don't see so good no more. Have to bribe them with beef jerky and decaf Folgers.
  7. "Your" being the defense's EZ. What rule do you think should be changed or should be considered for change in high school?
  8. DPI should be an automatic first down *in all cases. Keep the HS yardage penalty, but late in games DPI can be abused and the penalty is not severe enough (unlike college and NFL).
  9. Sorry. I didn't mean any offense. I believe I'm banned from the Catholic Church but enjoy my weekly discussions with priests on the sidelines of football games. Good people.
  10. This is the same argument on ranking teams -- do you rank them based on their accomplishments (Hansen) or do you rank them based off what they can do (Bowen).
  11. Put all small P/P schools in 3A and all 3A+ P/P schools in 5A. Then use the SF from there. I don't support that, but I think it would solve most of the complaining. Also, I've long supported the 1A/6A ~32 teams (probably less), then evenly distributing 2A-5A (5A wouldn't be a 32-team class). But take it a step further and go to only four classes -- 2A and 3A would need an extra week of tournament games.
  12. Can we look at the previous four years, throw out the highest and lowest point totals, then classify with the two remaining totals?
  13. The IHSAA's claimed monopoly greatly risks quality of coverage due to its lack of competition. The arrangement works well for broadcasting (generally), but the broadcasting arm could potentially ruin relationships with other media entities -- something to watch as traditional media outlets go by the wayside...
  14. I highly doubt Kentucky needs seven classes. Very similar demographics and population as Indiana...
  15. How did Cathedral all of a sudden turn into a basketball power? It seems to have happened over night.
  16. DK flies drones around all of our houses just to validate accounts with IP addresses. If you don't know, now you know.
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