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  1. Congrats Memorial. Your program has always been respected by Patriot Nation. Sad to see we won't match up anytime soon. It is what it is. Thank you for justifying me ranking the Tigers as No 1 in TGD most of the season.
  2. Go Tigers. Lots of support from Patriot Nation for our Pocket, SW Indiana, brethren.
  3. So do you only support the "good" Chatard classes? The game I watched was two physical teams, with similar philosophies, going head to head. HH was outmatched by not intimidated. This generation hadn't seen what it takes to beat Chatard, particularly without a passing game. Since you asked, I will enjoy my holiday season from Iraq (non military). I hope you enjoy yours and I'll definitely miss my family in Santa Claus and Carmel --Cathedral and Chatard graduates included.
  4. The holding calls, and their frequency, seemed to rub fans on both sides the wrong way. I listened to the game, so I didn't see the plays and shouldn't judge.
  5. Congratulations Chatard. It was a physical game and even more so when your receiver went out. Chatard did an excellent job of taking Sigler and HH special teams out of the conversation. Nothing but respect from Lincoln City to 56th Street. Competing against Chatard is a privelege and I guarantee in the coming years that we will meet up again.
  6. No need to delete. We will keep it up, because a lot of folks are traveling in Indiana righ بt now and probably have the same question.
  7. No problem for heritage Hills fans or former players who fault Chatard for throwing the ball up by three TDs. As someone who played against Chatard teams far better than this iteration, there are no hard feelings. The Trojans deserved it. The Patriots will be back and beat Chatard by multiple TDs. We won't cry or make excuses. Just get better.. Non HH players and alumni need to shut up because you couldn't make it through a single HH practice. Congrats to Chatard.
  8. No complaints. As a Patriot, if you can't stop it you deserve whatever the opposing team serves. It was a loss, we'll move on and be better. No crying or excuses. Weight room next week.
  9. Congratulations to Chatard for winning the championship. Heritage hills gave all they had and we are proud of that. But never satisfied without the win. Until next time.
  10. It's over. Chatard, congratulations on another state championship. You were the better team, today.
  11. Yeah. Patriot Nation doesn't care. And I don't believe you represent Bishop Silas Chatard High School. We've heard it all before and have always met Chatard's physicality. It will be an interesting game. Bring all the statistics you want, the Patriots will be ready to play. I sure hope the Trojans starting 22 have the same mindset as you.
  12. Good to see we brought the Santa Claus Legion Post to Indianapolis. Can't wait to see the Patriots stretch the Trojans. Dang unpredictables!
  13. Game Day! Week 15 of Indiana HS Football in 2019. Classes 1A, 3A, and 5A on Friday; 2A, 4A, 6A Saturday. Post scores & updates for those who might not have access to the live stream. As always follow us on Twitter @gridirondigest
  14. HH is probably 60-70 percent Catholic. In 2002, your team took Communion in one of the classrooms or cafeteria at HH. I don't think the Pope has a favorite in this one.
  15. Relegation is a better solution in my opinion than is expansion. Get the bottom dwellers out of 6A and let the best 5A teams play in 6A.
  16. Not currently. But an argument could be made for not playing a 6A type school every week. Roncalli is, most years, going to be capable of challenging and at the very least being physical. I don't buy the idea that Roncalli is down forever.
  17. Probably 99 percent of children living in public school districts go to public schools.. 0.5 percent each to private / home school
  18. I'm any given parish, what percent of children go to a parochial school? Probably under 1 percent statewide.
  19. Happy Thanksgiving. The greatest privelege is being born a US Citizen. Never forget that. And not being a Boilermaker.
  20. No one cares. HH has always run 8-10 players two ways in the tournament. Conditioning won't be an issue. Exploitation of 1 on 1 matchups by Chatard is a better argument.
  21. No one cares about SOS. Even die hard Chatard fans realized that nearly 20 years ago. HH chooses to play the schedule it has with 40-50 players on the roster. Why beat up your own team in games and risk injury. I guarantee HH practices are tougher than any game they have ever played. Chatard grads would say the same about their practices.
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