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  1. Yes they have a replay group up in the press box area. Definitely something that should be looked at for the state finals.
  2. Think it will be really close 3 team race in the ACAC. Bluffton is knocking on the door. This year's Juniors, Sophomores, & Freshmen for AC are the last of the "stronger" classes. Middle school teams struggled and smaller classes. The 6th graders could be decent once they're on one team, but they'll need their best players to play. One or two may just wrestle instead continuing with football. Have to see how the 5th graders do next year with a year of experience. Bluffton has a kid that will be really good in MS. Not sure of his true age with no birth certificate from Africa but he tested at 6th grade level and was just the best player on the field and probably would be if he played against 7th & 8th graders. They also had one team of 6th graders that were really good that the kid before wasn't on. Heritage is getting kids out & building a strong culture. They will be in the mix. South Adams has some talented individuals as Summersett was just a freshman this year. Just don't believe they have full solid classes put together yet. Their 5th & 6th graders this year will definitely be if they all stay the course. I'll have to split my allegiance then between AC & SA with family playing.
  3. Thank you Jets seniors! It was a blast watching you guys from youth all the way through. A talented and gritty group as the state saw in the 4th quarter.
  4. From IHSAA's X or Tweet: 6A: Ben Davis 5A: Fort Wayne Snider 4A: NorthWood 3A: Heritage Hills 2A: North Posey 1A: Adams Central
  5. Also want to brag on these AC athletes and our local athletes in our Stateline area in general. 3rd year AC is the northern 1A football representative and 4th year for Adams County as South Adams was in 2020. A few of these Jets were key in the 1A team state wrestling runner up finish. One even qualified for the individual wrestling state tournament as have a couple others in the years prior. A few are on the basketball team that had a great year last year. First time in 40 years or so they won the conference tournament. They lost to the 2A state champions in the sectional (final maybe?). Could have just as good or better season this year. As for Adams County, Bellmont volleyball had been dominant with 3 straight runner up finishes. South Adams has had success the past couple years with deep runs. AC's girls lost to state champ Burris in regional final. Girls cross country won first sectional ever too. All 3 have solid spring sports programs as well. Expanding to our Ohio neighbors, Crestview basketball was runner up last year & Parkway may have done it in 2020 if Covid didn't hit. Vam Wert football won a State Title and Lincolnview baseball with 2 runner ups and softball with one. Parkway softball with a final 4 this past spring. Of course Mercer County with the MAC has been racking up state titles in multiple sports. Marion Local should win another football title. Celina is in the final 4 for the first time in awhile. They could make a title appearance this year if they win this weekend. We truly are blessed in our area & communities!
  6. They played against Madison Grant, Carroll, and North Judson for most of the 4th quarter during the tournament. Had to play all 4 quarters vs Bluffton in the regular season. Bluffton, 1st quarter of Madison Grant, and 1st half of North Judson were the worst quarters of football they've played all year. Before I get scolded for saying that, most teams would be content if their team played to that level. Those games, the other teams were very hungry and the Jets had to settle in. They cannot afford to do that against a juggernaut Lutheran squad. This AC team is resilient and keeps their composure, but it's in their best interest to have a good start this week.
  7. North Judson's kickoff return team made that first half really close. Odd bc AC's kickoff coverage had been pretty good. The defensive starters took over kickoff and that ended the amazing field position North Judson had. Jack Hamilton took the game over for us and that was the distance in the second half. Much different than the prior 2 years. 2021 the Jets used speed to run away on the outside. Last year the Jets pounded up the middle. This year it was the passing game. North Judson should get their due next year as they seem to return a really solid team.
  8. Just looking forward to a good game. We (Jets fans) know that North Judson will come out fighting. They have nothing to lose and the target is on our backs. That's always a dangerous situation when you are the proverbial favorite. Hope we have a clean game and a chance to get an unthinkable 3rd straight trip to the state finals. Prior to the past 2 years, the semi state round has been tough on us.
  9. Normally stream the games, but will be in attendance for tonight. Should be a great atmosphere in Monroe! The older I get & having younger kids, streaming has been the way to go.
  10. They are the reincarnation of Southern Wells of the 05 & 06 seasons from watching them.
  11. Our wings didn't have as good of a night, outside Tester having a big gain. That was mostly due to Carroll playing it that way. They (Carroll) wanted & thought they could go toe to toe on the interior of the line. Bluhm stepped up and made them pay. I'm ready for the Jets to play on Friday and would love to see them execute & make a third straight trip to Lucas Oil. Just like watching Bellmont's volleyball team going to 3 straight finals and if the Jets win, a 4th straight trip for Adams County to the 1A football state finals as South Adams started the trend in 2020. Go Jets!
  12. Played great on defense and certain plays on offense. Others on offense we didn't execute very well, but mostly because Carroll was going to make sure they overplayed them.
  13. Possibly so. Why I asked opponents really good part. Just seeing Lutheran hammer Triton Central & others early, it appeared they'd stomp all of 1A & maybe 2A. Just curious if injuries or something happened.
  14. AC is under center probably 92 to 95% of the time.
  15. Just respecting the next opponent and taking it 1 week at a time. Ask SA about 2019 or even us at Semi State in 03.
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