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  1. I know someone on Indianamat would have the info about middle school weight classes. He will have a match at some point. I remember watching a tournament a few years back with some heavyweight wrestlers. I would bet there are a couple in my northeast region of the state if he faces any of those schools. He's providing the team 6 points a dual when he makes weight, and that helps tremendously. Wrestling will help with other sports he competes in.
  2. I'm curious to see anyone here who has athletes playing lacrosse or hockey. Heck I see rugby is in some of the bigger schools as well.
  3. True. I do use Indianamat, but it is nice to talk with others who may not be on there. I guess the hope is for posters to post more about these other sports and athletes. I know some of the press around the states cover certain sports for certain schools. Leaves a lot of student athletes unnoticed.
  4. Wondering if I can use this to discuss all the other IHSAA and even non sponsored that have no direct spot.
  5. Basementbias

    Field Turf @ Northrop

    Careful what you wish for. Imagine if Jaylon had turf 😲
  6. Not a whole lot being an AC guy. Just know we are losing key guys and they aren't. Arnold, Besser, Gorney, and Stutzman I believe are back for SA as well as others.