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  1. I hope to be able to work with him on continuing to develop the youth program. Our youth league consists of Adams Central and Bellmont. I will say it has been an uphill battle for our league to get enough kids out for the Bellmont teams the last couple of years. Our league used to mix the kids together until we partnered with Coach Mosser and Coach Ballard. I can tell you that it isn't just football that Bellmont has had the number problem with either. Coach Ballard did a great job trying to get more youth players to play and was very accommodating in hopes to grow our league and respective programs. Hopefully Coach Davis can generate some enthusiasm and maybe change the culture in the community to match what we have at Adams Central and what South Adams has as well.
  2. I was told it's "Da Region" not "The Region" on another Indiana athletics board.
  3. I don't think you two are representing the values of your denomination. Hope the archdiocese in SB doesn't see this or you two will be in confession booths pronto.
  4. I'd say put Spuller in the end zones or have nothing in them (which looks weird on turf). Maybe a Black & Yellow cat paw and an orange & brown bear paw on each 25?
  5. If it is true that a donor was going to pay for it and they turned it down, then this is a fail. Yes it was needed, but FWCS isn't in a great position in any of its standings from what I have heard. Only having the Bruin at midfield is a bad choice imo. Just put a football at the 50 and put each school in the end zones and be done with it.
  6. Fremont to Knightstown would be one heck of a drive for a Sectional opener. I can see North Miami coming back into the area like they used to be.
  7. Seems to work very well that way. Maybe create a formula to base it off the rankings. Honestly I'd be fine with the top 2 or top 4 of 8 team sectionals being seeded and the rest randomly drawn.
  8. Another reason to seed our tournaments, but I digress.
  9. Nice article I saw about Shoals. It would be cool to see them win a sectional. Incredible how different that area of the state seems to be compared to my area of NE Indiana.
  10. I'm just happy to have football to watch whether it is AAF or XFL in 2020. Used to have AFL but that's a shell of its former self. College hockey is only Friday and Saturday nights for the most part. College wrestling Sunday afternoon if it's a matchup I'm interested in. Only so much regular season college basketball, NBA, and NHL I can tolerate.
  11. Has anyone ever done this at the same time? Say coach football at school A and baseball at school B?
  12. Haven't heard a word in the area on Bellmont or Southern Wells.
  13. Seemed like he was doing the right things to bring them back. Wish him the best and good for him for putting his family first. They could do well in the conference this coming season. My beloved Jets will be reloading. South Adams should be pretty strong this year, and I am sure Woodlan will bounce back. Outside of those two, you will have AC, Bluffton, SW, Heritage, and Jay County that will be pretty competitive. Wouldn't be surprised if Jay County doesn't enter the mix for first place.
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