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  1. Could definitely see South Adams making it there this year if things go as planned. While I'd love to see that 1A game result, my beloved Jets are going to have to figure it out after losing some key players. It seems the years we have a chance, some stud like Nick Zachery or Jack Kiser just so happens to be there making multiple title appearances. That or you face one of the best 1A defenses like LCC in the late 90s or the start of Pioneer becoming a major player (97) & North White (98). Maybe soon another 2000 season will occur.
  2. South Adams Starfires Adams Central Flying Jets
  3. I like Coach Davis and he has been pretty honest about the whole situation he has signed up for and what his expectations are. The first week will be interesting with AC being so inexperienced at positions and Bellmont under a new regime. Have to pull for my Jets, but hope the Braves can improve this season.
  4. @NE8Fan can you give us a better look than my guesses?
  5. Join the Pick'em club as it includes ACAC & NE8. I'll try to do each week depending on my hectic schedule.
  6. Also forgot to mention that WZBD 92.7 FM covers Adams Central, South Adams, and Bellmont (North Adams) games. Not sure which is decided other than when 2 of the 3 play each other. Usually if one of the 3 plays one of the 3 Wells County schools- Bluffton, Norwell, and Southern Wells it most likely will be broadcasted. That all depends on the matchups happening at given time of the year. SA vs SW had been supplanted by a few AC vs Woodlan ACAC conference crown battles. Will mention that former WNUY announcer and former WZBD announcer does the webcast for AC games. Jay County has their own radio coverage on 100.9 FM and they do some Blackford and Ft Recovery OH games as well. Of course ESPN 1380AM and I believe also a 100.9FM for farther north listeners has games and around 7hrs of coverage on Fridays
  7. Pick'em group is set up in the Pick'em Club for those interested.
  8. Well Monroe Central and Shenandoah are in a 4 team conference last I knew. Monroe Central has at least 3 ACAC opponents scheduled. The ACAC has 7 members, so each team is looking for 3 opponents throughout the season so they have many choices.
  9. 😂That may be the funniest thing I'll read here ever. I haven't heard anything about Blackford leaving, but I wouldn't mind them joining the ACAC. I think that would keep SW happy and stay in the conference. I'd really like to see Bellmont and Norwell join the ACAC, but I think they feel it is too small of a conference for them. My guess is that Blackford was looking to be like Lapel? Schedule Shenandoah & Monroe Central and their conference mates as well as a couple ACAC teams and some CIC?
  10. Seems like 90's to 2006. I know they were really good in 2005 and 2006 when I was a Frosh & Sophmore.
  11. Adams Central @ Bellmont Bluffton @ Northfield Eastside @ Heritage Leo @ Woodlan Norwell @ Jay County South Adams @ Winchester Southern Wells @ Fremont Angola @ DeKalb Columbia City @ Hammond Gavit East Noble @ Plymouth Huntington North @ Warsaw SB Riley @ New Haven
  12. Good to see some fellow ACAC members finally! Anyone interested in doing pick'em in the club group for ACAC and NE8?
  13. Yes, they're returning many key players and their Jr & Sr classes have been pretty successful at every level. Yes, they do. He was a late hire and I believe came out of retirement from Northeastern. I believe he coached 21 or 22 years there. I saw an interview on one of the local channels where he is focused on building upon the character of the young men and not worrying about wins/losses.
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