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  1. Surprised how SA went from 2A down to 1A and seem to be firmly planted there. AC is getting kids transferring and moving in because of their academic standards and excellence. They also are getting rural Bellmont kids after Decatur brought in Chicago residents to town as well. I'd be curious how close Bellmont would be to dropping a class from losing enrollment. I hate to say it like that, but it's really how the dynamics are playing out in Adams County.
  2. The competition in conference was much better. See Southern Wells and Heritage as you probably know. Also the offensive philosophy we played under wasn't to score 50. It was to grind it out in a long physical & methodical approach. I remember coach telling us in 06 why he was adamant about which direction we would go in the 4th quarter vs SW. SW had to convert a 4th down near mid field to keep their chances alive in the sectional final. There is/was a slight slope and they were going uphill. Biggest play of the game and he's explaining to us underclassmen all of this. Everyone knows that the FB was getting the ball for SW, just if he could be stopped or not. Just before SW breaks the huddle he says something to the effect the FB's tired legs will have trouble getting up that hill with the defense we have called. Sure enough he got stuffed which wasn't normal for him. From that point on, I always felt he was more concerned with time of possession and giving body blows on offense and letting our defense win the game. Also think it was he could then sub more defensive guys into the game as well to limit the wear and tear of the 2 way guys.
  3. The 05 season (06 graduating class) & 06 (07 graduating class) were good teams with talent. You also had the 03 team that didn't finish in semi state after being up by 21 at half I believe. Macklin made the 16-18 teams fun to watch as well.
  4. Doubt it. Most likely watch the webcast on The Berne Witness.
  5. I'm excited but a bit anxious from the draw as an AC fan. Churubusco is always tough to play, especially at their place. I never count out Southwood as they've had our number lately, if both advance. Then you have SA and your Golden Bears in that sectional. Curious if Wanner will be back for SA if those 2 meet up. He can cause problems if he is. MC vs AC regional would be a tough game as well.
  6. Network Indiana affiliate stations as noted right above.
  7. He's earned the right to hang it up whenever he chooses. He's the voice of Friday Night and I'll listen to him as long as he has left.
  8. We will have the seeding debate and the all in vs Ohio playoff method debate as well. My answers are all in tournament and either seed it all or seed the top 4 teams in 8 team Sectionals and top 2 in 4 team Sectionals with random draw of which non-seeded team they face. Of course that leads to neutral site regional and semi states debate. I like the idea of neutral site, but it's not a deal breaker that they aren't. Short answer: maybe more discussion on here again!
  9. Takes place in Monroe on Friday. Both teams come in with OOC losses. AC fell to Eastside by 2 in week 2 while SA was beaten by Monroe Central last week. The Jets have looked pretty good since the loss, but 2 of the last 3 wins came from playing rebuilding teams. South Adams has suffered key injuries during the season. I believe AC should win this game, but it's a rivalry. Each team knows the others strengths and weaknesses. I'm excited for a great atmosphere to watch in person. Like many I have family from both sides, but I'm a Jet and that is where my allegiance is this week.
  10. Being a state line guy, I'll take Indiana's all in over Ohio's system every day. There are bottom feeders in the MAC that never make the playoffs that are better than teams that advance deep in the tournament. Last year Parkway won a playoff game with the all in format They were really bad, but better than one opponent. Ohio gets it right by seeding it. Heck Ohio is getting closer to an all in with 16 teams making it in all regions. At this point just create an 8th division and go all in.
  11. Watched the end of the game, so I can't verify much other than the odd replay the down. However any time I've watched the Jets play anywhere near Muncie or Anderson areas, I've never been to impressed with the crews. With low officiating numbers you just have to live with it when you play in basketball country.
  12. All eyes will be on Adams County next week when the Jets host the Starfires for what should be the ACAC crown.
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