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  1. Difference is those were regional games and not semi states though. That's my point. Those proposed would be with neutral sites for sure.
  2. Congrats again. Not often do we see our Jets get beat at the line of scrimmage like that. I had a bad feeling the replacement(s) due to injuries in our secondary would get picked on and they did. Sometimes it's good to get humbled like we did. No offense to our players & coaches as I'm proud of all them and glad they're on our team. Just acknowledging that sometimes there is someone who does it better occasionally.
  3. Speaking of which, who had the bright idea of Linton vs Lapel & Triton Central vs Mater Dei this year? Why wasn't it Linton vs Mater Dei & Triton Central vs Lapel for travel purposes?
  4. I'd like to see a 3 year rotation at semi state. Year 1 NW vs NE & SW vs SE; Year 2 NW vs SE & NE vs SW; Year 3 NW vs SW & NE vs SE.
  5. How does he get me at all of my houses in both states? That's impressive!
  6. Congrats to Lutheran as they were the better team. Proud of our Jets still.
  7. If the schedules were correct, they played some ACAC schools like Adams Central in middle school. Rumor is that once they go 11 man that they will join the ACAC for football at least. Makes sense when thinking about proximity near Woodlan & Heritage but not so much when Jay County & Southern Wells are mentioned. I believe they did fill in a couple of years in the ACAC basketball tournament when Garrett went to NECC.
  8. Yes I believe he's the starting center as well on offense. His father was a senior on the 2000 State champion team as well.
  9. Anyone know the parking fee for this year? Is that cash only or debit/credit? I know inside the stadium is no cash.
  10. 79 is a freshman that doesn't usually start on defense but does come in frequently. I agree though that it's going to come down to AC's D line play as well as their secondary being able to hold up. The big question mark is how successful AC'S offense will be. Will it be like the 1st half last year or the 2nd half when Lutheran started stopping them? We shall see!
  11. Pretty sure I still have my one from the 1A final in 2000. I was a 4th grader. Now fast forward and the kids playing again at state I coached some in 3rd & 4th grade and the juniors & below had as 5th & 6th graders. Getting old fast lol.
  12. It sucks that you can't. I get it with Covid, but that was a souvenir as well.
  13. Hope you're right! Definitely going to have to put wrinkles in the offense this game or it will be similar to the 2nd half last year. Lutheran did a good job of boxing their ends in the 2nd half and taking control of the momentum.
  14. We shall see. Definitely know AC will be 2A in 24 regardless if success factor came into play. Amazing how many students we have gained in the past 5-10 years. Hard to find a house or property to buy anymore that's affordable.
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