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  1. I've been used to watching a high quality webcast for free. Wasn't a huge fan of having to pay during the pandemic (others not my regular), but understood why. I thought some individuals should have been offered a reduced price or free viewing based on the strict guidelines. I'm not opposed to having to pay if they can offer some type pricing incentives to purchase a season purchase early. I think any nursing homes or similar places should get a free version. Now for the IHSAA, let the local webcasts do tournament games deeper into the postseason including State. Charge the same as a ticket to
  2. Yep, why we need to try to make hay while the sun is shining. Last year I knew SA was not going to let 2019 happen again. They should still be good but they lost key players. AC has a good Sr and Sophmore class with some talented Jr's.
  3. Hoping the stay in 1A and not moving up to 2A produces a good result for the season. 2A seems to have been spread out with Pioneer, Luers, Eastbrook and LCC as well as others up and coming.
  4. Most likely would have to do it in the state I reside correct?
  5. Propst is a clown. Remember Pruitt who was Tennessee's head coach that got fired for violations was his DC at Hoover during the 2 a Days tv show. It wouldn't surprise me if the college payment part was true to an extent. Probably safe to assume most of the high school wrongdoing is true in regards to Rush.
  6. I've been thinking about going back to school and becoming a teacher. Most likely would want to be an upper elementary to middle school range teacher. I've got an associate's in a field that I'm not currently working in at the moment. The plan was to work for a bit and then go on to a bachelor's but life happened instead. Would it be worth my time to pursue the bachelor's for a teaching degree? How would my credits translate for my associate's as I work towards a bachelor's? I work with our youth program in an administration and coaching role. I wouldn't mind being able to work my way up the r
  7. Did they schedule New Bremen (OH) as reported on Yappi? Probably be Marion's week 2 and New Bremen's week 1. That seems like quite a drive for either party. New Bremen from the Mighty small scool division MAC got their first football title last season in the smallest division. Basically our 1A and small 2A schools.
  8. They balanced it out for the girls sports with the recent championships and runner-ups. Never forget the disappointment of traveling to The Pit as a 6 going on 7 year old and watching our football team get beat in 97. Unfortunately they've always got the better of us in semi state of football. All those appearances my Flying Jets could have had if it were not for Pioneer and LCC
  9. I'll say probably 5, though with more schools playing basketball than football, I could see 6 depending on how it was broke down. I think 4 is working ok, but not the best. I think the issue lies within 2A & 3A as well as those small 4A schools. There are a lot of 1A football schools that are 2A basketball schools competing with truly 2A football to almost 3A football schools.
  10. Jay County is a difficult job when it comes to football. They maybe a 4A school in a mostly 1A/2A conference, but the economics aren't great for the area outside of the elites (Dr's & lawyers). I'd classify it as 2 weak 2A teams became 1 team and they're still the same level of talent. Hopefully he can change that, but do they have stud football players walking the halls that aren't playing. You would think so, but I'm not sure they do. It's just a different mentality down there. I don't see them ever trying to leave for a bigger conference unless the CIC was an option. I've wondered if th
  11. Hope that is the case, but hiring the best coach isn't the only solution. The community and kids have to want to be better. Will Jay Co move from basketball and baseball (wrestling is getting really good as well) and focus more on football? I think they can and will, but that is another factor. You have to have both the X's and O's and the Jimmies and Joes.
  12. The Berne Witness does a pretty good job. If only the internet in Monroe could be better, then it would be hard to beat. I'm curious as to whom will announce some games. Mr. Stimpson is getting up there and it's harder for him to see (no knock as I like listening to him as he did great on WNUY radio days). Randy Fudge had did some games but passed away during the season (RIP to a great Jets fan in Mr. Fudge). I'd love for Jeff Overholser to do more (he's doing more on WZBD like old days!) alongside Joel Patrick (hopefully he didn't get in too much trouble). Jeff and Joel were the best WZBD had
  13. They're pretty strong compared to most of the state. Those schools at the top are just really good. They are getting better each year. The Hendricks county rise now seems to be influencing them and Zionsville to get stronger. Wrestling didn't seem to be as big of a focus near Indy except for PM, Cathedral, and WC in the past as it is now.
  14. Pretty sure he does but I'd need a Lutheran fan to confirm. I thought he was one of their stud backs in their runner up season or maybe he was on the line?
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