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  1. If this upcoming season's Junior class all comes back & show they can play Varsity level football, there should be little need to have all those positions play both ways. We saw in the state game that having the QB play both ways was a bit taxing. He did do it for part of the season, but didn't have to as much as the season progressed. Then when we lost our LB in state, you could see him start to wear down in the 2nd half. The Junior class had been 2 deep coming up from youth, but Varsity experience for most will be the determining factor. The Senior & Sophomore classes have some gritty kids as well. I've already mentioned a couple of Freshmen who could come on the scene. One could play on the line or as FB/LB. The other would make a good WR/WB as well if he puts on more muscle.
  2. It's all going to depend on how they progress this summer. Hoping they rotate quite a bit. What's helped imo is that they had to be behind Currie, Newy, and Heyerly. Another thing to look for is if anyone can get that extra yard or two that Heyerly was able to get so often.
  3. I'm hoping most won't have to be 2-way all the time. Yes, the big thing will be the backs will not have as many reps even if we have 2 deep. I'm curious to see if a couple of athletic Freshmen get some good minutes in different roles. The key will be if the lack of varsity experience will be too much to overcome. 2 year window to get another appearance as they have the potential if they work towards it.
  4. Wrong. This would be a scenario where the 2nd backfield would start for most other schools. It's called depth and a rarity in 1A. They should have a pretty good 2 year run coming up if they stay healthy & together.
  5. We lose the backfield minus the QB. Do have many capable replacements though. We could actually have 2 sets of backfield if everyone progresses as they should. I'm hoping we try it.
  6. Ohio did increase I believe. It's went from 8 to 12 to 16 per region for qualifying as of late. Not sure if they are expanding again or not.
  7. They could drop if they don't win sectional this year? Or do they stay up both years?
  8. The current AC sophomores that will be Juniors this fall are strong, but only a few have solid varsity minutes. I'm also excited for a few of the Freshmen this fall. NJ has a beast RB/FB that will be a senior. Triton brings back a quality backfield except for one back & others as well. Of course Pioneer, LCC, & Sheridan are AC's kryptonite it seems.
  9. Am I wrong that it originally had Pioneer in 2A last night? Now they're back down to 1A today? Does the IHSAA know where anyone is actually going or will this change again?
  10. My opinion is to use a "timer on" concept like lacrosse used to have to prevent stalling. It eventually just went to a long shot clock. For the most part it is a non-factor as it's around 80 seconds now & resets when a shot on goal occurs (believe that's accurate but could be wrong). The timer on would be a great compromise. No official shot clock, but also prevents absurd stalling from occurring.
  11. Bit off topic but the 2000-2001 1A sports year was cool. AC beats Attica in football. Attica comes back to beat Blue River Valley in basketball. AC loses to Triton in baseball. AC & Attica with great athletes getting blue & red ribbons that year.
  12. I believe the rain may have helped as well against my classmates and grade older than me if remembering right.
  13. Our (Adams Central) problem has always been semi state. 2-12 record I believe. Ran into some talented Pioneer, LCC, and Sheridan teams to name a few. This year it was state that tripped us up. How many titles or runner-up finishes could there have been (besides 1 a piece) if that semi state record was better?
  14. This area stays away from Sunday & Wednesdays as much as possible bc of church activities. Interesting to see the differences throughout the state.
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