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  1. Interested to see what's going to happen being a state liner of Indiana & Ohio. See if they can add to my disappointment of my home county of Adams' news yesterday. Curious to see how college football is going to work as well with the conference only (if it happens). I'm sure we will see NFL but how is that going to go as well.
  2. I figured that was probably the case if you have good information to confirm this. So now fans will pack each other's houses and watch the webcasts possibly. I could be wrong and more can watch from home by themselves, but I wouldn't be surprised if some didn't have good enough internet and started having secret watch parties. I'm hoping it was true that The Berne Witness was going to have 3 channel feeds for all 3 schools this year. Hopefully they can attend the games to view them. Did any decision come about that?
  3. I'm sure as there are AC fans who live and die for football season as I'm sure it is the same with SA & a few Bellmont fans. Like I said earlier, it's a losing situation all around unless everything goes right. Choose option A of packed crowds and then we really do get an outbreak, was it worth it? Choose option B like we have now, and there is an outcry and really reduces the atmosphere and what the game is about for the community and still doesn't guarantee an outbreak won't occur. Guess there could be an option C like how the Adams County 4-H fair was handled this year where it was mostly just family of all 4-H members. That too could end up failing with an outbreak, or it could go as well as possible like the fair seems to have. I'm hoping maybe more compromise can be made to go the option C route and everything goes right. At some point don't we just have to test the waters of trying to get back to normal while still being as careful as possible? Then expanding or reverting based on the outcome.
  4. My guess is the health department was saying no fans at all and this was a compromise brought up by the schools. I could be totally wrong, but that would by my hypothesis.
  5. It's a no win situation all around anymore. You ignore it all and have full capacity crowds that could lead to a deadly outbreak just to watch sports. Then you have the safe version like this were people miss out on part of what makes the game great. Usually it is better to be safe than sorry, but it's odd that the people affected by the decision aren't as heavily affected by the virus compared to other groups. Just have to make the best of the situation no matter what your viewpoint is. Just wish we could find some middle ground to try and make improvements in the entire global situation. Then we can see what really is the best way to proceed.
  6. I'd say AC probably has less and hard to say how many Bellmont has out. I was meaning I was surprised it was just senior parents and not a whole varsity roster of 30 to 40 players at max having 2 to 4 parents spread out. Some even sitting in the visitors' bleachers and around the field like playoff games.
  7. The senior athletes was the surprising part. I could see having a set roster amount of players as Varsity and having 4 adults each with no visitors.
  8. Not surprising at this point. Unfortunately I don't think it's going back in the other direction anytime soon. Surprised the 4 fans were family of Senior players of fall sports only. Better than no season, but it really just turns games into glorified practices at this point. It sucks for these kids and their supporters, but does teach the life lesson that life isn't fair.
  9. Maybe the best move would to be allocating parents/step parents/guardians (possibly siblings) for each player a ticket. Guessing they'd make many schools dress only "varsity" listed players as well. I think that could be up to interpretation as does that mean some JV who are on special teams or 2nd/3rd string back ups for some schools. Would there be a certain number of players to be made available for rosters like the NCAA & NFL using active rosters? I think some schools would easily be able to social distance by family in these circumstances. Also should put up temporary fencing behind each goal post area and seat fans there as well as along fences. Maybe put zones near player entrance areas that are 6ft away from nearest fans. Do you allow visiting fans? If so, is it family that have presale tickets from their school? How would one be able to police this?
  10. The Berne Witness is a local newspaper that does webcasts for South Adams and Adams Central sports including football games. I know they had been working on adding Bellmont possibly as well. Not sure if that is still a go or not. They have a profile on Indiana Mat but I can't find one to attach to this post. They do a great job and are on the IHSAA app. You can google and see how to contact them. They did the "major" 4-H projects this year. My alma mater Adams Central and the town of Monroe need to get better service to do these broadcasts. Most away games and all South Adams games go pretty smooth because the internet/phone service is better.
  11. Yes, so now everyone is wanting clarification if that means Marion County has just opted out until Oct 1st or if that means everyone else is going to have to go that schedule.
  12. It feels like Marion County has now gave the IHSAA something to reconsider. Not sure why they weren't in communication and now have hope in some camp and doom and gloom in another. However, that is just how everything is appearing to go.
  13. I knew Coach Davis was having to make sacrifices to come to Bellmont. He was always cordial to me and members of our league. I wish him the best. Surprising it came this late in the season, but really like the hire. Feels weird having played against Coach Hall in our younger days (plus a year younger than myself), but think this could be a big turning point. Especially if he gets the key guys that played on the state championship team to join him. I believe he will give them an identity to have for more than just a year or two at most.
  14. I don't think that would be a popular idea in our area. I always see this on IndianaMat but also adding Bellmont with AC & SA to create a super wrestling team. That would probably be a 6A school then or large 5A. Too many differing opinions in Adams County to make that work. Decatur, Monroe, and Berne plus surrounding areas have differing ideas of what they want. You'd probably have more people wanting to go back to the old township schools before consolidation of any of the current three.
  15. Agree with the technique and skill instruction. I think that is another part where AC has been blessed and SA too compared to Bellmont. In youth league games, it has been difficult to determine if the kids aren't physically mature or mentally/emotionally mature for some or if the technique isn't taught right. My belief is that it is more mental/emotional maturity as Bellmont has some really athletic and fundamentally sound kids, just not as many as the AC youth programs most years. Why I'm hoping to do more league involvement than coaching. We've had some cases of Bellmont stacking one of the 2 teams and switching which team it is (THE BIGGEST PROBLEM). Since the change the 3 years, Bellmont has made the playoff finals in 2 of the 3 and actually won the regular season last year. My biggest concern with them is keeping the good numbers up (COVID is going to challenge both sides this year if we play!). As for middle school I don't get to see either school play 7th & 8th having to be a step parent supporting my kids in Ohio.
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