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  1. These two I like. Yes my avatar looks like a changed version of Pioneer, but I'm an AC guy as most of you know. My avatar was a helmet my stepson and I came up with as we wanted to set it up for NCAA Teambuilder but we never got it on there. The inspiration for the avatar was being a Michigan fan and we incorporated the Chargers lightning bolt as the created team was to be the Power. Anyway, I believe South Adams had some cool yellow helmets back in the late 90s or early 2000s that were pretty cool as well.
  2. Glad we made the list. The playing field is always very well kept by the maintenance staff. It hasn't changed much, but everything around it sure has. From the first games I watched as a young boy, to being on the sideline/playing of 4 years in high school & 2 years middle school, and to being a fan post playing days the mystique changed/faded. Not a knock on the field, just changes that take place in life. As a young elementary kid, the field was right across from the playground. Naturally 85% of the boys in each grade would play football. You'd look over there and dream what it was going to be like. That changed (during my middle school years) as the new elementary section took up most of the playground. The next change was in the middle of my high school career. The new locker room & concession building was erected. It was definitely odd not making the trek across the parking lot onto the field. I missed the click clack of the cleats and some of the pregame rituals that had been done in and around the school. The new facility was/is nice, but was just different. The big change was the PA announcer retiring. I'm glad Coach McClure stepped up and is doing it, but it is different than Mr. Larry Tom's voice. His iconic "First Down Adams Central" had a unique ring to it that others just won't be able to match (no knock on them). Now as a fan post playing days, it is also different. The stands are changed (for the better) but the seating arrangement changed a bit. Even a few of the regulars standing along the fence have moved spots it seems. My concern is more people are going to become like me and start watching the webcasts when life gets busy or the weather isn't that great. I love the webcast service, but I just don't want it to take away from the atmosphere at the Landing Strip (in the heart of the Airstrip in Monroe). Luckily the school is a close community and family members, friends, and neighbors feel the attachment to the students/athletes and the school to come out and support them very well. Though all of the change has taken place around the field, the field is still the same as it has always been. The beloved Flying Jets have been doing quite well with a few down years here and there. The kids still make the tunnel for the team to run through. The Flying Jets come out with their hard nosed running game with some play action mixed in, and bring the hard hitting defense. The fans are still knowledgeable of the rules and situations of the game. I believe the nachos and popcorn are still as good as they've always been and the hot chocolate keeps you warm in the deep playoff runs. The most important constant is that fans of all ages live for the Friday Night Lights to support their beloved Adams Central Flying Jets in person, listening to the radio, watching the webcast, checking their phone/devices all over the country and world. The luckiest ones are those in attendance at Monroe those Friday nights.
  3. Great day to post it as the Berne Witness is replaying the 2000 State title game as well today.
  4. Man that could be a lot of games personally. Start with being a fan as a kid: 2000 Sectional as Adams Central beats Southern Wells after Southern Wells had the game won. 2000 1A State final when Adams Central comes out strong in the first half and then holds on with the defense to beat Attica 2004 AC wins the sectional over Southern Wells after being beat by 13 a few weeks earlier but mostly because Jeff & Joel came back on radio for that one game. Games during playing days: 2005 Adams Central over Woodlan as a defensive roughing the passer call extends the game to one untimed down to send it to OT and the Jets win it. 2005 Adams Central over West Central in the regionals in an OT battle. Really special years later since the play maker for winning the game has passed on. Games as a fan post playing days: 2015 Adams Central beats Bellmont for the first time in forever. (Hadn't played each other during the AC glory years and AC lost the year before) The whole 2016 season as a big brother being a fan and then seeing the talent from the 2017 & 2018 seasons have success 2019 Adams Central win over South Adams in regional
  5. I like the run and gun style, so why not bring the shot clock. 😁Actually, the best method would be to adopt from lacrosse, the "timer on" which would eliminate the need for stall ball and the shot clock and problem solved. You wouldn't have the 16 to 12 and such. Though my grandfather played in a pretty famous stall game in the 50s in which his team won 5 to 4. I think he had scored 35 the previous game against a decent opponent. The opposing coach basically made it known that he wasn't getting that many on his team. I have a good story of in game happenings that I will keep to myself, as one secured it from being a tie game.
  6. RB/DB Alex Currie is representing the Flying Jets at 145lbs. He is the wrestling coach's son and hopefully will make 2 more trips after this one. Maybe get the crown that his father was oh so close to years before. Alex kept our streak of sending a wrestler to state going in a down year. For all of our wrestling success at AC, we've only had 1 state champ and that was a few years before I was born!
  7. Prayers to his family and the Linton-Stockton community. 2016 had to be a great moment for he and his family. I'm glad he got to see that as many people aren't that lucky.
  8. Where does this put Woodlan? They've started to go the other direction lately after being dominant in the ACAC. Will they be back to playing spoiler and close to the top but not quite there?
  9. Just imagine if we (Adams Central) could have won some of those semi state appearances instead of just 1!
  10. Marion Local hasn't done any live tackling in practice (NW Ohio) and have went to I believe 9 straight title games and at least winning 6 or 7 of them including this "down year" for them. My question is if the changing of technique is appropriate or not. I've saw some practice with tackling the back leg of the runner with head behind. I've saw others tackle with their head in front of the runner (like I was always taught). The one team tackling the back leg went 0-10 and the team that tackled with head in front went 12-2 with a semi state appearance that I observed. Is the new "Pete Carroll Seahawk" tackling technique the wrong method or just lack of execution? (I've been anti Pete & Seahawks due to my 49ers bias and I disliked him due to Rose Bowl drubbings to my Wolverines)
  11. For AC, I would like to see Norwell as a measuring stick when they're good. Also would like to play our neighboring schools across the state line. Rotate between the two as we only played Parkway (Rockford OH) (Might MAC bottom feeder) before. I'd like to play Crestview (Convoy OH) just for personal reasons as they seem to be following in our footsteps. Those two Parkway & Crestview open their season against each other and have non conference each the following week (Week 3 for us which has been our last non conference week).
  12. @LC_Bears_04 is our Pick'em Winner for this season. Thanks for everyone who participated this year, and here's to 2020 Football returning quickly!
  13. The IHSAA needs to give a penalty similar to the Southport Basketball team, if not worse.
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