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  1. It's not their tradition, so they will never adopt it unless it is forced upon them. It was good for one of the Ohio local teams. Their only win of the year was in the playoffs. They weren't going to win a game if they only played the conference slate. This team probably had one of it's best years ever in 2007 and missed the playoffs with 2 losses to the 2 top programs from D5/D6 to D6/D7 range. This caused the conference to abandon conference only games. It's sad that a 8-2 or 7-2 team who lost to perennial state champs was left out from a conference that has 138 state championships (now afte
  2. Nope. I think we both have parking for buggy's (1 spot or so or used to). There have been times where quite a few have came to watch. I didn't notice as many at AC as years past, but I've also been just watching the webcast the last 3 years or so. South Adams even had some go to LOS I believe. I'm not sure their numbers for watching but they used to have quite a few as well.
  3. Just wait until AC & SA figure out how to get our Amish kids to 9-12 and play sports. It would be game over for the rest of the state!
  4. Ugh! That has AC in 2A which isn't where we want to be. Especially with Pioneer & LCC in 2A and Luers and others in the area. We could have finally had a break our way in 1A with some pretty good classes coming up. What happens when we get kids from other schools due to the academic profile. Now back when Woodlan went to state in 2A, I wish we would have been in 2A instead of 1A with the Kizer Panthers.
  5. Well what to say. Starfires that was a great comeback and hard fought game. Will be a tough one to swallow, but it was a great season. CC had the athletes. Tough weekend for NE/EC Indiana football. We couldn't finish what our NW/WC Ohio brethren started last weekend. 2 1pt losses for this area sure does sting.
  6. Congrats to Webo and great season to Luers! Special congrats to Bishop Luers #19 for making history this year! This extended family member and the rest of us in the IN/OH area from Allen County & Adams County IN and Van Wert County & Mercer County OH are very proud!
  7. Just realized Hulu dropped Fox Sports regional channels. Just FS1&2 and local fox channel. Great
  8. I'm watching on the Ihsaa app. Guessing it's also on FSIN? The audio is fine, but the video is screwing up big time.
  9. Is it just my tv or is the broadcast screwing up? It's choppy like someone is trying to do a remix.
  10. Yep, I had to look up Southwood's to be sure. I knew the first 2 were correct.
  11. Lol the avatar was to be used in team builder with my stepson, but we never got the right NCAA version & gaming system to put it in there. It's a mix between Michigan & the San Diego Chargers. We both like Michigan (my #1 & his #2 to LSU) and we just liked the Chargers logo mixed in. The "Pioneer/SA" color scheme just fit in pretty well. I could change it back to the county trophy I suppose, but I use this all over the interwebz.
  12. Yep, in reality your Raiders should have been back to back state champions but a fumble when the game was over allowed AC to hit a game winning FG to win the Sectional final 15-14. That was a great day as a young Jets fan.
  13. 3 for 3 on our NW OH teams! Cardiac Cavs in this one as well! They had the lead, lost it and then tied it up. Made a big stop on defense and got a huge punt return that almost went to the house. They centered the ball up and kicked the GW FG similar to Van Wert. Congrats to the Coldwater Cavaliers on the 7th title in program history and the sweep for our NW Ohio area teams.
  14. Normally I'd be rooting against SA since I'm an AC guy. However, when you get to the state finals you have to root for your county brethren. Adams Central in 2001, Bellmont in 2008, and I'm hoping South Adams in 2020.
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