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  1. This sounds like a Kentucky problem to me. I say just draw the line from the IN/OH line north of Lawrenceburg straight west to the IN/IL line north of Sullivan and problem solved. JK 😄
  2. Definitely. Shelby (mom's cousin) and Joe are relation of mine. I believe Joe's business partner is a distant cousin to my wife as well.
  3. Made the long drive down to your field in 2016 when we played. Ended up hitting McDonald's in Anderson I believe on the way back. That was a long night. Edit: It was Alexandria not Anderson that night.
  4. Let's hear what places your area has to offer before or after a Friday night. I'm guessing some will say the following for the Decatur/Monroe area: West End, Galley, & Back 40.
  5. Definitely as of late. It is still weird that AC's enrollment has surpassed SA's. I'm used to SA being a 2A in the past. I'm sure it probably won't be too long until AC becomes a 2A based on enrollment if trends continue with the open enrollment throughout the state.
  6. Felt like that in our 2016 year. Traveling around Muncie area when everyone else was playing nearby. Believe we went to Wes-Del and Shenandoah for the first 2 rds and then won a close one at home against Monroe Central. Then won regional at Southwood which was a normal sectional foe.
  7. Whoa we aren't with South Adams & Southern Wells!! That was shocking.
  8. Based on my observations in Indiana and Ohio, it just allows certain programs to have longer periods of dominance. Especially in the smaller classes. It's interesting as Ohio members would like something close to the Success Factor to replace their new Competitive Balance fiasco. They'd like to re-classify their divisions every year and would maybe consider 2 years as the longest, but not preferred.
  9. That's awesome! I'm a big Michigan fan, but Wazzou is my #2. Cool to see someone from the Hoosier state committing to the Palouse.
  10. I should expand to mention that if the team moved up after 1 year doesn't earn say at least a regional, then they move back down to enrollment class. It just seems that in some cases, you know a certain team will walk through the field that year or for a second year in a row. I think the success factor is working for the most part, just think that maybe something could be done in those cases.
  11. Any thoughts on tweaking this just a tad by having a 1 year point total within the 2 year time frame automatically moving a team up before the cycle ends? Maybe winning state automatically would move a team up to a higher class?
  12. I hope to be able to work with him on continuing to develop the youth program. Our youth league consists of Adams Central and Bellmont. I will say it has been an uphill battle for our league to get enough kids out for the Bellmont teams the last couple of years. Our league used to mix the kids together until we partnered with Coach Mosser and Coach Ballard. I can tell you that it isn't just football that Bellmont has had the number problem with either. Coach Ballard did a great job trying to get more youth players to play and was very accommodating in hopes to grow our league and respective programs. Hopefully Coach Davis can generate some enthusiasm and maybe change the culture in the community to match what we have at Adams Central and what South Adams has as well.
  13. I was told it's "Da Region" not "The Region" on another Indiana athletics board.
  14. I don't think you two are representing the values of your denomination. Hope the archdiocese in SB doesn't see this or you two will be in confession booths pronto.
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