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  1. Could this be handled like Wrestling Team Dual State & girls Wrestling? Meaning the tournament & season is ran through the coaches association and not IHSAA? Big problem would be enough officials available.
  2. Thanks for breaking it down. I was looking at it to see how the team in a town I'd like to winter in for retirement in 30 years did. Believe they were in 7A or 7AA. They lost in the semis.
  3. Coldwater falls short to fellow Western Ohio foe Carey & their brutal rushing attack. However Versailles makes up for it and ends Kirtland's 55 game win streak. 2 out of 3 for the mighty MAC.
  4. Marion Local finishes the job and wins their 12th State Championship which is the most for any program in Ohio. Coldwater playing against Carey (also not that far) in the next game.
  5. Marion Local one half away from bringing another title back. Would be #12 if they do finish it.
  6. I honestly don't pay attention to Divisions 1 & 3 over in Ohio. Hardly any teams in NW/WC OH in those divisions. Sort of similar to 6A-4A here, unless one of our NE/EC IN teams are representing. About 20 counties in Indiana and 20 in Ohio I mark as those areas. Northridge would technically count in my 20 area county teams as well. So kudos to them for a runner up trophy as well.
  7. This weekend is the OHSAA state finals in Canton. On Saturday we will have 3 MAC schools competing for a state championship. 2 from Mercer County which borders Adams & Jay in Indiana, and 1 from Darke that borders Jay & Randolph in Indiana. Hopefully they all can win, but any hardware is always nice. Another year both sides will bring hardware home. South Adams last year and Adams Central this year with runner up trophies. Last year Ohio brought 3 championships home with Van Wert, Coldwater, and New Bremen. This year Marion Local, Coldwater, and Versailles will try to bring titles home. NW/WC Ohio doing well and NE/EC IN starting to get back on track.
  8. Go Blue! It's about time we beat the Buckeyes.
  9. Congrats to Lutheran. They made the plays when they had to and we didn't. Too many penalties and turnovers at the wrong time. Much like we had week 2 against Eastside. Proud of our AC Jets and the fight they had. 2 years in a row for Adams County football falling just short.
  10. Don't care. We made it to LOS. They're bringing hardware back either way. We have the Championship trophy from 2000. If we win awesome, if not then that's fine as well. My thing was them making it as far as they should have. This team, it was the state trip. We didn't have a Pioneer or LCC preventing a trip. Why I was agitated after rd 1 win over Busco. That type of game is always how the Busco matchups go. I'd like to see more creativity against them and the Southwoods & Northfields. Heard all year that Lutheran and CC winner would be the Championship favorite. Attica & Josh Smith were as well. Screw the coin flip, let's just wear the white jerseys and treat it like an away game. We are playing Lutheran in Indy and they've been #1. Play the game Friday and let the chips fall where they may. Only 11 other teams are playing this week.
  11. Is it that or did AC just have that much more speed than NJ? It's hard to be confident when you know the other team can just run past you. Then when they are ahead, it can be demoralizing. NJ's defense had been really good at stringing plays side to side, but the speed was too much last night. They did do a good job defending the middle except for a couple plays where Heyerly broke through.
  12. No offense, but I watched Winamac play and I don't think they would have done any better against our Jets.
  13. This is what has me on edge as a Jets fan as well as the bus trip. We have a 1-12 semi state record. This may be the 3rd time (since I've been alive) we weren't the underdog at semi state. We are 1-1 in those other 2 games and the last one we lost in 03 still haunts me. Up 21-0 at half losing 22-21 while missing a game winning FG attempt. As I said before, Allen is an awesome football player. #11 is decent as well. The Judson defense did well setting the edges and stringing plays out sideline to sideline. The only game they struggled with that was Tippy Valley. #75 The Bear has made some big stops in the middle of the defense as well.
  14. Coaches are equipped to coach against it, but the few teams that ran it were so poor on the offensive line they didn't get to see it in action as well as NJ. Southern Wells when they were good, ran it all the time and those were fun practices.
  15. How about the 12 Semi States this week? For the game I'm personally invested in, AC vs NJ, I'd say Logansport would have been a good neutral site.
  16. 84/86 was before I was born. My dad graduated in 82 so played on the first sectional championship team in fall of 81 and lost to Woodlan 7-6 due to a bad snap. Woodlan was runner up that year. I remember 97-99 as a heartbroken young boy. 03 I was a 7th grader. I think most thought we were getting another state title that year. Up 21-0 @ half and lost 22-21 after missing the go ahead FG at the end. I was a freshman on our 05 team that Sheridan throttled. Beating West Central that year was an accomplishment in regional.
  17. #40 Allen for North Judson is a stud. He's impressive the more games I watch of North Judson.
  18. It would have been a running clock after the first half on a good playing surface. My next weekly worry is our semi state record of 1-12. I think we should win, but bus lag to NJ is concerning. Also the memories of 03 always haunt me.
  19. Blitz isn't invited anymore if we beat SA tonight.
  20. Yes on seeding, but just the sectionals. Maybe I could be convinced on regionals, but rather see the regionals rotate which sectional winners play each other every year. Semi states as well. This is why I'd like to see neutral site regionals and semi state venues.
  21. Having fun watching everyone guessing the neutral sites for the OHSAA playoffs this upcoming weekend. I believe the first 2 playoff games had been hosted by higher seeds until this point if possible. That has been a change as all or all but the first round were neutral sites until they expanded to 16 teams in the 4 regions for all 7 divisions (what we call classes). How would it look for the regionals in Indiana this year? Looking to expand this to semi states after this weekend.
  22. They like to run RB/FB Dax Holman (sp) & QB Laban Davis out of spread or tight. Also can throw it a bit when needed. In the old days it was Eastside spread to then set up the run. Now it feels like the opposite. Their defense is strong as the Luers game showed.
  23. I believe the SA/AC winner will beat either NJ or Carroll from watching both their sectional final games. SA offense would give both fits. It would come down to their defense. Both would really struggle with AC's run game. #9 for Carroll is very quick though so he could make a few plays against both. NJ throwing the ball could make a game against SA a shoot out possibly. NJ line would have to stop AC's D-Line to get their passing game going.
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