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  1. I'll say probably 5, though with more schools playing basketball than football, I could see 6 depending on how it was broke down. I think 4 is working ok, but not the best. I think the issue lies within 2A & 3A as well as those small 4A schools. There are a lot of 1A football schools that are 2A basketball schools competing with truly 2A football to almost 3A football schools.
  2. Jay County is a difficult job when it comes to football. They maybe a 4A school in a mostly 1A/2A conference, but the economics aren't great for the area outside of the elites (Dr's & lawyers). I'd classify it as 2 weak 2A teams became 1 team and they're still the same level of talent. Hopefully he can change that, but do they have stud football players walking the halls that aren't playing. You would think so, but I'm not sure they do. It's just a different mentality down there. I don't see them ever trying to leave for a bigger conference unless the CIC was an option. I've wondered if th
  3. Hope that is the case, but hiring the best coach isn't the only solution. The community and kids have to want to be better. Will Jay Co move from basketball and baseball (wrestling is getting really good as well) and focus more on football? I think they can and will, but that is another factor. You have to have both the X's and O's and the Jimmies and Joes.
  4. The Berne Witness does a pretty good job. If only the internet in Monroe could be better, then it would be hard to beat. I'm curious as to whom will announce some games. Mr. Stimpson is getting up there and it's harder for him to see (no knock as I like listening to him as he did great on WNUY radio days). Randy Fudge had did some games but passed away during the season (RIP to a great Jets fan in Mr. Fudge). I'd love for Jeff Overholser to do more (he's doing more on WZBD like old days!) alongside Joel Patrick (hopefully he didn't get in too much trouble). Jeff and Joel were the best WZBD had
  5. They're pretty strong compared to most of the state. Those schools at the top are just really good. They are getting better each year. The Hendricks county rise now seems to be influencing them and Zionsville to get stronger. Wrestling didn't seem to be as big of a focus near Indy except for PM, Cathedral, and WC in the past as it is now.
  6. Pretty sure he does but I'd need a Lutheran fan to confirm. I thought he was one of their stud backs in their runner up season or maybe he was on the line?
  7. I'd like to see Erb get a rematch of the SS finals under the lights this weekend.
  8. I know 2 of our 3 state streeters are football players for Adams Central. Alex Currie and Blake Heyerly excel in both sports and are joined this weekend by fellow Baguba Logan Uhlman. Best of luck to our Flying Jets/BAGUBAS! Please list your representation to acknowledge their hard work paying off!
  9. Gotcha, I was wrongly assuming outsiders may not recognize there is an ACAC
  10. Ok, but there is already an Allen County Athletic Conference (ACAC) currently. 2 of the 7 schools are in Allen County, 2 are in Adams, 2 are in Wells, and 1 is Jay County.
  11. What would you call the current Allen County Athletic Conference (that only has 2 Allen County teams of the 7)?
  12. When Adams County starts the one and only High School Wrestling Weekly radio show & podcast, that tells you where basketball falls. Especially when covering wrestling on the local radio is a priority and then they fit in the basketball games around the matches. Guess that's what happens when you have a historically powerful Bellmont wrestling program and then a decent in single class but stalwart in the new classed wrestling system in Adams Central, and South Adams making some appearances in the new classed system.
  13. Depends on what part of the state you are in. Basketball is second fiddle for winter sports in Adams County. That's just how it is.
  14. It's a community problem plain and simple. They have had number issues for our youth league. The last couple of years it's improved and my belief is that we've had a stable group with familiar coaches the kids get to know and want to play for. I think that is what Coach Hall is starting to accomplish at all levels for Bellmont. The demographics of the school are changing it seems. A lot more of the youth are kids that moved into town. Meanwhile, the AC side has kids that are the 3rd generation from families playing. One coach for the Bellmont youth side talked about his trips to the elementary
  15. That is horrible! We went 40 years without it and finally got it back. Plus with the 2 schools sharing a youth league, it made it nice to see those guys get a shot to play each other again.
  16. Hope Southern Wells can turn it around. As an AC fan, I've given up on the Norwell & Bellmont just joining idea (would make wrestling seeding a lot easier) and would rather just have both on the schedule. WEEK Opponent 1. Bellmont 2. Norwell 3. Eastside/Monroe Central/Crestview OH/Parkway OH 4. Heritage 5. Jay County 6. South Adams 7. Southern Wells (if not varsity) then take one that doesn't end up week 3 8. Bluffton 9. Woodlan
  17. He's one of them big ol' science nerds or sumthin. They got more classes than just science Donnie! They got them three R's still!
  18. You can zoom in and see the signage. Maybe they do have one up in the press box?
  19. I don't know why they just didn't make it the Airstrip instead of specifying it as "The Landing Strip". Our new sports complex is called the SAC (sack not S. A. C. all spaced out).
  20. We have "The Landing Strip at Minnich Field" for Coach Rick Minnich. We needed something to go with The Hangar in the Airstrip of Monroe. I don't believe anything else athletics wise has been named for anyone else.
  21. Yes I do think that is the main reason. Just like Massillon has all those paper titles but 0 since the playoffs. The Tigers don't claim to have 0 titles though.
  22. It's not their tradition, so they will never adopt it unless it is forced upon them. It was good for one of the Ohio local teams. Their only win of the year was in the playoffs. They weren't going to win a game if they only played the conference slate. This team probably had one of it's best years ever in 2007 and missed the playoffs with 2 losses to the 2 top programs from D5/D6 to D6/D7 range. This caused the conference to abandon conference only games. It's sad that a 8-2 or 7-2 team who lost to perennial state champs was left out from a conference that has 138 state championships (now afte
  23. Nope. I think we both have parking for buggy's (1 spot or so or used to). There have been times where quite a few have came to watch. I didn't notice as many at AC as years past, but I've also been just watching the webcast the last 3 years or so. South Adams even had some go to LOS I believe. I'm not sure their numbers for watching but they used to have quite a few as well.
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