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  1. Don't forget to add Norwell with AC, SA, & Eastside on the Indiana side. Glad to see you have Marion Local & Coldwater from Ohio. Might add Van Wert & Versailles as well on the Ohio side.
  2. Not really the even field as much as it is travel time & distances and enticing more neutral fans for $
  3. You would have to have a list of host sites for regional and semi states beforehand. Having neutral sites would allow more Friday nights than some of the current one matchups. A lot of matchups of teams on the Ohio border vs teams on the Illinois border are held on Saturdays already.
  4. We are completely opposite as I find the 5&6 A games as boring. Indiana has decent D1 talent, but not usually enough on each team. Give me 1 & 2A games all day. Even some 3A & maybe 4A before 5&6A.
  5. How many seniors are there? Thinking around 6 or so unless more came back out. I know that class had a lot drop off from middle school to focus on other sports.
  6. Selfishly I'd love for Indiana to stay on Friday nights if the local Ohio teams are Saturday nights. However if it flips, then I'm good with Saturdays. I'd have to have a way to keep tabs on college football though.
  7. They've changed it up by adding teams. I believe round 2 or 3 now but used to be for every week for the most part. I think a few circumstances can make the first 2 rounds now possible. I'll be learning for sure in about 5 years or so.
  8. Ohio has done it throughout the playoffs for years. I have sort of grown fond of the neutral venue. However limit it to regional and semi state. Seed the sectionals fully or top half minimal. Indiana does it right with the all in tournament though!
  9. ACAC could pick up Blackford for Southern Wells & Jay County
  10. Why doesn't Lapel join this conference? It would make sense geographically.
  11. Why can't we let kids be kids? I can see participation numbers becoming a problem in the future. I can also see multi sport athletes feeling pinched and becoming individualized athletes. Both trends that aren't needed. When do kids have time to be with friends or make $ to save up for a car? I can see having some team workouts and lifting. However the 7 on 7s and 11 on 11s seem to be overkill. As has been mentioned, no one wins anything of importance and it doesn't equate to postseason awards all the time. This is something the IHSAA needs to limit or just eradicate in my opinion.
  12. Interesting perspective of SW, as when I played and growing up before that, they were one of the best teams in the conference. Those games were always toss ups between AC. Heritage was usually a loss on the schedule as well with some hard fought battles. I remember those 05 & 06 games getting beat but then winning in 07 & 08.
  13. Not sure what New Haven has, but guessing this will be a 3 horse race between Leo, East Noble, and Norwell. I think big things can happen for the Kingsland, Uniondale, Ossian, Zanesville, part of Markle folks this year in all 3 big sports.
  14. Curious to see if Southern Wells will eventually get back to competing in the conference and 1A.
  15. You mean semi finals in 1A? Where is the ACAC thread?
  16. I feel Linton & AC are mirror images of one another. They've both been successful at the sectional and regional levels and then struggling at semi state. Both did get over the hurdle & win the long awaited title. I feel this will be the last 2 year cycle in 1A for AC. It will be bittersweet as we've enjoyed success, but those rivalries will fall. It would be nice to get a win over Sheridan, Pioneer, and LCC in the playoffs for once. Hopefully those programs will be up bc of enrollment or success factor.
  17. Is it just a generation shift? I feel like my generation has the burnout from playing since youth through HS & beyond for the good ones. Some of my best friends made from football hardly follow pro, college, or high school much anymore. I'm hoping they're just waiting until their kids start playing. However I wonder how many of their kids will play. I remember there were a ton of parents on here when I played & a bit after. I started on here when my brother played and a few dropped off during that time. Many more did once my brother graduated 5 or 6 years ago. Glad for those still here and those just arriving!
  18. Talking about the rural areas around Ft Wayne. Crime rate isn't that high in the rural areas. For adults, it seems going out to eat, having a drink, and other events of relaxation are the priorities. Kids it's more video games and social media than participating in extra curricular activities of all sorts. Definitely not the atmosphere it was growing up of competition and community involvement.
  19. Seems to be apathy abound in NE Indiana for sports in general. Even more than just sports it feels like. Feels like a lot of adults & kids going through the motions in daily life. I wish I knew the cause or reason.
  20. Like everything in life, it's cyclical and eventually will balance itself out. You had NE Indiana 3 peat in 2000, 2001,& 2002. Sheridan, LCC, & Pioneer have had their runs. Now it's beginning to be Indy parochials vs Adams County schools. It's been fun even if the results haven't went in our (Adams County) favor. Just going to enjoy 1A football while it's in Adams County. I'm sure AC will be 2A in the next cycle and with new programs South Adams could end up back in 2A at some point.
  21. The head to head beat down by the Wolverines on the Irish should equate to something! Michigan didn't need the weather or whatever Buckeye excuse. They manhandled the Buckeyes upfront on both sides of the ball. They had more fight & desire that day and it clearly showed. As for the topic at hand, I'd say Eastside but they've actually probably jumped to the next level. They're excelling in multiple sports & extra curricular activities lately.
  22. If this upcoming season's Junior class all comes back & show they can play Varsity level football, there should be little need to have all those positions play both ways. We saw in the state game that having the QB play both ways was a bit taxing. He did do it for part of the season, but didn't have to as much as the season progressed. Then when we lost our LB in state, you could see him start to wear down in the 2nd half. The Junior class had been 2 deep coming up from youth, but Varsity experience for most will be the determining factor. The Senior & Sophomore classes have some gritty kids as well. I've already mentioned a couple of Freshmen who could come on the scene. One could play on the line or as FB/LB. The other would make a good WR/WB as well if he puts on more muscle.
  23. It's all going to depend on how they progress this summer. Hoping they rotate quite a bit. What's helped imo is that they had to be behind Currie, Newy, and Heyerly. Another thing to look for is if anyone can get that extra yard or two that Heyerly was able to get so often.
  24. I'm hoping most won't have to be 2-way all the time. Yes, the big thing will be the backs will not have as many reps even if we have 2 deep. I'm curious to see if a couple of athletic Freshmen get some good minutes in different roles. The key will be if the lack of varsity experience will be too much to overcome. 2 year window to get another appearance as they have the potential if they work towards it.
  25. Wrong. This would be a scenario where the 2nd backfield would start for most other schools. It's called depth and a rarity in 1A. They should have a pretty good 2 year run coming up if they stay healthy & together.
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