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  1. So many variables on this one to sort out for me. It depends on the parent, the kid, and the situation. Most youth teams are going to have dads & step dads coaching. A few middle schools and high schools as well. Luckily, I have saw more positives than negatives in that regard. Most negatives don't focus on the child, but the team just losing in general. I've coached with dad's in our youth league and they've been able to not cross the line and do a great job. I was coached in youth baseball by my dad, and didn't enjoy it. He would come down hard on me for anything, but we had an awfu
  2. I think it's going to depend on what style of offense they run, as to how the game will go. Curious to see how AC looks vs Bluffton. Hopefully like the last how many years, but hard to say.
  3. What should we expect to see? Know nothing about them other than where they're from and what you've provided.
  4. Guessing state line traveling was frowned upon as Covington OH also had an opening.
  5. I've not heard anything yet about a game this week. The radio last Wednesday hinted at a home game, but not announcement has been made to my knowledge. My guess is it will be a bye week at this point.
  6. Not sure if he's out for the year or what the status is. The game turned once he went down. AC had started to run and control the game. Once he went out the offense stalled and basically was just giving the ball to Heyerly. It went very conservatively as if the Jets shut it down completely to fight another day. I do think SA would win a rematch this time if it occurs due to the weapons they have. However, they probably will be ranked #1, but neither SA or AC played well enough to be a top 3 team this past Friday. Some would say officiating, but SA had way too many penalties and undisciplined f
  7. Final in Berne: South Adams 29 Adams Central 9. South Adams is in the driver seat and most likely wrapped up the ACAC conference crown in a very down ACAC.
  8. South Adams makes another stop and puts another drive to lead Adams Central 29 to 9. The AC offense has stalled after losing Currie in the 2nd quarter.
  9. South Adams takes advantage of the Jets stalling and blocking the punt. They take it down the field and score and did have a 2pt conversion that was called back. Elect to kick and lead 22 to 9.
  10. South Adams scores to end the half & gets the 2pt conversion to lead Adams Central 15 to 9 in the Rural Rumble. It looks like we will have a barn burner in Berne.
  11. Wonder how much of the MS numbers are because he moved from their and varsity assistant to varsity head coach? For the youth league, it appears the numbers have improved each year for Bellmont. The first year or two was pulling teeth to get enough teams (2 for Bellmont) for our league on their side, while little AC had probably 95% of the boys in each grade coming out. Also noticed more parents willing to help out as well from Bellmont in the latter few years. It's going to take awhile, but I think he will bring a change of culture that was much needed. Not to stray too far off topic, but the
  12. Was he able to get Trent, Billy, and Joel to name a few, to come back and help?
  13. From the one game I've saw, I think Coach Hall is on the right track. They hung tough with Norwell for the 1st half until the conditioning kicked in. I was really impressed by that effort compared to the last few years. I hope our youth league will start turning out more studs for Bellmont like we have for AC. It'd be nice to have all 3 schools in different classes like it was for awhile. Could you imagine if that were the case and all 3 made it to LOS the same year?
  14. Blood is thicker than water. It won't feel right, but I have to do it until my son is playing for the Jets (if he does). My step son will have to play across the line due to his parents' shared custody agreement before I met my wife. Will be hard to support his Crestview Knights, and will be just as hard to support my other cousin's kids being Parkway Panthers. We have the state line covered as both of the cousin's I mentioned are Bellmont grads. I grew up on the state line with my mail box being in Crestview district but the house in AC district. Less than 3 miles north is the Bellmont/AC bor
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