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  1. Prayers to his family and the Linton-Stockton community. 2016 had to be a great moment for he and his family. I'm glad he got to see that as many people aren't that lucky.
  2. Where does this put Woodlan? They've started to go the other direction lately after being dominant in the ACAC. Will they be back to playing spoiler and close to the top but not quite there?
  3. Just imagine if we (Adams Central) could have won some of those semi state appearances instead of just 1!
  4. Marion Local hasn't done any live tackling in practice (NW Ohio) and have went to I believe 9 straight title games and at least winning 6 or 7 of them including this "down year" for them. My question is if the changing of technique is appropriate or not. I've saw some practice with tackling the back leg of the runner with head behind. I've saw others tackle with their head in front of the runner (like I was always taught). The one team tackling the back leg went 0-10 and the team that tackled with head in front went 12-2 with a semi state appearance that I observed. Is the new "Pete Carroll Seahawk" tackling technique the wrong method or just lack of execution? (I've been anti Pete & Seahawks due to my 49ers bias and I disliked him due to Rose Bowl drubbings to my Wolverines)
  5. For AC, I would like to see Norwell as a measuring stick when they're good. Also would like to play our neighboring schools across the state line. Rotate between the two as we only played Parkway (Rockford OH) (Might MAC bottom feeder) before. I'd like to play Crestview (Convoy OH) just for personal reasons as they seem to be following in our footsteps. Those two Parkway & Crestview open their season against each other and have non conference each the following week (Week 3 for us which has been our last non conference week).
  6. @LC_Bears_04 is our Pick'em Winner for this season. Thanks for everyone who participated this year, and here's to 2020 Football returning quickly!
  7. The IHSAA needs to give a penalty similar to the Southport Basketball team, if not worse.
  8. Congrats to LCC, just better in all phases of the game tonight. Good luck next weekend. Thanks to the AC seniors for their leadership on a great season that was only supposed to be a rebuilding one. Pressure is on next year's team to continue the tradition!
  9. Ultimate disrespect by putting SA instead of AC. Hope that wasn't intentional!
  10. Will be watching on the webcast. Hopefully they get the issues of the last 2 weeks resolved.
  11. This is just icing on the cake at this point for us Jets fans. Talking with a couple of other fans at youth wrestling and 3-6 to 4-5 were the expectations for the regular season. Instead they went 8-1 and are now in Semi State when a Regional trip was overachieving. Will we run into another Kizer or Zachery this time with Barrett? Let the chips fall where they may.
  12. Just hope the Jets come back focused and realize it's a new week. It was such an emotional victory Friday and they must put that behind them quickly.
  13. No, as that was the second time seeing SA and having multiple weeks to look over that film and fix things. Not as much prep time for this one.
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