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  1. Yes. Her aunt that I graduated with at AC was also a phenomenal athlete. She was great in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Shame her aunt stopped playing basketball when the coach retired. Julianna reminds me of her in how she speaks & acts.
  2. She'll wrestle 3x today. Adams County genes on both sides. Her dad was a Bellmont wrestler and her mom's side are AC folks. A lot of athleticism on both sides.
  3. I believe that it may be low to moderate income from my sources. They have been in the rough apartments just east of the school. Your contacts should definitely know those ones.
  4. Hard telling with Illinois & Chicago if any of this is being done above board. Just stating what I've been informed by city residents. Chicago has a history of corruption, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it's being done illegally somehow.
  5. State of Illinois can't afford them to stay there, so they pay our local RE agency to take them & house them on the move. Then they're on their own. Illinois & especially Chicago are trying to reduce the population in the state.
  6. Chicago & Illinois are paying to move them instead of constantly paying for them year after year. Basically trying to be a write off. I believe the real estate company has slowed down as they've probably hit capacity.
  7. Everyone knows Adams County is a big wrestling county. However, 2 of the 3 Adams County schools are having really god regular seasons. Bellmont has won at least a share of the NE8 and on Tuesday will look to win bragging rights in the county with a win over South Adams. The Braves won a good one over Adams Central in December. Speaking of Adams Central, they just swept the ACAC regular season after winning back to back conference tournaments. I believe they may have won a share of the regular season, but could be wrong. I love when Adams County has success on the hardwood as well as the wrestling mat.
  8. Not really south of the border. These were born & raised Chicagoans in the "rough" areas to get a clearer picture.
  9. A local real estate company that owns the housing accepted payment from Chicago to re-home them.
  10. Maybe some, but there is merit to some of the fear. A police officer has mentioned about the happenings & how those move ins are quite fond of weapons & dislike of police or authority in general. One housing area was bad prior to their arrival & it didn't improve with the arrival. There have been many different ethnicities & races in Adams County prior with little to no issues. The city of Chicago has a lot of problems and some causing those problems were booted from Chicago to Adams County to put it politely. It's not out of hand, but it’s not ideal either.
  11. There have been some change in the enrollment at Bellmont due to new move ins from the Chicago area. Many of the rural Bellmont families have not been pleased with this & fear safety concerns. There is also a preconceived notion that the academics & culture at Adams Central & South Adams are a better fit for those families now. I will say that this is not me speaking personally, but what I've been told. I know North Adams sent out something on Facebook about thoughts to curb enrollment decline. We all saw that AC was moving to 2A in football due to success factor, but would have any way as the enrollment jumped up a bit. Jay County has to cancel school more frequently during weather events than the 3 Adams County schools. If Adams County residents had their way, you would see the prior consolidations reversed to a degree. Many in Adams County feel that the one school system is not conducive to learning and that Jay County students are not getting the same quality of education. Jay County would probably be better served to have 2 smaller schools in all honesty. As for Blackford, that area is really struggling economically. I believe that has had a major impact on the academics as well as their athletics. What really needs to happen is a career centered school/building to be built between Bluffton & Monroe. Look up Vantage Career Center in Van Wert County Ohio (next door so to speak). If I'm not mistaken, students that want to take certain trade classes, medical, and etc have to travel to one of the schools that offer it. For example media was at Bellmont, small engines at AC, machining at South Adams, and etc. This career center would service students from the 3 Wells County, 3 Adams County, Jay, & Blackford schools. For me personally, I would like to remain at 3 schools in the county. I'd be fine with more than 3 actually. I think 6 small schools would be great academically. For athletics, I'd say request co-ops for football & baseball but separate for basketball & maybe wrestling & individual sports.
  12. That will be fought tooth and nail to prevent it. All 3 districts would have factions that would not support it. The services would not be better in certain areas. There is a reason why Adams Central is gaining enrollment and North Adams (Bellmont) is declining. There are many factions that do not get along in the three communities outside sports & extra curricula. Just add that variable in as well. Why would we want to become Jay County and the issues they have?
  13. Living on & near the IN-OH state line, I'd vote for Indiana on Central and Ohio on Eastern. The best would be to just not observe DST this spring and fall and go back to Indiana time. Indiana time is Central DST and Eastern ST if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Yes, I'd been stating that this past season. Feel more rural Bellmont kids are going to AC now based on certain factors of new Decatur residents. Surprisingly SA is higher on the top of 1A than I expected. Glad all 3 County schools are in separate classes, but the timing doesn't work out. Bellmont is in a deep funk and AC's best class is graduating. They should compete in 2A but should take a small step back compared to the past 3 seasons. South Adams should compete in 1A but aren't quite what they had been in prior seasons. Be nice if they stay separated and have really good seasons at the same time. Similar to wrestling currently and 2 of the 3 in basketball right now.
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