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  1. NJ is on upset alert ... in the sec 41 final ........ The Covids hav given the Warriors hm field and 2 weeks to prepare for the rematch...... they will still need the BJs to assist in their own demise... could also get caught looking ahead to a potential Reg hm game w Lcc if the Knights r fortunate enuff to advance....
  2. The Southwood model ...of having the ability for rapid covid testing of ur roster appears to b a way to go forward.
  3. U jus never know.... they certainly don't hav to worry bout looking ahead .... as the ole saying goes.... its literally .... one game at a time for the Knights. I wouldn't say any game is a lock for em ... its buck up or get bucked out time for them....
  4. Covid aside .... The north appears to favor a repete of last yr, with the same 4 meeting again in the regionals .... w the NJ Lcc winner taking on whoever wins the battle of Adams Co. for the right to meet the favored Lutherns at LOS. With AC upsetting SA last yr.... hard to say who comes out... Sag ratings say SA > AC ... NJ > Lcc ..... SA > NJ so mabe its Lcc's yr to knocked out... seems likely enuff ..... hmmmm
  5. Maybe you should rethink calling yourself .... TheStatGuy
  6. Thout it interesting to bring this up as it relates to the SF. Is a pattern forming? Recently its been NPal EM Pioneer off the top of my head, other publics? cycling up. Now it looks like Cath, Chatard, Andearn? LCC? Luthern MAY cycle up. Will the point threshold get lowered again to stay up? Will we c the same groups of Publics and PPs cycling as cohorts? R ther enuff data points yet for the men of science to come to any conclusions? To me... it feels as if a pattern is begining to emerge. Hmmmmm........
  7. 6a No PPs 5a Cathedral 4a Roncoli 3a Chatard 2a Andrean 1a Luthern
  8. I'm more concerned with Lcc's lack of quality reps ... as Tri West, Guerin, Rensey cancelled... Tipton half strenght.. then bowing out in the post season due to covid. Either way.. its alot to overcome for the Knights.... not sure they're up to it..... Agree.. overall.... the Lutherns r in the drivers seat at this point.... in the north... its SA..
  9. Ther hav been 2 Lcc teams that would not hav a blue ring without the SoS they played.... ther hav also been a few Lcc teams that never got the chance due to injuries.... pic ur poison..... r injuries less in the current game.... as compared to what they once were? Hmmmm
  10. 👍 yep..no one cares coach... the knights hav muc adversity to overcome this yr if they r gonna successfully defend their title.... that can b a good thing... we c... on the plus side... they r developing depth....
  11. I want to c if the Knight D can apply what they learned vrs WL.... and Buck Up .....
  12. Thx.... ... thinking a one score game... Jonesing on FB ... can a visitor get a tix?
  13. A couple interesting HC games this week.... NW at Cass... gotta go with the tradition of the Kings at home. Lcc at Tipton.... hmmm... the Blue Devil faithful r looking to have a great year.... have taken 2 of the last 3 games w Lcc...an r at home... The Knights r defending 1A champs.. but had 2 good games cancelled to start the season.. they did manage to score on WL for the 1st time in 4 yrs....having gone 132-0 over the previous 3 ... the 10 yr series stands at...... Lcc 8 Tipton 3.... the pick em seems to favor the Blue Devils.... call me a home boy... i like the Knights .....
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