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  1. Tyler Johnson was starting center and played some line backer when going to 3 man front. He will be a good one. The Lytle kid was good enough to play corner but had others in front of him. He will be back as well. What you won't have is 5 all state guys at skilled positions.
  2. Coach Phillips has been retired from teaching for a long while. He has done an exceptional job at Cass and I expect he is already headed to Florida. Good for him. With him leaving however it does not open up any positions in the school so I am not sure how quick this position will be filled.
  3. Seems to be some good numbers at the youth level.
  4. 2a.- I gotta go with my Kings and no more of this OT horse bleep. 4a. I like New Prairie in a slobber Knocker. 6a. Way out of my lane here but Cass has a former player who coaches with Bart at Warsaw so I will take Warsaw for their first Regional Championship.
  5. We only started going for two against Pioneer. I think possibly because we knew they would go for two every time. I know with going for one you have to complete a pass backwards between your legs and then you have to put it on the tee and then your kicker has to kick it. Sometimes it can seem easier to line up under center and run the ball.
  6. Looking at those stats against Andrean. Over 500 yds of offense with twice as many first downs and plays . Hate that the bombers lost this game.
  7. I believe success rate going for 2 has driven decision to lead with 2. All it takes is to hit on 2’s 50% of the time. Anything after is gravy. Cass kicker is good one of the best we have had
  8. Our field must look so good from a google satellite image that it must look like Turf! LOL. Still grass!
  9. LaVille is a very good team and has gotten better as the season has gone. I would expect nothing less than a very competitive football game. Kings need to be ready for Laville. Playing for Championships from here on out. Who wants it?
  10. History provides a valuable lesson. Cass learned through the years that it didn't matter what Luers' record was coming into the tournament. This one was a heartbreaker. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago
  11. Meant to post this on the Hoosier Conference thread instead of the LC/Pioneer thread. Hoosier conference sectional champion predictions. Who all do you think will win or has a chance of winning their sectional. I am going to take no less than 4 of these below. 1. West Lafayette- Certainly will have a tough Sectional opponent in Chatard 2. Cass- Tough week one opponent but if the Kings can get by Pioneer they should win their sectional 3. Rensselaer- Got Boone Grove, Andrean, North Newton- Will the Bombers be healthy for a long tournament run? I think so! 4. LCC- Knights roll through their sectional 5. Twin Lakes- My long shot... Knox, Calumet the favorites but I actually think the Indians could pull this one out. 6. Tipton- Big second round matchup with Eastbrook might be too much for this young Tipton team. 7. Western- Don't know much about this sectional or the state of Westerns Health but they look as good as any in this sectional
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