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  1. It is a decided advantage to the OL in at least three situations--1) Very difficult for DL to make contact with OL as OL is down blocking/down blocking to 2nd level guys (Allows for a free release to LB's) 2) A real advantage for the OL to get a step or 2 in before contacting DL when zone blocking-particularly on outsize zone 3) When they can get set up on their pass pro and be ready to engage a pass rusher-A lot easier with that added depth (It's also easier to pick up twists and blitzes). The problem with an official simply handling this between plays is that it will fix the situation for a short stretch of the game, but if the OL is being coached to do this, they are also being coached to stretch it back out again in a fairly short period of time. Until there are teeth to the correction, teams that do this will keep doing it and keep gaining that extra edge.
  2. When did the north side of Indianapolis become southern Indiana? (and yes, I know teams from the northern 'burbs' and farther north have been pushed south before).
  3. Aren't you the one who asked in the first place? Why ask if you are so certain?
  4. For 5A, do you think they might send the Elkhart schools over to Munster, LaPorte, MC for one year? That way when Valpo moves down, that 5A sectional will make more sense geographically?
  5. Aren't classifications supposed to be published by the end of February? So this will be coming from the IHSAA today presumably, right?
  6. Really curious word choice here. I'm not sure what description you are trying to apply to Carmel, but "vulgar" doesn't make much sense in this context. Maybe I'm missing something.
  7. Why would that be a problem? The IHSAA is, at least in part, a decision making institution, right? If member schools believe the decision is in the best interest of high school athletics, it should OK in this case, and not necessarily applicable down the road. I don't think that precedence is always the deciding factor.
  8. I think you might be onto something here. I've heard rumblings that something like this is a very real possibility (one rumor is that it's a done deal though not official yet).
  9. Interesting conclusion to jump to. Why do you go that direction?
  10. So here's a question--will the IHSAA have to put 33 teams in 5A in anticipation of the Elkhart consolidation? If they do, BNL would potentially be in 5A, right? If they don't, in 2020 there will only be 31 teams in 5A so in 1 northern sectional 1 team will have a bye to the sectional championship game, right?
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