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  1. Would you say it could be used in unique situations? Situations that may (hopefully) never happen again?
  2. Says someone who is not the parent of a class of 2020 senior, I would assume?
  3. Well, that does respond to either of my questions at all. Regardless of what MLB is doing (BIG difference--increasing the number of playoff teams rather that reducing the number of tournament teams), after week six for example, wouldn't a team sitting at 4-2 experience roughly the same amount of increase in 'stakes' and interest as a team sitting at 2-4 a decrease in 'stakes' and interest? And if these two teams faced each other in week 7, how would this bring about a more competitive regular season game?
  4. Wouldn't it be a zero-sum game where as the 'stakes' and interest increase for one team or a group of teams moving toward qualifying, they would necessarily decrease for teams moving away from qualifying? Also, how exactly would this make for more competitive games?
  5. I'm still waiting for you to supply any legitimate data that shows IU or Purdue or anybody is taking more walk-ons now than in the past. The ultimate premise is that Coach Allen is being selfish and suddenly taking too many walk-ons. Is that premise even legitimate?!?! Where are your numbers?
  6. Are there more walk-ons going to IU or Purdue now versus 5 years ago? 10 years ago? I asked earlier and got no response. Kinda makes me think you don't have data to back up your assertion that there's some sort of 'new' problem with larger universities taking too many of this type of student-athlete.
  7. Well wouldn't they need the same film, stats, data, etc to get a preferred walk-on spot at IU or Purdue? How else would IU or Purdue evaluate and determine these guys are capable of walking on and surviving in college?
  8. Where do you find the preferred walk on roster? I looked quickly and couldn't find one for the current season or any past season. If there's no preferred walk on roster out there for any season, how do you know that the roster is larger now that it was last year? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Or is it that it's just more public now because all of them are posting it on their twitter accounts for all to see?
  9. It is a decided advantage to the OL in at least three situations--1) Very difficult for DL to make contact with OL as OL is down blocking/down blocking to 2nd level guys (Allows for a free release to LB's) 2) A real advantage for the OL to get a step or 2 in before contacting DL when zone blocking-particularly on outsize zone 3) When they can get set up on their pass pro and be ready to engage a pass rusher-A lot easier with that added depth (It's also easier to pick up twists and blitzes). The problem with an official simply handling this between plays is that it will fix the situation for a short stretch of the game, but if the OL is being coached to do this, they are also being coached to stretch it back out again in a fairly short period of time. Until there are teeth to the correction, teams that do this will keep doing it and keep gaining that extra edge.
  10. When did the north side of Indianapolis become southern Indiana? (and yes, I know teams from the northern 'burbs' and farther north have been pushed south before).
  11. Aren't you the one who asked in the first place? Why ask if you are so certain?
  12. For 5A, do you think they might send the Elkhart schools over to Munster, LaPorte, MC for one year? That way when Valpo moves down, that 5A sectional will make more sense geographically?
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