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  1. So here's a question--will the IHSAA have to put 33 teams in 5A in anticipation of the Elkhart consolidation? If they do, BNL would potentially be in 5A, right? If they don't, in 2020 there will only be 31 teams in 5A so in 1 northern sectional 1 team will have a bye to the sectional championship game, right?
  2. I think someone asked earlier, but I didn't see a reply: Does anybody have the total number of football playing schools for this next cycle? Also, do I have this right? The approach by the ihsaa is as follows: 64 teams in class A through 4A; 32 teams in 6A; 5A will have 32 or more depending on how many more than 320 football schools the state has.
  3. You are correct--I mis-remembered.
  4. Late April--around the 29th I think.