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  1. We appreciate the opportunity for sure. This might be recent memory bias, but I think your NK team hit harder than we've seen all season. Hats to the ball all night, and hard. Definitely some very good linebacker scraping that nipped what would have normally been big gains for our QB. Kept our running game in check for sure. Good blocking on your O side of the ball, too. Well disciplined and well executed on assignments... they all knew what their job was and they did it well. And I loved that horn on TDs! That must really get the crowd fired up on Friday nights. Pretty cool venue on th
  2. True. Obviously not an outcome that either team desires. Boonville looked like they had size and speed out there, but some untimely mistakes let GS get way ahead in the first half. I think that may have brought BV morale down and impacted their second half performance. I look forward to seeing Boonville's 2024 squad build and improve in JV and varsity. It looked like they have good numbers in that class and I think they can get that trajectory moving upwards.
  3. Gibson Southern Fr 54 Boonville Fr 0 GS offense ran 11 plays from scrimmage and saw 3rd down once.
  4. Currently the GS freshman team has Boonville 10/1 and HH 10/6, so I'm not sure we'll schedule another game that week. We do have an opening the week of the 12th, perhaps that's when they are working on scheduling it(?). I'm not sure on the inner workings, so it could certainly be any time. I would be eager to see a Reitz/GS matchup, and I think it will make for an exciting game. Like most everyone else, we're just happy to be playing football right now. Several of our kids waiting in the wings through MS football have stepped up across the board to fill in for starters that have left the
  5. Gibson Southern Fr 20 Evansville North Fr 32 Gibson Southern Fr 42 Southridge Fr 24
  6. I'm on board with the inventing football part 😁
  7. Specifically, I saw a "vanilla" scheme that put hats on #5 all night behind a full strength BV o-line and #5 not being taken down on the first, second, or third hits. You're critical of the GS D coaching plan/calls (and apparently of the entire staff, punter, and probably the pep band at home games judging by your posts), but that "vanilla" scheme put the boys in position to make plays. But let's show all our cards regular season, by all means. Maybe we can forget the depth chart and start skipping over who takes RB reps on the gold squad. That freshman was NTU and secured the ball for hi
  8. Well, fortunately for the GS defensive staff (and the GS football community in general) pink slips won't be coming tomorrow morning at weights, nor any time soon most likely. I watched the same game you did, however the game I saw had a solid D plan with players in position to make plays for the greatest majority of the game. To say otherwise is shortsighted, IMO. Mockabee is a specimen and just flat out showed tonight he belongs in D1.
  9. In my four-ish decades of watching HS football I cannot recall a tight to the goal line punt occur that wasn't a blatant touchback or not. Many were very, very close, but none that really needed an instant replay. I just saw one this week, stopped on the one foot (inch?) line, with the gunner laying half in the endzone. Huge uproar on the receiving team side of it, naturally, but the crew nailed it. Ball never crossed the plane. Had I not seen this post I would have been on the ignorant side of the rule book. With this information I was able to quell the uprising in my (socially distanced) se
  10. No, lower level game earlier this year. Fortunately it was of no consequence on the final outcome... not a close game.
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