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  1. I thought there might have been some big shakeup in SIAC-land and everyone's weeks were getting swapped around or something. Couldn't fathom why an AD of a closed conference would ever, ever, ever want to go through that process voluntarily... unless masochism comes into play.
  2. I also think it is odd to have two GID accounts used to support your own misguided proclamations, but yet here we are.
  3. Passes the smell test to me for the most part. I thought Boonvillle might be a tick or two higher. HH seems a tad high, but maybe not. I did think they'd have another win or two than they ended up with before the season started. Figured MV would be lower. Didn't they get beat by NP? I know that doesn't mean their body of work isn't stronger, just surprised they ended up that high I guess.
  4. Oh, magic 8-ball, will we see a 3-peat matchup in 2024? "Signs point to yes" Well, there you go.
  5. That, and the pizza thing. If we're being honest, let's truly lay it bare.
  6. Unfortunately we have no control over how good Sandy's Pizza is and how it can affect the SIAC/PAC dynamic in any given year. I'd just suggest getting better pizza joints.
  7. Crying? Lmao GS got beat, I moved on to wrestling the next week. Get a hold of yourself. Chatard most very likely doesn't even want to be in 3A. I almost guarantee they have a very strong desire to put a 4A trophy on the shelf next to all their 3A hardware. What TF do they have to prove beating the sh*t out of all us rednecks down here in Kentucky?
  8. I think this came up a year or two ago and it stuck in my head for some reason. I guess since my kid was kicking, that may be why.
  9. I believe it is just the ball. If it crosses the vertical plane of the goal line, touchback. The position of the returner is immaterial.
  10. I think @slice60 said it most eloquently back in April: ”Yes, I can explain it. The IHSAA crapped the bed. Here is how Chatard has fared in the last 25 years (22 of 25 years in 3A, except where noted). Chatard has won the 3A state title in 13 of 22 tournaments over the past 25 years. If that doesn't scream MOVED UP DUE TO SUCCESS FACTOR, I do not know what does. 97-State Champ 98-State Champ 99-Lost in Sect (Roncalli-State Champ) 00-Lost in Sect (Heritage Hills-State Champ) 01-State Champ 02-State Champ 03-State Champ 04-Reg Champ (Andrean-State Champ) 05-Reg Champ (NorthWood-State Champ) 06-State Champ 07-State Champ 08-Reg Champ (Bellmont-State Champ) 09-Reg Champ (West Laf-State Champ) 10-State Champ 11-State Champ 12-State Champ 13-moved up to 4A, won Sect (Andrean-3A State Champ) 14-moved up to 4A, lost in Sect (Tri West-3A State Champ) 15-State Champ 16-Lost in Sect (FW Concordia-State Champ) 17-Sect Champ (Ev Memorial-State Champ) 18-Reg Champ (West Laf-State Champ) 19-State Champ 20-State Champ 21-moved up to 4A, lost in Sect (Gibson So-3A State Champ) " I think there was a very real concern that Chatard might run into it's second string of three consecutive non-state champ seasons in eight years and the IHSAA wanted to nip it in the bud. The embarrassment that this kind of perceived downturn in a program as storied as Chatard might lead to the utter collapse of the team, the Chatard community, and, more broadly, the entire 3A class. How would the IHSAA move forward with only five classes of postseason football being viable, while 64 3A teams wander aimlessly from one gridiron to another for a month, sometimes three schools on the same field, occasionally a team stumbling into a different state's playoffs entirely. Something like this could ultimately be the downfall of Indiana football as well know it. /s Meanwhile, I believe Dwenger and LCC both stayed up this season, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. I think everyone south of US 150 had Madder Days, by a lot.
  12. Betty White was a cultural icon and I'll say it right to your face in cursive. "Ohh, my muffin hasn't had a cherry since 1939..."
  13. Goin out on a limb... mini muffin? No, mini chocolate muffin? No wait, mini chocolate cream filled muffin? I gotta go.
  14. Lol I like your last option. You will get at least one vote, if I were a bettin' man.
  15. HA! I see what you did there. It take you the whole workday to come up with that, or were you just keeping it in your pocket until, you know, the timing was right? Boss must love you spending all that quality cerebral time working on those zingers. 😉 Btw, I'm absolutely positive the OV/Monrovia folks are pumped that this thread has been taken over by muffins, Uncle Rico, and The Great Hambino. Lo siento. Sorta.
  16. Be honest. The first time you typed "architect" it got red-lined, didn't it? Dumb engeneers enginears enegineers telecom guys.
  17. I guess I will bring out the big guns and say it, since 32 is being so shy. The fans from Linton wear pink panties.
  18. Clearly, you don't know how to grade muffins. @Titan32 is a Grade B, at best. Myself, now I'm of such high quality muffin that they started adding extra letters. But I wouldn't expect such a low grade muffin as yourself to have the capacity to compete with such as high grade muffin as me, let alone 32.
  19. My post-postseason Fridays usually involve pulling out the old VHS tapes of my HS football games, standing in my boxers and pit-stained undershirt, yelling at the screen that if coach would have put me in we would have won state, while a tear slowly runs down my cheek. I still have an empty place on the mantle where my blue ring would be, if coach just would have put me in.
  20. Dang, you still seem a bit raw-assed that the GS Freshman knocked off the LS JV two years back. Let it go, man. LOL
  21. Good work Lburg! I'm always rooting for a PAC brother, but glad to see the STC moving forward. Now go kick some Bulldog butt!
  22. Can always count on Mr. Mosbey for some interesting factoids.
  23. Lol you missed a heckuva start to July '22. Confusion. Excitement. Confusion. Rebranding. Confusion. Hostile FB takeover. Confusion. Confusion. Confusion. Deleted FB posts. Confusion. Reestablished FB posts. Confusion. Sense of entitlement. Excitement. Dying on a very small mole hill. ... ... ...relief
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