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  1. You just gotta find the right country clubs.
  2. Bunmi Rotimi and Tom Brady make up at least two of the few. One of those names sounds familiar, I think he plays for the WFT. Not sure about the other guy. Heard he was maybe a late round draft pick way back in the day, but not sure what became of him. He'd be in his mid-40's now, so he's probably selling boat insurance or used cars somewhere. There may be a couple others out there, but I imagine they are few and far between.
  3. I have it on very good authority they make somewhere around six figures per home game in the MIC. Personally, I'd split my six figures as follows: Two brats, one burger, one popcorn, one Skittles, and one Dr. Pepper. Depending on who you know with the boosters, you may be able to get a hot chocolate gratis during playoffs (but you probably have to keep that on the down low). So, seven figures occasionally. On the down side, away game rates are not quite so friendly. I hear you even have to pay for all your figures for road games.
  4. I'm just a local yokel from podunk southwestern Indiana (and a tranplant from Illinois, at that), so forgive my geographical ignorance for anywheres beyond the dirt road between my tobacco drying barn and Wal-Mart, but I thought Columbus North was located in Columbus, Indiana? Is that the same as Indianapolis, Indiana? I get confused any time I have to travel past the big oak tree that old man Jones planted back in 86 just off the Big Road. That's a quarter mile north of where the Dollar Store is now, if you were wonderin'. At least move your parallel universe north a bit, if not a couple years back.
  5. Tell us you don't know anything about Boonvegas without telling us you don't know anything about Boonvegas...
  6. Top Ten Ways to Determine an SAC Champion: 1. Flip a coin. 2. Cut a deck of cards. 3. Dramatically draw a name written on beechwood bark from a bowler's hat at dawn. 4. Placekicking shootout, opposite foot. 5. First team to call dibs. 6. Give it to the fifth place team on even years, seventh place team odd years. Except leap years, then it is paper-rock-scissors between fourth and sixth. 7. Top 40 time by the starting left tackle of the respective teams. 8. Mascot fisticuffs. To the death. 9. Each team plants a tree. In ten years time, the team whose tree has grown tallest wins. 10. The equipment managers of the top two teams appeal their cases to other conference teams (and anyone else nearby) in 10 words or less. None of the ten words may include the letter ā€˜Eā€™.
  7. šŸ˜‰ I know, I was kidding. Wheatland is (well... WAS) synonymous with a guaranteed memorable time back my younger days. Nothing too terrible. But never anything that was a great idea, in hindsight...
  8. Wheatland? My cousin got an OWI in the Satin Lady parking lot back in the day. I think it was the B-team that morning, if my memory serves. I'm surprised we never crossed paths... Cold beer though. Usually. Kidding aside, the second and third sentences are absolutely true. Unfortunately.
  9. It's complicated. No judgement, but um... yeaaaaahhh.
  10. Rex would be the one getting the ink, but this time it would be of Fields' feet...
  11. A guy or gal that size could probably stock a lot of shelves pretty quickly, so yeah.
  12. I'd venture a guess they treat out of towners well enough.
  13. Is there a mandatory isolation period for Covid-Toe? šŸ˜‰
  14. Looks like SW is going to have a good matchup with Frederick Douglass for the title game tomorrow. https://www.kentucky.com/sports/high-school/article256261542.html Ok, so maybe this is a better question for the officiating page... but how on earth do you have a safety on a kickoff?? In the WBKO article it notes: "[the] opening kickoff landed in the hands of the Yellowjackets returner who fell backwards into the end zone for a safety." The accompanying video in the article is shot from ground level and not completely clear, but around the 0:10 mark you can tell the ball bounces several times and appears to be picked up short of the goal line and advanced forward, perhaps more sideways than toward the K team, but it doesn't look like he retreats back into the end zone at all on his own. Right before the shot is momentarily obscured it looks like his is hit and driven back into the end zone by a couple guys. Perhaps there was a fumble that was recovered by R in the end zone...? But the video doesn't really support that. Hard to tell for certain from the video though. Either way, seems like a really weird play.
  15. Well, we have the answer to this hypothetical now.
  16. You're on! I'll be tailgating before the game... you should be able to find me, I'll be the one in the GS sweatshirt. šŸ˜
  17. Thanks man. We just had, like, 84 drops after that. You rooting for TW?? šŸ˜†
  18. It is just eastnorth of Gibson Weastern. But not so far north we wear pink panties. *cough*
  19. FINALLY. Someone gets it. Some hot off the press Titan gear coming your way. /s
  20. We're leaving a strategically organized garrison armed with garden hoses and paintball guns (maroon and gold paint, of course) to shy away any would-be local rivalry hooligans and misfits while we're otherwise off en masse this weekend.
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