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  1. Apparently someone without a great deal of basketball knowledge.
  2. What’s it going to cost when they fire this guy?
  3. Negative. I don’t eat fish so…… I don’t drink water either….because fish fu…in it.
  4. I suspect Lysander will be out of his coma soon and he would know much better than I.
  5. You will see a lot of names of former Ritter stars at Chatard. Chatard has always competed well, but with the steady influx of west side kids coming in, I could easily see them in 5A on SF in the next couple of cycles. Ritter’s loss is Chatard’s gain.
  6. It became much more frequent when all the Purichias, Adamses, and Cmehils started migrating from the west side. If Ritter hadn’t screwed the pooch no one would be talking about Lutheran, they’d be stalking about Ritter.
  7. I’ll be honest, prior to Radtke showing up I’m not sure I had ever heard of Knox. But here’s what will happen. Knox will be well prepared. They’ll have a great game plan and they will execute it to the best of their ability. And at the end of the day, they’ll lose to a better team, but they will show up and compete.
  8. One aspect specifically relating to Catholic schools that is often overlooked is multiple K-8 feeders feeding one HS. Looking specifically at smaller classes, but the fact that one HS might have 3-4 QB’s getting quality reps in MS, 6-8 RB’s, 15-20 OL, etc. While their public school counterparts have only one feeder school so competition starts in the 7th grade. Again looking specifically at boys how many public school kids lose interest because their classmates who matured sooner dominated all those positions in MS and walked away. Then the late bloomers are beasts when they’re upperclassmen but they’ve moved on to other things.
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