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  1. Valid point, yet it is abridged constantly even today, mostly for the "common good". So at some point in the future do we have more added to the list of reparations?
  2. In an earlier post you mentioned the federal government denying people basic human rights, the right to liberty and self determination, etc. So we are in fact retroactively making today's laws apply to yesteryear. Slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, etc., regardless of how wrong they were, were in fact the law of the land at the time. Again, as I posted earlier how am I today, in 2019, along with every other tax payer to be held responsible for legal actions that our ancestors may or may not have committed 50-100-150 years ago? You specifically mention in your post the government "unlawfully" taking your father's house. Unlawful by what litmus test? The law at the time of the seizure or the law today? What about women who couldn't vote? What about people who were denied alcohol during prohibition? What about all the drafted military who didn't make it home? What about the Native Americans? What about the gays who were denied marriage until four years ago? Earlier in this thread I posted this below, no one has addressed any of these points: 1 How do you determine who gets reparations? 2 Who is on the hook for the bill? 3 What is the price to right this wrong? How is it determined? 4 How do reparations move this country forward? Does it end racism? Does it put enough money in the economy that entire country becomes prosperous? 5 I don't understand how a US citizen of 2019 can be fined for the legal actions of their forefathers 150 years ago.
  3. And a highly trained well equipped military. Don't let the goofy out fits and spears fool you.
  4. I won't speak for @Rsquared but some of the stuff you say is funny.
  5. Same as it is every year, be the best team on the field every Friday night.
  6. As I've already said, in their race to out liberal the other candidates and set themselves apart from the other 147 candidates, they're just setting Trump up for another four years. Biden is their best shot at winning, and he won't make it to the end. And the mainstream media will once again blindly aid the D's in electing Trump.
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