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  1. And the sun will still come up tomorrow. The success or lack thereof of high school children playing a game neither upsets me or excites me. If course I don’t have a monetary stake in it either.
  2. My daughter’s senior year in college, in the conference tournament Coach made somewhat odd decision at the end of the game, that ended up working out, to be honest I don’t even remember what it was. After the game I ran into Coach, and he asked me “did I make the right decision?” I just told him, you know Coach, I’m undefeated from the stands, I’m sure you made the right call.
  3. Based the results so far, I’d say they’re right in the mix.
  4. I agree, tough situation down there, a little love now and then won’t hurt.
  5. I have no insider information, I do know that Seymour’s JV and V locker rooms are segregated. It is my understanding there are issues with V only. Jackson County just got moved to red per the state blah, blah, blah. To be honest I haven’t even seen anything locally about the V game not happening yet.
  6. MS ball has in the past and still yet possibly at some schools struggle with jersey/size/number issues. It’s way worse in youth leagues. Officials have been historically, at least in this area, inclined to allow jacked up numbers. This typically only applies to 1, possibly 2 players. In the past this has gone on in Frosh and JV as well. I literally have worked JV games with 13-14 players and a couple of them have limited quarters. All that being said, with HS, my philosophy has changed a little bit over the years, if I have to get decked out in full uniform, the players have to as well.
  7. I have no idea, I haven’t seen them in several years.
  8. Will someone please take his shovel, he doesn’t seem to know when to quit digging.
  9. We have been fortunate, we’ve only had one game cancelled due to COVID and we were able to fill it with a game that needed emergency officials. We even ended up with two games a couple of weeks ago with the weather issues. I know a crew out of Columbus who didn’t work their first game last year until week 5.
  10. According to the COVID Topic FC is looking for a week 4 opponent.
  11. Either way, your post game analysis is always the highlight of our ride home on Friday nights. Don’t let us down.
  12. Should we have Lawrenceburg PD check the dumpsters behind Connie’s? Has anyone seen or heard from @StinkTownClown
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