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  1. How dare whites feel aggrieved about being replaced? Those bastards, letting themselves get resentful over us replacing them. They deserve what they have coming. We’re not replacing whites because we love power, we are replacing whites because they are hateful. We know they are hateful because of how much they make us hate-filled toward them. If they didn’t flat-out deserve to be hated, we wouldn’t hate them so much. Our boots stamping on their inhuman faces forever is for their own good.
  2. Buffalo fits the correct narrative.
  3. With all the ins, outs, and what have yous. Tough to keep straight in old Duder’s head. My interpretation is that there has never been a specific law providing for legal abortion. RvW prescribed a right to privacy between you and your doctor. If all that is true, what’s wrong with asking congress to pass a law and get the president to sign it. Or better yet, just allow the states to regulate it? I have an opinion, don’t care to debate it, don’t care to justify it, in general don’t even really care to discuss it. This is just another socially divisive issue and the R’s are too stupid to stay out of the fray. Murdock would have been the Senator from Indiana if he could just keep his mouth shut about abortion, and he couldn’t do it. I have paid pretty much zero attention to this leak, which was clearly politically motivated. Can we all just take a deep breath and wait to see what the court actually rules before we burn it down?
  4. It sure what the answer is. The group that handles BA/SB officials at Grand Park are throwing money at them to get them to come. My SB partner has been going up there and doing BA 20 bucks for a hotel room by yourself, they’re offering free equipment and uniforms to new umps. He gets an extra money in their first game of the day. So this weekend his first game of the day he got $125. All this is well and good, but all they’re doing is robbing umpires from other organizations. My last tournament I had four diamonds going. We were suppose to have a 3-man rotation on every diamond. Due to sickness, not showing up, sending a guy home, by Sunday I was down to two 5-man rotations, with an Ironman on one diamond the last three games. So parents when the tournament director is dealing with stuff like this like every day anymore, he’s probably not going to care that little Suzi got rung up on a pitch that was “foot” off the plate. Tell little Suzy to get the bat off her shoulder, his strike zone has been all over the place all day!
  5. I would venture to guess most of those Baseball games were frosh/C games.
  6. Madison has a new turf field, brand new addition includes a state of the art weight room. I was down there for a softball game earlier in the season, Coach Wilson showed me around the new weight facility, impressive.
  7. Dude you got a problem, I made an off the cuff remark.
  8. I was quick to bitch about the current state of affairs, I thought I might share a little glimpse of the reason you do it. Last night I had the pleasure to work a game where the HC was a kid I’ve had a relationship since she was about 8. I coached her in HS, saw her play a lot of games in college, as she was in the same conference as my daughter. She’s currently serving as interim HC as the HC has had some health issues. She is expected to be named HC. One of the highlights of my career was being able to shake her hand at the plate meeting and refer to her as coach. I think the best way for me to sum up the current state of affairs is, sports to me has always been about relationships. The main problem as I see it is the toxicity involved doesn’t foster the creation of relationships. Coaches, officials, and parents need to figure out, everyone is here for the same reason, and ultimately it will be the kids who suffer if we continue down this path.
  9. I no longer work youth football where parents are allowed near the field. Basically only leagues played on HS fields with the parents in the stand.
  10. I notice your reference says “him” and not to get into the pronoun thing, I assume this is from a men’s book. I don’t know if any youth fastpitch around, but I do know USA (formerly ASA) has different rules for men’s and women. For instance crow hopping is legal in the mens game and. It allowed in womens. This could also be in reference to Slow pitch.
  11. Im not a big ultimatum guy, they never end well, and I assure you if I’m given an ultimatum I’m going to do the thing you told me not to do. That being said, I have adopted several techniques: Coach do you care to repeat that? Youve made your point it’s time to move on Coach you need to go coach your team. In 40 years, the handful of coaches who excused themselves had it coming. I’ve always taken pride in the fact that things seldom degenerated to where we had an ejection. The other thing is having been a HC and an official, I totally get both sides.
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