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  1. Probably should have downvoted for it being colorized! Thanks Ted Turner!
  2. When my wife and I left the funeral home after my father's viewing, I made the comment "you know there were a lot more stories told, and laughs shared, than there were tears shed". At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.
  3. Well when you throw the ball one of three things can happen, and two of them are bad.
  4. I'm pretty sure they sponsor local youth teams, I'm familiar with the Crapo Agency.
  5. It definitely changes the way you watch a game. Even watching a game on TV, I often find myself counting offensive players in the huddle, looking for subs coming in, and once the line up looking at the formation to make sure they're legal, checking numbers positions, etc. The superstar.....sadly unless he's the QB, the LG, or one of the defensive rushers, I probably won't see much of him. I often here the BJ or wing talk about these spectacular plays down field, and I never see them. In fact many times I don't know whether the ball is dropped or caught. You have your keys, then your area of responsibility, and that's your sole focus.
  6. From what I've seen of the film we missed an illegal formation on one play.
  7. We see a wide variety of conferences from little to big. I honestly can't remember any specifics, I just know we're seeing more and more of the. FWIW, back when the Colts played at the RCA Dome, they had 5 buck tickets upstairs in the EZ. At the time we had season tickets about the GL on the home side on the east end. Upstairs EZ was hands down my favorite place to watch.
  8. We see more and more of them. As far as specific schools, I really don't remember. I have always LOVED the EZ view, I love it when schools include the EZ view when they share with us on Hudl. We had a film last year that was cut up with Side long, side tight, and EZ, so each play played three times, one with each view. I love it. Takes a little longer to get thru, but so much more to see.
  9. If he QB tells me he's taking a knee, I always tell him not to mess around, go down.
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