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  1. Ehh, you can catch a fifth of JT Boots in the city for under a ten spot.
  2. Honestly I could give two shits about visors and covered knees. None of us want to be the uniform police. More to the point the same person who harps on this crap hand picks these crews. So the question begs to be asked what’s really important? I get it’s the championship game, and it’s about the play on the field……at what point are we to ignore these rules, sectional, regional, SS, or is it only at the finals?
  3. I don’t know I one time told a coach we should swap positions because he was obviously a better umpire than me and I was sure as hell a better coach than him. This was in the middle of a run rule game with his second baseman standing back at the edge of the grass waiting on every slow roller to come to her and not being able to throw out routine ground balls at first base. I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to manufacture enough outs to get this thing out to bed.
  4. Dude seriously you started this shit. I have a pretty good sense of humor and can really appreciate a good trolling, you are neither humorous nor entertaining. These are just sad pathetic attempts at trolling that frankly is beneath a man of my talents to even respond to. It’s like having a battle of wits with your smartass 10 year old nephew at Thanksgiving and frankly you bore me. Have a nice life.
  5. A) I live in Seymour, brilliant sleuthing there Sherlock since it’s in my bio. B) Being a proud graduate of Seymour High School I can form sentences that communicate my thoughts and ideas with others even when I’m drunk sitting in my mother’s basement. C) I have no clue when Seymour’s last trip to the regional was, you’re obviously more of a fan than I. D) The breakfast rush is about to start you probably need to get off your phone and get the drink station cleaned up. E) With all this knowledge about me I figured you’d be aware that I’m not a boomer.
  6. Not going to lie, I was at EC last year for Youth Football Night, they begin their mullet grooming very young in St Leon, it was truly impressive to watch the flowing locks of those young men as they ran across the field when their names were read.
  7. Can we expect Bowen’s tinted visor and all the uncovered knees in the 2A game to be in the training video next summer?
  8. I never owned a pair of parachute pants or Zubaz, but will admit to a couple of pair of Jams shorts. I can recall when tix hit $20, I thought the world was ending.
  9. I was aware of the merger, a quick perusal of several online articles leaves me feeling like I need a shower. Once again I don’t begrudge the acts getting everything they can, but we’re ALL (acts, venues, and ticket buying public) being held hostage by a monopoly that has been allowed by the FTC. TM and LN have bought, begged, and stolen the competition.
  10. The Baseball Coaches Association submitted a proposal for sectional alignment. Not only were they not invited to participate in the meeting their proposal was given ZERO consideration. It’s not hard to figure out.
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