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  1. I suspect like most Americans thoughts are so what? Until you need an attorney. There are far more needs for an attorney other than criminal defense.
  2. The Coen Brothers have some other great movies. Fargo, Raising Arizona, off the wall but it has its moments, The Ladykillers, Burn After Reading may be the funniest. Still can’t believe the Academy overlooked Brad Pitt’s performance in Burn After Reading.
  3. Get back to me when you’ve seen it a minimum of 17 times, you should be starting to get it by then…..it’s a way of life.
  4. This is not Nam Smokey, it’s league play, there are rules.
  5. Had a similar experience driving home with my daughter who played a round robin at Purdue Northwest in Porter back during her recruiting time. Cool to see schools I’d heard of for years, then to actually see them. Eventually I wondered back on to 65.
  6. Across the Sherman Minton Bridge and up the hill.
  7. Bat and ball sports, if you win a championship, the ball bounced your way a time or two, congrats to UE. Good luck in Knoxville.
  8. Think in terms of club sports players migrating to FC.
  9. Just spitballing here, but Columbus North was among the worst basketball teams in the area this past winter and the Football team is in the same sectional as CG. This will turnout about as spectacularly as most transfers around these parts. This is as much about JC’s musical chairs in the basketball office as anything.
  10. Didn’t see a single game last season. Most of the officials I talked to loved it.
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