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  1. Congrats Cody, passionate young coach, I wish you nothing but the best.
  2. Can’t believe SC moving to the HHC hasn’t been broached again.
  3. The official that told you this is wrong.
  4. Aside from a few years in the late 70’s-early 80’s when BNL and East had some tussles, has the HHC ever been relevant across the board? I will agree that from it’s inception until probably mid-late 80’s the HHC was better across the board but they’ve never been consistent winner in the tournament, aside from East of course.
  5. SCOTUS has seemingly ignored 2A cases since McDonald and Heller. I suspect that was a calculated decision by the conservatives on the court. I would be willing to bet given the changes to the court over the last four years, that’s about to change. On the state front, contact your State Senator and urge them to put pressure on Liz Brown, chair of the senate judiciary committee and give a hearing to HB 1369, “constitutional carry bill”. This week is our last chance. I want to force a vote, it’s time all the RINO’s earn those NRA ratings they all like to run on.
  6. Love him or hate him, he was a fascinating individual.
  7. I disagree, I’ve long felt HS has OT figured out. It’s beautifully simple, fair, and equitable for both teams.
  8. SEI Sports does a great job broadcasting/promoting SE Indiana sports. It’s not just the late round Football tournament games, it’s about every weekday and all sports.
  9. I made trips to St. Francis for years, and it was miserable EVERY time I was there.
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