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  1. Pike County is a tough situation. About the only industry that was ever there was agricultural and coal mining. The mining dried up in the 80’s, about the same time Pike Central was incorporated. Petersburg is literally a town stuck in another time. I would think socioeconomics dictate here as much as anywhere in the state.
  2. I really have no idea what you’re getting at, but it’s not unusual for teams to put starters in the game on special teams, or non scrimmage plays. As far as having seniors on the field.....well this time of year, their time is getting short, most of their careers are about to end. I’ve personally known Coach May since he’s been at BC and been on the field for many of their running clock games, including a 98-24 game, I have never seen an instance where he’s tried to run the score up, be disrespectful to, or embarrass an opponent. I’m not sure what you’re hinting at, but if you’re saying BC is running some sort of Bush League operation you’re wrong.
  3. High school sports are education based sports, that means it’s a part of your education. We know know your stance on public education, I would never expect you to understand or share my opinion.
  4. With the advance in camera technology I asked about using a camera for training of new officials and was told very plain and blunt NO!
  5. Competitive balance is the NFL, where every team is around .500+/- and bores the hell out of me.
  6. AD told us last night the have scheduled a charter and leaving early afternoon. Tough drive for parents and fans, hopefully a large contingent makes the trip.
  7. I69 is a game changer. For us, cruise set at 85, no traffic, no police, and you better have plenty of gas when you get on, not many exits either.
  8. Used condom found on the field at Paoli tonight, must have been a fun week of fall break!
  9. Back in the day there was always a Humes in Madison teams and the were all good athletes. I thought Willie was back at East?
  10. We've been a few times, not much has changed, aside from vendors being right up in your grill now. I did go to the dispensary, at least it had the air of legitimacy. And I saved the cool little tubes that they came in. The gummies are clearly the way to go. My guess is come Jan. 1 you're going to see interstate traffic driving really fast to OH and IL, and driving home really slow.
  11. Wife and I were in Jamaica earlier in the year. Medicinal Marijuana is now legal there. I went to the dispensary, saw the NP, got my script and they hooked me up with the strain that would cure my ills. I have never been a smoker, and I was the quintessential dude trying his first, all the coughing and hacking, TOTALLY UNCOOL. All that being said, I'm all in, it offered a numbing affect, and I didn't really feel "high". Why this is unavailable to chronic pain sufferers is beyond me. But put me down for the gummies, I just can't pull off the Marlboro Man. It is my understanding that the US is WAY ahead of the curve with hybrids for specific health issues.
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