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  1. SEI Sports does a great job broadcasting/promoting SE Indiana sports. It’s not just the late round Football tournament games, it’s about every weekday and all sports.
  2. I made trips to St. Francis for years, and it was miserable EVERY time I was there.
  3. My gut tells me it won’t happen, until a court tells North Meridian they have to.
  4. Because they dropped Roncalli after the first year of a 4 year deal in 18. This was part of the CCC/CI crossover.
  5. He’s not as old as me, but I’m much better looking.
  6. Just another year in this recurring saga. This isn’t the first time BHSS has cancelled the contract.
  7. Am I the only one seeing the irony of a stat boi questioning a HOF coach?
  8. Don’t discount Kevin Vanderbush’s impact on not only the Football program but all programs.
  9. As late as the early 90’s, not uncommon for the guy on one end of the chain to be wearing a Ralph Lauren parka, and the guy on the other end would be wearing worn out Carhartt bibs. Most on this board haven’t been around long enough to know/remember there was mostly farmland north of about 82nd Street.
  10. What’s your excuse for his success once he got in the playoffs?
  11. 2019 best frosh team I saw combined with a solid JV team. I didn’t see any Frosh/JV games in 2020. It will be interesting to see who this job attracts. Best luck to Coach Weber in his future endeavors, always liked the guy.
  12. Tough to tell on slo mo, I think you have to call that. Completely avoidable and not necessary.
  13. For many years Badger was Adidas largest supplier. Adidas made the move to the Southeast Asia. That was about the time you started seeing a lot of Badger branded apparel. My guess on your color is Adidas fights the same battles Nike has, constantly switching vendors leads to color/material inconsistencies. Nike makes some decent apparel, but I never bought two pieces of apparel that fit the same. We never used Nike apparel when I was coaching, but when my kid was at MU, they were a LIDS school, so the fan gear was all Nike and of course all of the team’s apparel. Being out of coaching and out
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