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  1. At this point since Muda seems to constantly make a scene about him doing it for one reason. Yes it would seem to take a little more effort than I’d be willing to put in but perhaps he doesn’t have a life? Who knows? The dude doesn’t have much to offer in his/her posts, I just don’t see the need in feeding the trolls or paying any attention to his posts. DE typically gives me the shoot me now vote, he’s an idiot not much use in responding.
  2. Who here has said the world is fair? What's wrong with wishing people success? Why do you continually want to manipulate people's words?
  3. Clearly not the point of his post. Life is not a zero sum game. Success is defined differently by pretty much everyone.
  4. Spoken like someone who's never signed their name on the front of a pay check.
  5. It basically means that all athletes are being treated as "in school out of season". So limited contact as permitted by local corporations but they are able to participate with club teams and private instructors. I'm not aware of any travel organization that is having tournaments anywhere in the country right now. What shocked me was to caveat that if they can resume May 1, cutting the number of practices from 10 to 5, I never thought they would waiver on that number. In all fairness to the IHSAA I think they are doing everything in their power to have a spring sports season. Hats of too them for being flexible, holding out hope, and trying to salvage something out of the spring season. At this point I think it's a foregone conclusion spring sports aren't happening. Breaks my heart for all the seniors. All the preparation that has already been put in by the coaches, athletes, and officials, but as the old adage goes, play every game like it's your last, because it could be.
  6. To be such a strong character, Alpha's stint was pretty short lived. How is the story playing along with the comics? I suppose we're leading to a war with the Whisperers for a season ending cliff hanger?
  7. I am co-chair for the Softball All Star game, which we’ve held the last two years at IU. We received an email Friday stating IU has canceled all facilities rentals. It did say since our event is in late June there was a possibility it could be picked back up.
  8. Catching a little of the debate, serious question: Did the makeup people have a competition to see which candidate they could make look whiter? Aside from that, looked like a skit on SNL. Two old guys arguing over stuff from 25 years ago.
  9. I’m in Clearwater Beach, just left Publix, plenty of water, plenty of TP. I didn’t see any hand sanitizer but I didn’t really look. We walked around last night, while there were certainly people out and about, it was far from packed like you would expect. Friend of mine got tickets to Clearwater/St Pete for 21.40 yesterday on Spirit I believe out of Indy, bag was only 30 bucks. The sun is hot, the water is fine, why not take advantage. I think we’re going to plan a long weekend down here again next month.
  10. Eligibility is obviously an issue, springs sports were already in full swing. I think it's impossible to predict given the dynamics of this situation, literally changing by the hour. As far as the HS situation, it's very fluid as well. As things stand right now, most schools are looking at resuming classes 4/6. Given that date the earliest any contest could happen would be the third week of April. This thing appears to continue to grow, I just don't see schools returning by 4/6, I really think spring sports are in jeopardy. The IHSAA has now postponed the BB tournament. Postponed to me means we'll do it in a week or so, and that's just not going to happen. I think they're prolonging the inevitable.
  11. Big Ten has suspended all athletic activities until 4/6 and will re-evaluate at that time. Assuming other conferences are taking similar measures.
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