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  1. Another interesting tidbit from Virginia. FTA: https://nationalistreview.net/2019/12/05/virginia-sheriff-promises-to-deputize-thousands-if-necessary-to-protect-their-right-to-own-firearms/?fbclid=IwAR3b64pjNciykTf0Por9i4R6YC6skeBLSB0H-2IfQBabBo04RrDTxiOxBNE
  2. If both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue were to fall into a giant sink hole, would anyone care?
  3. I just listened to Joe Rogan's podcast with Tulsi Gabbard. I came away being even more impressed with her than ever. She makes an incredible amount of sense on foreign policy and even some domestic policy. She got a free pass on most of the divisive domestic stuff, I was a little disappointed with Joe Rogan as it wasn't discussed. Which is odd given Rogan's marathon podcasts. After checking out her website and based on what little I've seen on the debates, I don't think I could vote for her, but she seems one of the least bat shit crazies on the stage. She is not currently qualified for the December debate, which is a shame, hopefully she makes the show. The more I see of Mayor Pete, the less I think. He's a spineless pandering politician who's life is dictated by polls. I never thought I would see this come to fruition:
  4. The softball certification clinics, required every other year for tournament applicants, focus pretty much soley on 3 man mechanics. I would assume baseball does something similar. I usually attend a certification clinic every year, it has been my observation at the clinics I attend the vast majority of the guys/gals at these clinics will never work beyond the sectional level, and could probably benefit more from throwing some 2 man stuff in the mix. Add into the mix the number of guys/gals who just umpire for beer and cigarette money who don't apply for a tournament so don't attend anything, much less a certification clinic, and it's not hard to understand why you hear the stories you hear regarding officiating in the bat and ball sports. When I was coaching I only hired what I deemed competent officials at home. It just makes your life much easier, in most cases they were state finals officials. But when we traveled, especially south, we often times got really bad officials. I never felt like we got homered, I just felt like they were in many cases incompetent. Many times I questioned whether or not they even had a softball license. They're not hard to spot, you see them when they're walking to the field and their partner is pointing locations of the field while he's talking to him. Poor rules knowledge, you might be amazed what I managed to talk umpires into. ***Note to coaches*** it pays to know the rules and know when the official doesn't.
  5. I didn't realize he was an old SCC guy. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact he's older than you.
  6. I hesitate to use the term "civil war", however something is brewing. More evidence: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/dozens-of-virginia-counties-pass-second-amendment-sanctuary-resolutions
  7. This is suppose to be a completely new program. The merger will create a "new" Elkhart High School. Grades 10-12 will attend the old Memorial building. Central will house the freshman center. I guess the question would be is this a continuation of the "old" Elkhart High School? The schools split in 1972.
  8. I'm assuming the week 3 game is an issue because of the new HHC schedule. Will this continue to be a revolving door or is there a long term game out there in the future?
  9. We had a couple of games where the sideline tarp came right up to the sideline. One was on a raining night and it was slick as hell. My LJ complained all night. Allowing QB to spike the ball in shotgun seems like a no brainer to me, particularly with the way O's have evolved. Seems odd we did away with automatic first down/loss of down on PI and now we're talking about adding DPI back. What is the purpose of first down for D PF/USC? If it's to fall in line with NCAA code, lets just use NCAA rules.
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