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  1. I've wondered this since it was announced. Logistically, how good of a fit is Long Island, tax breaks/reduced property costs or not? I'm sure with Amazon pulling the plug there are already some big winners and big losers with regards to property sales.
  2. In her eyes, she struck a blow to corporate America, so it's a win. In reality NY is off the hook for the incentives, so it's a win for NY. In the long run, the area is out of 25K jobs. I'm still not convinced this was a good deal for who got it.
  3. Impartial_Observer

    Tax Cut Implications

    I use a spreadsheet as well. You need to read closer, volunteer coaching isn't a W2 position. You might still be able to deduct. I can still deduct 1099 mileage. If you're a sole proprietor, you can still deduct as well.
  4. Impartial_Observer

    2019 High School Rules Changes

    Typically Football allows several years to allow for the changes to be made on existing replacement timelines. Buying ten BB jerseys is one thing, buying 60+ Football jerseys is something entirely different.
  5. It would be a constitutional crisis.
  6. Impartial_Observer

    Tax Cut Implications

    https://blog.turbotax.intuit.com/tax-deductions-and-credits-2/what-are-the-2018-standard-mileage-rates-33278/ FTA:
  7. Not sure Mitch would ever be characterized as a brilliant tactician.
  8. Impartial_Observer

    2019 High School Rules Changes

    It's always been common place to allow this sort of thing. MS's with hand me down jerseys or just lacking jerseys, have many times had issues getting everyone in the right numbers.
  9. Impartial_Observer

    EIAC 2019

    During a trip to Sioux City, Iowa a few years back, a friend of mine from the area told me I had to get a Twin Bing. Cherry/chocolate/peanuts...................had to be the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth.
  10. Impartial_Observer

    Tax Cut Implications

    Are you W2 or 1099?
  11. Impartial_Observer

    40 Sec Clock: HERE TO STAY: Thank You Indiana

    At least it didn't turn into a contraction thread.
  12. Impartial_Observer

    40 Sec Clock: HERE TO STAY: Thank You Indiana

    I think your point is moot Muda, at least in Indiana. It has been years since I've been to a HS that didn't have play clocks. I'm down though, in those blowout games you whine about, I'm all for removing all play clocks as well as game clocks, we'll keep it on the field, NO PROBLEM!
  13. Prior to my back surgery, I went to our ER on a Sunday morning and saw a PA. I knew what the problem was, I didn't want X-rays, diagnostics, etc. I was just asking for some pain killers to get me thru a couple of days. She was going to give me a script for 7.5/250 hyrdrocodone/tylenol. I told her look I get what you have going on and I totally get what this looks like. The Hydros won't do anything, I won't even get it filled. I told her I would like 7.5mg Oxycodone, like 8 pills to get to to Tuesday, assuming I would be able to get into my neuro by Tuesday to schedule the surgery and at that point he could take over. I told he I completely understand what this looks like and if you can't do it I understand. This was obviously an ongoing situation and I knew the back surgery was coming. She was really nice about it, hooked me up, and the rest is history. After my back surgery two years ago, I came home on a Oxycontin/Oxycodone/Valium cocktail. Dropped the Oxycontin in about two days, dropped the Oxycodone in like 6 days. Oddly enough the Valium was the only script I had refilled. I had a lot of tightness and spasms, the Valium seemed to take care of them. I took them off and on for about two months. For the hernia surgery, mine was late in the day, I didn't get out of the hospital until like 6 in the evening. I was still pretty medicated, so no pills the rest of the night. I took about three the next day, and the next day, two days post op, SUCKED! I took five that day. Day three woke up and it didn't seem to bad, so I haven't had one since. Mainly just soreness, suck it up and get thru it. My surgery was with the DaVinci Robot, four 1" incisions in my abdomen, I never had any pain with them.
  14. We’re good, pray for someone who needs it. FYI, doctors have told me you have about 0% chance of becoming addicted by taking opioids for pain management post-op. After my recent hernia surgery I came home with 60 pills, I think I took like eight.