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  1. Never really thought much about that, always enjoy going places that take care of the stripes, some really seem to take pride in it. What can I say, most officials are prima donnas, a program, a clean towel, some water, a candy bar, something to eat after the game are really appreciated. As I said some schools really take pride in this, some schools clearly view us as a necessary evil, and don’t put much effort into it. As far as stadiums, in no particular order: East Central Roncalli Enlow Field CG Linton Heritage Hills New Albany Gibson Southern
  2. Only HHC team we had/have all season is Seymour week 1. Seem to be touring the MSC and EIAC this season, with some CI, SIAC, and Circle City mixed in. Come tournament time who knows.
  3. I think one thing that gets lost in all this, hopefully by week 7 teams have been steadily improving. Perhaps we don't really see that watching the home team every week and whoever they may be playing. We had a pretty good team Friday night, we also had them week 2. From week 2 to week 6 they had gotten a LOT better in my opinion. They won both games, played a lot better opponent in week 2, but still you can tell, they're much crisper, block a little better, tackle a little better, everything is just sharper. Best of luck to everyone in week 7, we're in the home stretch, I never figured
  4. Yea* I've seen it done well, and I've seen it done miserably. I coached my daughter in Softball. I think we both would agree it went pretty well. We both shared a passion for a sport, and that was really cool. At a time when most of my contemporaries barely spoke to their daughters, I felt like we not only talked, but I felt like she still valued what I had to say, or was interested in my opinion. It doesn't come without it's downfalls, she was a pretty good player, never really got the accolades from the coach in the paper that she deserved, When games got out of hand either way, sh
  5. 1st and 10 for R at the spot the kick ended.
  6. The “around” the LOS needs to be a little more defined.
  7. And the South Central Conference followed suit in the mid 30's.
  8. Probably would have been a better add than Rushville or Connersville.
  9. IO is just disappointed the pretend grass project didn't get started a little sooner. Would loved to have had the inaugural game.
  10. Bob the year I had the MS issue, it was a POE. The dude was doing play by play while the ball was in play, including “no flag on the late hit out of bounds”.
  11. It needs to be addressed long before the late 4th QTR FG attempt. I’ve had to deal with this a few of times over the years. Usually a talk with the HC takes care of things. In a MS game one time I went so far as a trip to the press box at halftime. Followed by USC flags on the home team for every occurrence after.
  12. Funny story about radio guys, last year I ended up with a fractured foot in our first game. I sat in the press box the second half. I kept my radio so I could help if they needed for penalty enforcement. The radio guys were sitting to my right and I had my ear piece in my left ear. So any call that happened I would give them the info. I don’t think they ever realized I had an ear piece in and was listening to the crew. I wasn’t even watching the game, I was watching our mechanics. They thought I was the Amazing Carnac when ever there was a flag, I instantly knew what it was. As the game wound
  13. As someone who throws flags, in many situations I prefer a late flag to an early one. Best advice most young officials need is SLOW DOWN, give your brain a second to understand what your eyes saw.
  14. IO and crew were at Jasper tonight. Need to see the film, but I thought we were pretty solid. Saw on Twitter two names and I don’t know either of them.
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