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  1. Yea, Prime, my bad. Drive to Survive is an inside look at Formula 1. Each episode kind of looks at a different team or driver. Some teams are more available than others. I'm hoping Mercedes is a little more forthcoming in season 2. Good insight into McClaren, Red Bull, Haas, Renault, the Renault/Red Bull engine struggles, Daniel Riccardo, etc.
  2. Nearing the one year anniversary, I've got some other things going on right now that would have involved him, and it's really kind of hitting me. I've been thinking a lot about him, sure could use his guidance. With my mom, it really hit me that first Mother's Day. I feel like I'm very fortunate, both of my parents opted to quit dialysis, I had the opportunity to tell them both goodbye, and thank them for being my parents. When all was said and done, I don't know if it makes it any easier, but I was certainly at peace with it.
  3. Hunters comes out Friday on Netflix. Drive to Survive Season 2 comes out next Friday on Netflix. I caught Upity on Netflix this week, interesting documentary of Willy T Ribbs. I knew he was an animal in sports car racing, never knew a lot of the other stuff. I've been wanting to catch Ford vs. Ferrari, it's an incredible story glad to see it make it to the big screen.
  4. The heart attack at Indiana Beach was 73-74, he just died last March, so yea, lots of time, but never enough right?
  5. I questioned why Bloomberg would even get in these debates, he had absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose, which pretty much exactly what happened last night in my opinion. He did make a couple of salient points, the self proclaimed socialist on the stage has three homes how does that work? When being beat up by Bernie about his wealth and lack of paying taxes, he agreed and said you made the laws. Bernie is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for the D's. Klobuchar, Warren, and Biden need to get out, their votes are siphoning votes away from anyone who could challenge Bernie, be it Mayor Pete or Bloomberg. I have said all along and still maintain, the D's will screw Bernie again, they realize if he's the nominee November will be a blood bath. The D's have been hedging their bets since the late summer, they've already told us the November election will be illegitimate, now the seeds are being planted that the D nominating process will be the same. I predict great entertainment moving towards Milwaukee.
  6. Didn’t go to the doctor until we came home, to his dying day dad swore the doctors were crazy, he never had a heart attack.
  7. This is a pretty simple example utilizing laser sensor technology to measure rough lumber and optimize cutting solutions for a gang rip saw. Some systems use optical scanners, some lasers, it's all pretty mature technology. Koetter Woodworking in Starlight, IN has a pretty elaborate system that goes from skip dressed 4/4 material to cut to sized finished product. It also allows them to sell FAS material that was made from #1C material. I realize our industry has the stigma of clear cutting the entire planet and burning it to the ground, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In large scale operations there is literally nothing wasted. Every part of the tree is used, down to sawdust. When we were manufacturing solid wood parts, we even sold our saw dust to an animal bedding place. Used to be a PITA any time we had to run Walnut, had to disconnect the dust system, use a portable collector, then reconnect everything. I could drone on for hours about the Chinese. One item of note however, in the late 90's, as the Euro gained strength against the Dollar, this started getting into the European manufacturers pockets. Most of the big players set up manufacturing facilities in China to take advantage of cheap labor and an artificially low Yuan. And there was clearly a difference in the European produced machines vs. their Chinese counterparts, but they were hitting a price point and that resonated with some buyers.
  8. I see this happen a lot. I had the opportunity to sit at a wedding reception with my daughter and several of her former travel teammates at a wedding last summer. The discussion got around to all the things they missed in high school because of their commitment to their sport and playing at the next level. It was sure interesting to listen to, I hesitate to say that any of them regretted anything, I think they all just felt like they missed out on something. All of them talked about missing Football homecomings, dances, school activities, social activities, etc. It was very interesting to listen to. College will still be there in the fall, you only get one shot at this.
  9. I would have to do some research. Most of the equipment in the video is readily available and most likely operating in commercial shops near you. It's all fairly mature technology as well, the flat bed machining center, edgebander, vertical boring machine, return conveyors, labeling machine, material handling equipment, etc., have been around for many years. The robots are a fairly new technology in our industry. The newer adaptive robots are just now starting to grow in our industry. Earlier robotics were very task specific, expensive, and as processes changed, they were basically boat anchors. An educated guess would be this cell is somewhere in the 6ish million range. There are a myriad of factors involved with figuring the ROI on such a system. A significant reduction in workforce to process your parts, could be partially offset by hiring additional workers to assemble all these parts. My biggest fear having a system such as that, is feeding the monster. You have to generate a LOT of work to keep that thing running and honestly at this stage of my career that's one pressure I have no interest in. It might be interesting to know, you'll mostly see this type of system being installed in China, rather than the US. The Chinese have been very proactive in investing in technology rather than just throwing cheap labor at manufacturing. They see emerging economies in the Pacific Rim countries and are trying to head it off. Systems such as this also offer quality, tight tolerance, repeatable results, something the Chinese have never really been known for. There is a market for systems such as this in the US, but I would think that's a shrinking market. It's worth noting most of the manufacturers of this type of equipment are either Italian or German. I have a penchant for Italian equipment myself. The Germans are.....well Germans, their engineering is second to none, but you still have to deal with the Germans. Every guy in the US has a few tools in his garage, maybe an old table saw he inherited from grandpa or something thinks yea I can build that. It's a new world out there Scooter.
  10. The autopsy could find no cause of death, no trauma was recorded, and this somehow becomes the park operator's fault? Oddly enough I've only been to Indiana Beach one time, as a 8-9 year old kid, and the only memory I have of the place is my dad having a heart attack there.
  11. Pretty much the same operation as mine, only with less people, lol.
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