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  1. Simple fix we started doing many years ago, if you don’t vote, we don’t work there. I have never sent emails/snail mail to coaches/AD’s, never told anyone how to vote. When I give coaches my card in pregame and yes it’s even printed in my card, “Please vote for tournament officials”. I used to bail out a small rural school near me on lower level games, AD called me one day needing help and I told him I can’t do it, you didn’t vote for us for the last several years and we have a policy if you don’t vote we no longer work there. I have not worked at that school since, but they have vote for us ever since. This is just one example.
  2. Dude seriously, you’re making remarks in a public forum bring into question the integrity of a crew of officials as well as a long time HC in the state of Indiana. It’s low rent in the least and libel at the worst? What’s more if you’re going to make such statements and defame people in a public forum, I suggest you put your name on it and offer up some evidence. Brian Personett
  3. 35-16, 19 point difference, those officials must be really good. I hope you don’t get the same crew at Jeff.
  4. We had an odd situation Friday night. A is behind by a large margin 1/10 on their own 5, with 50ish seconds to go in the half. A’s coach makes it known they are taking a knee. A lines up in victory (?) formation, DL doesn’t even get in a stance, A snaps, QB immediately goes down to a knee. B’s coach calls TO. He claims he didn’t know they were taking a knee and is upset no one told him. Personally I thought it was pretty obvious to everyone in the stadium they were taking a knee. A’s coach is even more upset that we didn’t let A’s coach know. Even bringing it up in a post game email exchange. Our philosophy has ALWAYS been and we’ve been told in training not to alert anyone as to A taking a knee. We don’t adjust our mechanics, other than the U paying particular attention to the snapper. Thoughts from coaches and officials?
  5. One observation and one question: 1) Wilson GST balls suck, prove me wrong. When they’re dry they’re slick and when they get wet, often times just sweat from ball carriers, they’re slimy. 2) Is the GID where coaches and officials are now getting interpretations?
  6. No good story, I think my wing had just heard enough from the assistant.
  7. Oddly enough, neither coach questioned the down and distance after we marked it off. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t understand why an assistant coach would be assessed a USC after getting a DPI and a first down.
  8. C’mon man! We had this happen Friday night, unusual scenario, I thought I’d throw it out for all the aspiring officials here.
  9. No Football, but Crothersville FFA is the best pork burgers and I’ll fight anyone who says differently. I can attest to the steak sandwiches at Rushville, and suffering they the game, a fat guy who hasn’t had supper yet, smelling them as they’re cooked in the south EZ.
  10. A ball 3/8 at their 22. Incomplete pass, and DPI in B. 15 yard mark off and the LTG has been reached. Penalty is marked off, chains reset, and prior to the RFP, a 15 yard USC on A’s coach. Down and distance for the next play please?
  11. Exactly. There is a point system involved and the young man taking the sportsmanship class online is one of the ways you can regain points.
  12. Ejection is pretty obvious, losing the remaining game time plus the next one is a pretty stiff penalty. Also not necessarily known by most fans, schools lose sportsmanship points which can come with differing penalties from the IHSAA, depending on the amount of penalty points lost. A player being ejected once could have ramifications from the team or school as well. Back in the day, a second ejection could include a trip to Indy for the athlete, coach, AD, and or principal. I’ve just always felt these are very serious fouls and should not be handed out without some consideration.
  13. Hey, another new floor this year! Should be about done, they were about done installing it a few weeks back when we were there. I would guess it’s finished by now.
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