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  1. I saw a tweet that said it will be at Castle, so like South, they will have to make the long trip down there. I don't know what it is, but every time South has played Castle in the state playoffs, it has always been at Newburgh. Maybe one of these days, the Knights will have to make the long road trip.
  2. Castle 31 Bloomington South 14 (final) Congrats to Castle. South really hurt themselves in this game with two turnovers on their first two possessions of the game that turned into easy TDs, a couple of major penalties that hurt a couple of drives, and the secondary having two breakdowns in 2nd half when the receiver got behind the coverage. South has had a really strong running game this season, but not tonight as they lost their top running back last week to an ankle injury and then lost their backup RB right at the start of the game, but that's how it goes in football. It was still a good season for the Panthers at 9-2 and they will have a bunch of starters back next season. Castle plays Whiteland next week.
  3. Castle 24 Bloomington South 14 (9:04, 4th) South's secondary has not had a good second half as they gave up another big pass play that set Castle up for a FG and a two-score lead.
  4. Castle 21 Bloomington South 14 (end of 3rd) South had a stiff wind in their face in the 3rd and will now have it to their back in the final qtr. Castle has the ball in their territory.
  5. Castle 21 Bloomington South 14 (3:49, 3rd) South went to sleep in the secondary and the Knights scored on a 70 yard pass play with the receiver well behind the defense. It was Castle's first completed pass of the game.
  6. Bloomington South 14 Castle 14 (half) Castle will get the ball when the 2nd half starts.
  7. Bloomington South 14 Castle 14 (9:41, 2nd) After giving up two short field TDs at the start of the game, South has had no problem moving the ball on the Knights even with a 3rd string RB in there. South scored on a 9-yard TD pass.
  8. Castle 14 Bloomington South 7 (end of 1st) Castle will be punting to start the 2nd qtr.
  9. Castle 14 Bloomington South 7 (2:00, 1st) After giving up two short field TDs, South drove the length of the field scoring on a 13 yard TD pass. South has a soph JV RB in the game right now.
  10. Castle 14 Bloomington South 0 (5:52. 1st) After fumbling the ball on their first possession of the game, South threw a pick at the South 38 yard line and Castle got another short field TD. This entire game has been played at the South end of the field after two straight turnovers.
  11. Castle 7 Bloomington South 0 (8:55, 1st) Bad luck struck South twice at the start of the game. With South's starting RB Gavin Adams out after turning an ankle last week, his replacement Ben Morrison was hurt right at the start of the game. His replacement at RB was WR Drew Crum-Hieftje and there was a handoff issue on 3rd down with a fumble and Castle scored a very short field TD.
  12. Bloomington South 28 Bloomington North 7 (final) With South having a first and goal at the North 2-yard line, South took a knee to run the clock out. After starter Gavin Adams went out late in the 1st with an ankle injury, backup RB Ben Morrison came in and ran for over 200 yards. South will play either Castle or Evansville North next week and regardless of who wins that game, the Panthers will be traveling to the Evansville area for a road game.
  13. Bloomington South 28 Bloomington North 7 (8:40, 4th) After picking North, South went on a 96-yard drive capped off by a 33-yard TD run by backup RB Ben Morrison and it probably put this game out of reach for North.
  14. Bloomington South 21 Bloomington North 7 (end of 3rd) South has the ball fairly deep in their own territory at the start of the 4th. South DL Ralph Rogers went over the 100-tackle mark on the season and just added an INT which they don't get many opportunities for.
  15. Bloomington South 21 Bloomington North 7 (6:03, 3rd) South took the opening kickoff of the 2nd half 76 yards, scoring on a 14-yard pass play. Backup running back Ben Morrison has 114 yards on 21 carries so far for South.
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