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  1. Terre Haute South 36 Northview 27 (final) The long kickoff return at the end of the 3rd with the score, seemed to pump new life in Northview's offense and they went on a long drive in the 4th and scored with the aid of a face mask penalty on the drive to pull within two at the 8:05 mark, but that would be it. The Braves would seal the win with a TD with just 1:22 left in the game. It's the first loss of the season for Northview, and I have to think that the Braves' much tougher schedule showed itself tonight in their 2nd win of the season.
  2. Terre Haute South 29 Northview 20 (end of 3rd) The Braves scored late in the 3rd on a pass play and then gave up a long kickoff return which set the Knights up at the 21-yard line of the Braves, which set up a QB keeper for the score. The Knights were doing absolutely nothing on offense until the long kickoff return. They went for two and were stuffed at about the one-yard line.
  3. Terre Haute South 22 Northview 14 (half) The Knights scored with about one minute left in the half after the Braves had grabbed a two TD lead on two long pass plays. Defenses for both teams gave up a lot of yards in the first half.
  4. Northview 7 Terre Haute South 7 (end of 1st) Thursday night football. The Knights scored first on a pick-6 when the THS QB stared down his receiver. THS responded after that on a game tying drive.
  5. Yes. If you need to edit something, you had better do it fast. I've never timed it, but I don't think they even give you five minutes, and maybe it's closer to three or four minutes.
  6. Hey MuleDriver, I saw where they made the center for the Panthers the "offensive player of the week," and it the same player that was at center during the North game, so I guess they got the snap problem ironed out. I also saw that the freshmen won their game last night at THS, 22-0, and their record goes to 4-0-1.
  7. My picks for Week 6: Northview @ Terre Haute South - Of the games this week, this area rivalry game could be a little tricky to pick. While the Knights (4A No. 10 in coaches poll and 4A No. 15 in AP poll) are unbeaten and have easily won their games, the Braves have played the tougher schedule. Both teams have played THN and easily won those games. Besides THN, the Knights (5-0) have played two 3A teams and two 2A teams with a combined record of 8-17 to include THN. I'll go with the Knights winning by 10-14 points, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the Braves come out on top. Southport @ Bloomington South - No reason to discuss this game other than there is a very good chance of a running clock to start the 2nd half. Like with the starters, the Panthers' backups will actually need to take a shower after this game. Columbus North @ Terre Haute North - After playing two difficult opponents in row, the Bull Dogs won't mind the long trip to Terre Haute to play what promises to be a breather. A Chatard poster said the Bull Dogs were more competitive in their game with them than what the final score might otherwise have indicated. Bloomington North @ New Albany - New Albany is among one of the worst teams in the HHC this season - enough said. It's a long trip to Floyd County, but it will be a good trip back to Bloomington.
  8. Pick'em results for Week 5: ptr (4-0) - 15-2 Frozen Tundra (4-0) - 14-3 LC_Bears_04 (3-1) - 13-4 Bulldog15 (3-1) - 13-4 MuleDriver (3-1) - 12-5 THPD262 (4-0) - 9-2 (Weeks 3 thru 5) Week 6 games: Note: The Northview @ Terre Haute South game was moved up to Thursday because of the lack of a ref crew for Friday. Picks have to be in by Thursday at 7 p.m. Northview @ Terre Haute South (Thurs) Southport @ Bloomington South Columbus North @ Terre Haute North Bloomington North @ New Albany
  9. Another reason and it might be the case, they couldn't come up with a ref crew for the game. I saw today that the Northview at TH South game next week was moved up to a Thursday game because they couldn't come up with a ref crew on Friday.
  10. They didn't give a reason, but I suspect one of the teams may have had problems fielding a JV team because of injuries, and maybe it just one position that has been hit hard by injuries. You don't hear much about things like this unless you are close to someone on the team whether it's players or staff and their families. However, that doesn't explain the move to Monday for the freshman game.
  11. The secondary is probably the weakest area of the team, and I'm not saying it's weak, just that the strongest part of our defense is the front seven. We gave up two deep passes in the season opener against Columbus East where there was a breakdown in coverage. Offenses have been reluctant to run the ball much against the Panthers because of their front seven. btw, maybe you saw it, but the JV game which was to be played in Bloomington, was canceled. The freshman game in Terre Haute has been pushed back to 6 p.m. on Monday.
  12. Bloomington South 41 Terre Haute South 14 (final)
  13. I'm following two X (twitter) accounts which are giving updates on the game, but the problem with that is you don't get a feel for the flow of the game. All I got was scoring updates with basically who was involved on the play. Frustrating. WVNI also stayed in town and covered the North game with WGCL. The H-T high school beat writer didn't even want to go to Terre Haute and he covered the Eastern Greene/Clarksville game.
  14. Bloomington North 49 Terre Haute North 12 (final)
  15. Bloomington South 41 Terre Haute South 14 (very late 4th) THS just scored on the ground with the game winding down.
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