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  1. Can you confirm that you received my donation through PayPal that shows the transaction being completed on July 13th? I'm still listed as a 2021-22 donor so I thought I had better check on whether you did receive it.
  2. WHCC 105.1 FM in Bloomington just released their broadcast/streaming schedule which covers North, South, and Edgewood games. Three other Bloomington stations that always covers high school football in the area in WGCL, WVNI, and WCLS have yet to post their 2022 schedules. Here is the link to the WHCC schedule. High School Football - Hoosier Country 105 :: Today's Best Country (whcc105.com)
  3. Cathedral 45 New Albany 7 (half) The Irish add both a FG and another TD near the end of the 1st half. I'm over and out for this game.
  4. Cathedral 35 New Albany 7 (5:00, 2nd) I don't know where it stands right now, but the Irish had 158 rushing yards to 3 yards for the Bulldogs at the end of the 1st. I'm kind of glad that it is New Albany and not South taking this beating. With the loss last week by South, at least Coach J.R. Holmes gets the three football-playing basketball players back in time to get enough practices in for the start of the season.
  5. Cathedral 28 New Albany 7 (0:56, 1st) As expected, the Bulldogs are no match for the Irish.
  6. Cathedral 21 New Albany 7 (under 4, 1st) Irish are grinding up some big yardage on the ground.
  7. Cathedral 14 New Albany 7 (late 1st) The Bulldogs score on a 29 yard pass play after picking up a 1st down on a 4th and 10 play.
  8. Yes, Johnson was a load for South to stop, and the Panthers didn't do a very good job of slowing him down, especially in the second half when South couldn't move the ball much offense and the "D" was spending most of the second half on the field.
  9. It's an excuse, but a legitimate excuse when the teeth of your offense all of a sudden is not there and you really are going with a JV backfield. There are probably not too many teams in the playoffs that can survive if the players that guided their offense for the entire season are suddenly not in there. However, that's how it goes in sports and you just deal with it and move on.
  10. Actually it wasn't shocking. South does not have a running back even close to what Che Hogue brings to the table, and I don't know why he didn't dress for the game. Then you add that Zach David is also out and they go with a soph backup QB with a conservative game plan, and you get what happened tonight. South threw three picks with one of those being a pick six. South was unable to move the ball on offense in the second half and the Bulldogs' strength is on their offensive side of the ball. NA spent much of the second half on South's side of the field with the Panthers' defense not getting much of breather. South kept a lid on those two key players not playing right up until just before game time. The beat writer for the Bloomington paper didn't tweet it until about 35 minutes before kickoff. Anyway, congrats to the Bulldogs for their first ever regional title and I assume they will get the unenviable task of trying to take down Cathedral. I haven't seen the Cathedral score, but I assume they will probably win their game.
  11. New Albany 33 Bloomington South 14 (final) The Bulldogs got a meaningless TD at the end of the game after South threw their 3rd pick of the game with all picks on their side of the field with one of them being a pick six. South could not muster any offense in the second half which required their defense to spend much of their time out on the field. South just could not overcome having a conservative offense with a JV QB and backup running backs in there. Congrats to the Bulldogs for their first ever regional title. They get to honor of probably trying to beat Cathedral in the semistate.
  12. New Albany 26 Bloomington South 14 (4:55, 4th) After South tried a fake punt on a 4th and 6 at their end of the field, NA managed to stop South short of the 1st down marker, and the Bulldogs were able to get a short drive together for what appears to be the clinching TD.
  13. New Albany 20 Bloomington South 14 (8:08, 3rd) South gave NA a fairly short field on the 2nd half kickoff, and NA went on a 56 yard drive to take the lead. Most of their yardage was on the ground. PAT no good (bad snap)
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