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  1. Southport 41 Bloomington South 14 (final) Bad day at Black Rock for South. Defense gave up 453 yds of offense to the Cardinals, while the offense turned the ball over four times. It was just a plain no-show performance by the Panthers as they were totally outplayed by Southport.
  2. Southport 41 Bloomington South 14 (8:27, 4th) Southport goes on a 70 yd drive aided by two 15 yd penalties on South. With four turnovers, poor special teams play, and major penalties, this has not been South's night.
  3. Southport 35 Bloomington South 14 (0:14, 3rd) After cutting into Southport's lead, South gives up a big kickoff return to their 30 yd line, and Southport cashes in to push the lead back up.
  4. Indian Creek 27 Edgewood 7 (final) It was a scoreless 2nd half for these teams with Edgewood's four turnovers in the first half the difference in the game.
  5. Southport 27 Bloomington South 14 (3:23, 3rd) After both teams trade turnovers, South cashes in for a TD to cut into the lead.
  6. Southport 27 Bloomington South 6 (half) Three turnovers in the first half have been killers for South.
  7. Southport 27 Bloomington South 6 (4:10, 2nd) The Cardinals get a quick TD after a high pass that deflected off of a receiver's hand is picked and is returned to the South 2 yd line for an easy TD. South has lost two fumbles and thrown a pick so far in the first half.
  8. Southport 20 Bloomington South 6 (5:44, 2nd) Southport scores on a 48 yd TD pass by their RB in a trick play.
  9. Indian Creek 27 Edgewood 7 (half) Edgewood threw 4 picks in the first half.
  10. Southport 13 Bloomington South 6 (end of 1st) Southport took the lead just before the end of the 1st. South's defense is a no-show so far.
  11. Bloomington South 6 Southport 6 (2:55, 1st) South responds in just 49 seconds to Southport's TD to tie the game. PAT failed. Both teams are 0-2 in PAT attempts so far.
  12. Southport 6 Bloomington South 0 (3:44, 1st) South fumbled the ball away at their 43 yd line and Southport cashes in. PAT failed.
  13. Indian Creek 27 Edgewood 0 (10:34, 2nd) Edgewood throws their 3rd pick of the game which results in another short field TD for IC.
  14. Indian Creek 20 Edgewood 0 (5:02, 1st) Edgewood has thrown two picks in the 1st qtr that have resulted in short field TDs.
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