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  1. Where are the mid state followers ? I know there are some DC Whiteland and martinsville followers here. Being a bhss panther alumn i follow martinsville a tad. Anyone?
  2. I for some reason had thought Schott was starting from his freshman season. Really good qb.
  3. After reading the Paper this morning and coach's comments i feel a bit more comfortable with last nights scrimmage. Starting rb was sitting out because of a hamstring he suffered during track season but has been practicing just a precaution sort of thing. Qb will be a big factor this year, if he learns to manage the game we will have a good year, south just didn't show much of their passing game so i didnt really get to see how his passing game is. Unsure about if he can toss the ball across the field. Any other CI fans chiming in on their scrimmages? Southport has a senior qb correct ? Been starting since freshman year i think. Eddie something. How did CN look ?
  4. Castle ( hate to go against south but they looked pretty rusty last night. Castle ended well last season with a strong effort at C east castle by 6 ) Northview Avon Central B North Southport
  5. BHSS vs Castle Terre Haute North vs. Northview Columbus North vs Avon Terre Haute South vs. E Central Bhsn Vs Greenwood Southport vs Roncalli.
  6. Oh i guess south did pick off lc's #1's and ran it back for a td but i dont think they allowed the run back it was blown dead even though it would have been a pick6 in a real game.
  7. @ptr Went to scrimmage tonight. South looked like they were in their first week of practice . LC looked ho hum . . . . ..Disorganized feeling during the scrimmage. Coach Mo was awol (could have been in pressbox) A lot of people will say it is because teams just don't show much during scrimmages. Yeah that is true however lc succeeded in scoring 3 or 4 td's vs souths #1 d and south only got two vs lc's #1's . But south did a lot of substituting just to be fair to LC i am going to give them the edge in td's vs #1 defenses based on who i thought was #1 d for south. I think they had a 2 to 1 advantage in scores with starters on field. I wasn't expecting to see a bunch of td's for south that isn't what these scrimmages are for. Would have liked to see a sharper team . Also #1 senior rb still not dressed did not play in scrimmage .
  8. Mark Patrick or bob lovell are the only ones i have heard use it. That is where i heard it also
  9. Seems like ever since 2014 even though south has had a lot of success in the post season they always did it with less players than they started out with which is true of every team but the injuries or expulsions from the team were higher than the average team. And every season come playoff time i felt bad for always bringing up the missing players when talking about why we lost in the tourney. But it was true . Cant take away 4 or 5 of your top 22 players and expect to compete deep in the tourney. So here's hoping for a healthy season for the south panthers.
  10. I think last year people were asking about him as well and someone said they knew him and that he was still around... .. .. . . ...
  11. Peebles is only in year two with the irish. Unsure of what to expect this early in his tenure. I would like to know more about Castle. They pushed Columbus east last year in regionals. C east Castle and Decatur were all relatively close in overall strength . East isnt around this year so it would be interesting to know what castle returns. Not sure there are many fans here on the new forum yet. On a side note does anyone know how to tag a member instead of quoting their entire post? Seemed like you could do that on the last forum.....
  12. Not a gid member prior to 2018? If you were and frequented siac threads or the 812 thread he was always around.
  13. Is there still a pick-em separate from the regular forum?
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