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  1. First I'll say that I do not agree with these sectional 15 projections which don't figure in how teams are currently playing and can't calculate progress or momentum. As well as the southwestern portion of the state that doesn't play much of the rest of the state not getting a good barometer on their true sagarin rating. Bhss with 36% Bhsn with 33% Castle with 21% And finally E . North with 8% My projection Would probably favor castle to Win it with with the rest of the teams evenly matched. Bhss has if anything made the opposite of progress this year. Injuries and game cancelation left the Panthers heading the opposite direction. Seems as if all the other teams are coming in with momentum from good season ending wins. We have two weeks to see which team can put together the needed work to win this thing. May the best team win .
  2. Yeah pretty much feel the same. Season started great wanted to see em' get better and build enthusiasm towards tourney time . Sort of went the opposite direction. I get that cn and chatard are excellent teams but we have two d1 kids on defense and a slew of multi year starters, online is huge and qb has shown signs of brilliance. Never know but at this point castle and bhsn and e north are all showing good late season team chemistry . Would be surprised if south won a sectional game . As for having to make the drive to castle yet again I'm not sure why the luck of the draw has landed in favor of castle all 5 tourney games now. Ping pongs.... you can't control em.
  3. Well that wraps it all up . CN outright ci Champs. Really building a program over there in recent years . Bhss well I know we should have been a better team at this point in the season. Chatard is a very good team but I used to hear the phrase ' have some pride men 'around the bhss program in past eras. Usually that turns a 42 7 blowout into a 35 - 17 or something else a bit more respectable. Isn't like south had the talent this year or anything.... 😒 disappointing .... Until next year ..... take care .
  4. https://twitter.com/JimGordillo/status/1449152872629821444?t=S0pfl7BPhSMbvMIBDXaiSQ&s=19
  5. I feel like most other cities coordinate their radio stations so that they can cover all the local teams. Bloomington. . . . . Not so much. It happens a lot that they both wind up at the same game leaving a lot of the locals out of luck. It's bothersome. Bloomington certainly isn't the city I grew up in. It has changed in a lot of ways....
  6. I will be off work at 6 p Friday but not sure that .... check that I believe I saw a post somewhere saying the game had been delayed to 7 30 per jr Holmes south ad? I'll look into that I might try to go to this one I haven't been to a game since 2018 or 2019 can't even remember now .
  7. @Lysander what radio station will.have the Trojans / Panthers Fri night?
  8. I remember well how much bhss was hyped to win the 2015 regional almost everyone picked bhss and they were drilled by castle . Castle are the reigning Champs regardless of bhss and their covid issue last year . The mccoulliugh bros, ehh well ill certainly tip.my hat to dasan the senior older brother he is legit legit good/great. I have felt like without him south would just have a so so defense. His brother has been pretty quiet to be honest and our secondary has had some big breakdowns this season . Maybe his brother doesn't like the scheme south runs because it hasn't worked out well this year so far in our secondary. They will need to get it together for their sectional match-up with castle . No time to waste here.
  9. Well it never fails every year bhss has played castle in the tourney it has been at castle this will be the 6th tournament game between the two, 7th overall match-up. Bhss leads the series 4-2. Most recently last season castle defeated bhss however bhss had 7 or so starters out with covid. Credit south coach Gabe Johnson for still playing the game when he could have canceled. Fair to say most likely the winner of the castle bhss game in all likelyhood wins this sectional. I'll have to wait to see how south and castle fare in their last regular season game to make a prediction....
  10. Why such hard feelings. Must be a north grad and can't handle the truth? Why would inhave to pay for breakfast. I usually ate avocado on toast for breakfast if I even eat breakfast the hipster/lumbersexual crowd eats stuff like that not that I ascribe to their crowd but it actually isn't a bad breakfast . If projecting truth means I'm full of myself so be it I guess......
  11. @ptr ths has very little chance to beat cn. Southport has some size I doubt they will beat bhsn but never know. As for South do you rest David again? I say play him if he can go. Again we arrive at the chatard game beat up and most likely lose. This year seemed to have so much more promise early on. And as for building momentum for the tourney that's Hard to do when your not playing and getting injured late in the year.
  12. Columbus north now are in the least conference co Champs. Dominating performance last night but they need to be careful dominating bhsn like that . Very likely the monroe county school Corp is going to go after some of Columbus norths districts to get them re-routed to bhsn the next school board meeting . They can't have that sort of inequality bhss tried it but paid the price in having to relinquish their common sense historic school districts. Just be aware of that next time cn. Try a shutout and keep your points down to below 40 ..... I'm always on the lookout during tourney time will be interesting to see cn vs. cg this year. I watched the 2007 sectional online when cn handled cg doubt it this year but never know . Anything can happen best of luck in the tourney bulldogs .
  13. Okay I got there from your link but how do you get there from the gid home screen?
  14. Anyone else buying stocks? Last year two companies joined the markets that I was Interested in Palantir ticker symbol:(pltr) and Snow(snow). Both big data companies. Palantir named after palantiri the all seeing crystal balls in the movie lord of the rings is a big government contractor (suspected their software helped locate Osama bin laden as well as Bernie madoffs ponzi scheme and many many more criminal activities), every couple weeks we hear news of a gov contract extention with pltr or a new contract with a different gov department. Snow is more commercial than anything but palantir is trying to push into the commercial space and are constantly investing in start up spacs. While getting the startup hooked on their software. I chose palantir and half of my holdings are in palantir. The PayPal mafia Peter thiel and a couple other billionaires were also the founders of palantir. Thiel is the largest shareholder in palantir but is not a part of the management structure . Just curious if anyone else is a shareholder or has contemplated buying up some shares in pltr. I feel the co.pany is making some good aggressive moves that could pay off very very nicely In The next handful of years
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