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  1. Article did not mention whether he was still going to be an employee at bhss. The way i read the article the feeling i had afterwards was that he was retiring from the mccsc as well as hc of the bhss panthers.
  2. https://www.hoosiertimes.com/herald_times_online/sports/high_school/bloomington_north/south-football-coach-moriarity-announces-retirement/article_9f2535fe-1aec-11ea-8e88-c32014fe8d77.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share via @theheraldtimes
  3. Isnt larry central ranked number 1 in basketball first weekly rankings?
  4. Nice to see some Positive vibes for the underdogs in the state title game. Part of me thinks that valpo may suprise as well . But i thought Center Grove and Cathedral would have done the same vs new pal. I think the big thing about new pal's total team is that it isn't just Charlie Spegal or their d lineman that is headed to msu, i believe that almost every player out there is stronger than the average player that are opponents in some way and they use their total team strengths very well. Hope both teams leave it all on the field and see where the chips fall.
  5. Sagarin wise it looks like Valpo is roughly one ratings point below cathedral. Cathedral had their chances vs new pal. I picked new pal to win this on 38-13. More i think of it i believe it may be closer but just not sure valpo can score..... Maybe revise my score to 30-16 NP.
  6. Guess all i needed to say was the 4th best team in the hhc is 11 sagarin ratings points below bhss. I realize sagarin is not always correct and New Pal knows football obviously. Anyways congrats to the dragons.
  7. Sagarin has bhss ranked the third best team in the hhc ratings wise trailing delta by three ratings points. Bhss at times played well vs new pal and their running game. Just saw the stats and edited this post. 0 Passing yards for NP. The running game was clicking so no need to throw it i guess, 0-2 passing . Spegal broke the big plays like he does vs any team, sort of snowballed from there . But I highly doubt over the course of a regular season schedule that bhss is losing to many teams in that conference. The panthers didnt look good last night for sure, i think they spent what they had this season just winning a regional . Didn't bring much to the table vs NP. . Outbalanced Outmanned Outeverythinged pretty much. Bottom half of the hhc probably not.
  8. Who knows? I think since new pal beat cg like they did then you have to go with new pal until someone else proves otherwise. Np 38 Valpo 13
  9. I should have been more descriptive. I was talking about pre playoff era or close to that time period when the playoff started. I remember reading a postgame article from the bloomington paper from the 60's or so saying almost the same thing i said about how schools up north claim they play the toughest brand of football. Also i should have mentioned i was mainly talking about big school football. Which is true . Big school football south of columbus is for the most part non existent
  10. Speaking of valpo. I remember the days when folks from northern indiana thought that they played the toughest football in the state. "the region" they would say.. .. ... ... Not much doing up north nowadays. Not much can be said of southern indiana either at least south of Columbus anyways.
  11. Could is the keyword. Bloomington all star team would have two teams that won a combined 15 games. An d obviously the two combined schools would be near 3500 students. Would they ? I think they probably would but i think it would be a lot closer than 45-0 I think we would see a score within single digits. . Same could be said of Columbus a columbus all star team may actually beat New Pal. I agree this south team was the beneficiary of a hall of fame coach and a sub par south regional. But New Pal will be the 5 a champ so i have to give them their due. South did well at times against their run. But Speagal busted the big plays on them like he does everyone.............
  12. I agree , funny thing is im sure center grove and cathedral had legit d lines too. Will be a battle . Perfection is hard to attain. New pal may blunder let's hope
  13. Bhss defensive strengths are it's rushing defense. Obviously that is good considering we have to face the all time leading state rusher. Watching new pals games that are on youtube they don't have many weaknesses. Souths d line has some MIC sized kids on it but so did cathedral and obviously center grove. I'm just amazed at how new pal plays the game . They truly are a well oiled machine. Make a mistake here and there and you will get burned, then it is like a snowball rolling downhill the points just keep piling up. When it comes down to it i keep saying it but im not sure south has the commitment to football that new pal does. Every since mo left south in 2002 souths basketball program stole the show, would have been nice to have seen this match-up during a different south football era. All you can do is believe your going to win and go up there and play the game which im sure coach mo and the staff will have the team ready. Whew NP may be one of the best teams in the midwest!
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