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  1. I remember what happened. Bhss scheduled Hammond Morton this past off season for a 2 year home and away series , Morton canceled because covid this season , looks like Maybe bhss could be canceling the 2nd year of the contract.
  2. Okay so finally, . . it looks as if I didn't know that since covid bhss has only played 8 reg season games . I didnt know that was the norm now......
  3. I didnt notice that bhss Seymour is actually week 8. So im unsure what is going on with week 9 crossover game with the catholics
  4. Bhss beat roncalli I believe the only year they played. I'll check but bhss lost badly to chatard all three times. I'm guessing chatard wanted some stiffer competition.
  5. Interesting schedule change , John harrell has Seymour hosting bloomingtin south week 9 2022. These two haven't payed since they were both members of the s.c.c back in early 90s. Bhss also travels to nahs week 1. I'm sure hoping our starting qb and rb don't have to sit again vs Na week 1. ......... unsure the future of conference indiana but I wouldn't mind seeing bhss join the hhc. I don't think it will happen . I think bhss would join the mid state before anything else. But have heard the mid state is picky about its member schools....
  6. Last time I visited the gid I saw this thread and hoped it would dissolve into the abyss of threads destined to the g.i.d. trash someday pages and pages out of the way where the incident and thread belong. Everyone talks and talks and talks about an America without prejudice or racism under their current definition of either term which continuously evolve to fit the latest happening in the news. Does this kid hate different races? he may or may not i don't know the kids heart only God can know that . Maybe he feels threatened , maybe he is trying to avoid what may 'seem' in his life to be America's multicultural assimilation mandate by poking fun of other races which every single race on earth does ( note I do not know the race of the kid that used blackface, from the photo I saw he could be white, Asian, native American maybe more) People are killing people for christ sake, we have heard more about this occurrence than innocents that lost their lives in the same time frame from murder .... perspective would be nice. But in the last 3 decades anything involving the word race is blown way out of purportion. Is his behavioir condoned no but it isn't murder it isn't larceny , arson , not grand theft auto. Let it slide for we know of an ultimate judge and i am positive he would be way more lenient than American society towards the young man. Hope this thread is gone soon......
  7. Don't see a thread on the announcers team , my thoughts on the finals were I am tired of hearing Greg raketssraw say 'uindy' every game I hear him call he somehow draws up a link to uindy so he can talk about his days in college???? He made a reference to arena football during one of his calls last weekend. ... yep arena football I really felt like he was digging deep for things to say. I liked him years ago but listening to him recently was uneventful for me so to speak.....
  8. According to cg hc Eric Moore as he headed into half it is cg not playing well. He may be correct. I really don't have a dog in this one.... but I like underdogs. Westfield can move football in my opinion this one comes down to the coaching staffs on whoever calls the best game should win.
  9. Wtg rocks up 7-6 gonna be hard to hang on to that lead but it's a start
  10. Hey yo, sorry you took my comment the wrong way. Suppose you consider all the guys at Westfield that won't play at the next level some will still be talking about their high school glory days 20 years from now when all they amounted to be was a assistant manager at target type of guys . Still clinging to their past glories. I was talking about that part of the team like it will take a monumental effort from those players at westfield high who won't play at the next level so leave it all out on the field. Break n arm leg ankle anything that those guys can contribute to get a huge upset of all time Westfield football. Okay so you don't get it no prob.
  11. Wow Westfield? Would take a monumental effort from all those guys who will never play at the next level. You know the ones who still lean on the fence at home games telling tall tales about their high school career . . You know like half the members of this forum. At least they could tell everyone that doesn't believe them 20 years from now they beat center Grove at state in 21....
  12. I was a player In The 90s when beating center Grove was a fun good old time . Man have things changed. Lots of discussion has went into the greatest teams in state history the early 2000 warren teams being the general concensus best . Center Grove has to be up there in all time best teams. Would 2019 new pal beat this cg team?
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