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  1. What is the ideal temperature of the Earth? What is the ideal level of the oceans of the Earth? What is the ideal CO2 level of the Earth?
  2. I just saw a Medicare bill from the local hospital. Charges were over 23K, Medicare deducted over 20K and paid about $2500. Leaving the patient with $528.00 out of pocket. I'm not sure how this business model survives.
  3. I think Biden has a shot at against Trump. I can easily see him playing the Jeb Bush part in this primary. Bush had a machine behind him, but I don't think he had the "want" to do it. I just don't think Mayor Pete has the national following, but in 1991 who'd ever heard of Bill Clinton? And going from a governor's mansion to the WH is one thing, but going from the mayor of a medium sized city in Indiana to the WH is a HUGE jump. I'm not sure any of the rest of them are serious candidates. I'll be honest, I wish this process were a little more compacted. This cycle literally started the day after the mid-terms. It grows tiresome, and I'm sure I'm not in the minority there. I think it will fun to watch, I just wish we didn't have to watch it for so long.
  4. In my opinion, Biden's heart isn't in this. He's 76 years old, he's been out of the game for a couple of years, he's a two time loser, he just doesn't strike me as a man who's invested in this. I think Bernie will be the guy.
  5. Sure until it’s your kid or grandkid that gets stuck. I don’t use straws anyway. I don’t care what you choose to put in your body. I don’t care if it’s needles or your Slurpee cup, dispose of your trash properly.
  6. There's nothing so sad as someone attempting to be a smart ass and just not quite pulling it off.
  7. This is what I'm speaking of when I say pop culture. In most media, social primarily, we see a very positive vibe regarding Islam, I believe due to Trump's immigration attempts early in his presidency. Conversely we see a more negative vibe towards Christians, this certainly didn't begin with Trump's presidency, but many see the "religious right" as all that is wrong in the world, primarily they elected Trump. I don't disagree we are seeing a general disenfranchisement with religion in general world wide.
  8. I believe it plays more into what I'm saying. Christianity is the red headed step child in current pop culture. Mooslim is the hip new thing. I don't believe Obama has ANY agenda other than staying hip for the kids......and of course staying relevant in the national political scene.
  9. Heard a story on the radio the other day about San Francisco giving an obscene amount of free syringes to addicts. I'm not for sure, but I would guess a place like San Francisco would be one of the early adopters of banning plastic straws. It begs the question, they ban straws, yet give away free syringes. I understand straws "can" harm wildlife, but I mean even in tiny Seymour, syringes are literally found lying around everywhere. I don't recall every hearing a story where someone was inadvertently poked with an HIV/AIDS tainted straw. I am only left to scratch my head. Quick Google search yielded this result, not necessarily the story I was referring to: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/matier-ross/article/Those-needles-littering-the-streets-The-city-12898656.php
  10. Just a couple of random thoughts. Hate is hate, regardless of what group of people it's directed at. Bashing Christianity in the US in pop culture has become pretty much sport. At the same time we are suppose to embrace those of the Mooslim faith. No country, "group" of people, religion, etc., is without a history of some sort of wrong doing. Suppose we acknowledge it and move on. Constantly slinging $hit against the wall isn't helping humanity's cause.
  11. I'm pretty sure I saw that Mastadon roaming around over at Dinger Schepman's farm one night after sitting at the bar a little too long.
  12. FYI, this is the farm right across the street from El Nopal.
  13. And Maxine Waters is the chair of the committee. This is why we can't have nice things.
  14. Sports proposals typically begin with the coaches association. They poll the coaches. I have been told the IHSAA is typically looking for a majority participation from the coaches and a 70%-80% yea vote to go along with depending on the the proposal. Proposals coming from particular sports then go thru the IIAAA (Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) to try and gain favor with the AD's. You need to have your ducks in a row and present proposals to the IIAAA at their November meeting, to get things on the agenda for the IHSAA's Annual Meeting. I've never been involved with the principals association, but I would assume it's a similar process. I don't think each process happens exclusive from each other. I know some proposals coming from the IIAAA are sometimes discussed in the principal meetings.
  15. You see Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I don't care. Not a meme, but certainly meme worthy!
  16. StirringUpCrap.jpg - Memes - My Militia - American Patriot Network and Community.html https://www.mymilitia.com/gallery/image/976-stirringupcrapjpg/
  17. Don't sell me short, I'm quite an A-hole!
  18. I can't tell you how many times I've been on that field and stared at that dam and thought, oh geez.....
  19. I think the Ahole theory has more plausibility, if it weren't for the fact that I'm #7, I'm clearly a bigger Ahole than that.
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