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  1. My dealings with Coach Spencer he was a pro. Never had an issue with him or any of his players. Good dude.
  2. My guess is it won’t really matter, Israel will once again deal with nuclear proliferation in the region.
  3. You guys also seem to be under the impression that principals give two shits about seeding. Certainly some do, but for the masses, nobody cares. And make no mistake it is the principals who pull the weight, not the AD’s.
  4. Here’s a thought, why not today, start recruiting Indiana kids? I know that’s a crazy idea, but hey how’s getting all the AAU blue bloods working out?
  5. Is it the reading or the comprehension that’s so difficult for you? No I do NOT go watch the Owls play every Friday night.
  6. I can drive within an hour of my house on any given Friday night Neither are within an hour of my house. And to extrapolate out further, I’m sure there’s quality Football being played within an hour of your house as well.
  7. Your Geography teacher failed you, or perhaps it was your English teacher.
  8. I’ve long stated, if you’re a sports fan, I can drive within an hour of my house on any given Friday night and see a quality athletic event for 5-6-7 bucks whatever it costs to get in. You can not beat that entertainment value anywhere. And I’ll never get my panties in a wad investing in our youth. You want to talk about property taxes, let’s examine why every cop in the state is driving a new SUV, why local police forces need APC’s, and all the high tech gadgetry that they do to basically enforce traffic laws and bust high school drinking parties.
  9. Free delivery from Taco Bell was part of his NIL.
  10. You do in the OOB. I bet if you ask Coach Nowlin he'd hook a brother up. Here as well.
  11. That no one outside the band at Scottsburg cares about.
  12. I believe you can catch him on ESPN playing in the G-League. Hopefully he saved enough for the trip to Europe.
  13. I consider knowing what you don’t know to be a real skill set. That no one at the Star possess, least of which would be Gregg Doyle. Yes Scottsburg has a decent band, but the basketball roots run much deeper.
  14. The genie’s outta the bottle was on this deal. As college sports become more pro minor leagues, just plays into the culture. The kind of money being waved around man….and I just don’t see the morality or ethics out there anymore.
  15. Everyone is abundantly clear on that, why do you feel the need to hijack this thread over and over?
  16. As gambling becomes more prevalent, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a big scandal. All the gambling apps advertise on sports tv, as I see it the various sports governing bodies are OK with it, as long as there’s money coming in.
  17. When Indiana was relevant their roster was dominated by Indiana kids. Look at the IU roster today and look at Purdue’s. Schools that have sustained success have rosters full of local kids. Am I saying don’t go to Illinois to get Isaiah Thomas or Eric Anderson, absolutely not, but geez don’t let Calbert Cheany or Kent Benson go someplace else!
  18. The GID is clearly your best avenue for addressing your concerns.
  19. It plays out every year, kids leave before they’re ready, kick around in the G-League for a few years, maybe a year or two in Europe, and then go sell used cars or insurance, best case scenario, we all know where it leads all too often.
  20. I know the trend has been to limit all kicks as much as possible. That being said perhaps I’m naive, but I don’t see onside kicks being overly used in the HS game, and much like a shot clock in BK, I don’t think it has a place in the HS game…..yet.
  21. Is a Major Sports Gambling Scandal Inevitable? Yes. Oddly enough I just shared this with some friends yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/reel/337071562713780?fs=e&s=cl&mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v
  22. I liken this to people wanting a national football tournament, because HS kids need to be playing an NFL length season I guess. The goal of every HS team is to win a state championship. They’ve done that when they won their class, there’s nothing more to play for. The goal has been achieved. Now we’re going to have another six team bracket so a couple of over top idiot dads can have bragging rights? I’m sure you guys will want to seed it as well, so we’d have CG v Tiny School that no one from CG has ever heard of. What the hell would entice Tiny school that no one from CG has ever heard to even want to play this game? It’s stupid.
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