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  1. There mud probably hasn’t recovered from the last time we were there, as miserable of weather as I’ve ever been.
  2. Madison currently plays Paoli, South Dearborn, and Mitchell for their NC games. With the MSC only having one NC game, I would venture to guess those schools are going stay with a more lucrative gate than Madison. Madison has in the past played Greensburg and Batesville. Given the division split in the EIAC it stand to reason those schools would have a little more flexibility in scheduling. Independents such as Providence, Oldenburg Academy, and Rock Creek could play into the mix. Not sure of the scheduling in the PLAC, but Crawford County, Springs Valley, etc., could play into it as well. Milan, North/South Decatur? JC and Seymour stay on the schedule for the foreseeable future.
  3. The Patriot Act needs to be repealed in it’s entirety, including both of BHO’s expansions.
  4. Dig around a little the info is not hard to find. The nation was sold a bill of goods on the nightly news as this thing played out. I believe many of the lessons learned by the ATF and FBI at Ruby Ridge were trying to be righted at Waco, which again was botched badly from beginning to end. Fast forward to today with no knock, no announcement warrants, a citizenry that’s arming to the teeth as fast as they can and it’s a recipe for disaster. You can search the web and find any number of botched search warrants at the wrong house that go terribly wrong. Law enforcement needs to rethink how they do business, I fear much more needless loss of life on both sides.
  5. Ruby Ridge was the beginning of the federal government’s alphabet soup of enforcement agencies coming of age. Kind of the way the FBI did in the 20’s and 30’s chasing “gangsters”. Look at how law enforcement in general has become militarized since Ruby Ridge. Look at the explosion of alphabet enforcement agencies at the federal level since Ruby Ridge. The federal government has more enforcement officials carrying guns than the Marine Corps does. The Weavers were far from mainstream suburbanites. They were extremely religious folks trying to shield themselves from the outside world, in short they wanted to live off the grid and be left alone. I think it was more happenstance than anything the Weaver’s interactions with the white power factions. I think the ATF chided him into sawing off the two shot guns. Which in the grand scheme of things, seriously his son and wife were both killed over something so stupid? The bottom line is this entire situation was born out of the federal government trying to infiltrate white supremacy groups to gather intel and search for alleged wrong doing. Weaver was neither a white suprimacist nor outside the law. His son shot and killed an intruder on their property who shot at him first, Randy Weaver was shot, a family friend was shot, his son was shot and killed, and his wife was shot and killed.
  6. Don’t forget the classics guys. Caught Cape Fear last night on TCM, if there was ever a better heavy than Robert Mitchum, I don’t know who it’d be. Post war movies, the leading men had such an air of sophistication, so suave and debonair, and dressed impeccably. Carey Grant, James Stewart, James Mason, Gregory Peck, etc., they just had an air of cool about them that has not been seen since. And the ladies......the hour glass figures, prim and proper dress, always seemed to have an air of vulnerability to them. Grace Kelley, Ava Gardener, etc. And I can’t forget my all time fav, Kim Novak.
  7. Back in my daughter’s TB days, we never had two kids from the same school.
  8. And for the love of God, if you're not passing, stay out of the F@#$@* left lane!
  9. It is still standing. Google “Shields Gym Seymour, IN” too many links to post. Local slum lord has owned it since the 90’s, it’s in a sorry state of disrepair. My guess is at some point to roof will go and it will be gone. A classmate of mine was given access several years back and wrote a great piece on it including current and historic pics, unfortunately I can no longer find it. Seymour traditionally hosted the Wrestling SS. Great venue, three mats on the bottom with all the seats rolled back and fans upstairs. Given the history of IHSAA tournaments in Seymour, the Wrestling SS was the most profitable for the city itself. Hotels were full, restaurants were full, etc., we don’t necessarily get that with other tournaments, occasionally at the regional or SS level for the odd team in BB, depending on who gets sent here. Now the downside, the host school for these tournaments receives a ridiculously small amount of money to host, I’m thinking around 150 bucks or so. The Wrestling tournament is really hard on your facilities. For instance the last one we host we had three lockers destroyed and a urinal ripped off the wall. That was the final straw, AD called North Meridian and told them we would not host another one.
  10. FYI I just watched the video and there is one glaring error, the first season was in fact the 70-71 season. The 69-70 25-1 team played at Shields Gym. The team featured two Indiana All Stars, another player who would go on to get beaten nightly by The Harlem Globetrotters as a member of the Washington Generals, and another player who go on to be a US congressman. Also of note, Bud Shippee retired at the end of this season. He used to do color when his dad Bob was doing play by play. I’ve listened to Bud since I was a little kid on the radio, kind of the end of an era. I run into Bud quite often at the post office in the morning, always enjoy talking to him, he talked a lot this winter about going here or there for the last time. Thru the Damon Bailey years, smaller schools would sometimes rent the gym if Seymour wasn’t playing to get bigger gates. Seymour did quite well financially during the Bailey years. The building has a fair amount of history, given it’s relatively short life when compared to some of the other iconic gyms in the state. With all the bleachers rolled back, you can have 6 full court basketball games going on simultaneously and another two with about 75’ courts. All but 2 of the games would be on hardwood.
  11. My parents may have been poor, but they always taught us to be honest. I have been there more than once, and words can not describe my profound pride in a building where I was never chosen for teams in PE.
  12. Ya got me, I have long suffered from being introverted, shy, lacking confidence, and being the last kid picked when teams were chosen, I blame my parents for not being able to afford for me to be in Boy Scouts.
  13. And I thought I was the only person in this state who wasn’t a basketball fan.
  14. One of those meth heads from Prentice Addition behind the MS would be my guess. I can't get past the Dandelions, geez! I know the school system pays someone a pretty nice contract to spray the grounds. Methsketball?
  15. Surprised talk of female leads and no one mentions Candy Slice
  16. A couple of names you mentioned popped out: Michael Hutchence I could not agree more. Tragic story, INXS figured prominently in The Lost Boys soundtrack, Good Times with Jimmy Barnes classic three chords and a cloud of dust rock and roll. Don’t Change is a song I have always loved, one can only wonder what might have been. Belinda Carlisle I absolutely love her voice. I will occasionally endure the songs just to listen to her sing. Oddly enough just had this conversation with Gonzo, a lot of female acts with music that I can’t stand, but I will listen just to hear them sing. A current act comes to mind is Little Big Town. I love the harmonies and how their voices work together, but find the music/songwriting to be boring, predictable, top 40. This is of course a different conversation and I apologize for steering the thread in another direction. I’ll be honest, with these PPP loans and their impossible timelines my wife working at home having to process them, I’ve spent the better part of the last three nights listening to music on YouTube with my ear pods.
  17. I’m currently watch Rolling Thunder Revue on Netflix, I highly recommend such endeavors over pandemic discussion on CNN and political campaigns which are on hold indefinitely.
  18. Tough to argue with the frontman from the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band. When asking this question I think several factors have to come together, longevity, being more than a lead singer, more than a cult following, etc. For me it is, was, and will always be Mick, and it’s not open to debate. Irishman and have had this debate in the past, I will concede Freddy Mercury is probably in the conversation, but being the targeted demographic when Queen was in their prime, I never cared for their music. At the risk of offending a new generation of Queen fans since the movie came out, my thoughts are similar to Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles when he caught his boys trying to teach his workmen to teach the hired help to sing. I recorded Live Aid in it’s entirety on cassette tape and when I edited it down to a copy of just music, Queen was left on the cutting room floor. Bob I figured you to be a Lizard King guy, probably in the conversation as well, but to me The Doors have some music that stand the test of time, but most of it just gets dated and stale to me. When LA Woman comes on the radio, I will NEVER not turn it up and sing along. This vid features what I think is one of the best guitar intros ever, although live it gets really obscure, as well as one of the best back up singers in the biz, Lisa Fisher.
  19. Well obviously if my HS coached hadn’t screwed me, I’m quite certain I would have had a long and storied NFL career.
  20. I never wore knee pads either, and no real problems, a little art that requires a shot once in a while.
  21. I’m not getting one of Coach Nowlin’s smack downs
  22. HA! Never wore hip pads. Do you reckon there’s a correlation between that and a hip replacement at 50?
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