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  1. I believe West Washington has been involved in two OT anomalies. The pick-six game and the infamous 1/10@25 in OT incident and someone scored on their fifth snap and the other team didn’t score in their four snaps.
  2. I think you can see a direct correlation between the success or lack there of with the Colts to the general state of affairs of Indiana HS Football.
  3. I genuinely fear for the future of this game. In a world of increasing comfort, non-aggression, caring about feelings, Football is none of those things. I see it happening right in front of my eyes. Numbers dwindling, just trying to find someone with a pulse to fill coaching positions at the youth and MS level. I see some real challenges ahead for this game. The youth of America need this great game.
  4. How did you get to 4/15 in OT? Or was it 4/goal?
  5. Drink value ain’t even close. Food, not sure either are in the running for best.
  6. The wing ding thing at 37/50 is about your only option that time of night. There’s a Mexican place that faces 50 in the same lot that’s pretty solid, they tend to close early. I hear good things about Momma Rosa’s in Salem just off the square, Santa Fe is meh, in in Brownstown if you’re driving that way.
  7. When you throw the ball, one of three things is going to happen, and two of them are bad.
  8. Perhaps something is lost in translation. Apparently there is a cheap Mexican Restaurant in the Floyd’s Knobs area called the Cactus, tell us more? In the greater metro area of Seymour we do not have such a restaurant, however we often refer to the local El Nopal as “The Cactus” because well, you know. IO actually has his own bar stool at multiple locations now. Cheapest place around to drink, I highly recommend the fishbowl margaritas, I typically go for the pitcher myself it’s a little better value. 32oz domestic drafts 5.50, imports 6.50. One of the few bars you’ll find Modello Negra on tap.
  9. My mom was the best, she prepared me for life, hence I was doing my own laundry in HS and ever since! If you want it done right, do it yourself!
  10. Sure, you go play/officiate on that shit next week/rest of the season!
  11. This was change a few years back, for this specific reason. The thought process was A is already playing short and now you’re going to penalize them for it as well. Must have five 50-79 and no more than four in the backfield.
  12. It’s been many years ago, in the tournament we had a pretty good team against a first year program. The score was a lot to none. I believe it was Florida State who ran this play the Saturday before and it made all the highlight reels, ESPN plays of the day etc. So first year program scores a TD late and they run this play on the PAT to perfection! It had to be the only thing they worked on all week. As soon as the holder pitched the ball to the ball carrier, I blew the whistle. New program coach looses his s****. I explained to him why it was dead and went on to tell him, “do you remember before the game when I asked you if you had any unusual plays we should be aware of? That would have been a good time to tell me about this.”
  13. Int’s I start heading that way immediately. Blocked FG……are inadvertent whistles really that bad? 😅
  14. We tend to take PAT/FG’s for granted. A lot of stuff has to happen correctly in a very short period of time. There’s just a lot of moving parts. Then add in the fact the kicker is trying to get a little extra leg into it.
  15. It would seem you answered your own question.
  16. It should be noted historically since they joined the HHC, Seymour has not played well against NA. I think before anyone starts anointing them, might wanna wait till after that game.
  17. I haven’t really worked many lower level games since 2018. I have worked quite a few this year for a myriad of reasons. It’s been pretty chill honestly, until last night. I’ve never seen 52 points scored in a 7th grade game that I’m aware of. No problems. 8th grade game was a train wreck. A few too many 16 year old 8th graders, a couple of idiot coaches, a 28-0 game, and we’re off to the races. The 28 team, kid on the chains told me “yea he’s really good, he practiced with us (varsity) all summer, he was our best RB.” Throw in two of the four officials hired showed up, and 3 hours later… I’m in Friday mode….good luck to all the stripes tonight, stay safe and be the best team on the field.
  18. Mooresville at Plainfield 1989. I can tell you EVERYTHING about it. Conversely I couldn’t tell you what I was doing five minutes ago.
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