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  1. With the advance in camera technology I asked about using a camera for training of new officials and was told very plain and blunt NO!
  2. Competitive balance is the NFL, where every team is around .500+/- and bores the hell out of me.
  3. AD told us last night the have scheduled a charter and leaving early afternoon. Tough drive for parents and fans, hopefully a large contingent makes the trip.
  4. I69 is a game changer. For us, cruise set at 85, no traffic, no police, and you better have plenty of gas when you get on, not many exits either.
  5. Used condom found on the field at Paoli tonight, must have been a fun week of fall break!
  6. Back in the day there was always a Humes in Madison teams and the were all good athletes. I thought Willie was back at East?
  7. We've been a few times, not much has changed, aside from vendors being right up in your grill now. I did go to the dispensary, at least it had the air of legitimacy. And I saved the cool little tubes that they came in. The gummies are clearly the way to go. My guess is come Jan. 1 you're going to see interstate traffic driving really fast to OH and IL, and driving home really slow.
  8. Wife and I were in Jamaica earlier in the year. Medicinal Marijuana is now legal there. I went to the dispensary, saw the NP, got my script and they hooked me up with the strain that would cure my ills. I have never been a smoker, and I was the quintessential dude trying his first, all the coughing and hacking, TOTALLY UNCOOL. All that being said, I'm all in, it offered a numbing affect, and I didn't really feel "high". Why this is unavailable to chronic pain sufferers is beyond me. But put me down for the gummies, I just can't pull off the Marlboro Man. It is my understanding that the US is WAY ahead of the curve with hybrids for specific health issues.
  9. The folks on North Meridian hang their hat on the fact we are the only state in the nation that has an all-in tournament in every sanctioned sport. I get this exercise every year, but the bottom line is that's not going to change in any of our lifetimes.
  10. Yeaaaaah, they can, but transfers=$. When this law was passed by the legislature, several schools publicly announced they would not accept transfers, Carmel was one of those schools. Schools like Carmel could probably afford that. I mean seriously if 10 kids transfer in, what's another 60K really going to matter to their coffers. Seymour also opted for the same policy, which wasn't the smartest thing they've ever done. At the time, Seymour was loosing athletes to Brownstown and Trinity Lutheran. Kids were leaving and paying tuition to go to school elsewhere. As vouchers came along a some of P/P schools opted not to accept vouchers, they feared it would leave them forced with abiding by the same rules publics had to abide by. All of that has since changed, school systems are after every nickel they can get. Several years back Brownstown put a billboard right in front of Seymour High School advertising "Free Tuition". It has become a numbers game, and schools want every kid they can get because it means more money. So honestly I get a chuckle every time I hear "well they can recruit", EVERY school in the state recruits.
  11. Didn’t Jeff return another donation a couple of years back when the story broke? Good for Pappa John, giving back.
  12. I'm 54, if we have a lousy assignment, we'll complain, we'll whine, we'll cuss the weather, (officials are notorious whiners), but we'll prepare the same way we do every week, we'll show up at the same time we do every week, and we'll work the game to the best of our ability. Football is a different animal than BB. One of the state finals crews from last year opened the tournament with Madison/Edgewood.
  13. Regardless of the level of play, to the two teams playing, it's about the most important thing in the world going on at that time. They deserve the third teams best effort regardless of the quality of the two teams playing. When the tournament starts, one team's seniors are playing the last game of their careers, that demands my respect, and demands our crew's best effort.
  14. I believe that was a one year deal and replaced Roncalli. Roncalli had to go to Columbus, OH. Roncalli and BHSS had a four year deal that started and ended in 2018. I don't believe either school (Roncalli or BHSS) has a game for week 8 in 2020.
  15. Uhhhhhh, it's hemp. I suppose you "turn it into joints" but you're going to be really disappointed.
  16. A local farmer is raising it here. One plot is just below the hill from my house. A lot of cars stop and look.
  17. I can confirm not all schedules are set yet. Why did BHSS only have one crossover game?
  18. Not just OMG athletes, position players, solid kids, etc. If you look around at rosters, it's not hard to find kids from surrounding school districts. Given the school voucher system as it exists today, EVERY school recruits, they have to have butts in seats, their budget depends on it, it's not necessarily about sports. However we always knew it was about the education right? wink, wink, nod, nod.....
  19. I recall talking to Coach Ballart in the hallway after that game, geez I’m getting old!
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