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  1. If dental hygiene is indicative of their free healthcare.....I’ll take a pass.
  2. Nothing against hunting, I'm all for it, just not my thang. The insurance industry is the one pushing the agenda for more and more deer being harvested. The insurance industry, as Muda alluded to wants the deer gone. I believe we harvest too many deer in Indiana. I am vehemently opposed to the late bow/doe season. If you look at data on deer harvest between Indiana and surrounding states, our harvest are smaller and lower quality. I listen to Jim Strader quite a bit, https://www.jimstrader.com/index.htm , and he's of the opinion our management system is flawed as well. We have a customer who literally feeds his family with what he catches and kills, he often brings me stuff, the venison summer sausage is KILLER! At any rate, he was in a couple of weeks ago and this subject came up, obviously he has no data just his opinion, but he maintains his kills aren't the quality and the size they were, 10-12-15 years ago. One thing to keep in mind we live in different areas, and I'm sure you're not hunting in your back yard. In this area, there are MANY special programs for day/weekend deer harvest. Brown County State Park has/had one, Jeff Proving Grounds has/had one, there are several state and federal lands that had lotteries for non-standard deer stamps. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  3. ***I'm not a hunter, nor do I care to be*** I whole heatedly agree with proper game management. That being said, Indiana's deer program is pretty much completely run by the insurance industry and is a detriment to the species in my opinion. We harvest too many deer. And the late season doe season, many of which have already been bred greatly exacerbates the situation. I think the American Alligator is a prime example of proper management. While I don't have first hand knowledge, from what I've read and seen, it's a healthy mix of conserving the resource and maintaining healthy levels of animals in the wild. With gator leather goods being readily available commercially. I think even a bigger issue looming on the horizon is invasive species. This applies across the board, flora and fauna.
  4. I have been told dad got a new job, and no I'm not making that insinuation.
  5. The lopsided score, equal pay for athletes, sit down, stand up......man I just don't care, I'm busy living my life here.
  6. Ehhh, we're nearly eight months from the first vote being cast......I'm sure the press will tell me everything I need to know the next day.
  7. Not sure if it applies in this specific case, but as I understand it: If you violate NCAA rules, you are considered to be defrauding the institution for which you work. In this case, the people of the state of Oklahoma.
  8. I'm left scratching my head, what was the Steele Dossier, which was paid for by the HRC Campaign? Does listening to oppo research constitute foreign meddling in an election? Why would the FBI have any jurisdiction over foreign election meddling? If you receive the information and report everything to the FBI, is the information still fair game to use against your opponent? The state of California is wanting to give free healthcare to illegals, shouldn't these illegals' home countries have a say in our elections? I mean it does affect the welfare of their citizens.
  9. I know the words, but I spare the people around me by not singing them. Not a good song for a baritone.
  10. I can remember when this was the most popular pastime at the end of Colts games, seeing who could get a paper airplane to the playing field. I will admit to taking a couple of stabs at it, though I was never particularly adept at building paper airplanes.
  11. 1. So instead of getting home at 12-1, it'll be 1-2. An hour less sleep for me would probably mean I'm not working on Saturday morning, the F/JV DH's on Saturday morning after Friday night in the heat are already taxing enough. 2. We've noticed many times as daylight feigns, it gets hotter. Usually some sort of a breeze during daylight hours that many times goes away as darkness falls.
  12. You may for personal use, import Cuban Cigars that were purchased in another country. Commercial importation is still prohibited. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/82/kw/cuban cigars I had a dad on my team who was pretty flush with cash, he offered me up some Pappy Van Winkle several times, I took a pass.
  13. James Banks was a lone exception to that rule that I can recall.
  14. We were recently in Jamaica and they had Cuban's on sale everywhere. I was being pressured to buy, but steadfastly refused. The dude kept telling me it was legal, which I understood, but I refused based US sanctions, which the dude just couldn't understand.
  15. If the R’s are smart they will primary him. If the D’s run anyone to the right of Stalin, I will vote the him/her.
  16. Some years it rains more than others. Farmers are at the mercy of the weather. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Of course if our backwards thinking governor would get off his hands, Hemp could have already been in the ground and thriving with all the wet May weather.
  17. In the pros QB's put butts in the seats. They will have multiple back ups but they are not on the same level. In college, QB's putt butts in the seats. They will have multiple back ups that may or may not be on the same level. In high school, QB's are often the only option a team has for QB. Yes there are exceptions, but I'd much rather my QB got hurt scrambling than making a tackle.
  18. I've borrowed money from time to time, no one ever held a gun to my head to sign on the dotted line. If you're unhappy with the juice, go somewhere else or don't borrow. It's not a difficult concept to grasp.
  19. Yawn..... Precipitation Most consecutive days with measurable (>= 0.01") precipitation 13 - April 9-21, 1893 12 - May 10-21, 2010 11 - 9 times (1875, 1876, 1883, 1896, 1908, 1929, 1933, 1945, 1992) last time was July 7-17, 1992 Most consecutive days with any (>= trace) precipitation 22 - November 27-December 18, 1983 - April 6-27, 1893 19 - January 6-24, 1995 18 - December 29, 1998-January 1999 15,- January 11-28, 1918 The beautiful thing about the term climate "change" is no matter what happens, "change" has it covered. What is the ideal amount of CO²? What is the ideal sea level? What is the ideal global temperature? What is the ideal glacial coverage? What is the ideal sea temperature?
  20. I was supervising a travel softball tournament last year when the PU requested that all fans be removed from the backstop and moved to the opposite end of the dugouts. I went and told them they had to move, only had an issue with one fan, who "paid his money" and would sit wherever he wanted. After a brief discussion he saw things my way and moved. No problems for the "if" game. It's sad, why can't adults just act like adults and let kids play a game?
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