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  1. From the looks of things, the Democrats worse nightmare is on the verge of happening. The next few days are going to be interesting.
  2. I had a 60 Gallon gas, never really had an issue even when both kids were home. It's just old, limed up and time to be laid to rest. I knew this day was coming. Not that big of a deal, just a matter of getting it done, and the 14 trips back and forth to the hardware store for that fitting I forgot the first 13 times.
  3. After a week or so of less than stellar hot water in the shower, I arose this morning to very little water pressure and essentially no hot water. There will be no TV until the weekend. I went a picked up a water heater this morning and hilarity will ensue when I get home this evening. I made the move to tankless, so the install is a little more than swapping out water heaters, plus I need to swap out some 1/2" gas line for 3/4". Hoping to have a hot shower by tomorrow afternoon., that should make me have a little better outlook!
  4. Sorry to hear. Good young coach, seemed really passionate about the program. Recurring theme in this game, we're losing good young coaches to burnout/time concerns. I will never fault a person for putting their family first, but our game is losing good young coaches because of some of the insane time commitments.
  5. Coach Dullaghan did alright after he left Chatard.
  6. As I have state for years, Reitz Bowl is hands down the best HS Football venue in the state of Indiana. I will finally get a chance to work there this fall.
  7. My niece is married to one of these preppers. He spends inordinate amounts of money that they don't have on guns, bug out bags, freeze dried meals, and various survival equipment. It begs the question, if the Russians/Chinese/North Koreans/terrorist attack, are they really going to attack rural Jennings County, furthermore, wouldn't that be where the survivalist go to? I have plenty of beer in the garage refrigerator, I assure you I'll be able to survive any impending doom that may come my way. My freezer is well stocked with meat, and if I am stocked up on anything, it's charcoal.
  8. Will these feminine hygiene products be available at the urinals? Asking for a friend.
  9. FINALLY! Someone said it, Joe Biden: "Bernie in fact hasn't passed much of anything"
  10. I looked again this morning, I think I just need to quit looking! FIA has already canceled the Chinese GP in April. Although with cash layouts to get F1 one to come to your city are often cost prohibitive, the impact locally is well into the 100's of millions. Changing dates has pretty much been nixed given the already crowded schedule with the addition of two race weekends this year. The logistics of moving the F1 circus across five continents is a pretty tightly orchestrated machine in and of itself, which is all pre-planned months in advance. The summer Olympics in Japan are now rumored to be in jeopardy. This could be a major hit for the Japanese, rescheduling is not really an option given the athletes' schedules. When you look at the amount of cash outlay host countries/cities have just to secure the hosting, this could well be catastrophic for the Japanese, with no real chance to get any ROI. Not to mention the day to day economics of it all. Just in the markets alone, the losses will be staggering, not to mention possible shortages of goods worldwide.
  11. http://www.dailyjournal.net/2020/02/25/spinks_named_new_football_coach_at_indian_creek/?fbclid=IwAR08uUuziooaALN6r_j1QzxeIMdEKvZDNBZBUcYvTLzbxZRw0v4wv1vY12o
  12. All I know is they need to get a handle on it ASAFP, my small portfolio is bleeding all over the place.
  13. Only four of the 11 presidents of most of our lifetimes (Since 1960) have been governors. Yes it's a path to the WH, but it's not the only path. We've had exactly the same number of senators elected president in the same time span.
  14. I threw up in my mouth a little. I think the storyline is lagging a bit, I fast forwarded thru most of the escape, pretty predictable.
  15. Had the visitors standing on the track long before our current mechanics. Yea it’s that tight.
  16. I think it’s a pretty cool venue, although a little tight on the sidelines. I haven’t been there in several years, they used to have a pretty nice Bermuda grass field.
  17. Yea, Prime, my bad. Drive to Survive is an inside look at Formula 1. Each episode kind of looks at a different team or driver. Some teams are more available than others. I'm hoping Mercedes is a little more forthcoming in season 2. Good insight into McClaren, Red Bull, Haas, Renault, the Renault/Red Bull engine struggles, Daniel Riccardo, etc.
  18. Nearing the one year anniversary, I've got some other things going on right now that would have involved him, and it's really kind of hitting me. I've been thinking a lot about him, sure could use his guidance. With my mom, it really hit me that first Mother's Day. I feel like I'm very fortunate, both of my parents opted to quit dialysis, I had the opportunity to tell them both goodbye, and thank them for being my parents. When all was said and done, I don't know if it makes it any easier, but I was certainly at peace with it.
  19. Hunters comes out Friday on Netflix. Drive to Survive Season 2 comes out next Friday on Netflix. I caught Upity on Netflix this week, interesting documentary of Willy T Ribbs. I knew he was an animal in sports car racing, never knew a lot of the other stuff. I've been wanting to catch Ford vs. Ferrari, it's an incredible story glad to see it make it to the big screen.
  20. The heart attack at Indiana Beach was 73-74, he just died last March, so yea, lots of time, but never enough right?
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