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  1. A starter from a school in one conference tweeted yesterday that he has a new school - a team in another conference. Both his previous school and new school have been projected to compete for their respective conference championships in the fall.
  2. I heard some rumors, but I at least waited until it was Twitter official. LOL It could potentially impact the top of two conference standings.
  3. Looks like Gibson Southern has a great recruiting class coming in. 🙂
  4. Disclaimer: I can count on one hand the number of times I travel to Indianapolis in one year. So this question is from unfamiliarity and not a loaded one. What's the difference between Warren Central and Tech? Is it because one is a township school and the other is part of IPS? Is it an inside vs outside 465 issue? I agree socioeconomics play a big part in all extra-curriculars, including football. The latest stats I pulled on Inview show 69% of Tech students and 61% of Warren students are economically disadvantaged. That 8% alone doesn't seem to explain the difference between th
  5. You still didn't answer the question. I'm trying to follow your math. Why 7 classes? in 2020 there were 32 + 33 + 62 + 64 + 64 + 64 in classes 6A - 1A, respectively. If you create a 7th class, what do you do with the remaining teams?
  6. 7A? There is no need for a 7th class. There are currently 32 schools in 6A and 33 in 5A. So you move 24 to a 7A. Are you proposing a 6A of 8 schools?
  7. I get your point. I'm gonna use a bad word though... seed it. The problem with seeding at lower levels are two-fold. 1. Geography 2. Conference imbalance. Those aren't an issue with the 24 schools you mentioned. Using some southern Indiana teams I'm familiar with - it would be tough to seed a 8-1 Reitz (SIAC) and 8-1 Jasper (Big 8 ) in 2014. In a condensed 6A, there is enough head-to-head to make seeding possible, IMO.
  8. I understood your point. I was making an attempt at humor - which Lysander picked up on. If you are like me and have both Protestant and Catholic sides of the family, the Catholic/Christian discussion can turn interesting at times. A wedding, baptism, confirmation, etc. can turn into the English War for Reformation if you're not careful.
  9. I'm not asking you to apologize, nor should you. I never said you were given an advantage. But WeBo was able to remain in the same class despite winning back to back state championships. Other schools have been bumped up for less, see 2013-14 Scecina for example. My problem is with rule, which did benefit Western Boone. If sophomores play up a classification their HS career due to things prior to their first varsity snaps? Well, that's the rule. "Your team could have done the same thing." You are absolutely 100% correct.
  10. How ironic someone from WeBo would be worried about staying up a class for 3 years after they just took advantage of the SF 2 year reset of points. My hope is that IHSAA goes to a rolling 2 year or longer, but definitely rolling point total.
  11. But is Ritter a Christian school? (For a good time, bring up the "Are Catholics Christian?" question at your in-laws over dinner.) 😄
  12. That should be enough info for most people to figure it out. LOL I would assume Central's annual searching for a new head coach will be done for awhile after his hire.
  13. I didn’t realize Sectional 22 was only 7 teams. WeBo to 28. Chatard to 22 is my prediction
  14. So WeBo will most likely take Chatard’s spot in the 3A sectional. And of course Chatard will move to Roncalli’s sectional. I’m curious who will get shuffled to 24
  15. Out of curiosity - do all PAC teams have an Endzone camera? I could see smaller programs like FP, PC, Tell City, and Tecumseh (semi-PAC team) using their funds on other equipment as opposed to an EZ cam. (Sorry @Tanka Jahari - some schools view it as a luxury item. LOL)
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