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  1. Does Coach Goebel remain as the longest tenured head coach in the SIAC? Or has 40+ years patrolling the sidelines as an coordinator/HC come to an end? I would hate for an unsuccessful two point conversion against 12(!) defenders to be his last play call as a coach.
  2. It's also possible someplace east like Scottburg, Madison, or South Dearborn could return to 4A. (They have been that size before.) That might push an Edgewood to 24 like BNL was last year. Also I could see Northview coming back to 24. Unless the IHSAA keeps the bye there.
  3. RIP to Memorial’s time in sectional 24. 13-1 with 4 sectional titles over 5 years was not a bad run.
  4. *** me quickly Googling "manga" *** I guess I have lived a sheltered life, despite my public school upbringing.
  5. If the Princeton Clarion can do an ‘All-County’ team, I would think a Hamilton County team would be appropriate.
  6. That is funny. Comical, in fact. But I'm glad you heard what you wanted to hear.
  7. Ugh. Thanks for that reminder. Wodicka was a dude.
  8. I don’t care if he is going to Miami of Ohio or the Miami Academy of Hair Design - he was was the best HS player in the state of Indiana this year.
  9. 10/06/2000 Heritage Hills 90, Pike Central 0 #NeverForget Where's Muda when you need him? LOL
  10. Until Indiana crosses the 320 mark, I think 32-64-64-64-64-32 just makes so much sense. Now that Scottsburg and Silver Creek are back, would there be any schools added that weren’t at the lower end of enrollments? Maybe if TH split into a North-South-East system. Are there any other places around the state where an HSE-Fishers type split would occur?
  11. Thanks. When it comes to an IEP, 504, and the Life Skills class I am WAY out of my lane. I was just aware of the Marian Educational Outreach program and the resources provided.
  12. Curious where you looked. https://www.reitzmemorial.org/resource-accommodations I will agree the Life Skills classroom and student count are both smaller than a public school.
  13. I always forget about Bishop Webo and St. Gibson of Southern. Why say "they" when what you really mean is Chatard and Lutheran? And there have been more public 2A champs (Rensy, Southridge, Monrovia, WeBo x 3) than privates in the SF era (Ritter x2, Andrean, Mater Dei, and now Luers)
  14. I'm a fan of Coach McDonald and the program they are building at Providence. They've just run into Indy Lutheran at the regional level. Members of this forum will be happy to know my friends over there anticipate growing enrollment and moving to 2A.
  15. And those were both schools playing up already due to SF. Starting next year, the Indy Diocese is going to consider Mooresville a Parochial school as well. That's the only way beating Roncalli and Brebeuf in back to back weeks can be explained.
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