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  1. I seem to remember only 1 state finalist out of 12 in 2018 was a P/P. And only 2 of 12 in 2017. P/P’s must increase recruiting efforts. Such mediocrity will not be tolerated.
  2. Providence needs to up their recruiting budget. Losing to a Public in sectional is just simply not allowed. The plan to have an all-Catholic 2A Regional has been the plan since August. I think we need to convene the council of P/P's and vote them out for bringing such shame.
  3. In years past I always thought JH’s prediction was simply the Sagarin rankings - maybe the predictor? It was completely a computer result with no human input. But this year the results seem all over the board, which makes me wonder.
  4. Congratulations to the Warriors on a great season. I just think MD will have an answer for the big DL that anchors NK’s defense. I like MD to win
  5. https://www.ihsa.org/SportsActivities/BoysFootball/StateSeriesInformationResults.aspx?url=/data/fb/playoffs.htm In Illinois it's a reward to play Saturday football games, because that means you qualified for the playoffs. In Indiana.... well, you know.
  6. Not trying to criticize, but is that really that uncommon for your opponents? That three play sequence (Fly sweep - Fake sweep/RB Counter - Fake Sweep/Fake RB/ QB Keep) is the bread and butter of a spread offense team. Just about every team in the SIAC runs some version of that, and usually with a track sprinter in the sweep action. I think North, Mater Dei, and Central all have state track finalists playing football. It's the modern version of the Dive, Qb, Pitch man of the triple option - although there isn't the triple read of the option. I've noticed different offensive schemes seem to cluster in pockets, so I was just wondering if the spread-fly sweep isn't as common up 41.
  7. ‘08 semi state was at the friendly confines of Enlow Field in Evansville. The last game on grass in that stadium as the EVSC installed turf the next spring. I might have lost a toe due to frostbite that night. ’09 was at Arsenal Tech. Not sure if that was the IHSAA’s doing or BCHS. Haven’t been back since, but I’ve heard it has been renovated and turfed since then. It was a classic stadium, IMO.
  8. I took it to mean he coaches where everyone else does... from the stands. I could be wrong though. Haven't had my Monday mistake yet, but it's still early! LOL
  9. Princeton is playing for a sectional championship while Gibson is putting up equipment? That fact alone is enough proof to tell me the current postseason format is ridiculous.
  10. Short answer - yes. A little longer answer, my father-in-law gets around with a cane. We usually drop him off on lower side of the bowl by the scoreboard. There is an incline still to walk up and enter from that direction, but he can manage. The downfall there is that you are at ground-level on the visitor side and would have to climb up the bleachers. The other alternative is to drop him at the other end - completely opposite the scoreboard. There you can enter but you have to walk down to any seating. And yes, there are hand rails on the steps. The endzone is mostly cement though, so it's tricky to use a bleacher seat-back that he likes to bring. Enjoy the evening and safe travels!
  11. My understanding is that the Hoosier Conference is split East/West. The last week of the year the #1 East plays the #1 West team. It just so happens that the teams scheduled a "non-conference" game against a team from the other. I'm sure @Coach Nowlin can explain better. ^^^ Like I said he would! LOL ^^^^
  12. I agree it's a shame. The last six years, the SIAC has had non-conference games in weeks 1 and 2, and many teams for much longer than that. PAC schools kept their 3A vs 2A in-conference matchups instead of following suit. I'm still holding out hope that two schools join the SIAC and East/West divisions can be drawn.
  13. I really hope you would need more evidence than a 3 phone videos spliced together. If I was involved as a player, fan, or coach I might see things differently. I see an outside receiver running a post, and an inside receiver running a corner. The DB playing man coverage (with outside leverage) gets off balance and falls into the path of the outside receiver. That is why contact occurs. The end result is bad because the DB’s head probably hits the receiver’s knee. Unfortunate but not a penalty
  14. Not sure what you are getting at. But according to Sagarin 30 has a worse ‘best team’ - #144 vs 107 for Sectional 25. And 5 teams above 250 in Sagarin for Sectional 30 vs only 3 for Sect 25.
  15. A lot of eastbound travel on I-64 tonight. Heritage Hills to Corydon Gibson Southern to Salem Mater Dei to Crawford County Bosse to North Harrison Mt. Vernon to Southridge Safe travels to all!
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