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  1. Was that other component the end zone camera situation? (Sorry. Couldn’t resist!) I agree with your assessment. I think Roncalli was a year away past season. And my bet is that Chatard wins regional this fall, setting up a Sectional 22 Chatard vs Roncalli first round game in 2021.
  2. I see Reitz football is challenging IU basketball for most unreasonable fan bases. Good thing MD and EM didn’t replace Goebel or Hurley after their first losing season.
  3. Geez. Can’t we have an SIAC discussion without PAC teams coming up? 😁 I kid. I kid.
  4. I do not want to turn this into a "contraction watch" thread, but I have heard from family members that Pike Central and Washington are really struggling to get numbers. Have you heard similar rumblings? I would hate for that to happen. The PAC is already down one member from the conference I remember in Wood Memorial. (I know they went to the SW7 prior to the incident that caused them to disband the team.) I could see the new alignment helping PC. Not sure that schedule would appealing to Washington, and throw in a coach TBD it would worry me.
  5. I would assume so, but you would have to talk with an old lineman and not an old skill guy! LOL I would guess Bullhorn's explanation would be as good as any. I was more of the opinion that if a rule was not being followed by one of the teams and not enforced by officials it would create a competitive advantage. I was afraid I was going to have to pull a Lt. Kaffee/ Col. Jessup exchange on Bobref something like this: Me: Why the two orders, Bobref? I said the linemen were in no-man's land, you said they were not and gave me the definition. I can have the court reporter read it back to you.... Then I posted a picture and you said the linemen just needed a "talk to" and it wasn't a foul. So why the two orders? If they're not in no-man's land, why do they need a "talk to"? I want the TRUTH! Bobref: You can't handle the truth! I've officiated games and seen offensive formations your mind can't even fathom. You want me to throw the flag, you need me to throw the flag. Because we play a game that has rules. And those rules need to be enforced. We use phrases like "preventive officiating" and "talk to", and you use them as punchline. Unless you're willing to pick up a whistle and man a crew on Friday nights, I would rather you say thank you and just be on your way. [I mean this with all due respect and completely in jest. Frankly, it's the offseason, and I'm bored. LOL]
  6. Does basketball need some sort of mercy rule? You're darn right. Here's my favorite box score of the basketball season: Heritage Hills 101, Mt. Vernon (Posey) 17 https://www.maxpreps.com/games/12-21-2019/basketball-winter-19-20/heritage-hills-vs-mt-vernon.htm?c=NKkw8Vd-GkSiGNxNI5ZeQw#tab=recap&schoolid= I hope fans loved watching HH score 51 points in the second half, including a 17-0 fourth quarter. Does DT keep a run up the score list for basketball?
  7. I like it. Most of the kinks have probably been worked out now as far as coaches, officials, and timekeepers. (The running between the TD and PAT being a prime example of that.) I‘m not opposed to 42/35 for 3rd and 4th quarters. I think a team that trails 35-0 at half but receives the kickoff should still have a chance to make it a game. So my change would be to make it 35 points & possession before it starts.
  8. I’m struggling to think of a game that started later than 7:00 due to heat in Evansville. But we are central time, which the whole state should be on. Until Indianapolis wisens up (not likely) and realizes they should be central time, heat will be an issue for 82 counties early in the season. http://sagarin.com/counties/timezone.htm
  9. If you define a "chip" as feeling ignored and disrespected by the rest of the state, then I would say, Yes we have a chip. It even extends to the fact we bristle when someone refers to Bloomington as southern Indiana. I remember being extremely annoyed when Rex Grossman was referred to as hailing from southern Indiana by national media when he was a UF and with the Bears. I will point out two possible overlooked reasons why I think the chip exists and how it pertains to football. 1. It is probably an overlooked fact, but the lack of direct route to Indianapolis caused a lot of the disconnect. I remember in HS a classmate doing a persuasive speech on why an Indy-Evansville interstate should exist (recently built as I-69). He threw up a slide of a wagon wheel missing a spoke, and then superimposed the state of Indiana over the top. I-70 E-W, I-65 NW to SE, I-74 in between those two, and I-69 from Indy and NE. It really stood out as Evansville was largely ignored. At least 2-3 generations heard that the IndyEvv highway was going to be built without it ever happening. About 10 years ago, going to Indianapolis from Evansville seemed like travelling to a completely other state. It was much easier to get from Evansville to St. Louis, Louisville, or Nashville than it was to our own state capitol. It just added to the disconnect between areas. It's hard to explain exactly how big of a deal the completion of the interstate was to this part of the state. 2. Something I think has impacted SW Indiana football that is often overlooked is that the University of Evansville discontinued its football program in the late 90's. There are currently 3 colleges south of I-70 that play football: Hanover, IU, and Franklin. I think it has been an out of sight/out of mind sort of impact on the SW Indiana region. Marian played for a national championship last week, and St. Francis in the last few years before that. Both really went unnoticed down here. HS football players don't really grow up thinking about playing at the collegiate level. Your upper echelon players will still go play, but that next step down (D2, D3, NAIA level) is not as deep in numbers. And the NFL is almost non-existent. Ben Braunecker (Forest Park) is currently playing for the Bears. Before him - Cutler??? I think was the last NFL player from SW Indiana. And he was a 2001? HS graduate. There haven't been Jaylon Smiths, Tyler Eifert, or Rod Smiths come out of Evansville area lately. My argument would be that there could have been - if the goal of playing college football had been in the forefront. To answer your original question. Adding a tradition-rich program like Jasper is a big boost to the conference as a whole. VL is another school with successful teams over its history that adds long-term scheduling stability. I don't think they raise the profile of the conference to number 3 conference status any time soon, but it is definitely on the rise.
  10. Make a solid form tackle or try to strip the ball? Which one of these is rewarded with a turnover chain, championship belt, or wearing savage spiked shoulder pads? I personally wish all sideline gimmicks would get thrown away in Butch Jones’ Tennessee trash can, but that’s just me
  11. Honestly I don't know much about Ft. Wayne. It's possible to get farther away from Evansville and remain in Indiana, but not by much. That said, I don't think the SIAC is near the level of the SAC especially in terms of size. The SIAC may have a 6A school (Castle and/or North) in the future, but it is predominantly a 4A conference with some P/P's added. In terms of P/P's, aren't there 3 in the SAC? Bishop Dwenger, Bishop Luers, and Concordia Lutheran?
  12. Irishman referenced the first play of the game at the 8:35 mark of the video. Here is 2 and 7. Second play of the game. I certainly don’t see a plane drawn from the waist of the center through the other linemen. You can call it nitpicky, but if I think a team is pushing the limit to gain a competitive advantage, it would frustrate me. I would rather you say ‘We’re not going to call it because they do it every play’ than try to tell me I’m not seeing what I am seeing.
  13. Looks to me like 1 OL and 6 guys lining up in ‘no man’s land.’ To each his own, I guess. Glad I don’t have to scheme to stop it.
  14. 2019 State Champs 6A - Carmel - 5,400 5A- New Palestine 1,162 4A - Evansville Memorial - 584 3A - Indianapolis Chatard - 704 2A - Western Boone - 536 1A - Lafayette Central Catholic = 285 Add the enrollments of 3A, 4A, and 5A champs and multiply by 2. You would still be 500 students shy of Carmel's enrollment. If Carmel wins regional next year will they be success factored up to 7A? And Ev. Memorial is closer to a 2A enrollment than a 4A enrollment.
  15. I re-watched this game last night on IHSAATV. Two tough hombres in Combs and Parker. Plus based on the Parker’s mental attitude bio and that story Tango shared about Combs, it sounds like two great young men as well. It was much more than those two. I noticed some good acts of sportsmanship on both sides as well. I think both schools and communities can be proud of the teams that competed and the great seasons they had.
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