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  1. I’m not disagreeing with you - just posing some hypotheticals I have been considering. How much of Friday night is about the game and how much is about the social aspect? For as much as I want to think just streaming a game would get the same viewership as allowing a stadium with fans, I don’t know. I know plenty of high school students who will go to a rival school’s game just because their friends will be there. Also would parents of band members, cheerleaders, JV players, etc pay to watch a stream if their child won’t be on screen at all? Would you have a lone parent buy the stream and have friends over to tailgate and watch together? I have watched streams of regional, SS, and state games and know fans from around the country also watched. But would that happen for a week 4 game against an 0-3 team? These are some questions I have wondered - can ads & streaming fees could cover lost revenue? Maybe. I would love to see some numbers to analyze.
  2. Pet peeve of mine. A flea-flicker and hook and ladder are two completely different plays. And don’t get me started on shuffle/shuttle/shovel passes.
  3. I chuckle myself when I see students referring to ‘getting any offer’ from Butler, Valpo, or any D3 school in the state. They are non-athletic scholarship programs, but can get academic awards and need-based aid like all students at those schools.
  4. It's called a strawman argument. You take someone's opinion and rephrase it in a way that sounds similar, but not exactly what they said. Then you completely take it apart. It's pretty common in political debate and pervasive on social media.
  5. Since you brought it up... can you imagine Eisenhower forbidding D-Day until there was a guarantee of 0 deaths? Now stepping back from the hyperbole, I agree there is not much of a plan. The biggest problem is that people can’t even agree what constitutes facts. We have 2-3 months domestically and 4-5 months worldwide of data, yet we will not form policy decisions based upon it. A 15-24 year old is more likely to die in a car crash, homicide, or from suicide than COVID-19. That is true based on statistical data. But post that and see how many angered responses you get, all using it to justify their opinion.
  6. Can we get Coach Hart and Coach Wilkerson to schedule a 7-on-7 July 5th? But here's the catch... it will take place in the pool at Spashin' Safari/Holiday World and be within ISDH guidelines. I hope I am wrong on this, but will we see a death of an asthmatic athlete who was forced to wear a cloth mask during practice?
  7. Now I know why MLB has a 67-page document for return to play.
  8. I like the Ev Harrison and Ev North got their own fields, but lack of restrooms and concessions on the visitor sides are ridiculous, IMO. I think MD and EM both play sub-varsity games at their campus but then rent Friday nights. I don’t know if they have considered upgrading their facilities for varsity.
  9. If you keep saying it, we'll eventually believe you, right? I really hope GS gets to play 15 games this year.
  10. Central stadium in Evansville had four PA speaker poles inside the track until about 10 years ago. They were around the 15-20 yard lines in all four corners, about the same distance off the field as those light poles in the picture. When turf was installed, they thankfully removed them.
  11. Travel baseball practices have already begun here in Evansville. Which highlights the illogical nature of the July 1 date set by the IHSAA/InDOE Option A - Athletes can practice with their HS fall sports teams, supervised by their HS coaches at their local HS facilities Option B - No more than 2-3 athletes from each school, resulting in a mixture of 5-6 schools, form a team. Then this team from Evansville goes to Westfield to play teams from Ft Wayne, Lafayette, Jeffersonville, and Carmel. If I had to choose which would be ‘safer’ from a public health perspective, I am choosing A. It’s not just a baseball/foootball thing. I can’t wait to see those travel soccer tournament photos in June as well.
  12. As I expected, I have just seen my first advertisement for a girls travel softball tournament June 20-21st. July 1st (which is really July 6th after moratorium) was a CYA choice by the IHSAA in my opinion.
  13. Maybe you should spend less on helmets and more on T-shirts. 😀😀 (I kid, I kid.) And somehow all my teenage son’s t-shirts have lost their sleeves in the last few months. So the same joke applies to our household. Lol
  14. The smart coaches will have a social gathering of less than 250 players at an amusement park or playground on June 16. (Within current guidelines). Have all the players take turns spitting in each other’s faces, self-isolate for 2 weeks and then everyone can practice July 1st. Problem solved.
  15. Which MIC schools are you and @TrojanDad referring to?
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