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  1. If NASCAR drivers would just embrace and use the techniques taught in defensive driving courses, there would be no crashes.
  2. That puts them solidly as a 4A school. Any question as to which sectional they will be put in @Lysander?
  3. By my count, that puts FW Northrop as #31, assuming Cathedral is SF to 6A as #32, making WL Harrison the team that benefits and its the largest of 5A.
  4. Yes. All the coaches are Heads-up certified. I was going to post that it's Heads Up/ Hawk tackle technique but didn't want to open up a can of worms about the nuanced differences between the two. LOL Tackles are like snowflakes. They are all unique and never happen the same way twice. So teaching just "one way" to do it is short-sighted IMO. Dang it, I'm getting all philosophical again.
  5. I agree with Foxbat and @Grover. The opinion piece seems a bit dated. My sons youth league has been teaching these mechanics for at least 4-5 years.
  6. I agree with your thought process. I can't imagine a school just deciding to go independent. Linton did this a few years ago, but it wasn't until several years of discussion and they had outgrown their conference in terms of competitiveness. I would think a school would put out feelers and have talks with where they want to end up before they would jump ship. Thus far, it's all just rumor and speculation. Vincennes did just change principals the first of the year. Any administration change I have witnessed always came with rumors of proposed changes - whether there was any truth to them or not.
  7. @Bobref I am curious your thoughts - not about this play in general, but the NFL practice of mixing crews for the postseason. This kind of play is difficult to officiate obviously. But I can’t imagine the pressure of conferring with a wing and back judge you might never have worked with to decide the correct call on national TV.
  8. Tell me you don’t know Coach Goebel without telling me. The closed conference and zero effort put into football scheduling are not viewed as problems by those who would have the power to change it. The only way the conference will change will be if one of the non-Vanderburgh schools decides to leave.
  9. If I’m all powerful, I swap GS for VL and use those divisions. I could also be talked into adding GS and MV to the west and moving VL to east with traditional rival Jasper. Boonville frankly doesn’t want any part of the SIAC, of their own admission.
  10. East-West or North-South, I am all for a position crossover night. If you are big/small then I don’t see the point. The division of big-small is made so the #4 and #5 small wouldn’t have to play the big boys unless they want to. Presumably the competitive smalls like Concordia and Luers will already schedule some of those games anyway.
  11. As far as the SIAC, you have identified a football-only issue. And with regards to scheduling, 7 of the schools don’t even view it as a problem. The only way it changes is if Vincennes decides the ‘new’ Big PAC is a better fit or Jasper/Castle decides to move towards Bedford and Bloomington.
  12. I think we all would have enjoyed some GS-EM matchups over the last 3 years. Instead we are stuck with message board arguments and website projections like this: PROJECT A MATCHUP neutral field [2021] Gibson Southern (Fort Branch, IN) 35, [2018] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 34
  13. I would think a law firm in Raleigh could grab some PR and notoriety by filing a class action suit on behalf of Wolfpack families. Then again, there are plenty of legal experts on here, and I am NOT one of them. I barely passed Intro to Business Law.
  14. Agreed! These kind of lists always makes me wonder what would the GID look like in the mid-90s. Jerry Brewer and Bob Clayton. Will they get bored winning against their competition and step up to coach an Indy school? No way do the up and coming coaches Mike Goebel and Reed May spend their careers at one school. HS football coaches don’t think like fans (that’s a good thing) and always look for the next big thing.
  15. My guess is that is the same league, or made up of many of the same characters (literally and figuratively.) Especially the ex-college and wannabe remark. 😀 We played a team from Fairdale as well as a ‘Kentuckiana’ team at a middle school in New Albany. Our last game was played on an open field somewhere in southwest Louisville. No goal posts, which didn’t matter because you went for 1 or 2 like in a flag league. An opposing player didn’t like the whooping we were putting on him and got ejected mid 4th quarter. He proceeded to get in his truck and drive across the field scattering players.
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