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  1. I wonder if it will be a 9 game schedule for football? Heritage Hills and Southridge would end up being big losers in that case. I'm sure that was a nice gate every other year. Scheduling would be easier for the current SIAC schools. No more Terre Haute, Kentucky, Indy, or New Albany area road trips. Memorial can just dust off its schedule from the late 90's when they had Jasper week 1 and Lincoln week 2.
  2. Freudian slip? Or are you finally ready to admit what we’ve known all along?
  3. No offense to our EIAC folks, but the whole ‘big school/small school’ division idea would be pretty dumb, IMO. Castle, North, Reitz, Central, Harrison are all bigger than Jasper. So that puts Jasper as the smallest in that group. And Bosse, MD, and MEM both all shown they have no problems competing with city schools too. I would propose a geographic split East/West with US 41 as the dividing line. (Mostly) East - Jasper, Boonville, Castle, Harrison, Memorial, Bosse West- North, Central, Gibson, Reitz, Mater Dei, Mt Vernon (or Lincoln?) The SIAC could add an 8th or 9 game to the schedule fairly easy.
  4. But... it was on Facebook! Correct me if I'm wrong. But the Total (90) hours for renewal did not change, just the content coverage of some of them? The bill doesn't require an externship, which has seemed to get all the publicity. It was stated as an option, along with the professional development options you highlighted. And 15 hours of PD, does that amount to 3 per year? I think they are 5-year renewals? If given the choice between a continuing education seminar titled "Creating Effective Rubrics", "Learner Outcomes for the 21st Century", or "Job Skills needed for a Global Workforce" - I would choose the last one every time. I think all 3 would be important, but adding the 3rd doesn't take away from 1 and 2. I think it's fair to criticize the manner in which the bill was written and passed. It's also fair to discuss whether work readiness/career preparation is the job of a public HS. Should they instead be focused on a broader understanding of the world and educating future citizens in civic engagement? Those are all good questions. That's my take as an outsider, but someone who does have to get continuing education hours for a professional license. That's less than your 2 cents!
  5. I always felt the 5 quarter rule needed a little leeway anyway. Most of the time at a smaller school JV Joe is the backup RB and backup LB. 2nd Quarter of the varsity game, he plays 3 downs at LB because the starter’s helmet strap broke (Those SpeedFlex snaps can be a bear.) Then he plays the last offensive series at RB to help run out the clock. I always felt playing him only 3 quarters in JV was unnecessarily punitive and not really in the spirit of the rule. The new rule makes that scenario OK
  6. While I agree with some sentiments, I would honestly like someone to find a game where a team trailing by 35 points in the second half came back to win. There might be one or two, but they are far from the norm. And if your argument is that it prevents a "chance" at a comeback, I have to ask, what about the 8 - 10 chances you had in the first half to either 1) Stop your opponent or 2) Score yourself. We claim it's a 48 minute game, so what makes 1-2 extra possessions in the 4th quarter more valuable than the ones in the first half? I could be talked into a 42 point/35 point running clock for 3rd and 4th quarters. If a team trails 35-0 at half and receives the kickoff, I would like to see them get one more bona fide chance to score. And once it starts running - let it run with the exceptions given - score, timeout, injury. Team A is up 41-0 with 6 minutes to go in the game. Do you really want to see them throw in their starting defense for a goal-line stand against Team B to protect the running clock? That's just ridiculous, IMO.
  7. While I agree with your sentiment, I don't think it applies in this case. The sectional lines are clearly hand-drawn, subject to interpretation and manipulation. It's 2019 - the technology exists that would allow you input school locations and minimize travel distances, removing all question and doubt about the process. Then, your statement applies.
  8. Perhaps it's all in the IHSAA's grand plan to make people BEG for a qualifying system, where half of those teams wouldn't even qualify. 😏
  9. Yorktown to West Lafayette. That's quite a haul for a 1st round game possibility And Sectionals 30, 31, 32 are shall we say... interesting. Sectional 24 gets the bye, as I expected. Poor BYE team - they have yet to advance to Round 2. Maybe one of these years!
  10. Have you played on a winless team? I have. Have you played in a game where you lost by 60+ points? I did. 5 times. You probably would not have enjoyed many of my varsity football games. But I did. Every. Single. One. So forgive me if I get tired of your act.
  11. Their next school board meeting is April 8th, FWLIW http://www.egreene.k12.in.us/our_district/board_of_education
  12. I had GS/NP as the protected rivalry for Watermelon Bowl purposes, but then changed it. A lot would depend on the dividing line. If MtV played in the smaller division, then that's exactly what I would suggest. Large - JAS, BV, WAS, VL, GS, PT, HH Small - MTV, PC, SR, FP, SS, NP, TC That would produce the ability to have JAS/SR, GS/NP, and HH/SS as neighbor school-district rivalries. The other 8 could be matched up on a rotating basis. Hopefully a competitive slate of games would result in some new rivalries and larger ticket gates for schools that traditionally haven't had success.
  13. If the divisions ended up 7 and 7 (leaving out Tecumseh), then there would still be 3 games for non-conference play. Perhaps the setup would provide for a "cross-over" week and give schools the option of playing a natural rival or a rotating opponent. For example - HH/SS, Jasper/SR, and NP/MtV would allow for natural rivalries. (Like PU/IU football is a protected rivalry.) If a school didn't have traditional rivalry, then there would be a rotation of other division opponent for that spot. I think I would prefer that as a player/coach/AD - knowing who that opponent would be rather than waiting until week 8 to see who the opponent is based on record like the WIC and EIAC currently do.
  14. Every Class got 10 votes for a total of 60. 12 votes went to other players and 1 coach did not vote. Did we ever hear who got the other 12? I would assume Lindauer got some, especially from that 3A/4A mix, but that is just a hunch. If we want to mention voting advantages, 32 teams in 6A have 10 votes, while 64 teams in 1A get 10 (same for classes 2-4A). The largest class already has over-representation in voting. It does bother me that Mr. Football played 58/60 HS games against 1A and 2A competition. I would have enjoyed watching him play bigger schools, but it's nothing to hold against him. To echo Lysander, I don't much sleep over the Mr. Football "Thing."
  15. No doubt the bye is going to be in 4A Sectional 24. The 4 Evansville schools, Jasper, Boonville, and either Silver Creek (2 hours east) or Northview (2 hours north). I don't see how BOTH could be added, as they are 3 hours apart from each other via bus - and would be have to drive through Indianapolis for the southernmost sectional.
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