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  1. @Cappy I take it PC was going to play TC this week? Or were there two games cancelled? It’s going to make for an interesting tournament this year. Although from the sound of things the IHSAA may need to figure out the whole quarantined team thing in the volleyball tournament too.
  2. Wing T Coaches: "You know our OL are properly lined up when the opposing coach is losing his mind about an illegal formation." I hate that mindset. My two biggest pet peeves watching a game. When the offense tries to blur the line of scrimmage with lineman too far back and receivers either not clearly on/off the LOS. The offense can do anything they want post-snap, just make them get set and in a legal formation pre-snap.
  3. I think Week 6 illustrates the point I have always made about the strength of the SIAC 1. A 1-4 sixth place team (MD) physically ran for over 200 yards vs a previously unbeaten first place team. 2. Jasper battled but still lost to a team missing one of its two best players. The depth of good teams and the depth of talent on the rosters make each week interesting. I’m not sure the league has semi-state caliber teams this year, but still has some good teams
  4. My wife and I were having a similar conversation this week. Our youngest son is playing tackle football for the first time this fall. I can see that he and a few of his friends easily frustrate a coach. If your main goal is to win the 3/4th grade league, it would be easy to run them all practice and never play them. Luckily his coach understands his role is to teach basic fundamentals, help them improve, and keep their enjoyment of the game. Obviously the goal of the league is safety and skill development (are you ever going to get perfection from 3/4th graders?) A varsity coach can
  5. It depends if you want to define strength as parity or top-tier team that can make a deep run. I see the SIAC winning 4 sectionals, one per class 2A - 5A. I don't see any teams winning regional, similar to 2016.
  6. I think some Geiger counters might register the collisions Friday night when Dawkins (Jasper) and Madison (Central) collide. I will pick Jasper in a slight upset. My other prediction is that the game might be over by 8:15. Neither team will throw much and are happy with 3 yards and cloud of turf.
  7. How does one ‘quit their GID addiction?’ Counseling, psychotherapy, electroshock, switch to a flip phone, what? Asking for a friend....😀 In all seriousness best of luck TrojanDad in your future endeavors. I will your insights and posts.
  8. Offense questioned the spot and no correction was made. Then called a timeout as the play clock reached 1. During the timeout the crew conferred and corrected the error, making the D-D 2nd and 13. Timeout still charged against offense. Is there anyway offense can correct the error without being charged a TO?
  9. 2nd and 8. Offense commits a live-ball illegal procedure penalty (two men in motion) and gains positive yards. The crew marks off the penalty and sets the ball 5 yards from the chains - i.e. makes it 2nd and 15. What options does the offense have concerning the bad spot/ wrong enforcement of penalty?
  10. More odd trivia- Memorial played Mater Dei in the first round of sectional 1995 on a Thursday night. The city only had 3 fields then and none were available Friday. St. Joe (city) and St. Theresa are former schools that most likely fed into Rex Mundi. As the population moves north, the diocese would be wise to add an elementary/K-8 school in Daylight.
  11. At risk of presenting anecdotal stories as evidence, the players/students who have tested positive at my son’s school were exposed by a member of their household who is older than HS age. To my knowledge, no quarantined students have tested positive after being contact traced and required to stay home.
  12. Bump - so it stays on the first page and @hhpatriot04doesn't get confused again. 😀
  13. I don't like the headline of this thread. I guess "suspends season" is technically correct, but I thought after reading the headline they were done for the year. "Suspended for two weeks" is a lot less jarring to read. As far as Chesterton - 48 hours prior to symptoms is the worrisome timeframe. Depending on when the coach started showing symptoms, Friday night may not be in that window.
  14. Memorial (0-3) @ Mater Dei (1-2) next week. Luckily they play in the SIAC and play each other. I bet both schools would hate to see a football powerhouse like Pike Central next Friday. Based on enrollment, these are the two smallest schools in the conference. Maybe they can award a ‘small school SIAC champ’ trophy to the winner? I hear that’s a pretty big deal.
  15. Watching live I thought the U spotted the ball and I looked away to say something to a friend. Next thing you know it’s outside the hash and they are bringing in the chains. I wasn’t sure how it got from point A to point B. Thankfully the stream was there because my memory didn’t agree with what happened. @Bobref’s explanation as to the run vs toss the ball to the wing makes sense too.
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