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  1. [complete, 100% sarcasm] If this were a Cathedral or Penn thread: Why didn’t Gibson Southern petition the IHSAA to play 4A against Memorial? Scared?? [end sarcasm] I’m really curious to see how North stacks up with Mater Dei. MD has Lannert playing defense who might be able prevent McKinney from breaking a big run. Speed galore. Completely agree that Coach P has North going in the right way. And just in time, as I could see them going 6A next classification cycle.
  2. I will add that in the last decade Mater Dei, Memorial, Castle, and Central have all has losing seasons in conference. (3 -4 in conference play or worse.) North, Harrison, and Bosse have had all had seasons with 4+ conference wins, with Harrison and Bosse winning sectionals. So while there might be a 3-6 for Jasper, I bet there will be some 6-3 seasons as well. It’s all cyclical.
  3. Does a player entering the huddle have to play a down? For example, the coach A decides to send in the play with his backup QB who tells it to the team. Then he runs back to the sideline. Legal? Or another perhaps less egregious one, team B runs in a FB to replace a WR. Once he gets to the huddle, B's coach decides to call a play with 4 WRs, and the FB runs back out.
  4. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/2019/09/10/torjon-evans-turbulent-prep-football-career-over-central/2273796001/ I think most reasonable people saw this coming. I predicted the Reitz game. I was off by a week. Great athlete. I hope he can finally get things straightened out on the personal side to turn things around.
  5. I think there are a few teams in the SIAC who intentionally set up their endzone cameras at separate ends. Then share the video so it can be intercut. One play with three views: Side, North end zone, south end zone. That's good stuff.
  6. Where have I been? But then again, I sometimes have to remind myself that Tell City and Gibson Southern aren't Big 8 schools either. Old habits, I guess. And great looking schedule for the Big PAC Titans!
  7. I haven’t followed all the details, but is Wood Memorial in the PAC? Is it a done deal that they won’t compete in football anymore?
  8. Sounds like you have already assumed bias exists with referees. It’s tough to prove a negative.
  9. No. No. No. If you want to argue it shouldn’t be until 42 points, the 4th quarter, or exist at all- fine. But once it runs, it runs. The starters should never be thrown back into a game just to preserve a running clock, perhaps after sitting for 30 minutes or more. If a losing team wants to shoot off fireworks and celebrate for a full minute after cutting the lead to 35-6 so be it. But the clock shouldn’t stop.
  10. Whiting plays MD Saturday at the Bowl. Clarksville, Tennessee plays Friday. That’s almost 400 miles between schools that will use the visitor locker this weekend
  11. According to the Evansville Courier, Kentucky’s mercy rule kicks in at 36. I kind of like that. It’s more than 5 scores, so something else had to happen besides 5 TD’s. Either a 2 pt, a safety, FG, etc. The idea of a team trailing by 35 and receiving the 2nd half kickoff still having a chance - at least one possession before it kicks in seems reasonable to me.
  12. Indiana teams never get a fairly called game in Kentucky. So that Central/Owensboro matchup will be interesting
  13. Conference championship in week 2? Quite possibly
  14. I’ll play Switzerland and say it was probably just an honest miscommunication between the two. Lol If a ref told me it stops ‘after a score’ and I’m the clock operator, I would assume I stopped it after a TD. PAT’s are untimed. Actually reading the rule, it doesn’t stop until after the PAT. First week under a new rule. I remember similar issues with the :40/:25 that ironed themselves out after a week or two.
  15. I would have liked to see a year w/ 6 quarters prior to mercy rule as well. Mercy rule good: It limits chances (snaps) for injury to starters in a blowout. It also allows the JV kids to run a true offense. Out of bounds, incomplete passes, etc. don’t stop the clock, so you aren’t forced to run a kid straight up the middle for 3 plays and punt. Bad: I would have preferred 42 at half/35 4th.
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