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  1. The term scrimmage is defined by the IHSAA, as @Bobref posted above and occurs in August. However, players, fans, parents, even coaches will use the term scrimmage when the IHSAA defines it as a "competition day." Teams can play 7 on 7, 11 on 11, and engage in other competition activities - but it is done to thud and not tackling to the ground. IHSAA By-law 15-3.4 a. Students may not participate in any Full Contact Football Activities (any intentional football activity by a player where the goal is to take One (1) or more competing players to the ground as the result of a collision
  2. The December timeframe works in SEC country because of weather and also early HS graduates. (January entry to college.) As far as SW Indiana, there was some talk of re-starting the Hardee’s All Star game, but this time sponsored by Midwest Football Academy. The Hardee’s game was City vs Area. Players from the 8 SIAC schools at the time vs players from PAC & Big 8. It was always played at UE and fairly well attended. But UE dropped football, leaving the game without a venue, and domination by the SIAC team led to dwindling interest. The last game I attended was in the late 9
  3. GS won their pool and are seeded #2 overall (out of 32) for the tournament. But check out tomorrow’s tournament schedule. 9AM Brownsburg vs Louisville Male 10 AM Gibson Southern vs Spain Park JV (#31 seed) 11 AM GS/SP winner vs BBurg/Male winner Could we see the HartBowl in Round 2??
  4. I haven't heard much. Is the controlled scrimmage schedule the same? Central vs GS, Boonville vs North, Castle vs Memorial, Jasper vs Heritage Hills, Reitz vs Mater Dei, Bosse vs. Linton? I forget who Harrison and Vincennes Lincoln play.
  5. I am fine with every class being represented. There are some good players at lower levels as the game MVP demonstrated. I hardly think one South win, when North had won 5 straight previously, is cause for urgent change. I also did not go, but those I talked to that did thought North had an athletic advantage prior to the game. Uncle Mo jumped on the south side after the pick 6 to open scoring. Then special teams really swung the outcome to make it appear more lopsided.
  6. I don’t think it was played in 2020, but quick question: which side won the previous five? (2015 - 2019)
  7. I know it’s been that way quite a while. Maybe a dozen or so years or more? D1 programs like to enroll their incoming freshmen into a summer school course early/mid June. Once the player enrolls into college (in summer school) the rules change regarding benefits: training, coaching, workouts, etc. and the level of contact the school can have with the athlete. I’m not an NCAA expert, but it basically boils down to college students cannot play a game against non-college students. Which is what a D-1 enrolled player would be doing with someone who was going to a D3 school and doesn’t e
  8. Mel Brooks: It’s good to be the king.
  9. Colton Pence (Memorial), Connor Delp (Center Grove), and Micah Wilson (Covenant Christian) just covered 80 yards in about 4-5 plays to score. South leads 17-0.
  10. Looks like a good night in Anderson. game currently streaming on the ISC network
  11. 12 questions? I want to know the answer to super secret question #3. It must have been censored. 10. I think that the success factor has accomplished what it was set out to. I do struggle with it some. Jumping out of football for a second we have a great girls softball program here and we have been up in 4A for quite some time. No guarantees certainly, but I think they would have had some chances the past few years to make some great runs. Those girls didn’t have that opportunity because of the program having success while they are in middle school.
  12. They are two completely separate things. Hudl sideline is a great review tool to see what happened last play. A coach up top is a spotter to help with the next play (players running on/off the field, is the ref marking the OOB spot short of the first down, etc.) That is good to hear. Trying to force Hudl Sideline into a replay system is asking it to do something it was not designed to do. On the goal line, I will take a properly positioned referee over any video camera angle from the endzone or midfield.
  13. I will rephrase my tongue-in-cheek comment. One P/P team will eliminated quickly from the tournament, which I think is the IHSAA’s intent. The unintended consequences like you have mentioned are why I agree it would be a bad thing for football in the state. As it is, Chatard must win sectional in 2021 and 2022 or win a regional in one of those years or they would return to 3A.
  14. You say outrageous and unfair. I think Roncalli/Chatard meeting the first round of the sectional means the system is working just as the IHSAA intended. But that’s just me.
  15. I hit submit before I could add that, but agreed. At least most of those are local and with your HS team. You just have to go out of state to find good baseball teams, or so I have been told. I guess Dubois county doesn’t count??
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