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  1. In the words of Michael Scott ‘That’s what she said.’ Lol I liked the alliteration of 53 feet vs 53 yards, but realized that left me a foot short. I corrected one but not the other. But you’re right, it could make a difference. Game of inches.
  2. I'm less concerned about Reitz's schedule than the question - how many passes did their opponents attempt? I understand these discussions are all in fun, I just wonder how much stock you can put into the 'unscored' upon claim. And this isn't a knock on 1961 Reitz, 1918 Kentland, or any of the other 9. When the game was played 53 feet wide (hash to hash) instead of 53 1/3 yards wide, it is tough to compare. If we are discussing which team would win a matchup head to head or it could be which team was most dominant against its opposition. I feel like those are always two different questions.
  3. Reckless? Huh? Did I miss something? Good luck to the Wildcats this year.
  4. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/03/19/ihsaa-changes-spring-sport-practice-requirements/2879017001/ Someone with more knowledge than me will have to educate us on Bylaw 15-2. Does that mean club volleyball and soccer teams can resume their weekend tournaments in Atlanta, St. Louis, Orlando, and so on? That would be great for HS athletes. (sarcasm)
  5. That makes very little sense to me. Winter sports season is over - with the exception of 64 out of 412 schools. Not to be a stickler either - but it’s only a boys sport that is unfinished. When will this be over? Who knows for sure. But as it is, Girls Track sectional is May 19th. Boys Track is May 21st. Girls tennis and softball the following week, with baseball and boys golf the week after. If (and definitely if) sports resume between now and those dates, I don’t see how in good conscious you could tell athletes in those six sports their chance at any competition is less important than an unfinished basketball tournament. Practice? I think athletes could run, jump, throw, and swing a bat/racket/club just as easily as shoot a basketball between now and then too.... and outdoors.
  6. I could be mistaken, but didn’t Seymour get turf installed on their football field the year before Brownstown did? If my county rival improved their facility, I would want to do the same. That’s all I meant. Nothing negative implied. But as you said being such a pro-sports community, maybe the plan was already in place for BC’s upgrades before that.
  7. In your opinion, was the awful condition of the 2016 regional field the reason BC got turf? Or was it more keeping up with Seymour?
  8. I hear that. Although without Sportscenter late at night or over morning coffee, we might have to * gasp * talk as a family. 😄
  9. Google is your friend https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/2020/03/02/chca-names-kc-woods-new-head-football-coach/4932779002/
  10. Any results posted? Always excited to see who has been working hard in the off season.
  11. I went to the Memorial/Chatard semi state in 2009 at Tech. I really liked that atmosphere, and it was a good crowd. Haven’t been back, but from the looks of the games I have seen streamed online since then, Tech looks really nice with the turf and updates. Reitz Bowl is nice. Just wish I could see in the dark! Lol
  12. Germans? Pearl Harbor? Don’t stop him, he’s on a roll. 😄 It will be interesting to see the impact of coaching hires on roster numbers. It could be a boost for all 3 schools.
  13. The white is a probably a 3‘ x 3’ concrete pad surrounding a 12-18 inch drain. (Small metal circle inside the concrete square.) The issue is that the concrete is probably 2-3 inches off the out of bounds line on the north visitor 20 yard line. I think they cover it with plywood or a PE Mat during games, but it’s still a dangerous spot. Not much worse than sprinkler heads filled with sand I have seen at other natural grass fields, the crash pad in the dark corner of Reitz Bowl, or the pole vault incline at Boonville.
  14. Sounds like Mt Vernon loosed their Coach. Brunson to Reitz Moe Sutton to Harrison Along with Ganaway at Bosse, I think the SIAC Coaching openings are filled.
  15. A little tight? You better tell your line judge not to work the bottom of the white or he might fall in a storm drain. I think it was a GS poster who had a picture showing that last time it came up. Best of luck to Coach Morris. I guess he would have played for Coach Purichia back then? Great coach to learn from then.
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