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  1. Heritage Hills looked like they would beat Gibson Southern by 3 TD's. (I wasn't there, but that is what you REALLY wanted to ask, wasn't it?) 😄
  2. When can we expect your post on New Palestine’s line loaded with D1 talent? What have they figured out?
  3. If you are going to republish TigerFan, he might want to learn the name of Mater Dei’s coach. Just my .02
  4. I thought the proposal was that 8 man would be a spring sport? Since it will offered by non 11 man schools, it wasn’t going to be an issue. I guess that has changed since it does sound like they are planning on this fall.
  5. And I am fully prepared to defend my stance ‘it depends.’ Lol Regarding 5A, I would say yes you need to be able to throw it. But the 1, 2, and 3A levels it is possible to win without throwing the ball. As teams get bigger and the ability to to two platoon gets easier, I say no. At 1A where a team has the same 11 guys who get minimal defense practice, a good rush attack is tough. But at the bigger classes (take Noblesville for example) when an opponent has bigger DL and all 11 can work on a defense game plan all week, the threat of a pass has to be there.
  6. I was a big fan of Bob Lovell’s radio program on Friday nights. I’m not sure if it is still carried in the Evansville/ SW Indiana markets or if he still broadcasts. But I would be willing to listen to a weekly podcast about IN HS football. The ability to listen at my convenience would be great. For those of us on Central time it was tough to hear about some of the EST games that would be well over before my drive home.
  7. My mistake. Triton Central was at Colts 7. What’s next? Someone going to tell me Pike and Pike Central aren’t the same school too?
  8. Triton must have had a good Saturday. Didn’t they also have a team at the Colts 7-7?
  9. I would much rather have a mercy rule than this: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/02/nyregion/football-coach-suspended-sportsmanship.html In this article, it mentions a rule in NY. If a team wins by 42+, the coach must explain to a review panel why a lopsided score could not be avoided. Yikes .
  10. You said that to a Reitz fan? You chose violence. Lol
  11. I’m glad schools apply this rule equally to marching bands, preventing then from performing at the Macy’s parade in NY and dance teams can’t go to Disney for competitions. Wait… nevermind. (And yes. I know they are not under IHSAA, but the heat is making me snarky. Lol)
  12. lol. Let’s see if I can figure this out:
  13. Excuse my lack of tech savvy, but the Twitters are reporting Ross Fuhs is leaving Forest Park to go to Southridge. I am assuming in an Asst coach role.
  14. An economist I know used to say ‘Give them a direction or a timeframe. Never give them both. That way you’re never wrong.’ Seems to apply here as well.
  15. The #1 byproduct of social media and I dislike it. So @HHFis this player-driven or bro-coach driven? (Of which Luke Fickell would be a prime example.)
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