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  1. It’s a good thing the EVSC administration has not shown favoritism towards any schools. If only there was someone at IHSAA in Indy who could pull some strings.
  2. I had heard a rumor they were hosting a team from Tennessee. Which team exactly wasn't mentioned, but that would agree with what I heard.
  3. Nice moving the goalposts there. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/2018-19 By Laws.pdf I will say I’m not an expert on the IHSAA by-laws but looking at Rule 15-3 (page 59) only one sport specially has its summer contest days limited. There might be a limit somewhere else in the by-laws but I don’t know. I can say as a parent of a multi - sport athlete, that he has attended ‘voluntary’ open gyms to football workouts by about 2 to 1.
  4. Surely you are not saying volleyball and basketball aren’t sports? Like Coach Nowlin said, my beef isn’t that IHSAA has a moratorium week. It’s that there is zero restrictions on summer club/AAU sports. Not sure going back to Aug 1 and 2-a-days would solve anything. I can tell you this much - every HS football coach I’ve known will follow the rules. I can’t speak to club sports.
  5. I think it’s a ridiculous double standard imposed on IHSAA coaches and teams. I get the purpose of moratorium week. However my son who plays football isn’t allowed to use the HS weight room, workout with his coaches, or have organized team activities. Meanwhile he has friends playing club volleyball in Indianapolis and AAU basketball in Louisville. Multiple games each day. Both events have hundreds of teams in every age group, and it would be a safe bet to say some are from more than 300 miles away. I don’t have any answers, it’s just something that grinds my gears and felt this was the place to vent!
  6. The ENTIRE success factor promotion and "stay up" factors are 100% arbitrarily set. The success factor points and 2 year count process could easily be changed a number of ways which would yield other results. @Bobref claims the system is designed for when teams 'consistently' overwhelm the competition. Really? Is TWO years consistent? Or is it the byproduct of a good class of athletes attending a school at the right (or wrong, depending on perspective) time? East Central High school from 2015-2018 is a great example. Those four years: state runner up, Regional Champ, State Champ, Sectional Champ. That's 10 points in a 4 year span. 6 points in a two year span. But because it's a two year cycle that resets, they never bumped up to 5A. Meanwhile Indianapolis Scecina has losing seasons in 2009 and 2010. Then they are state runner up in 2011 and 2012. That's 6 points in two years - the RIGHT two years by the arbitrarily set standard and they get bumped up. So which team consistently played above their class? So the system currently in place tells Scecina they've had "enough" success while East Central hasn't. Got it. Making a change like a rolling 2 year count, a 4 year cycle count, adding a bonus to a state championship - making it worth 5 points instead of 4. All of these tweaks could be made to the current system. Would we say teams that get promoted under that system would be more or less representative of consistent success? And both @BTF and @slice60 feel Snider has been competitive enough in 6A. Perhaps. I am not downplaying any team that wins a sectional, representative of a good season and lots of hard work by the teams. But my biggest beef is that sectionals are somewhat geographically constructed and teams are blindly drawn. Being best in your local area is good enough, and not when judged against the entire state. The problem is not all sectionals are created equally, and it's more noticeable in 5A and 6A when there are four teams. New Pal is currently playing in 5A. So winning Sectional 14 should be viewed the same as winning sectional 13? And both of those are the same as winning sectional 16 two years in a row? Southridge is playing up in 3A. They were put in sectional 32. Winning sectional 32 is the same as winning sectional 30? And those are both the same accomplishment as winning sectional 28 in back to back years? No, I don't think being the best around and winning your sectional in two years is "enough" success to keep you up, when you had to be one of the best in the ENTIRE state to get promoted. And as the East Central/ Scecina comparison proves, even getting bumped up is more a matter of timing than continued success.
  7. It’s really quite genius of the IHSAA. By putting Cathedral in 4A and Snider in 5A, we are arguing the uniform application of the ‘keep up’ rule. In the meantime no one argues the stupidity of lowering it from 3 points to 2, or even the validity of a success factor rule. Genius.
  8. Off the top of my head, SIAC schools have played non-conference games against Henderson Co, Daviess Co, Owensboro, OCath, Apollo, TH North and South, Princeton, Washington, Pike Central, Crawford Co, New Albany, Jasper, and Indian Creek in the first two weeks of the last few years. There are probably a few more. There should be plenty of schools looking for partners if the SIAC decides on a 9 gamer. I am slightly disappointed that there won’t be a crossover game, but I can see the argument against it. The ‘championship’ game only makes sense if the conference it evenly split or done geographically.
  9. The rumors I heard suggested the SIAC was going to split east-west down 41 (roughly). Boonville, Jasper, Castle, Harrison, Bosse, and Memorial to the east. Vincennes, Gibson Southern, North, Reitz, Central, and Mater Dei to the west. That’s fairly balanced in terms of school size, if you consider Memorial is 3A by enrollment. It’s all a moot point now.
  10. Seems about right if you saw last year’s sectional. The best Boonville team in a generation needed to score a last minute touchdown to beat Bosse - who went 1-6 in the SIAC. That result probably scared them from joining. Edit: I guess if I read the article first, I would have seen that probably was true! My bad.
  11. I hope they leave week 9 intact. Check out the matchups: Mater Dei - Reitz at the Bowl Central - North Memorial - Castle Harrison - Bosse Jasper - Lincoln That would be a great slate of games with conference titles/shares on the line.
  12. I wonder if it will be a 9 game schedule for football? Heritage Hills and Southridge would end up being big losers in that case. I'm sure that was a nice gate every other year. Scheduling would be easier for the current SIAC schools. No more Terre Haute, Kentucky, Indy, or New Albany area road trips. Memorial can just dust off its schedule from the late 90's when they had Jasper week 1 and Lincoln week 2.
  13. Freudian slip? Or are you finally ready to admit what we’ve known all along?
  14. No offense to our EIAC folks, but the whole ‘big school/small school’ division idea would be pretty dumb, IMO. Castle, North, Reitz, Central, Harrison are all bigger than Jasper. So that puts Jasper as the smallest in that group. And Bosse, MD, and MEM both all shown they have no problems competing with city schools too. I would propose a geographic split East/West with US 41 as the dividing line. (Mostly) East - Jasper, Boonville, Castle, Harrison, Memorial, Bosse West- North, Central, Gibson, Reitz, Mater Dei, Mt Vernon (or Lincoln?) The SIAC could add an 8th or 9 game to the schedule fairly easy.
  15. But... it was on Facebook! Correct me if I'm wrong. But the Total (90) hours for renewal did not change, just the content coverage of some of them? The bill doesn't require an externship, which has seemed to get all the publicity. It was stated as an option, along with the professional development options you highlighted. And 15 hours of PD, does that amount to 3 per year? I think they are 5-year renewals? If given the choice between a continuing education seminar titled "Creating Effective Rubrics", "Learner Outcomes for the 21st Century", or "Job Skills needed for a Global Workforce" - I would choose the last one every time. I think all 3 would be important, but adding the 3rd doesn't take away from 1 and 2. I think it's fair to criticize the manner in which the bill was written and passed. It's also fair to discuss whether work readiness/career preparation is the job of a public HS. Should they instead be focused on a broader understanding of the world and educating future citizens in civic engagement? Those are all good questions. That's my take as an outsider, but someone who does have to get continuing education hours for a professional license. That's less than your 2 cents!
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