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  1. I always thought Top 50 was senior only as well, but I obviously was mistaken. Two names I thought for sure would be on there were Tayvion Ortman (New Prairie - LB) and Josh Ringer (RB - East Central). However there always seems to be a 6A bias when it comes to awards. 6A has 28/50 Top 50 players - despite having only 32 teams. For me, Hansen should be RB Mr. Football. I honestly didn't even think there would be a question. But then I remembered the 6A thing. I would favor Bowen over Hansen for overall.
  2. I find it funny that not even the IFCA can spell Boonville correctly. #NoRespect
  3. You know they are identical to last year, except home/away are flipped, right?
  4. I only see six, not seven classes in Kentucky. But I can't figure out Tennessee. Division I and Division II with a total of NINE state champions?
  5. Thanks for this. Interesting information. We have family in Hamilton County and attend Our Lady of Grace. I was surprised to find out that was the Lafayette Diocese and Guerin was as well.
  6. The article says that all IFCA member head coaches and assistant coaches get a vote. So "not every coach with a pulse" but only IFCA member coaches.
  7. Agreed - it has to be a tough and often thankless job. I have noticed over the last few years, there have been many youth/MS games where we have wondered if a referee crew would show up, but there never has been a shortage of dads wearing team polos on the sidelines.
  8. I would think this would be an easier sell than seeding. Most football coaches I know are extreme creatures of habit. After winning sectional and regional, I can't imagine the irritation of waiting until mid-morning/afternoon Saturday to find out who they will play the next Friday. I just think seeding the sectional Top 2 would have to happen before seeding after the sectional would be a palatable suggestion. Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, and Soccer (at least I think) do get Semi-State placements after regionals, but the teams already know who they will play. That's the big difference.
  9. I don't think the early start time helped. Friday's first game featured two teams from the Central time zone - Mater Dei and Andrean. That 10 AM start almost required a hotel stay the night before and prevented the drive-up crowd. For as much as we may not like the Center Grove vs Carmel/Westfield state finals, the ticket office certainly does. Looking at 2014 - Ben Davis/Carmel, Cathedral (5A), New Pal (4A), and Tri-West (3A) all featured very drivable fan bases.
  10. @Bobref Question about 5A. That was the only game I noticed where the referee would announce ‘False start - Whiteland (or Valparaiso)’ as opposed to offense. Is that a referee preference, comfort level with a mic, etc?
  11. Chatard gets the first win for the ‘north’ semi state winners
  12. Look at @hhpatriot04 - trying to up his Twitter clout. 😂 That last minute of the first half. Wow. Crazy. If the second half is like the first, this is easily the best game of the weekend thus far.
  13. After hearing Jan yesterday, that makes complete sense. Has to be tough to call in sick during the biggest weekend of the year die HS football but it was the right call. Look forward to hearing him in the call next year.
  14. So how do we explain 4A? Public schools Mt Vernon and East Central beat the 2019 and 2020 P/P state champions in the regional/SS rounds en route to winning the 2021 and 2022 titles.
  15. Yawn. The boat race is on. 3 years in a row the 4A south semi state is the real championship game.
  16. The SIAC was a pretty tough defensive conference this year. Congratulations MD!
  17. My take on the two ‘tough’ calls. Offensive pass interference against MD. WR aims at defender and hits him. WR’s hands are not in a running or catching position. Clearly his hands are in a shove position. Tough call but I see why it was a penalty. Defenseless player? Is that what it called? I thought the call was targeting in NFHS but no ejection like NCAA? It’s a tough call with the speed and size of the players. However it was a penalty without a doubt, IMO. Next year #34 would miss the second half. He would be advised to study the hit of his teammate on #2 from MD on the crossing route. That is how you play the man to break up a pass.
  18. Someone tell @TigerFan20 there is a game thread for this one. Good to see MD convert their first red zone opportunity. That was the difference last year.
  19. -Different discussion for a different day, but the Pacers have way too much pull over Indy media for a mediocre franchise. The state football finals in November and opening week Cardinals games in April. Two things I would much rather watch than regular season NBA games. Yet they get preempted every time.
  20. 35-14 seems about right to me as well. I watched both semi-states. New Prairie/Kokomo could have been played on a field 53 1/3 ft wide. I’m not sure they needed room outside the hashes. As with many state finals, this one will be won/lost in the second quarter. Both teams will come out excited but once that first qtr adrenaline wears off the stronger team usually comes through.
  21. In SIAC news, good luck to the MD Wildcats today. Five out of the last 6 years, a team has played in LOS (Memorial, Central, and MD). Another school - Castle- has made it to semi-state 2x over that span as well.
  22. Dawson Wunderlich and Mason Wunderlich are two completely different kids. Not sure what you are talking about. 😀
  23. I forgot Mater Dei led the game 9-7 with 11 minutes to go last year. I think the Wildcats are better offensively this year, but they will need to convert red zone chances with TD's instead of FG's.
  24. Western Boone 2018-2020 has entered the chat. (To clarify) I have no issues with this. But if it were Bishop Western or St. Boone, they would be talked about completely different.
  25. A. Your post implies that sectionals have not been gerrymandered in the past. B. The success factor is flawed. Adding a second flaw would not improve the situation.
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