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  1. The Big 8 in 1990 - Vincennes, Jasper, Washington, Boonville, Mt Vernon (Posey), Tell City, Princeton, and Gibson Southern were a pretty good fit. Gibson Southern was the lone outlier as more of an agrarian community and moved to the PAC in the early/mid 90's. The blue-collar, rust belt communities of Vincennes, Mt Vernon, Washington, and Tell City have all fallen in enrollment. I used to have a spreadsheet with the PAC/Big 8 schools with population and median household income data. Pretty drastic declines for some of these former Big 8 towns, while Jasper and Gibson Southern have thrived. With GS, Tell City, and Mt Carmel all leaving at various times over the last 25 years, Jasper was looking at a 5 team conference that they had really outgrown. That is why it broke apart.
  2. If you think recruiting talent and stars are most important in a game - Roncalli might struggle against New Pal. Check out the offers their current group has. I will go on record. College recruiting rankings has little to do with who wins a HS football game.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Thinking back I am sure one of the designated/restricted areas was what drew the flags and not simply the argument. Since both can happen simultaneously, it’s easy to assume from the stands it was the yelling.
  4. No love for the big guys? LOL Zaven Sebree (Harrison) Garrett Mooney, Timothy Dixon (North) Cole Wilson, Dane Wilson (MD) Dashon Stewart (Central) Ashton Stewart (Bosse) Adam Watson, Will Bracher (Castle) I probably missed a few, but a lot of OL/DL guys placed in the Shot & Discus events.
  5. I was thinking something along these lines as well. I vaguely remember when my younger sister pitched in the early/mid 90's that she was taught glove hand and pitching hand (with ball) dropped to her sides, then could bring them together to start her windup. I assumed it was her coach's preference because that was the windup his daughter used. She (his daughter) had pitched in the state finals in the 89-90 era when softball was in its IHSAA infancy. If it was a rule, it must have gone the way of the white softball.
  6. Is there a "sideline warning" type infraction that can be called in baseball/softball? If I'm not mistaken football can go sideline warning - 15 yard unsportsmanlike - 15 + ejection. Of course the warning is only as good as the mindset of the coach. I would take it as a sign to calm down. Sounds like this coach might have taken it as a personal challenge, unfortunately.
  7. Some SIAC thoughts. Week 1 has Castle vs. North and Jasper vs. Memorial. Should be a great opening week. Castle/North - Both teams will need to replace their QB from last year and should feature two great OL/DL line battles. Jasper/Memorial - Both teams looking to replace RB tandems but return their QB's. Mater Dei - if they can replace the losses of two multi year all-conference DL, they should be in good position to return to LOS. Remaining healthy through a SIAC schedule is always important for a team with so many two-way players.
  8. There are 6 SIAC teams in sectional 24. Boonville (PAC) is the only Nonconference opponent in the 7 team sectional.
  9. If I’m Memorial, my list of questions are: 1. Who will be QB1? 2. Who is the feature RB? …. 623. What is the best route to St. Leon for regional?
  10. Outside of the random renumbering of Sectionals 30, 31, and 32, I don't see any real surprises down south. Two years and we get to do all this fun again!
  11. I thought for sure William Wallace would be the replacement for Schuetter at Jasper. I hope so, I have a bunch of Braveheart jokes ready to go. I expect Guerzini and Pierre to have monster seasons and I hope Burnett at Reitz (pretty sure there is no relation to MtV's Burnett) gets a full season.
  12. Thanks for the unfortunate update on the situation. I met Nic 20 or so years ago when he was at Oakland City Wood Memorial. I knew he had previously been at Ev Memorial and Ky Wesleyan. So it’s hard for me to consider him an ‘out of state’ guy. I didn’t know he had been working out of state the last few decades. This sounds like a bad situation and I feel bad for the players and JC administration.
  13. St. Mary's is starting a "sprint" football team with a weight limit of 173ish pounds. I have heard some rumblings of another Indiana school starting a sprint team to begin play in 2023. I am all for giving more students - especially males - an opportunity to get a college education first and continuing to play football, even if they have to eat nothing but salads to do it.
  14. I agree with this. I think the OVC was strategic when they added Lindenwood (St Charles, MO) at the same time as USI. Lindenwood will fill that need to sponsor D1 football for the conference. I concur.
  15. But you used to have your own middle school field… until futbol showed up.
  16. From my limited experience with my son, nephews, and neighbors (small sample size alert!) - reduction of playing time and penalties were much tougher for missing "optional" basketball workouts as opposed to football ones.
  17. I agree with you BTW. I like that blueprint and wish more schools would hire teachers who can coach golf, tennis, track, etc. Unfortunately many schools have had to hire lay coaches for those sports.
  18. Easy for the programs to benefit when the coach is the same. I’m curious how many other schools have the same coach for both. I wonder how many track programs even have a coach in the building - many in SW Indiana are lay coaches.
  19. I would guess the logistics make a scrimmage more appealing than a jamboree. For example my senior year jamboree encountered one of those late August lightning storms. Imagine being an AD and having to find somewhere for three visiting teams to dress and wait out an hour lightning delay.
  20. They were due to be moved up to 2A because of enrollment. I don’t follow basketball enough to know if they are avoiding a certain team. It might be that the 3A road is easier. If that is the case, does a team who voluntarily plays up fall under the ‘stay up’ rules? (2 pts in 2 years.)
  21. Here's an example of a school choosing to play up a class. North Daviess moving to 3A next year. 1. It's basketball, not football 2. They have traditionally been 1A, but would have been the 3rd of 4th smallest 2A, so they are jumping to 3A. https://twitter.com/NDCOUGARBBALL/status/1514945933724864520?s=20&t=s_5ZZpxXS_oUvDNTfxa0hQ
  22. The schools mentioned in the article are the correct targets, IMO. The small private or charter schools and rural schools with a declining enrollment. I would like to see places like Wood Memorial (Oakland City) and Oldenburg Academy join the ranks. Perhaps even someone like Dugger Union. Schools that have a history of football but can't see to field a full 11 man squad on an annual basis. And whatever happened to all the "Lighthouse" schools? I think there 2 or 3 of them around the state a few years ago but can't seem to find anything about them.
  23. I put a 99% chance on Brebeuf and Chatard being a straight switch - i.e. Brebeuf paired with Roncalli in 4A and Chatard with Guerin in 3A.
  24. I would agree with your pairings. I didn’t realize South Spencer had dropped to A until this post. And 39? I will take Brownstown and you could have the field. Seems there is a clear favorite based on past history.
  25. Edgewood moved from 3A to 4A and Bedford North Lawrence moved from 5A down to 4A. They have to go somewhere. Northview could stay in S24 and make it an 8 Teamer, but there still will be a bye somewhere in South between 21-24.
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