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  1. Things looking good to start off the season for day 1 of practice, helmets only.
  2. Hopefully the IHSAA and individual schools will be smart and stop all outside athletic activities, such as baseball, basketball, and softball since they are not in season, and just make the student athletes concentrate on Fall Sports. From what I have read and heard from other coaches, most of these student athletes have been doing travel sports where they are being exposed to a vast majority of the population. This increases the risk of catching Covid-19.
  3. Lake County, I believe has the 2nd highest rate of COVID 19, so not surprise they halted athletic activities. But theses past 3 weeks and this week coming are not mandatory, they are just extra time to get ready. Official season starts next week with 3 days of acclimation before full pad practices.
  4. I believe the scrimmages have been moved to Saturday, because of the back to play phases.
  5. There will be the possibility of 16 days available for the athletes to get their 10 mandatory days In before the 1st game. If an athlete does not participate in the scrimmage, they may practice in the morning and count it towards their 10 days.
  6. Ohio State made their players sign a waiver, not sure of other schools.
  7. Play on as scheduled. If schools want to shutdown their football team, let them, but don’t tell others school to do the same. If Lake County schools want to shutdown, this should not effect Evansville schools.
  8. We are doing the same. Just need to take more water breaks as the heat goes up and longer classroom sessions.
  9. NFHS has said that theses will not be allowed at the high school level. They stated that there is more risk from injury wearing this than not wearing them.
  10. I say play on as scheduled. People need to stop looking at world wide numbers, and just look at what is going on locally. Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida numbers have nothing to do with Indiana football.
  11. You are correct, on Wednesday the IHSAA posted an article about COVID-19 from the NFHS.
  12. With colleges it is a money issue, not the fear of COVID 19. If nobody attends the fall sports season, then they have no money for the spring and winter. Stanford cancelled 11 sports programs because they know the football season will not make the money to fund the other sports. Like I said before, most of colleges get their student athletes from around the county where COVID 19 is at a high risk than others not like high school where they are from a small area in a state’s county.
  13. NFHS has said those type of mask will not be allowed, as they pose a chance of injury to the athlete. My brother in law coaches college baseball in California and he said that their football team might be wearing them. Laney College, which is featured on the Netflix show Last Chance U.
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