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  1. You would think that a 5A football school would have a summer workout schedule before school got out, with the assistants running them. I don't think you need a head coach to run a summer conditioning and weights program, most school employee a strength and conditioning coach nowadays. I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.
  2. Not sure if many schools have this problem or not, but I have heard that not being able to pass a background check is what is keeping people from being employed at schools.
  3. I think the jamboree is different than the one you guys are talking about. It is not the old 2 teams play 1 quarter and rotate for 4 quarters.
  4. They let the other sports get away with this for 6 years. I heard what the IHSAA said at the IFCA clinic, but I will believe it when I see it.
  5. IHSAA was supposed to make all sports figure out a summer schedule, like football has the 12 days. Some have done so, girls basketball and soccer, while most of them have not. They keep saying we are leading the charge, but basketball will not change until the IHSAA makes their rules for them. We try to work things out with our basketball coach, they get June and we get July.
  6. Pioneer beat Andrean in 2020 Regionals to stay up in class. River Forest in smallest 3A
  7. Why do people keep thinking that 5A will have 32 teams? The state has already stated several years ago that they will put 32 in 6A and then fill up 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A with 64 teams and the remaining schools will go into 5A.
  8. I know that Herron High School is the largest (3A) that does not have football.
  9. I have to laugh when I see people say that Hispanics population cause a down shift in football because they play soccer. Most of the Hispanics in high school nowadays are 3rd or 4th generation Americans, they have more football knowledge that their parents or grandparents. Most of the kids that I know that played soccer are more white than hispanic.
  10. 6A = 32 Teams 5A = All Left Over Teams 4A = 64 Teams 3A = 64 Teams 2A = 64 Teams 1A = 64 Teams
  11. You have too many team in 5A. They will not have 32 teams.
  12. If the IHSAA would just say "On this date we will release the reclassification numbers" people would not be so worked up about them. They have a show for the tournament draws, just have a show for the next classifications. March 20th 2022 looks like a good date to me.
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