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  1. LaVille 34, Winamac 0 at halftime Anything from Triton/Bremen or Judson/Knox?
  2. Another shocker, Glenn beats St Joe 8-3! Big win for the Falcons!
  3. Knox keeps it rolling. What does Culver have this year?
  4. I really think Triton could finish 2nd in the conference if they stay healthy and improve that passing game.
  5. Lancers march down, Plummer hit another fg from 35 yards out to make the score 33-8 at halftime. Any other HNAC scores??
  6. Whelp the running clock may need to wait a bit, Pioneer uses the pass to march done and punch it in. 30-8 w/:41 left in 2nd
  7. LaVille keeps it rolling 30-0 w/6:23 left until halftime.
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