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  1. All-State: https://ifca.net/download/1A-Senior-All-State-2019.pdf Junior All-State: https://ifca.net/download/1A-Junior-All-State-2019.pdf Note: Marcus McFadden of Lutheran made the Top 50 All-State, so he doesn't show up in the 1A All-State team.
  2. Valdemort? I'm pretty sure it has Bennett's fingerprints, if not full handprint, on it. Follow the money.
  3. Recall that @1st_and_10 acknowledged that he was being a "homer" placing his team, WeBo, on that list.
  4. Economies of scale. If I recall correctly, some of the outskirts of Dallas were this way for a while back in the 70s. Places like Mesquite, Plano, Richardson all had large, single ... maybe double ... high schools and they were heavily dominant in football. Eventually tipping points forced some decentralization.
  5. But if you'll visit RCHS, @Coach Nowlin will take you by the Wagon Wheel and, if you're benching 600 and can run a 4.4 40, he'll open his own wallet and buy you a Wagon Master to entice/recruit you. I heard that @CoachDurham and the boys from South Newton heard about this and tried to pass themselves off as potential Bomber recruits. The jig was up though when @Coach Nowlin almost lost a hand when the Rebel coaches hit the Wagon Masters when they were delivered to the table.
  6. It's not perfect, only goes through 2016, and there are some gaps in some of the teams, but this will give you records for each team annually. http://ifca.zebras.net/ifca/candler/schools.htm
  7. You forgot Official Indiana High School of the Wagonmaster! That alone probably puts them in the Top 25. 😀
  8. That was impressive! It looked like his goal was to make sure he made contact with all eleven of Valpo's defenders before crossing the goal line. I though he was going to turn around and run over the one last guy that didn't touch him on that play.
  9. Ran it to the left on 10/18 and ran it to the right on 10/25?
  10. Hart was a senior this season, so they'll need to replace him, plus almost a third of the team that graduates. What they will have going for them though is just about everyone coming back is battle-tested. They are two-for-two on appearing in sectional championships since being cleared for IHSAA tournament play, so you are probably right that they'll pull a hat trick.
  11. I like the match-up ... especially being right out the gate before there's any hype. Gives both teams a chance to test a couple of things and to get a really good gauge on where the summer may have taken them. Any idea whether it is scheduled to be at Tri-West again? The last two have been there, so wasn't sure if that was part of the general agreement or just a need for the timing. If I recall correctly, both teams needed to move quickly when Lafayette Jeff and West Lafayette decided to play each other and thus end their deals with LCC and Tri-West.
  12. Probably not for LCC unless Tri-West was only a two-game series, which it may have been. Seven games are consumed by the conference and one is a rivalry game with the only other Catholic high school in the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, Guerin, so that only leaves LCC its opener and that has been Tri-West for the past two years.
  13. God forbid WeBo win a third consecutive title ... man just wait until you see what that thread looks like. The IHSAA will bump you up and then likely put you in the Sectional of Death, Sectional 28, along with all of the other "above average" schools. 😉
  14. We don't run anything specific at LCC in the youth program. More of a hybrid. Straight I and split backfield formations and, very rarely, a little wishbone. Also run out of a semi-spread, but more trips and twins. We do run motion and jet sweep even at the 3rd/4th grade level. The hardest thing that I've found is trying teach kids to even consider trying option plays. May try in a bit more earnest this next season, although that's probably up to my OC. I mainly handle the defense.
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