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  1. Speaking of spokesmen, don't you have some hydroxychloroquine to peddle?
  2. Yep, Delaware, the state, announced yesterday that that they were moving to around mid-February start. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/Ewln-Uk6sEyWWqi5jUyXrA/hawaii-and-delaware-are-11th-and-12th-states-to-move-football-to-2021.htm
  3. I sure hope that Indiana will be progressing with more caution than some other schools that have already opened when kids get back in the buildings. Here's a picture of a high school hallway in Georgia on the second day of classes. The guidelines for that school are that "masks are a personal choice" and that social distancing "would not be possible to enforce ..." The first picture is the "one way" hallway and the second is one of the limited two-way hallways. The superintendent says that the pictures "lack context," but unless there's a raging fire somewhere and all of these kids are fleeing for their lives or unless these students are all part of an experiment test group or unless this picture is from fall 2019, I'm not sure what type of context puts a positive direction on it.
  4. Yep. His dad and uncles also played basketball at LCC back in the 80s.
  5. My oldest son possibly getting back into playing football after a two-year hiatus just coaching football and playing soccer. He said tonight, since he didn't make the high school soccer squad, that the soccer coach suggested that he check out football and he was interested in maybe getting back in to playing.
  6. No refund per se, but they do get a deduction on their income for state taxes ... $1,000 per kid. Sounds like something until you realize that, with the tax rate being around 3.4% it ends up being a whopping $34 back per kid. Same thing applies for homeschooled kids.
  7. Most recent state indications for football seasons per MaxPreps. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/ha3S_dWexUOaekUFjBMfkA/high-school-football-kickoff-dates-in-all-50-states.htm Teams starting outside of fall or undecided ... New Jersey is starting in October: SPRING 2021 State – Start Date / Original Start Date California – Jan. 8 / Aug. 21 District of Columbia – Feb. 22 / Aug. 28 Colorado – Feb. 22 / Aug. 27 Virginia – March 1 / Aug. 28 New Mexico – March 4 / Aug. 17 Nevada – March 5 / Aug. 14 Washington – March 8 / Sept. 4 Illinois – TBD / Aug. 28 Minnesota – TBD / Aug. 28 Maryland – TBD / Sept. 4 TO BE DETERMINED State – Original Start Date Delaware – Sept. 11 Hawaii – Sept. 4 North Carolina – Aug. 20 Oregon – Sept. 4
  8. Not going to happen. The schools tend to make money on kids that are partially homeschooled if I'm not mistaken. My kids attended and attend part-time and I believe the state provides funding to the school at a per credit rate higher than a student attending full time. As I also pointed out to the admin, the partial homeschool kids also take up less than their fair share of resources to making them fairly decent investments on average for most schools.
  9. IHSAA says that you are wrong ... since at least 2013.
  10. Most of the waivers that parents sign for athletic activity are written specifically with the assumption that the parent WILL NOT be available in the case of an injury accident and that's how the schools initially expect to handle those incidents when they are in planning for the season. If parents ARE available, either in person or phone, those items in the waiver can then be overridden at the time of injury. I would, however, expect that the waivers give fairly explicit indication of how injury is handled with the assumption that parents won't be available ... they usually provide language like the staff is allowed to use their best judgment in action taken.
  11. Wouldn't work. Might be mistaken for the real thing by the South Newton guys and they'd eat your face off. 😀 I kid, I kid ... then again, just to be safe ...
  12. New relief bill, depending on side of the aisle is support to have some money for school although one side is more than the other and the side with lower amount is predicated on support only for schools that open in-person. Also, one side of the aisle had provisions for state and local support, which could possibly be used toward additional testing, but the other side had none outside of relaxing repayment for previous relief. Both sides of the aisle also had general coverage for COVID testing and research ... one side had twice as much as the other ... roughly 35 billion to 75 billion.
  13. Hopefully it's not as bad as the parents that one of my son's touth baseball teammates who were divorced had. There was actually a decree in the paperwork that spelled out seating at sporting events and, during baseball season, they had to sit in different bleacher groups, so one of them always had to sit in the visitor bleachers to avoid violating the agreement.
  14. I think families can make their own decision about exposure TO THEMSELVES, but my concern would be the folks who aren't thinking about the other folks that are there to see their kid(s) play. I think common sense can be the potential problem. I think you would see folks who believe it is their "God given" and "Constitution given" right to sit anywhere they want at a football game decide that they were going to "take a stance" ... just like you see the folks who show up in restaurants and berate the wait staff or attack cashiers in grocery stores who are asking people entering THEIR store to do something as simple as wear a mask ... and it's not even in public places, but also in places like churches and hospitals where you see this less-than-altruistic behavior. I would hope that it wouldn't be members of the players' families, but I think we've all been to stadiums in the past where there are those folks who, in non-pandemic times, believe that their ticket gives them the right to do whatever they want ... and some/many of those folks have family members down on the grass.
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