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  1. Learned from the master Prof. Bodine ... then I did a little advance math studies from Dr. Lou at the School of the Streets.
  2. I like what I see at Harrison and I think Harrison looks better this season than last. They competed fairly well against Roncalli last season. I'm really anxious to see them go head-to-head with Zionsville this year. They had a chip on their shoulder with Jeff. They went into the locker room at the half down 27-21 and emerged in the second half to score on all five offensive series of the second half except the victory formation drive after a Harrison interception in the last minute of the game. I think next year is likely to see Harrison coming to a peak; unfortunately, just in time to be moved up to 6A from 5A. Their younger programs, JV and Freshman, have also taken on some different opponents to make them stronger. Frosh squared off against Chatard, Cathedral, and Lowell the last couple of weeks instead of playing Richmond, Muncie Central, and Kokomo and JV squared off against Chatard and Tri-West as opposed to playing Anderson and Richmond ... also had Brebeuf and Westfield as part of their schedule too. JV squad is looking good with a single loss this season to Westfield. Westfield won that one by a point thanks to a 47-yard field goal from their sophomore kicker. The year before this team had lost to Westfield by a TD.
  3. Well, I'm from the south, so that's one of the top ten words I use on a daily basis. That and "fixinta" ... as in, "I'm fixinta head to the grocery store." 😀
  4. You did see what happened to them against Guerin last season? Lord, I apologize for that there.
  5. Harrison, 5A, isn't on anyone's radar screen. Heck, Harrell's even has Kokomo with better odds of winning the sectional and regional than Harrison even though Harrison beat Kokomo a couple of weeks ago by three TDs. Harrison's loss this season comes against 6A Westfield who Harrison was trailing 19-11 going into the 4th before succumbing. Harrison drew a bye in the first sectional round and will likely face Zionsville. Lat season, Zionsville dispatched Harrison 33-21 in the first round of sectionals. I think the game will be tighter this season.
  6. In all honestly, LCC doesn't usually get any rallying even when they are in the north. In the past, folks in the north and south didn't have much problem rallying round Sheridan in the glory days depending on where the lines were drawn. Yeah, it's odd seeing LCC in the south, but I suspect that if LCC somehow makes it all the way to LOS ... Harrell's gives them a 1.95% of that happening, so this discussion may be over long before Thanksgiving ... there'll be a lot more complaining about two P/Ps in LOS 2A than a "carpetbagger" representing the south.
  7. So given this reading, teams that were moved up this year could stay up based on points in previous classes as opposed to new class? Would LCC also be in that grouping of going down if they don't win a regional? LCC had 6 points total ... 4 for 1A state in 2019 and 2 for 1A regional in 2020. They bumped up to 2A this season. Assuming they don't get out of sectionals, they would have 2 points ... all earned in 1A. The general ruling for SF is you need 2 or or more to STAY in a class if you were bumped up. Does that mean that LCC automatically stays in 2A regardless of what they've done in 2A based on the 2 points earned in 1A or is the IHSAA going to say that 2 of LCC's points in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons were earned in 1A with none earned in 2A therefore LCC moves back down? Or stated another way, LCC has to pick up a regional win, 2 points, to stay in 2A? In the case of SA, Danville, and Hobart they are all playing with "like" class points ... all 1A, all 3A, and all 4A respectively. Similarly Cathedral is playing with all 5A points, as are Roncalli who is playing with all 4A points, and Luers who is playing with all 2A points. Memorial is playing with all 4A points and New Pal is playing with all 5A points. LCC seems to be playing with mixed-class points.
  8. 2 POINT GAMES Roncalli @ Western Twin Lakes @ Hanover Central Northwestern @ Concordia North Newton @ Rensselaer Blackford @ Tipton South Vermillion @ Lafayette Central Catholic 3 POINT GAMES Cass @ Delphi West Lafayette @ Brebeuf Jesuit Hamilton Heights @ Guerin Calumet @ Knox Yorktown @ North Montgomery Traders Point Christian @ North White
  9. Western's 6-3, but two of their loses have come to West Lafayette and one to 5A Kokomo who has only dropped games to 5A Harrison and 6A Jeff.
  10. Why ask why? Were the sprinklers not working at Luers field? Asking for a friend. Lord, I apologize for that there.
  11. West Lafayette's kind of Jekyll and Hyde come tourney. The schedule this season didn't do them any favors though. Jeff was probably their toughest game this season and that was at the start of the season. McCutcheon had a bust of a season. At the same time, they can be a dangerous opponent to overlook. They have the ability to be explosive. All things equal though, I'd put my money on Brebeuf ... except when I'm going for broke in the Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em and trying to dig out of the big hole I've dug for myself. It is a shame that these two teams have to meet right out of the gate. Reminds me of a few seasons where LCC and Pioneer were 1 and 2 in the state and ended up having to play each other in sectionals.
  12. Your folks probably told you what I tell my kids when they ask if they HAVE to go to Purdue for college: "You can go anywhere you want as long as my part is the part that I would have had at Purdue with my employee remission and you living at home."
  13. I think it's more convenience than anything else ... LCC was odd-man out in the SF re-structure. WeBo moved up to 3A with SF and LCC moved up to 2A. Frankly, I think the IHSAA was like "Hey look, here's a table with an open seat" and that's where the new guy, LCC ended up this time.
  14. So it was Mitchell! At least you got away with $5 parking, you outta see what the cost for non-Catholics was at the auto-de-fe events in Spain. I will concede that there are some high school bands that would deserve more than just a pelting with dye-filled water balloons for their horrible renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner .... or worse, Ironman. A couple of games I've gone to, there should have been a human sacrifice to atone for those renderings.
  15. Now I'm curious. This sounds personal. 😀 Was it Mitchell or Randy doing the interfering?
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