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  1. Dang it, was trying to gain ground on Ballhawk, forgot to lock the door behind me, and look who wandered in.
  2. I'm hoping so. Harrison started the season a two-TD underdog to Decatur Central and is now a 4-point favorite. If they continue to work that, they can pick up their sectional which would, likely, pit them against Whiteland, who is a likely winner of their sectional and currently a 10-pt favorite over Harrison.
  3. Harrison with 67 yard drive on the ground on opening drive. PAT is no good. 41-0 with 4:00 minutes left in 3Q.
  4. Harrison receives to start the 2nd half. Running clock in effect with Harrison leading 35-0 over Tech.
  5. Harrison strips the punter and gets a scoop and score. 35-0 with a minute left in half
  6. Harrison with 22 yard passing TD. Now leads Tech 28-0. 2:35 left in 2Q.
  7. Another TD for Harrison 21-0 and Tech fumbles kickoff and Harrison recovers. 3 mins left in 2Q.
  8. Harrison with the TD. Now leads 14-0 with 5:16 left in 2Q.
  9. Harrison misses FG. Score remains 7-0 at 9:44 in 2Q.
  10. Harrison forces a punt and scores on first possession. Leads Tech 7-0 with 3:29 left in 1Q.
  11. I actually remember a couple of those in Texas too. Being from Texas you know about how it's really weird that even though it's below 32 degrees, it doesn't really freeze or snow there; at least in the large cities due to the trapped heat. Played an 8th-grade game where it was raining, but didn't freeze, so we were just wet in that cold the whole game. Being the center, I had a guy on the sideline dedicated to keeping my hands dry and rubbed down the whole game to keep them somewhat "bendy." Won the game 8-0. Headed to the locker room and realized that my hands were so frozen that I couldn't grip the latch to pull it up to open my locker. Had to sit there for 15 minutes waiting for the ability to pinch my fingers together to open the locker. The thing I always remember about that game/season was 1) our coach making us "warm up," butts on the ground stretches, in the water puddles on the field as the opponent's bus pulled in and 2) sitting in that locker room after the game waiting for my hands to thaw out. I thought our coach was kind of crazy for having us in that water before the game, but looking back, it was genius. The other team got there and avoided the water as long as they could and no one on their team hit the ground until the game started. Our team drove that first possession, being about as comfortable as you can be while wet and freezing, and scored while the other team got accustomed to being wet. Once they got over tiptoeing on the field and trying to avoid falling in the slime of mud and freezing water, they settled down after that first drive, but it turned into a stalemate for the rest of the game; giving us the win.
  12. That was a colleague's take on punting as well in youth football games. He actually discounted the one good thing and considered the punter's knee touching the ground to retrieve the snap as being the best possible outcome in youth ball punting.
  13. Ran into that a couple of seasons when Pioneer would come to town or the season that LCC and West Lafayette resumed play and the youth programs practice field became overflow parking. Now it's a tennis court and the youth practice on the strip between Field 51 ... a youth baseball field ... and the varsity practice field or sometimes directly in left field of Field 51.
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