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  1. After almost 20 years of watching Indiana high school football, watching LOTS of the kids that I've coached over 18 seasons make their way to and through the high school field, and even a season of watching one of my daughter's perform at high school games as a member of the dance team, I finally got to see my oldest son play high school football and score his first high school points this season. Probably the least number of high school games that I've seen in a season for the last 15 years, but one that's going to be in my top football memories because of my son.
  2. Can teams overcome them by having night games instead of trying to corral them with the SF? 😀
  3. One thing that I've seen in some public school systems that I hadn't really seen in Catholic feeder programs was the competition/animosity between the feeders that sometimes continues into the high school. Don't get me wrong, I've been in Catholic school feeders where the stadium has confessionals at the exits for fans to atone for behavior when St. X CYO plays St. Y CYO, but by the time they get to Pope Z High School, it's one big happy family. LCC's youth program, while it has three elementary schools, merges everyone together early due to the size so there isn't really fracturing. It's n
  4. I like this idea more than doing category checks because it's not something that you have to categorize or label a kid based on socioeconomic status, number of kids, disability or accommodation although I could see someone saying that might still not directly hit the mark because of the difference between physical EC and non-physical EC. For example, I went to school with a kid who was in a leg and back brace for the better part of five years. He was involved in all of the academic teams like quiz bowl, chess club, and even drama and would even throw the football with us at recess, but could
  5. Heck, similar stuff like that happens all the time WITH "the faithful."
  6. I've always been surprised that this hasn't been a consideration for calculating the classification numbers. My guess is that it is likely the same reason that there isn't a reverse Success Factor in place. I'm sure that the numbers exist because I suspect that schools are eligible for additional or special funding based on students who occupy specific categories, so those numbers are already known and utilized albeit in a different way. There's potentially that argument that some districts also have facilities for some students who struggle in mainstream public schools. Some kids with add
  7. Is this @LCCAlum's first or second Caddy?
  8. I didn't see it either until the replay. I was so focused on the back just waltzing in and even the announcers stating how he went in pretty much untouched. You see that reply and you almost wonder how that kid got up from the jolt. That's one of those plays that you get on tape and put it in your playbook and show every kid who carries the ball. Not to take anything away from the runner, but that block made sure that the runner's uniform was going to be clean on that play. Definitely goes to show that this is a game of teammates.
  9. There's less risk and real uprooting that's necessary in the Indy area when you move schools. You can often "make that drive" to make it work. It's a bit tougher the more spread out you get, so there has to often be "more on the table." I don't have an issue with folks having less incentive to move, but let's call it that. Complacency tends to be a character attack whereas "needs more incentive to uproot" is a different storyline. Hard to do much with complacency in a coach, but plenty to do with needs more incentive to uproot. Just like football players. It's one thing to have a k
  10. In 2A, I think Luers brings back a decent amount from what I understand, but I think Pioneer will graduate off a sizeable chunk of talent that will make it harder for them to derail Luers. WeBo finally moves up out of 2A after what I believe is the only three-peat in the SF era in the same class. In addition, Southridge will remain in 3A for another cycle having pulled a Pioneer where they failed to pick up points in the first year of their SF exile and then won a regional in the second year of the cycle. 1A will see LCC moving up to 2A. Winamac and Southwood would be the folks that I
  11. Come on @Bobref, you know there's plenty of planning that goes into selecting the vendor for those ping pong balls. People had to be physically restrained during those meetings. 😀
  12. There were a lot of really good plays on both sides of the ball by both teams. The one thing that I saw that stuck out with me, besides that long run winding run by Micah at the very end of the game after SA had scored their last go ahead TD, was on SA's very last TD. I didn't catch the number, but the back got into the end zone almost unscathed ... but right before he got in, someone going through that hole first made a jarring contact with the defender. Like I said, I didn't catch the number and the kid's build looked more like a QB than a lineman, but the contact looked like it was all l
  13. This is kind of like TPCS. The previous two seasons they had a pretty good run making it to the sectional championship games, but getting bounced by South Putnam and LCC respectively. They didn't have big numbers, but they had a really good class that kept the fabric tight ... but enough of those kids graduated. This season they went 4-4, but you could see the fabric was looser as they eeked out a 13-12 win against a 2-5 Tri-Central team in the first round of sectionals and were supposed to face Clinton Prairie in the second round of sections, before COVID took that game away ... and TPCS o
  14. I find this comment to be fairly condescending and not at all tuned in to the realities of coaching ... especially at small school level. Very broadbush indeed. Maybe the whole purpose is to generate clicks, but I think there may be a better way to accomplish that without such a statement. I've known many coaches and I've yet to find one that doesn't feel the pressure to win even if it doesn't come directly from an AD or a Board of Education or a player's parents. It's almost always in the coach's DNA at a minimum plus whatever else is piled on. I've also not known any that are complacent
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