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  1. In the 1A threads, we always used to say that the season was not officially started until @Miner_Pride had posted his 1A analysis. Looks like the season is quickly upon us soon.
  2. I'm not sure I'd rank LCC that high. Back in their first foray into 2A, I think that would have been a good pre-season slot, but this time around, while they are a good team, I'm not sure I'd place them pre-season #4. I'd probably put them down around #9. Two quick tests with Tri-West and Guerin will answer several questions pretty quickly in the season.
  3. Shhh! Keep it on the down-low or everyone will want them. 😀
  4. I think The Wheel has their sights on him to replace Sajak when he retires.
  5. Hope to still see you around the HC thread and making picks in the CFWM.
  6. With the Sectional of Death, I'm thinking WeBo got the more "interesting" placement in that deal. At least Chatard will be absent during the festivities.
  7. I'm not familiar with that part of Indy or Johnson County, so I'm just asking ... nothing implied here. Is there a pent-up demand for a private school environment that has an athletic bent in that part of the city? The reason that I'm asking is that Lafayette-West Lafayette has some private school options available, but only one, so far, LCC, has been competitive or viable enough to get to the high school level with IHSAA for football. Faith Christian just announced about 5-6 years ago that they would be competing in IHSAA, but they don't compete in football ... just baseball, soccer,
  8. TPA has less than that; they were around 128 last classification. Prior to last season ... they had to bow out due to COVID ... they'd been to a pair of sectional championships back-to-back and were heading to their third. They also beat Covenant Christian back in 2019.
  9. Just curious if you got a chance to see Roncalli against Harrison last season and your thoughts? I didn't get to see the game in person, but in the game recap, it looks like it was a back and forth game with several lead changes between the teams and Roncalli getting the best of the back and forth before time expired. Harrison's got some growing to do, but am encouraged by the size of the freshman class and their competitiveness. They've typically been comfortably handled by Westfield in previous years, but this Westfield's freshman squad only beat Harrison by 7. Unfortunately for Harrison
  10. I agree with your stance that the issue tends to be quality as opposed to the quantity issue. To an extent, it's kind of like I explain to high school / freshman when they are putting together their references for their resume. I get so many kinds that will put six or seven references on the reference sheet and then tell me they have a strong list of references because they have so many. To drive the point home, I ask them, what would happen if I call the first six people on their list and the line is busy and I get to the seventh and they answer and that's the only reference that I use ...
  11. Earlier in the thread when someone pointed out that adding Penn to your new system doesn't help Penn, you basically said that it wasn't really about helping Penn, but about helping your new conference. Similarly, adding P/P wouldn't be about helping the P/P, it would be about adding to the competition. I'm just in line with what you were saying earlier. Of course, if you don't want to talk about competition ...
  12. What strikes em as odd as how quickly you write off P/P inputs as monolithic and somehow not able to "understand" public school challenges. I went to Catholic school as a kid ... then attended public school from junior high through high school in Texas which knows a bit about football. The school that I attended currently eclipses most of the schools in Indiana at around 3,200 - 3,300 students. My kids have been in Catholic school and public schools. The kids that I've coached have gone on to play at Catholic schools and also at many of the public schools in the area including McCutcheon,
  13. If the idea is about being competitive and getting better, pretty much really shouldn't matter whether there's a P or P/P behind the school name.
  14. About a decade ago, LCC and Scecina met in LOS two years in a row representing the North and South, respectively, in 1A. Now it appears they'll possibly have a chance to do so in regionals in 2A. Similarly, LCC met Linton a couple of years later in a North/South meeting in 1A too. Could meet up in South semi-state if the stars align. Definitely a long shot, but it'd be something to see LCC and Pioneer play each other at LOS which would never happen with both in 1A pre-COVID.
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