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  1. 1 Point Games Rensselaer @ West Lafayette Hamilton Heights @ Western Cass @ Northwestern Tipton @ Lafayette Central Catholic Benton Central @ Twin Lakes 2 Point Game Lowell @ Kankakee Valley 3 Point Games Indianapolis Attucks @ Pioneer Triton @ Culver Covington @ Seeger Center Grove @ North Central Clinton Prairie @ Sheridan Frankton @ Elwood
  2. Investing in some anti-aircraft guns wouldn't hurt either. πŸ˜€
  3. I don't question the work ethic of younger people in society when it comes to referees. Have had the distinct pleasure of coaching ... now in my 18th season ... youth football and have gotten to know the refs up close and personal. Our games are a great place to train younger or new officials and I've been able to see many over the seasons work the trade. As a coach, you sometimes get so grief from parents, fans, etc., but it tends to be specific like "Why isn't my kid getting to carry the ball?" or "How come my kid only played on defense during the game?" Refs often seem to get what I call "drive-by" grief. Usually indiscriminate and almost always based on a lack of understanding of rules by the fans, parents, etc. Sometimes it's just a lack of realizing that, in a youth game, the second-string flanker on the far right-hand side of the field playing slap-fight, patty-cake with the third-string cornerback while the team runs a wide left-hand sweep doesn't warrant putting laundry on the field. I wouldn't say it's a lack of work ethic as I've been quite pleased with the fact that these younger refs are taking time on the weekends when they could be running with their college buddies to come out and help us coaches give back to the community. I've been happy with their performance and therir desire to not just show up, but to do the job right too. It may, more likely, be a lack of tolerance for cr*p and BS from folks who themselves don't have the work ethic to come out and do the job, but feel that their "ticket" grants them the right to be part of the show.
  4. With the victory over Tipton, that pretty much puts Cass in the driver's seat in the HC East with only Western to potentially keep Cass from getting to dance with West Lafayette, who has pretty much already sent notice that the bus is parked already in the West, two out of the last three weeks of the regular season. Would probably have to wait until regionals to see Cass and RCHS mix it up on the gridiron provided that both make it out of their respective sectionals.
  5. It was a 1A game between Avinger and Yantis last year, but I believe it was basketball.
  6. Good article in JCOnline spotlighting LCC's Daniel Roach: https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2019/09/11/daniel-roach-central-catholics-iron-man/2283193001/ ... some free access, but behind a paywall after a few free accesses of JCOnline I have a video of him making a pick on a trips right formation back when he was in 3rd grade ... it made one of the finalist slots in the Dick's Sporting Goods contest that year for sports videos. Really good field sense even all the way back then .
  7. There is much to learn from @CoachDurham young grasshopper! πŸ˜€
  8. 1 POINT GAMES Western @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Central Catholic 2 POINT GAMES Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer Kokomo @ McCutcheon North Judson @ Knox Delphi @ Sheridan Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass 3 POINT GAMES North Newton @ Kankakee Valley Tri-County @ North White
  9. I didn't know that Rossville was entertaining a youth football league again. Is it contact or flag? They used to have a tackle program at the youth level, but that kind of went away back when the high school decided to not field football teams and focus more on soccer/baseball.
  10. 1 Point Games Benton Central @ Cass Central Catholic @ Northwestern Twin Lakes @ Tipton Hamilton Heights @ West Lafayette 3 Point Games Rensselaer @ Western North Judson @ North Newton
  11. 2 Point Games Central Catholic @ Guerin Catholic Cass @ Maconoquah McCutcheon @ West Lafayette North Montgomery @ Hamilton Heights Northwestern @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ Elwood Western Boone @ Western 3 Point Games Benton Central @ Seeger North White @ Frontier Lafayette Jeff @ Lawrence Central Delphi @ Carroll 4 Point Game Rensselaer @ North Newton
  12. Photo of 8-year-old helping overwhelmed classmate with autism on first day of school goes viral: 'He was kind to me' https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/photo-of-8-yearold-helping-overwhelmed-classmate-with-autism-on-first-day-of-school-goes-viral-he-was-kind-to-me-001348001.html
  13. Knowing some of the combatants in those debates, I'm not sure the mercy rule will preclude a debate.
  14. I'm lying low in the weeds planning my sneak attack for the end of the season.
  15. Cheerleaders? I kid, I kid ... πŸ˜€
  16. Normally not even a need to see who posted it ... likely to be one of a couple.
  17. I'm making a change, but it looks like the system won't let me edit or delete the previous post. Everything's the same, except I'm going out and picking LCC over Tri-West. It was only a three-point game last season and I think the first-year coach jitters are all over with. Plenty of season left too if I pick wrong. 2 POINTS EACH Benton Central @ Delphi Eastern Hancock @ Northwestern Hamilton Heights @ Mt. Vernon Cass @ Pioneer Madison Grant @ Tipton Twin Lakes @ Western West Lafayette @ Lafayette Jeff Guerin Catholic @ McCutcheon Carroll @ Tri-County Taylor @ North White South Vermillion @ Covington Frankfort @ Clinton Central 3 POINTS EACH Kankakee Valley @ Rensselaer Central Catholic @ Tri-West
  18. LCC showing 48 on MaxPreps once accounting for duplicates.
  19. Edit: Needs an NSFW tag ... forgot about the closing line.
  20. If you go out to the NFHS learning site for coaches, https://nfhslearn.com/home/coaches, and select Indiana, it will show you that three videos/training are required of all coaches in Indiana: concussions, heat illness prevention, and sudden cardiac arrest. In addition, it also says that Indiana Football SEA 222 course is also required for football coaches.
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