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  1. Trump could end all of this speculation by releasing his x-rays.
  2. And the GOP and followers wouldn't be defending the Electoral College, per the original article, if they hadn't only won the popular vote in one election in the last two decades. As the original article pointed out ... partisan on both sides. But since we are on this topic, you mean to tell me that, had Trump won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College, that he and his voters would have sat by silently? There is no way in he//. Trump won the election and the first thing he did was complain that there were MILLIONS of illegal votes and that he really won the popular vote. BTW, there was a thread or at least posts on GID about the Electoral College and abolishing it back when Obama had won his second term, so I think you're not quite on the mark in claiming that the thread wouldn't exist if Hillary had won the election. Matter of fact, had Hillary won the Electoral College and Trump won the popular vote as he believed would, there WOULD most likely indeed be a thread on the Electoral College and how it was about the popular vote.
  3. Actually, you were talking about it and pointing out said hypocrisy ... just expanding it to all Democrats. I pointed out that said hypocrisy is not the exclusive domain of Warren and O'Rourke. As for Trump changing his position, I don't know if he has or not. If he has, then it's very possible, as you point out, that Warren and O'Rourke could have indeed changed their minds too ... and if he didn't change his mind, then the leader of the GOP is right there along with Warren and O'Rourke in his view.
  4. To be fair, the current President has been very quiet about the Electoral College since his win ... although he wasn't when Obama had won.
  5. AOC talked about a generation of voters who have not shared in the American Prosperity. The 73% productivity of the economy coupled with the roughly 13% in compensation has come over the past 40 years or so ... or two generations. The two generations at play have seen a declining impact/influence of the American Prosperity ... the first generation is roughly 20 right now and the second would be roughly 40. US kids today are watching the issues that their parents have impacting them. Yes, I get the fact that in the rest of the world, the standard of living is lower in several places, but the statement that she made is about Americans in America, not Americans in the rest of the world. It's similar to when some who is gay complains about not being treated equally when applying for housing in the US and some one says to them, "Shut up because if you were in Saudi Arabia you would be killed for being gay." The issue isn't about how they WOULD fair ELSEWHERE, but how they fair WHERE THEY ARE. For the past, almost 20 years, at a minimum, especially in the mid-west, that prosperity hasn't been recognized by the voting populace. If it was, then Trump wouldn't likely have won. Recall that he talked about how bad of shape the country was in and how people were stealing all of the jobs and how folks couldn't get by. Obviously there must be MANY who bought into that. If everyone was sharing in the prosperity, then there wouldn't have been a need to have made America great again, right? Having worked with the homeless, and knowing some personally and hearing their stories, I would be hard pressed to say that the idea of Americans not sharing in America's Prosperity is something that I could buy into as a false idea. There are many that get to share, but there are also many who don't.
  6. Yes, we know that socialism is the boogeyman, but it doesn't address the fact that she's not wrong that there are Americans who have not shared in that American Prosperity.
  7. You're tossing up a straw man and then pulling out your mobile goal posts when someone decides not to engage in the high school debate tactics?
  8. Sure there are issues in the rest of the world, but I think what you are missing in the statement is that she's claiming that there are AMERICANS who have not experienced the American Prosperity. When you look at the separation that's happening and the decline of the middle class and issues like, between 1973 and 2017, the productivity of the economy has grown 73% while compensation has only increased under 13%, then she's not fully off point in that comment. http://fortune.com/longform/shrinking-middle-class-math/
  9. At a minimum, while traveling to/from said institutions, should you be pulled over by law enforcement, you are much more likely to have a more positive experience. Should you be carrying with a concealed permit, you are more likely to show up alive.
  10. You've got to read his whole platform ... that's just the tip of it. Lord, I apologize for that.
  11. Not being prone to paralysis by analysis hardly makes one a Renaissance Man.
  12. Research isn't working hard. It's pretty standard to what I do in all aspects of things that I do. Plenty of training in it and it comes fairly easily/naturally for me.
  13. Alright, put that thing back in your pants. 😃 Lord, I apologize for that.
  14. https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/rangelands/article/viewFile/11258/10531 https://www.vorebuffalojump.org/pdf/VBJF buffalo population and crash.pdf @BARRYOSAMA and @TrojanDad sources both give an indication of this. The meme is still way off and misleading as Turning Point USA's stuff typically is. Even if you take 60 million for buffalo ... which has some issues in calculation, it's off on the fact that the US has some 90 million+ cattle ... which means that Turning Point USA's numbers are off the mark by more than 100% of their stated amount ... where they focus only on one aspect of cattle in the US beef/dairy cows. As such, cattle today outnumber buffalo at their peak, even with generous numbers, by over 50%.
  15. This is somewhat of a misnomer. The Fulani herdsman have been fighting with farmers in the area over resources. The herdsmen tend to be Muslim while the farmers tend to be Christian. Similar to the South African farm attacks where the motives tended to be robbery as opposed to race-driven.
  16. Turning Point tells you all you need to know with the meme. It's about distraction. If their car was leaking oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and anti-freeze all over the street and you made the mistake of stating water in your statement to them to clean it up, they'd spend the next week talking about how you think cars run on water and how you don't know anything about cars.
  17. For $1,000 an hour, you think there would be a better guarantee. The article mentioned that the tutor's clients increase scores by a couple hundred points. For that kind of money, you think there'd be 1) a guarantee and 2) more points than that. My daughter, who is not a standardized test taker, increased her SAT 100 points with the Kaplan online course. I think she had a discount code that let her get it for under $100. The other thing that makes me wonder about the privilege part was that ETS went after the student in Florida who ended up with a 300-point increase. ETS said that type of increase "tipped them off." When pressed, they later claimed that her answers looked similar to other students who were under suspicion. It would seem to me that, if the tutor's average score increase is a couple of hundred, wouldn't we have seen many more of these types of stories like the one in Florida? Or do we only see them based on the school the student hails from, etc.?
  18. This looks like an advertisement by this person. This person lays out their cost, why it's a valuable service, why their services will continue to be in demand, and what the results are. I don't see anywhere where they claimed they are quitting doing what they are doing nor returning the investment capital from Shark Tank. This is the dealer lamenting a drug problem in the city while letting the users know where to find them where the cops look the other way ... except that the service that they offer is completely legal.
  19. Apparently, The New Yorker has unearthed Jared Kushner's entrance essay for Harvard. 😀 https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/09/11/jared-kushners-harvard-admissions-essay
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