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  1. There's a spreadsheet called school-enrollment-ethnicity-and-free-reduced-price-meal-status-2006-20-1.xlsx on the site that contains ethnicity as well as free/reduced numbers. Have to use a little Excel skill to get rates, but fairly doable.
  2. Harrison still plays a freshman schedule. Had over 50 kids play freshman ball this past season. McCutcheon also fields a freshman squad too.
  3. No disrespect, because there's a certain character to it, but you've obviously not visited The Pit in person. 🙂
  4. On any given day, there are half a dozen teams capable of ruining any other team's day or sometimes season. Fun fact ... in the past decade, the Hoosier Conference has sent four different teams to LOS, across seven of the ten years, and produced six blue rings. across three classes.
  5. Hence the agreement that what the topic is probably really hitting at is "rural" as opposed to the term "county."
  6. Would agree. Harrison and McCutcheon are both considered "county schools" as part of TSC.
  7. Got a ways to go. Here's 2020-2022 numbers out of Texas for classifications at the top of 6A. Plano is 10-12 and Plano East and Plano West are 11-12, but Texas has different ways of calculating enrollment based on the ability to determine 9th and/or 10th grade classes. They also count half students too ... anyone with four or less hours of daily instruction is classified as a half student for enrollment purposes. Carmel might well go the same way where they just open a 9-10 campus and an 11-12 campus, but I suspect that IHSAA would adopt a similar way of classifying "partial school" like T
  8. That's going to bite with Jeff or Harrison getting knocked out by end of sectionals. I didn't mind it that much when it was McCutcheon getting knocked out by Harrison by end of sectionals. 😃
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they just said that they are using the same classifications from the previous two-year classification period, adjusting for SF movement where necessary, and they will re-classify, with new two-year numbers, next spring.
  10. You do realize that the Big-12 went went 5-0 in end-of-season bowls this year? You do also realize that a decent number of kids that play SEC ball come from Texas high schools too, right? Incidentally, you do realize that in the last four years, three of the four #1 NFL draft picks played Texas high school football? And two of them played in the Big 12. The other played for Texas A&M. Incidentally, the two games where the Big 12 played the SEC "come tournament time?" TCU vs. Arkansas was cancelled, but TCU was predicted by several outlets ... and Oklahoma spanked Florida 55-20. Also,
  11. This is a similar to some of the schools in the Plano district in Texas ... north of Dallas. Plano East and Plano West service Grades 11 and 12 and are each in turn fed by a pair of high schools that service Grades 9 and 10. Plano East also handles freshen/sophomores who are part of the IB curriculum. Plano East is fed by McMillen and Williams high schools and Plano West is fed by Jasper and Shelton high schools. This setup allows Plano West and East to have enrollments of around 2,700 and almost 3,000, respectively, while not over-burdening resources at a single school.
  12. Originally, I thought that the 32 in 1A would provide smaller teams more opportunity than they've had and, to some extent that would be true, but I ran some quick back-of-the-envelope numbers and I'm not sure that limiting teams to 32 in 1A drastically changes the landscape other than providing more opportunities to pick up red rings. In looking at when teams won 1A state and their enrollments using current numbers, the following teams would have been unable to have played in the 1A state title game due to enrollment in the last decade ... * indicates won state and ** indicates lost at state
  13. This certainly used to be the trend, but it may, potentially, be in flux if recent standings hold as a trend. Harrison has been the NCC champ in track twice: 2018 and 2019 ... although the state finals were not held last year. Jeff also has two titles in track: 1972 and 2002. Cross country has Harrison with two: 2018 and 2019 and Jeff with six ... its most recent two coming in 2014 and 2015. In looking at state finals, 2018 was the last set as 19-20 was cancelled because of COVID. Results there are interesting: For regionals: 100-meter dash finals: Harrison 5th, Jeff
  14. Center Grove, Westfield, Arsenal Tech, and Crispus Attucks, for starters, say that those numbers don't matter as much as you are implying that they do. I think it's way too simplistic to state that a team has "better athletes" just because of the racial make-up of their team. Is there a higher representation of Blacks in football in Indiana compared to the general population? Sure. Does that mean that they are better athletes than Whites? I wouldn't make that conjecture as a sweeping statement. The numbers don't always tell the context and correlation, even though I'm not seeing it in
  15. I think you are attributing 1) way too much success due to racial make-up and 2) way too much reliance on 15% of a team to "make-up" for the "watering down" of rest of the team.
  16. Just curious as to the reasoning for this viewpoint. Lafayette/West Lafayette isn't that big of an area where you can sometimes argue that there is an area of a really big city that produces better/stronger/faster athletes. For the most part, there really isn't a lot of movement between the schools with regard to athletics ... save for one fairly well-known one in the area where he played Harrison ball then ended up at Jeff and then bolted further north in the state. The schools are pretty close to comparable in size. I could certainly agree with that view point if you were, for example, c
  17. I'm not as familiar with the D3/NAIA ranks. If I'm not mistaken, @Irishman has pretty good knowledge in this area. You might also check in with @Lysander too as I think he has pretty good knowledge there ... or maybe it was @Impartial_Observer. @LCCAlum has pretty good knowledge on D2 too.
  18. I'm thinking it's going to be more than Year 2 before that happens given that Kokomo dropped their sectional to McCutcheon ... although they did win the regular season matchup, but it was close. By comparison, Harrison smoked McCutcheon. Right now, NCC supremacy sits in Jeff's hands for the past four seasons with Harrison pulling up on the inside lane to challenge.
  19. Usually it's a specialized version of Latin. If you ever convert, your wife will teach it to you ... along with the secret handshake. 😀 Lord, I apologize for that.
  20. O'Shea went in the other direction, although still in the north part of the state, leaving 1A LCC to go to 6A North Central.
  21. It's that Apple product. I always tell my students with Apples, when they have problems in the programming class, that if they'd get a real computer, that would solve their problems. 😀
  22. Might be a combination or browser/platform. On Android using Chrome with Nokia, the envelope and bell appear in the upper right-hand side like it does on a desktop machine ... albeit really tiny.
  23. I don't know if this works in all browsers on all phone or all O/S platforms, but: Go to the GID website on your mobile device Look in the upper right-hand side of the browser next to the URL/website address ... you will see three vertical dots or whatever your browser uses for settings/options Click on the three vertical dots ... down the list, there should be an option that says "Desktop site" and it has a box to the right. Click on that and the box should now have a check or x or be filled in You should then be able to see GID as it would appear on your computer.
  24. Coach ... if they sent messages to you via GID and you got an e-mail message saying that someone had contacted you, go to GID and then click on the envelope in the upper right-hand corner and that should take you to your GID inbox with messages sent via GID. Hope that helps out.
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