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  1. I stand corrected @Irishman. Was there an indication of archdiocesan financial support or was this mainly focusing on voucher money? Many of the schools receive both, which would bring a particularly interesting and reciprocal situation where a school could be pressured by the archdiocese, but affiliated parishes could also be pressured from the collection plate by congregants from schools that look more like Brebeuf. The less low-level affiliation a school has, for example a Catholic school that isn't specifically tied to parishes, the less reciprocity there would seem to be in the pressure level. I'm curious as to whether it might be more one-way or whether there is a two-way likelihood as these issues are pressed more.
  2. Mr. Dice tends to be one of the last people to be producing a "reality" video.
  3. Sounds like it might be worth getting an access point if nothing more than to connect a grill to your network. This seems like a situation where you do it just because you can. 😃
  4. I'm not sure it would be as much of an issue with Cathedral as Cathedral is not officially backed or even directly associated with the Diocese outside of a general assumption that it's a Catholic institution. While at one point it was tied to the Brothers of Holy Cross and has recently been re-affiliated, they tend to be considered an independent Catholic school.
  5. You are spot on in the analysis. It's really not about the money.
  6. @gonzoron Appreciate the heads up on this! I hadn't seen it, but it looks like a nice event to attend. I may have to cut practice early this day and head down to Indy to find a theater where it's playing. Rush officially announced their retirement late last year, so there's been a growing depression amongst fanatics. Perhaps this will be a worthy temporary fix. I've been hanging around, but overseas right now and working through my mom having a heart attack recently as well as the death of my wife's much younger brother earlier this year. Reality has consumed much more of life and been more engaging recently.
  7. The date is actually important in supporting my original response to you.
  8. You say you know Rapinoe's history and then claim that you aren't 100% sure that it's accurate that she started her national anthem during the Obama administration. Which one is it? You say that her history is easy to find, but claim that you aren't quite sure when she started. When she started is very much so out there. And the fact that she was White, female, and in a sport other than football made it even more the story when it occurred. https://sports.yahoo.com/megan-rapinoe-national-anthem-sing-us-soccer-world-cup-211549494.html FTA: For Rapinoe, the anthem is a “somber moment” for a “peaceful protest” of inequality and injustice throughout the United States. It’s inequality and injustice she has been aware of for years now, even as she proudly sang the anthem prior to the summer of 2016. But that summer, she had what she calls an “awakening.” She was “very much inspired” by Colin Kaepernick and his protest of racial injustice and police brutality. Around that time, “the whole meaning of the anthem changed dramatically for me,” Rapinoe told Yahoo Sports. And she came to a realization: “I need to do something.” So, days after Kaepernick first dropped to a knee, Rapinoe did as well. ... As she wrote weeks after she first knelt, her protest was about "over-policing" and "racial profiling," about "ensur[ing] that freedom is afforded to everyone in this country." Her choice to not sing the anthem is essentially an extension of that. U.S. Soccer eventually adopted a rule prohibiting players from kneeling before national team games. Rapinoe, who calls the rule “cowardly” and “backwards,” now clasps her hands behind her back and stares straight ahead, expressionless, instead.
  9. I think he heard they were going off the value menu this time around.
  10. First, I didn't say you got it all wrong ... that's your interpretation and probably why you are focused on a singular aspect. You said it's about a single administration and she has clearly been protesting, on the same issue and in the same circumstance ... national anthem ... over the last two administrations. The fact that she's currently protesting the Trump administration, doesn't make it singular.
  11. US Women's Soccer has the numbers on their side, but that's not making the difference. For example, in 2015, US Women's soccer produced more revenue than US men's soccer. The 2015 team hold the top spot for the largest viewership of a soccer match in the US by male or female teams with their FIFA Women's World Cup Finals match against Japan. The second largest audience in the US was the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, but that was between Argentina and Germany ... not the US men's team. The women's game this past week against Thailand garnered more viewers on an English-language broadcast than any game since last year's men's World Cup Final ... and again, that game didn't include the US Men's team. Arguably, especially from a casual fan perspective, the women's team and its players probably have more recognition on the street than the men's team. The men's largest World Cup game victories are both 3-0 and came back in 1930 ... when it had its best showing at a World Cup with a 3rd place finish. Folks that remember those are certainly not pitching in on the revenue in stadiums nowadays at 89. In the last 20 years, looking at the big awards that get world recognition, the US women's team has three Olympic gold medals and a silver medal. It also has two World Cup 3rd place finishes, a 2nd place finish, and two World Cups. In the history of the FIFA Women's World Cup, the women's team has received in medal in every one. In that same time, the men's team has mustered a 4th place finish at the 2000 Olympics and an 8th place finish at the 2002 World Cup. If the issue is about increasing audience share, I'm not sure what more you could ask the women's team to do; especially compared to their male counterparts. The issue of stadium attendance may also end up being less of a point too in the overall revenues too. There was an article that came out last year that talked about the revenue generation of TV vs. in-person attendance and, in the Premier League, that over half the teams would have made before-tax profits even they played their entire season in front of an empty stadium. Granted, there's something to be said about watching soccer on TV with a packed house, but there's the realization in this age that venues outside of the physical are a new frontier. I'll get a chance to ask additional questions as my class here in Madrid will be getting a business lecture regarding Real Madrid and then heading out to the stadium to look at the tech there. Had some stuff a couple years ago with the guy who developed Real Madrid's e-commerce and social media models. The money is way beyond the ticket.
  12. The problem with this statement is that she was protesting back during the Obama administration; as was Kaepernick. She was kneeling back in 2016 BEFORE said "single" administration was even in place or might even be in place. Also, the fact that she doesn't sing the anthem is based on the fact that U.S. Soccer implemented a rule that forbid players from kneeling. With that avenue taken away, she still protests ... just in the same silence that she did before, but without a knee. I hear you ... figuratively. 😃
  13. I'd venture a bet that several, along with citizens, don't know the words.
  14. That's actually not something that's new for her. She was one of the first non-football, non-Black athletes to join Kaepernick in a show of kneeling for the anthem back in early-fall 2016. She now stands, but doesn't sing based on a rule put in by the power sthat be that athletes have to stand and honor the flag.
  15. Plenty of others who do or who have an interest in diverting US attention toward Iran plus a few who are just looking for targets for notoriety.
  16. While Denver is one city where this happened, Overton, TX, is another city where it happened as well. So it's either not a partisan issue or the "libtards" have done such a great job of infiltrating GOP ranks as to have taken the extreme Mr. Gohmert and made him a Manchurian candidate since the county where Overton resides, Rusk County, is pretty much awash in red and represented by the likes of Louie Gohmert. Rusk supported Trump over 77%. The other county that Overton resides in is Smith, which supported Trump almost 70% and also represented by Gohmert. Can't get less "libtard" than that.
  17. https://news.yahoo.com/notorious-us-gangster-wrote-letter-121426364.html
  18. And gained, as of December 2018, over $45 million in recouped fraud losses, stoppages, and seizures. http://fortune.com/2018/12/14/mueller-investigation-cost-tax-cheats/
  19. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/watch-gop-rep-jim-jordan-quickly-corrects-himself-after-saying-mueller-found-no-obstruction/ FTA: “I think the one question most Americans want to know, when did you first learn there was no obstruction,” Jordan began, then quickly corrected himself. “Or excuse me, no collusion?” he continued. “The central charge of Bob Mueller — the central task was to find if there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” It was then Stephanopoulos’ turn to correct Jordan. “Actually, he says he didn’t look at collusion,” Stephanopoulos said. “That’s not what he said. When he spoke in his report, it says very clearly he didn’t examine that question. What he did say is that he could not establish a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.” Undeterred, Jordan continued to insist that Mueller be asked about not establishing “collusion.” “After 10 months, if they couldn’t establish collusion, how long did it take Bob Mueller?” Jordan asked, and said he thinks “that’s a question I think the whole country has for Bob Mueller.” Jordan’s slip, while inadvertent, demonstrates the gravity of Mueller’s press conference, which makes it impossible for claims of “no obstruction” to carry any weight, while also putting Democrats on the spot to do something about it.
  20. Or the likes of Rep. Rob Woodall. https://www.newsweek.com/republican-woodall-read-mueller-report-msnbc-1443125 FTA: Georgia Republican Rob Woodall offered a boastful explanation for why he has no interest in reading any part of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report, even citing his past disinterest in reviewing accusations against Bill Clinton in 1998. I guess he doesn't read anything?
  21. Trump made the mistake of liking one of his GID posts and now he's stalking him. 😀
  22. The FBI's probably the least of everyone's concerns. Facebook has better facial recognition algorithms and probably a larger database of images. Oh, and plenty of your friends and family just helping them expand that by posting pics and then tagging them with your name for clarification. Not to mention the machine learning processes that then find the stuff that isn't tagged and metatags it.
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