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  1. Jeff / Harrison are likely to move together due to the fact that both will be 6A. McCutcheon is currently, and likely to stay 5A. It's highly likely that, wherever Harrison goes McCutcheon would likely follow, but I also don't know that that is a given. McCutcheon would be fine for sports, although the female sports have thrived more than the male sports recently. Their women's volleyball just won state this year and are in the set of favorites to do it again next year. Women's soccer has also done well in the NCC. Boys' basketball has taken conference a couple of times recently. Nothing against McCutcheon, but a big part of the focus with Harrison moving up to 6A, since they just passed Jeff in numbers, is playing more than two competitive 6A schools a season. Right now the NCC only provides Jeff as their 6A foil along with non-conference Westfield. Occasionally, Kokomo, in 5A, squeezes into that mix, but that set of three provides a problem should Harrison move up to 6A and decide that they would like to strive deeper in the post-season. If not, then staying in the NCC is fine for them. I suspect that the former is where the program is likely headed.
  2. There was an article in the Indy Star on Crawford County's team back in 2019. There's a video that's associated with it. If you have a chance to view the video, it runs about 17 minutes, it's well worth it. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/11/07/indiana-high-school-football-crawford-county-wolfpack-team-fights-survival/4096141002/
  3. If that's the case, would Avon be a better match for something like NCC ... yes, I know it's a longshot ... if NCC could convince Tech to go to the MIC ... since according to one GID source they would be a perfect fit after IPS gets rid of all of the other schools and forces them Tech's way NCC could pick up another 6A puncher Another thought, but much more spitballing here, if you could shake Jeff and Harrison loose from the NCC and Avonfrom HCC, who else might be possible to shake loose from other conferences to form a new conference? There's still the question over this MIC action is tied just to the MIC and its two former members, MIC and HCC, or possible domino tumbling set in place. This would be part of that last option of dominoes tumbling.
  4. Again, not sure how this is applicable to my post in response to @crimsonace1. He was trying to figure out where the extra schools came from in your post. I pointed out to him that the problem is likely in the source that you used. The fact that the source was showing schools in Indiana with a 1:1 ration for students means that the 6xx number that they stated doesn't really indicate schools in the mix for IHSAA consideration at any time. Incidentally, Texas vs. Indiana football is slightly less than 4-to-1 team ratio with football including P/P. Harrison's going to be coming into 6A most likely as it just surpassed Jeff in size, so they have to take that into account in splitting up Jeff and Harrison.
  5. Please. Like others here, I'm calling you out on your lack of reality/understanding in your posts and pointing out the flaws or lacking. Would be nice to see your response to my statements and answering the two examples that I provided as opposed to child's play. By the way, I also noticed that you didn't respond any to the post about districts when you found out that your assumptions about districts was wrong. Districts don't make the game not worth playing and doesn't exclude rivalries or prevent them from continuing. I can tell you that as a student of a district state as well as a follower of teams in a district state. Now, in the case of a closed conference, yes, that certainly ends rivalries or long-standing games from being played. As an example, and using the "nomadic" Raiders, Harrison has played Westfield every season for the last 20 years as a member of two different conferences. If the HCC goes to a 10-team closed conference, that two-decade matchup will go by the wayside.
  6. Not sure if there are any schools that do sports, but not IHSAA sports that would also not fall under their control. For example, hockey isn't under IHSAA control/guidance. More likely than not is the source of that information which is high-schools.com (https://high-schools.com/directory/in/). Take a look further at the site and you'll notice that the top five private schools in Indiana, based on their site and counting of schools, include schools that have student-teacher ratios from 3 down to the best which is 1. Those aren't, even for private schools, realistic as schools that COULD BE under the IHSAA governance. I mean, even in homeschooling, the ratio in our house is, right now, 3-to-1. Those top-five schools listed just under that category are unlikely to ever be in a position to do much with IHSAA other than maybe tennis ... and even then, I'm not sure if they would qualify under the membership requirements.
  7. Yeah, that's it. See my subsequent post about coming from a district-based football system. I also have an LCC affiliation too and, if you follow my posts in the HC threads, you'd see that I have a fairly strong conference affiliation for the HC too. Of course, I also went to college and am affiliated with schools from teh Big 12, Big 10, SEC, and the old SWC as well. I've spent PLENTY of time in conference affiliations. What my experiences have told me is that it's more about operation than semantics. You assume that just because they are called districts that rivalries don't happen and can't be scheduled, but that's not the case in all places with districts ... e.g., Texas. As for Jeff and Harrison being nomads, there are PLENTY of schools in Indiana who have been members of more than one conference or multiple conferences. I mean seriously, Sheridan has been part of at least five conferences in their existence. You're going to tell me that Sheridan fans don't feel a need for a "conference connection" as you call it or are you going to disenfranchise them as well? Or a school like RCHS which has been in at least three conferences and even independent for a while?
  8. Not sure of you point. Everyone knows that Texas is bigger and THAT is the reason that Texas has a qualifier system; not because it has districts.
  9. Speaking as someone who came from a district environment in Texas, we fought for district titles and placement in the post-season. And as for rivalries, depending on your district, you had opportunities to schedule at least one outside of your district and up to five teams. Up to the last district alignments, the district that my team played in had all of the members in its districts from the same ISD ... currently there are 12 schools in that ISD and all six are 6A schools. Prior to the last classification, we were in a district with nine other sister-schools. This go-round they actually split those 12 schools between two districts ... one district is a district of eight teams, with all eight from the same ISD and then the other four are in a district together. This go-round, my alma mater played seven district games and three non-district, with three of their district games being against sister schools from the same ISD. Given that my alma mater was the third school in that mega-conglomerate ISD, there are definitely rivalries that exist.
  10. Districts is the Texas model ... among others. With that said, the reason that Texas has qualifications is not because it has a district model, but because it currently takes until this weekend that Texas will hold its state finals ... and that's WITH only taking the top four teams out of each district. Some of the Texas districts have 10 teams in them. Their post season, after a 10-week season, started November 11. Could you imagine if they played an all-in tourney? That would take them in to next year.
  11. https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/d244cca7-b419-4ea2-ae21-c97cd5d35f49 😀
  12. In part, that's probably because most would have seen Carmel and CG calling the shots while they were still part of the MIC. Floating out there without the foundation of a conference provides less leverage. While the MIC statement might have seemed mean-spirited in the way it was delivered, it gave them the advantage in controlling the narrative and, potentially, inflicting a little damage on the way out the door. It's starting to definitely look like there was more than just plain old logic involved from the MIC side.
  13. That assumes, to some extent, that this is an HCC vs. MIC issue as opposed to 6-in-the-MIC vs. two-removed-from-the-MIC. If it is a MIC vs. HCC issue, then I suspect that was already factored into MIC's remaining schools' decision.
  14. Not sure what P/Ps would join in. Circle City might invite these two, but I don't necessarily see Circle City folks leaving the CCC to join up in a new Carmel/CG-led conference. Not sure Cathedral wants a conference although you might have more specific info being closer to the program. They are doing quite well without one and I hear that the Roncalli thing might be back in the mix on a regular basis. I imagine Cathedral is probably one of the few teams where being independent provides maybe more options/advantages than being in a conference. For some of the other non-Catholic or non-Catholic-related programs like HC or Concordia, I don't see them gaining a whole bunch from joining with Carmel and CG. Covenant Christian is just too small to gain any real benefit. Did you have some folks in mind?
  15. It would be a move in the right direction, at least for football, for both Harrison and Jeff and could potentially be the only one pending if other conferences shake up over this. They got booted from the HCC a few years back, so that's not likely an option at this time.
  16. Data? Don't need data right? It's common sense ... or so I've been told.
  17. I do too, for selfish reasons, as Harrison has had Westfield on its schedule, as a conference or non-conference opponent, since 2001.
  18. Jeff and Harrison probably move as a pair and, to a lesser extent, possibly dragging McCutcheon with them. There's something to be said about having the equivalent of three home games minimum guaranteed every season before you schedule the rest of the conference. If Jeff and Harrison leave the NCC for the MIC, Kokomo pretty much ends up in the driver's seat in that conference, so I think there's definitely a counter-reason that presents itself for leaving. I wonder though about Kokomo taking its shot in the MIC if Jeff/Harrison remain in the NCC.
  19. Was explaining this just last night in talking with my son who plays at Harrison. He was talking about how Harrison's doing well in the NCC, but I told him that only really helps out in a state like Texas where only the top four teams in a conference or district make post-season. In a state like Indiana, it's not about making it to the post-season, but moving forward in post season. We were talking about the MIC move and a potential ripple effect that might even see some realignments in other conferences. As Harrison moves to 6A, likely next classification, they are going to need to face more than just Westfield, Jeff, and occasionally Kokomo to get to that next level.
  20. Their call. I wouldn't want some third party forcing me into not continuing if I thought otherwise or wanted to try something different to effect change.
  21. Nothing at all, but you were the one that made the blanket statement that magnets don't attract polished football players. Used to hear the same thing in the 70s about academic and college-prep schools ... that was also incorrect.
  22. So shifting the conversation a bit, is this more like taking a tag off of a new garment or pulling at a thread on a well-worn sweater? In the former, it impacts, at most a couple of conferences. In the latter, it provides a potential domino effect.
  23. You implied that arts schools don't attract athletes. You're wrong. While Clay has specific issues, you've extrapolated out their condition to others. My niece, an accomplished pianist and a heck of a basketball player, attended a public magnet school for the arts and received a college scholarship to play basketball.
  24. What are you say, eh? Another segway? What the heck does that have to do with the statement that a school with strong arts doesn't attract football types?
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