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  1. Surely there is another McPheeters laying around somewhere.
  2. From what I know, I think WW will struggle to cover CC's receivers. WW should be able to move the ball on the ground. That line and Stevens and McPheeters are good. Bowsman runs it well too and they do a nice job of picking his spots. Maybe WW has a match up advantage with Strange but outside of that, it will be tough to throw the ball. Plus, CC should have the advantage on the pre-game prayer. CC wins 36-20.
  3. I don't know the answer to that. I am curious though. The coach would've been hired during the off-season and was replaced after week 4.
  4. How rare is it that 2 interim coaches meet at any point during the season, let alone this late in the playoffs? Coach Lyons taking over at Covenant Christian after week 4 of the season. Coach Nance filling in filling in for a season until they find a permanent replacement at West Washington. Very unique story heading into Friday's game.
  5. Good point. I've never seen artifical turf that was 4 inches long before.
  6. Awesome. I heard the turf football field was coming. Didn't know about the rest.
  7. I have a hard time believing Coach Oliver isn't recruiting the halls of Linton-Stockton HS as it is. I can't imagine any coach on a successful or less than successful team isn't trying to get kids to play.
  8. I just asked a buddy of mine that teaches at WRV how many kids do you guys lose to Linton for football? He said 2or 3 out of every class. WRV has looked into adding football to help in keeping their kids.
  9. That's a good question. You might have been emailing me 15 years ago looking for stats for your game prep. Everything is going well. Took the year off from coaching this year. Coaching at Crawford Co. for two years required some time to recharge. Might coach next year again or might just be dad and watch since my oldest son will be in high school. Hoping things are good with you. Good luck Friday!
  10. Thank you sir. I traveled to The Bowl last year for this game and was hoping to recreate my experience. Hopefully, I'll find someplace if this is a No-Go.
  11. What is the current ticket situation for this game? Pre-sale only or any available at the gate Friday?
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