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  1. So under the new proposal, would the small division teams never play the bigger division teams? I almost feel if you want to consider yourself part of the same conference, you should play 1 or 2 of the opposing division on a rotating basis.
  2. JQWL

    MSC-PLAC 2019

    Most coaches don't like talking about their teams but I'll do it for all the fans we have on here. Last season we finished with 23 kids. 12 of those were seniors so we initially had 11 coming back. Of those 11, one moved away before we had our banquet so I was looking at 10 kids that had finished last season. I've been recruiting pretty hard and as of now, I've had 50 kids tell me they plan to play next year. Which, in reality I'll probably get 35 of those to actually play when the season starts. And of those 35, 25 will have never played or not since youth but I'll take it. It's a much better situation than last season to start with. So when someone asks me what my goal is, my goal is to play an entire JV season. No one seems to know for sure when the last time that happened here and if we could win a handful of games on Friday night to go along with that I'd be tickled. We have to find a QB, a FB, and a RB we can count on. Keith Brooks might end up being QB. He will be a sophomore. Right now he's 6-5 and 175. Really good athlete, just needs to develop some quickness. Nolan Barker played RB a lot last year but will needs to be more consistent. He's got good size at 6-2, 195 and he's decently strong but not going to run away from anyone right now. Preston Coleman is our top returning rusher and receiver. Last year he split time between football and tennis so I never felt he got consistent practice and would be much better if he didn't play tennis. But kids like tennis I suppose. Preston has decent size at 6-0, 155 and is a good athlete. We bring back 2 OL with experience. Garrett Stout 5-9, 190 started at center all year for us and T.J. Donnelly started every game at tackle minus the ones he was out with an injury. TJ is 6-2, 215 down about 25 pounds from last year. Outside of those 2, we are going to have to find some linemen. Defensively, we graduated all of our defensive backs and linebackers. Keith Brooks started at the end of the year at OLB and probably will again this season. We bring back several defensive linemen. Zach Carlisle started at NT until he tore his ACL and MCL and meniscus week 7. He should be ready to go. He's got some size at 6-4, 410. Nolan Barker, TJ Donnelly, and Garrett Stout all started at times last year. Stout will probably move back to LB and Barker may too depending on who we will have. Other than them, we will have to find some guys that want to play and are willing to learn. It's hard to project other spots because you never truly know what a kid will look like until they get out there.
  3. JQWL

    MSC-PLAC 2019

    I plan on contending more in the pick 'em this coming year than I did last year. And if I find myself at the bottom again, I'll just fudge the scores since I normally tally them up!
  4. We just scheduled Tecumseh for '19-'21. Hate to lose them.
  5. My junior season, we had a kid make Junior All-state. That would've been '99 so at least that long.
  6. I used to do jr. high basketball at one school and was an assistant football coach at a different school.
  7. Moriority was at Salem, not Paoli. Balsmeyer was before Lowery.
  8. Do you get paid to post on the GID. If not, I would definitely stop.
  9. JQWL

    Academic All-State

    Simple answer. The Kiser home is full. No room for another award.
  10. Region 10 voted last night.
  11. JQWL

    Zionsville FB

    I don't know much about Zionsville except I know my in-laws live near the school. Looking on John Harrell, they've had more success in the sectional than the regular season. Will the new coach struggle with both the regular season and sectional assuming Zionsville does move to 6A? If so, does that make this job less attractive than one might expect?
  12. JQWL

    Academic All-State

    Last year it was released the first week of February.
  13. I keep thinking about this. I am a coach that likes to apply for jobs. I get bored in the winter. I think last year I applied for 12, including Eastern Greene. This year I applied for Jasper and Zionsville, and I wish they would stop banging down my door. Anyway, I cannot imagine who would apply for this toxic situation unless you have no experience/no other options. I literally had 2 coaches call me yeaterday to make sure I stayed from it because they know my winter habit of applying for everything. It's a shame that this renegade board has came in with a clear purpose of cleaning house and obviously the superintendent has zero intentions of supporting his people and doing what is right. I really hope this board approves a health insurance plan that covers backbone removal.
  14. I would imagine a lot of coaches would be hesitant to apply for a place that the school board 's first move was to fire coaches. Doesn't sound like a positive work environment. It's a shame for the kids.