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  1. Week 1 Games: Crawford Co. at Switzerland Co. Eastern Greene at Springs Valley Madison at Paoli Mitchell at Edgewood Perry Central at Tell City West Washington at Eastern Pekin Charlestown at Silver Creek Clarksville at Scottsburg Corydon at Brownstown Salem at North Harrison
  2. Pike Central's coach told me yesterday he thought he would end up with 30 kids. I'm not sure what they normally have but hopefully this will keep DT from circling Petersburg.
  3. I'm pretty sure 90-99 is an eligible number and not an OL number.
  4. This guy has the puzzle put together. http://harrell.proboards.com/thread/68047/teams-less-9-games-scheduled
  5. I cannot quote what other sports have but I know in my area, basketball fills up June. I would say most schools play a whole season worth of games in June between team camps, summer league games and whatever else they can schedule plus practices that fill up the rest of the time. So if I am a football coach, looking at what basketball does during June, I feel like they are allowed to do more. But to me, that's just the difference in sports.
  6. I have so many kids that work and play other sports, I try and keep summer as simple as possible. We workout 3 times a week for an hour and a half to two hours. They can come to a morning or evening session. We have our 1 week camp coming up next week, where we practice 4 times and on Friday we go scrimmage someone else. We will also go to Jasper for their 7 on 7 tournament in a few weeks. That's a fun time. I look at the workouts as preparing themselves for the season so injuries can be prevented. In camp, I just focus on teaching the drills we want to do during the season and teaching some basic offense and defense just so there is some base knowledge. The 7 on 7 tournament is just a good time. Some of the stuff other schools in our area do makes me wonder how kids and families make time.
  7. Does the regular season have any meaning in the state? Wrestling does for seeding purposes. Anything else?
  8. I feel like we are making up the rules as we go. So no teams with a losing record get in. Now that can have a losing record of they play a strong schedule. What about teams with a winning record but play a weak schedule? Do they get bumped by a team with a losing record but better schedule? You're right. This will simplify everything.
  9. Cathedral was 4-5 in 2012 and 2013 and went ahead and won state both years.
  10. I may be wrong on this but wasnt there a 5A team in recent history that won the state championship but had a losing record going into the tournament? I think this was prior to the 6A class.
  11. Linton had a kid maybe 7 years ago. Played QB and Inside Linebacker. Very physical kid. He was a LB playing QB. Rupska I think his name was.
  12. I'm sure it does. I'd just like to know for my own curiosity.
  13. Of course there needs to be one. Why else would a long time assistant at a small West Virginia school even know about this job when people living here had no idea it was open?
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