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  1. I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with these 2 coaches. What do they run offensively?
  2. I don't have an opinion on Evansville either way. How do the new PAC schools fit into the new conference? Good move, bad move, or just had to make a move? Will the new teams benefit from a different schedule and which original PAC team benefits the most?
  3. Just curious and you may not know, how do your offensive stats of your fullbacks compare to the stats of the running backs in the conference? It's tough when you are dividing your carries between all 4 backs in the backfield, no one has great stats compared to that one kid that gets the bulk of them.
  4. It's not self explainatory at all. I have seen the IHSAA make various decisions on limited eligibility and not all make sense. I know a kid that went from starting point guard at Loogootee to Orleans with limited eligibility until the last game before the sectional, then back to Loogootee for his senior year with full eligiblity. But as referenced above, some kids can transfer public to private and play immediately. There are a lot of middle ground when it comes to these situations. I was looking for someone who has experienced them. So calm down. Say a Hail Mary or whatever you need to do to relax. Feel free to call or email me for more information on myself. There is no need to scan my bio. Jeremy Reynolds 812-936-3063 jreynolds@cccs.k12.in.us
  5. Please use your private school education to explain to me how I am wrong here. Slowly please because public school education prohibits me from comprehending what I am reading. Pictures would be appreciated.
  6. Im not sure what your issue is. I'm asking a seperate question all together. Wasn't directed at you. Had it been directed at you, I would have quoted one of your elitist comments or messaged you directly. So, if anyone else who has any experience on how the IHSSA handles public to private transfers, I would like to know. Thanks. Also, that is exactly how open enrollment works. The IHSAA has a sense of humor about it too. They once granted a senior we had that transferred during the summer from Paoli to Springs Valley limited eligibility until the day of the baseball sectional championship.
  7. People keep bringing up open enrollment like it makes public and private schools equal. I know if I played at my local school as a sophomore and transfer to a school 20 miles away without relocating, the IHSAA will probably grant me limited eligibility for my junior year. If I play my sophomore year at Tecumseh Central then enroll at Evansville Memorial for my junior year, will I receive limited eligibility or does the IHSAA look at Public to Private transfers differently?
  8. I apologize. You're right. MaxPreps doesn't list the JV and Freshman teams of Chatard so I don't exactly know. I assumed numbers for the freshman class were similar to the other 3. I was wrong. Chatard won't be able to field a team in 2 years because they have no one coming up the pipe.
  9. You're right. When counting participation, all the student athletes that participate should not be counted. Not sure what I was thinking.
  10. I can understand well enough to know that you're trying to use numbers to make a point but leaving out important facts that would make your argument invalid. It's a tactic used by politicians daily. Thankfully for the rest of us I called you out on in before the charade could continue.
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