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  1. I did go interview. Thank you. I have interviewed for several head coaching positions over the years. 8 football and 2 basketball actually and they're all different. Sometimes I leave and am super excited and really want the job and sometimes I just want to leave!
  2. I actually know they are in the process of interviewing candidates.
  3. Feel bad for the kids. That's a tough enough place to win without an administration that just doesn't seem to care. I know people that have applied there and reached out to administration and get no reply at all. I'm starting to think they won't hire a coach and just shut it down but that's just my opinion. I haven't been told that at all.
  4. In my experience, some coaches are very good about helping with this. Some are not. I would think at this point, all your son needs to do it make a Hudl highlight film and attend a summer camp or two at colleges he may be interested in. As he gets older, either the coach or you can contact coaches that he may be interested in attending. I don't think I would do that until before his junior season at the earliest.
  5. My favorite part of the clinic is the HS speakers but the way it's always scheduled, I can only go to 2 out of 6 or 3 out of 9 sessions. This way I can watch them all.
  6. He played QB, made the region team as a RB, and made North/South team as a WR. The plot thickens. Not knocking the kid. He is a good football player and a good athlete. Having sat in region meetings, I am familiar with the process and I actually am familiar with the kid because I was a finalist the last time that job was open. That's why I'm a little surprised. Good for him though.
  7. I will look that up. Maybe he made it as an At-Large and they placed him at WR for the game.
  8. How is it determined that a kid makes the team at a different position than he played during the year? For example a QB makes the team as a WR. Not doubting he is good because he is a good athlete but how is it decided he is better than those who actually played WR?
  9. This is only a guess but Coach Stephens resigned a couple weeks ago but the school had not yet a board meeting to accept the resignation until last night. So assuming I am correct, which is never safe, they should post the position or something official soon.
  10. I know nothing about these team. Except some stuff. Is the consensus that the success of Tell City last year just a one and done? They'll go back to the middle of the PAC
  11. He had been coaching at Salem prior to Paoli I believe.
  12. Very strange but Crawford County's school board voted against the recommendation of their AD to allow the football team to be independent and drop out of the PLAC. Then the PLAC AD's told CC they would have to drop out of the PLAC completely. So I would guess it will not happen but interesting all the same.
  13. I was told that Clarksville is pulling out of the MSC in football and will be independent.
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