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  1. Linton had a kid maybe 7 years ago. Played QB and Inside Linebacker. Very physical kid. He was a LB playing QB. Rupska I think his name was.
  2. I'm sure it does. I'd just like to know for my own curiosity.
  3. Of course there needs to be one. Why else would a long time assistant at a small West Virginia school even know about this job when people living here had no idea it was open?
  4. But what's his connection? Surely there are a lot of small, down on your luck programs between WV and Rock Creek.
  5. How did you not mention the cheesy potatoes King Phillip makes? Love those. Wish he'd leave a plate of those in the locker room for me.
  6. Rock Creek secretly has an opening and hires a long time assistant from West Virginia. Seems strange.
  7. I thought about Madison. That wouldn't be bad. I thought TC would help Perry Central. Madison would be cool though. Especially since it won't ever happen anyway.
  8. Well since I'm sitting at school. All alone. By myself. Reading all this SIAC and PAC conference realignment talk. I'll throw this out there and let you rip it apart. I posted this a few years ago. Merge the PLAC and MSC just for football. Minimize travel times and simplify scheduling. If we could add Tell City to this, you'd have two 8 team divisions. North: Brownstown, Mitchell, Scottsburg, Springs Valley, Paoli, West Washington, Salem, Pekin. South: Tell City, Perry Central, Crawford County, North Harrison, Corydon, Clarksville, Charlestown, Silver Creek. Weeks 1-7 Divisional Match-Ups Week 8 Cross Division Match Up (Each team play a team from opposing division once out of 8 years. Week 9 Playoff Week (North #1 vs. South #1 and so on.) Week 10 Sectional.
  9. If they are not able to support this, I think the program should be contracted immediately.
  10. Yep. Asks where my nearest sibling lives. I thought I knew. Evidently I don't .
  11. I reset it but my phone and home computer won't accept the new one. It's fine. I need to spend less time on here when I'm home anyway.
  12. There are currently 2 Middle School Math positions, 2 Middle School Special Ed positions, 1 Elementary Special Ed positions available in the Crawford County School Corporation for the upcoming year. There will be more openings very soon just not yet posted. I'm always looking for willing coaches and discuss we can discuss responsibilities if you are interested. This is a very underrated place to work. The insurance is great. The pay is very good. Message me here or email me at jreynolds@cccs.k12.in.us
  13. Is there anyway we can lessen the password requirements on here? Somehow I got logged out of all my devices. Couldn't remember my password because this site has the strictest password requirements of any site I need a password for and I can't use the same password I use for everything. Made a new password and got logged back in on my work computer, which is really where I do my best posting, but I can't get logged in on my home computer and phone because either I can't remember my new, new password or I'm not sure why.
  14. Chrome does. I didn't know Firefox was still a thing.
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