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  1. Caston Football has an opening for a Junior High or Varsity position depending on qualifications. Possible Junior High Science Teacher opening. If interested contact Coach Porter porterw@caston.k12.in.us.
  2. Caston Football has one varsity assistant position available and one middle school coaching position. If interested please contact Coach Porter at waporter24@hotmail.com. There are no open teaching positions at this time.
  3. What about a Walk-on is easy? These guys are rolling the dice, working from the very bottom of the roster, paying their own way to school. How is that easy? This will not make the small schools worst off. If anything it will make them better in the long run. When the reality of being a walk-on hits most will transfer to a smaller school to actually play. A few will stick with it and some do gain scholarships, it is a great move by IU to gain as much talent as possible. But some will rise to the challenge and others will move on. It is the nature of the beast. Even at the small schools a large amount of freshmen show up thinking they are going to jump in and start only to have to work their way up the practice squads to get noticed.
  4. You should complete it every other year. Though I don't know if it is call Sea 222 any more, there are four videos on NFHS to watch Heat, Concussion, Blocking/Tackling, and Sudden Cardiac. I believe these courses are required by law.
  5. Yes that is still an illegal formation. The rule clarification was in the case where the offense lines up with 10 men on the field. This will keep them from also getting a penalty for an illegal formation if say a wideout forgot to go out on the field.
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