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  1. Man, this guy is an all star! No BS here. He has the stuff.. I’m reeling in all these interviews, but this guy may take the cake.
  2. Success factor , “we are being punished” then “it’s doin what it’s supposed to do “ I’m not sure he really dislikes it, from what I get.
  3. Thank god for Colson,I wouldn't wish the Cubs on any Indiana player, GO SOX!
  4. south Missouri/Iowa state/Illinois/Purdue/Indiana/Ohio St./Penn St./Maryland Missouri and Iowa St. have varsity wrestling teams. This aligns with the rest of the conference.
  5. This would create the super super football conference.
  6. Sure, and the youth football league was huge for the size of this town. Or for any sized city or town in the state ,for that matter. The kids were ready tested-and could contribute immediately for coaches Dave and Myron. That and Mo had a huge weight program before it was the thing to do to in Indiana football.
  7. Well spoken with great demeanor. I can see why the athletes respond to this coach. All other reasons for their success aside.
  8. Oh I agree, no way around it, 2 ,four star players.But I’m here, And the football aura is gone in this area. They will be good, and have a winning record. They may never replicate the state championships era again. Coaches aside. Them days are over
  9. Gabe has a good assistant coach resume. would be nice to see him parlay that into head coach success. Bloomington is not the talent rich community it once was 15 years ago.
  10. Answer to number 9, alone. should of had two pages of comments by now, on this site. I can see both sides to the success factor. But coach is not wrong, when he says that it penalizes success.
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