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  1. And the coaching shuffle continues for this program. Way too much change from season to season to effectively establish a solid foundation of success that the other Big Ten programs have. You can’t blame any one person ,coaches or otherwise, but it has decimated the program for decades. I can hear it now the drums starting to beat, regardless what Fred Glass says.
  2. I can agree with this. The whole bad situation goes right back to the Colts Mickey Mouse organization. Owner and general manager are the blame for this publicity fiasco. It couldn’t have been handled any worse.
  3. You remember Tom has turned the offense over to the new highly compensated coordinator. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to step on the new coaches toes. In a new offense set up.
  4. Kill the messenger? I guess. That way nobody can read this nonsense!
  5. Expectations are getting higher and higher in West Lafayette! We shall see?
  6. Foodies! Hell yea! Football games can be worked in on Friday s
  7. From my understanding, not much of a football resume , for this coach. But a good coach can coach anything, as the saying goes.
  8. This will be quick turn around for this program. I think it is a sleeping giant.
  9. They have had afew good coaches in that position the last 10 years of so. Moriority and Lowery. This might be a good coaching situation for a young coach.
  10. I can see where this would lead to non participation by several posters, but if it meant closing the site or $20.00, I would pony up.
  11. Thank god, an in house hire would have been a disaster. The board realized that keeping "in-house" in charge would essentially keep the program in the downward spiral. This community should have a contender every year in all sports. Their coaching choices over the past 10-15 years has been horrendous for a school of that size. way to go Jasper!
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