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  1. Yes , Mooresville has quietly stepped it up this year. They played a very tough schedule. Common sense says Mooresville in this one, I just think home field advantage tips the scale.
  2. Reservations needed today, for these good restaurants. Cork'N Cleaver, Oyster Bar. For this restaurant no reservation needed, Don Hall's Guesthouse Old Gas House Restaurant and Bar. And of course famous and iconic, Coney Island.
  3. Top 4 team of the state, and they will be the champs in the end.
  4. I think Bloomington South may have had a tougher regular season schedule, than Floyd, I think the offenses may be even at this point in the season, but I think BS's Defense has bumped up a notch or two in the tournament, with some position changes. All things as they are, this will maybe come down to game coaching adjustments. Halftime adjustments. At this stage of the playoffs all teams are good, and bring their own stuff, that made their seasons good. Good side line coaching seems to be understated. I think one of the all time innovator and adjustment coaches is Myron Moriority. Talent being equal, he usually wins, when it counts.
  5. This will be a mercy game. Take it easy on the cadets! WOW. Chatard is sssoooo much better..
  6. Dale Indiana, Betag is the mayor there, right? I think HH in this one.
  7. Amazing that these two schools have had such a great regular season the same year. Too bad one will not make it to semi state. How many miles between the schools, up 27?
  8. Round number two for these Adams county schools who share a school district border, I would expect Bern to shut the town down when they parade to Monroe next week. Do the jets have anything for the starfires this time? One loss between both teams.Big rivalry.
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