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  1. The Bulldogs never really have had much of a sports history. I mean of high caliber teams. Here and there they have had a few group of good athletes move through the school. But on a whole, no really dominant teams from any sports. Going back lots of years.
  2. Sure helps in the recruiting process. It’s a weapon indiana isn’t used to having. It has been used against them for several years.
  3. Where did Norwell come from, the last 2 years? Not much of a history there but very cool they are getting noticed.
  4. Interesting about the Bulldogs. Does the East Allen school system have transfer rules? I know the Ft. Wayne system is open. The district line for New Haven used to butt up with R. Nelson . Back in the day, kids on or close to that line ,some would enroll at either school. For various reasons. .
  5. Ok, I got it. Sorry. I won’t comment on it again.I’m trying to delete my post. Anything else? Boss.
  6. Indiana is behind Kentucky over the last 5 or so years, maybe more. In recruiting and significant wins. Anyone can research this, it’s not conjecture. One huge win for the Hoosiers doesn’t change this advantage. But it feels pretty good to be on the other side of close games, for a change.
  7. Noble is up a notch this year. Leo seems like to be in the fight every year. With the stingy “Lions” defense, I think it is their year.
  8. Kind of a surprise, Fort Wayne South wins their 2nd game of the season . 30-20 .over New Haven with a 5-5 season .
  9. Yes speaking of Norwell, kudos. They just jumped up on people’s radar. And they whipped the New Haven bulldogs.
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