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  1. From my understanding, not much of a football resume , for this coach. But a good coach can coach anything, as the saying goes.
  2. This will be quick turn around for this program. I think it is a sleeping giant.
  3. They have had afew good coaches in that position the last 10 years of so. Moriority and Lowery. This might be a good coaching situation for a young coach.
  4. I can see where this would lead to non participation by several posters, but if it meant closing the site or $20.00, I would pony up.
  5. Thank god, an in house hire would have been a disaster. The board realized that keeping "in-house" in charge would essentially keep the program in the downward spiral. This community should have a contender every year in all sports. Their coaching choices over the past 10-15 years has been horrendous for a school of that size. way to go Jasper!
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