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  1. Good for Wayne, Sherwood might light a fire under that program.
  2. And the coaching shuffle continues for the mighty Hoosiers. Darn, hard to get continuity the last several years with coaches.
  3. Indiana loses associate head coach and offensive coordinator to Fresno State. Kalen Deboer
  4. This from a guy who only has snide remarks and innuendo for this forum.LOL
  5. I am a little shocked, thought he may run a few more good years together. But anyway, he was a real big contributor to Indiana high school football. Was president of football coaches association when Indiana High School prominence around the country was in its infancy. As we all knew back then, Indiana was a Basketball state, and all the athletes didn't play football. Well, with Dick Duligans great Ben Davis Teams, And Cathedrals great teams This started to get people around the state to notice there is another sport here. I remember towards the start of Dicks run at Ben Davis, when Bloomington South would regularly schedule them or Cathedral for preseason scrimmage, and stay right with them.. Dick picked up on Mo's new philosophy, No man plays both ways. As we know BD Kicked a lot of butt for several years, And this was also the start of many successful years for Myron(Mo) at Bloomington south also. Good luck to Mo, just don't become a personal financial advisor now. LOL d
  6. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Pee you by a touchdown tomorrow.
  7. Conxoro You ad nothing to this board except snide remarks and conjecture. Ask anyone
  8. So much for the crazy dream I had. Also, I’m going to hold Indiana accountable for the bucket game. No free pass from me , for the coaches, if they lose this one. That being said in the same breath, the program took a step forward and got to the postseason playground.
  9. This needs to be restated. It was no feat for NP to beat this team tonight. A sub par Bloomington team, that once again proved how good moriorty is.
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