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  1. #4, country club. You put out those famous HHF isms. Very funny if I may say. this seems to get in the way of a he meat of your post. But I’m still reading. Good stuff.
  2. The edge you talk about, while maybe true , is slim. Both are sucking hind tit in the scheme things in the BIG.
  3. Cannot learn any of this historical and fascinating information as easily as on this site.
  4. And how can one watch these games today? Cable or stream? Chanel on cable?
  5. But the subjectivity ,of making the hires ,is so individualized for each team that it’s almost too intricate to put blame on discrimination. Okay I’m not Naive enough to know it might play a part, in some teams over several years ,but proving and trying to enforce is almost too complicated. But winning requires putting the best people available,at all the positions on the team, and this includes coaches.
  6. I say ,it is there! A lot of the high school athletes that would have been 3-4 star rated are losing out to proven existing college players.
  7. Coaching changes are mirroring the portal transfer. Nobody commit’s for more than a year. Happening to all programs now. It was just Indiana for a long time, good Wilson hires leaving for higher level programs,starting in the Wilson era’s first year or two. The Hoosier Program was the trend setter. Coach thieving is oneway for programs to rise at a faster pace. No loyalty.
  8. Looks like Ricky Nelson on the right.
  9. From the inside, Allen we will be the DC this coming season. New hire Chad Wilt, is DC in training.
  10. Do they keep that kind of stat or records? Pretty impressive though.
  11. Even Saban is chiming in on the unfair benefit this will have on the already prosperous top football programs.
  12. My arm is getting sore guys.
  13. DC Warren, D line coach peoples Allen looking for 2 new coaches
  14. All you guys on here dancing around with each other about player rosters. Indiana needs to get coaches to stick around for more than one or two seasons to establish consistency with the offense and defensive schemes. Hoosiers problems start with the coaching. If they want to contend for the good players and stay competitive with, all world teams ,of the Big Ten East.
  15. So…. Warren gone? And peoples! Maybe Tom is taking over.
  16. I don’t think it is a dis on Tuttle, as he was capable, but definitely some more security for the position. Man, the cupboard was bare last year. Hopefully, McCulley is the guy next year.
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