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  1. U R spot on with Kirks tenure at Iowa, seems like every year they could be in the championship picture then boom,they lose to a nobody and out of contention. I remember Purdue put an L on Ohio State a few years ago when the Buckeyes were 1 or 2 in the county.
  2. So i guess I’m ready to back off a little bit if Indiana wins the game tomorrow. But I’m very skeptical of the desire that the Hoosiers have.
  3. Yes , but this south team leaves something to be desired. A reflection on the coaches I think. But the talent, overall in Bloomington ,has dropped off considerably in the last 7-10 years. Man I’m not sure a combination of both Bloomington high schools could beat Chatard. Sad for a community that at one time had a top 5 program of all classes.
  4. Oh, ok I get it. You thought I meant miners had an edge over wildcats. I meant to infer that Linton seems to be on top of their game, edgy, not that they have an edge on anybody.
  5. All I can say to this is, what I already said. until Linton proves that they can compete at MD’s level.
  6. I also agree with the statement, until Linton proves that they can compete at MD level, all the talk means nothing. That being said, the miners seem to have that edge to them this year.
  7. But all that you said ,IS football. 14-13 game, 7-9 game is ok by me. Two good programs here! Hard to lay an egg in this contest.
  8. Could be, but history tells us these two schools will be at their best, barring injuries. You saying one is that much better?
  9. A good passing team always set up their passing ,with run plays. Where Jasper has been successful is they will make these teams pass , whether they want to or not. More mistakes can happen when you pass over if you run the ball. Jasper says , beat us with the pass.
  10. Me too, the guy has promoted high school coaches, sports, and media like no one else in indiana. And for godsakes he’s not in it for the money. As far as I’m concerned, he can continue for as long he has the health to do it.
  11. You are so full of yourself. I would love to have a fun breakfast meeting sometime at your convenience.
  12. I want DeBoer back. We can put any of theQB’s in there. Sheridan is on my list. He should be on Allen’s short leash. More offensive talent on this years squad, less production than ‘18 or ‘19. I’m not ready to cast any blame for the lack of production on any of the players.
  13. But I was in total agreement.6-7 wins ,I’m totally happy, with a bowl win especially. Maybe 8 wins in a few years.
  14. Don’t hurt your arm
  15. Bash, I think the former ,offensive coordinator. But I’m not privy to that. Just opinion. Seem like last year the offense was a lot more diverse and unpredictable. Maybe that’s the reason last years man isn’t here.
  16. The Hype after last season was to over whelming for some. I’m still satisfied with 6 or 7 wins.This schedule is brutal, I might add. Who guessed that Iowa and Cincinnati would be hammers? Sure wasn’t the ratings people. Pennsylvania state was a given. Even Western Kentucky is a real decent team. So the injury bug will be a factor here on out. The depth chart still isn’t where it needs to be for Indiana to win 8-9 games with this kind of schedule. 7 would be great and 6 is okay. We will be bowl bound.
  17. Someone suggested they don’t have internet in Jasper. I can’t verify this. But I can verify they like to drink beer in Jasper .
  18. And Big Ron, how long have you subscribed to the Hearald Times?Lol,talk about taking the cake.
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