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  1. This is true, if it was for the DT haters the site would be still!
  2. Well many many years ago Bill Mallory assembled a group of assistants after he left Ohio state. Where he was an assistant. The offensive coordinator for Bill was George Belu. He also came from Ohio state. Thru all the years from Miami , Colorado ,northern Illinois and Indiana, Belu stayed with Bill Mallory. Before Mallory accepted the IU job, he said that this was to be his last coaching job. Bill had several loyal assistants but none as loyal as George. He had several opportunities to jump ship and lead his own program but stayed with All of Bills jobs. Indianas success in the Mallory yea
  3. This is a very heart warming memory DT, but there are people on here that don’t and anything to the threads, but hate. Kind of sad.
  4. The obvious pick is Center Grove. Is there anyone that thinks Westfield will win? Oh I’ve read they have a punchers chance or the score might be closer than you think and so on. But that still says you are picking Grove to win. Anyone taking Westfield?
  5. CG is a machine right now, and we have seen this with several state champions over the years. Stiff challenge for Westfield, but I'm almost certain that the shamrocks are chomping at the bit to play this game. They will be prepared and relaxed, what happens ,happens. Westfield is the real deal.
  6. And this is the reason Bill Mallory was relieved of the head coaching job at Indiana University, for you old timers on this site. I can provide details if you are interested.
  7. This ain’t 1986-88 with Vaughn Dunbar and Anthony Thompson. The forward pass has revolutionized the game of football. You two , DT and you need to get in the right century. They even have two divisions in the B10 now.
  8. I can tell you two arm chair QB’s that if Indiana went with your philosophy they still would of had 7 points, at the end of the game. Also when the game was 21-7, and Indiana coughed the ball up on the 5, with first down in hand, from a pass no less, this was the game changer. State proceeded to score on the next possession. 28-7. 14 point turnaround.
  9. I always thought that quote came from Woody.
  10. Sooooo.....if I’m reading you right ,that what I said is ridiculous. We don’t have 2and 3 star linemen? Or we do ,and the coaches are horrific at coaching them. It is one or the other. And I’m pretty sure we don’t have 4&5 star linemen. 4star back, ok. If we had a 5 star back then we would solve the problem? Seems to me every time either Scott or our 4star got the ball they didn’t get very far. According to you ,this has nothing to do with the O line. We need 5 star backs. Problem solved. From what I’ve seen ,the coaches are utilizing what they have on this squad, and making the b
  11. Stomping grounds! You have to check the bottoms of your shoe before you go inside in that area of the state. PeeU! Lots of horses patrolling the area.
  12. Since I have kissin cousins in Adams county, farmers that is, and who doesn’t like Bern Indiana! Which is the southern part of the Indiana “TUNDRA” area. I’m going to root for the northern team.
  13. When they obtain O linemen with the credentials that Ohio, alabama, clemsen have 4 & 5 star.Or play teams that have D linemen with similar credentials as IU’s O linemen 2 and 3 stars. That’s when it , the running game,gets better. In the meantime Indiana’s OC is setting up an offense to utilize the personal that is on the roster. On a side note, is Scott dinged? Suspicious he didn’t get in there more. Anyway, fabulous work by the coaches this season.
  14. What’s so irrational about SAC is getting weaker and weaker every year ? See the results?
  15. Ok, but I’ve stated on several threads that NHHS had never been good?
  16. I just went back, prospect. “Every New Haven FAN I have met including you thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread “ So....you never met me, but included me. Does this go for DE then he’s a fan. What about Irishman, I know he’s a fan. Or is it just for me?
  17. My attempt at comedy. At its lowest form. Nobody got it. Sorry for using up valuable space for more serious issues Farm Boys! LoL
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