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  1. Yea, but Buffalo always passes when the wind is at their back. Seems to me like Chicago always tries to get the passing game going when the wind is into their face. Am I wrong?
  2. The mega schools are in their own little world. (Indianapolis) Keep it as is. The rest of Indiana can have fun with the other classes.
  3. Lol, you have had a ‘stop and sea”sandwich? You know they recruit, don’t you?
  4. That whole last season was a real enigma. Mentally challenging year, all the up and down play that they had. He probably wants to put it all behind, a change of scenery is his way of getting there. But I still like the indiana guys to stay in state.
  5. Man, sure would have been good if the Indiana boy, Armaan , stayed.
  6. I’m sure he was cleared of the allegations. I’m glad they ( the university) didn’t knuckle under to the liberal, cancel culture. He seems to have fallen behind in the Pack 12. Look at the other schools this year. Man it was a hammer of a conference. Also, notice the women’s program, getting to the finals?
  7. I think the issue is you had more important things on your mind Bob,at that time. Being studious, Law school , money for school.You had tunnel vision let’s say. Iu Basketball was an important release but very secondary. Where as I ,being a senior in the business school, but majoring in extracurricular activities, had complete focus on indiana sports. Thus it was an easy catch for me. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  8. New president, tuned into the athletics side of the University. And an athletics director that really gets it. Is the ticket, from here on out.
  9. Easy, about 2 Saturday’s ago I had my XM radio on a station I never listen to. Well the show was Dan Dakich. I’ve never listened to him before. The only thing I got to know about him on the radio,was all the controversy he generated over the years. Beside the point. what he said was as interm coach, as a result of the Sampson dismissal, Dan was in the meetings with the AD , president and school committee that was in charge of the selecting the next coach. He said , that the exact words were , “we will never let the basketball program elevate to the degree, that it over shadows the univer
  10. I was at the game in Dayton, when Kentucky beat Indiana, and one armed Scott May.
  11. Bob ,UR right, the 75 team may be the best ever in the NCAA. Considering the average winning point margin for the season. I know UCLA has an argument here. One thing though, John laskowski graduated with Steve green. I think you are thinking of Tom Abernathy stepping in Johns slot in 76.
  12. Little Ryan is going to be the highest paid amateur golfer in the USA this year.
  13. I remember the memorial coliseum with over 10,000, standing room only crowds for sectionals. Semi state games there, they were almost unavailable for most people to get into until after the morning game's were over. Then you could get tickets from the loosing teams fans leaving after the game in the parking lot. Lol
  14. Yea little Ryan Miller.
  15. I’m pumped, this will be a great state finals. All zones in the state are in the mix for recognition.
  16. I don’t think he was the main cog. But I’m not privy to this. There are several alum who can and could underwrite the process. It’s a payout over several years and if Ryan takes another position, the payout diminishes tremendously.
  17. There were so many facilities, across the state, rockin back in the day, with Hinkle being one of them. Man the basketball memories.
  18. U R right, on both counts. That’s the reason for the 99. And Stevens really has not produced in New England. Again, time is critical in theses situations. But it it’s a step by step processes and situations are continually changing as time is passing. This is why AD’s make the Big bucks.
  19. Well I’m not privy to any decision making , that hunch is as good as any right now. Irish said it, the delay here now, is wait for the candidate to bow out of the tournament. Since we know Stevens is 99% out.
  20. Meh. Won’t be Stevens. I’m sure the named candidate will not be any that we have all been talking about.
  21. Lol, misery loves company, PU goes out in first round.Indiana’s not up to Purdue’s level, lol. That’s how bad it is.
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