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  1. Not sure if they have feeder programs for bc that would bolster whatever scheme they decide on..they will have the athletes..ac has the benefit of k-12 growth vs. bc patching together talented transfer portal kids..
  2. A glimmer of light through all this 5a shade...pound for pound 5a programs are 5a for a reason..4a North wouldn't be as weak if Dwenger (a true 4a power) didn't get sf a few years back..shaaaade😎
  3. That team would have trounced a ton teams.. Valpo had the size to match up with top tier 4a n with their rb1 back they would be a tough out..Snider had the speed just not the size needed in November football being played outdoors.. I've seen bigger teams yet don't think they lose 10 out of 10..
  4. 5a was down..5a was weak this year..so many posts throwing shade? Whats the cause? 4a south had some great teams at the top..so did 5a..what makes an entire class "weak" compared to their counterparts? Everyone thinking valpo and Whiteland lose 2 out of 3 against top 3 4a programs?
  5. Bowen won the award last year..this year didnt hurt..if the athlete who led the nation in rushing lost to a lineman yet now a lineman has no shot at the award reigns true is where the true "travesty" resides..
  6. They led the state in passing their senior year..honestly wouldn't be shocked if they were cyo kids..Keller probably always played on Sundays
  7. Why has Adams central not moved up due to sf? Cutoff for enrollment? They seem to be at or near semi state every year..
  8. 3 teddy's? I'll take that bet..loser donates to the grid..
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