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  1. Yes. HCC teams are very dangerous..id compare them to an mic team right about now...compared to the rest of the state those two conferences have programs that would win if they were scheduled vs..80% of indiana..
  2. Post em if ya got em..any delays can also be noted... Also @ gridirondigest # TGD
  3. Depends on personnel..get as many playmakers on the field as possible. Of everything is copacatic..l favor 4-3 D with a wing T or wishbone O for high school...I know spread offenses create havoc yet Indiana weather creates worry..also if defenses hold true.. option attacks don't work if the opponent has BFS athletes and vice versa ala WC circa 03-06.. ahh keyboard coaching!😉
  4. I hear the ones in Texas are top flight..build it and they will come..i don't mind giving tax money to see our youth have a little fun in a nice atmosphere. Downtrodden facilities may deter numbers and we do not want that "C" word to happen!
  5. Thanks for the spell check..i wonder if valpo has someone like that this year..
  6. I know this had been a on previous gid forums..we all see those once in a decade players grace the frozen tundra..wanted to give credit this year..ill go with Jeff samardiaza (sp) from valpo n Desmond tardy from wc..miquale Lewis takes 3rd from fw snider.. sound off on a few all time greats!!
  7. Carmel should just go independent..i know the forum has spoke of this before. They have the resources to compete and travel in every sport..the talent pool will only get deeper. If they can play top tier teams from not only the mic and hcc..why not?
  8. Having seen luers play..they might make a run if everyone is healthy..2019 will be a year that questions logic..im still nervous to bet against a mic 6a champ although if it were to happen this would be the year..luers does not play any 2a schools until post season..if they can replicate teams from the past is tbd..
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