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  1. Hard to imagine any kid choosing not to go D1 just because they won't be a starter..the difference in facilities alone...starting at a juco racking up stats would help them start as a soph at D1? If thats the case the talent wouldn't be hidden at practice.
  2. Coach k seems like a players coach..couple alum pro athletes..iron sharpens iron or a need to spread the wealth? Either way, I'm sure they figure it out..
  3. Yes I agree..however other areas of the state may differ in opinion when it comes to the sac "richness".. a regional title from someone (anyone..bueller) residing in the sac wouldn't hurt..
  4. The year after losing Dinan to Carroll wasn't terrible..maybe this will be the same?
  5. I wonder if losing the coach to their rival will cause a hiccup in their giddy up..
  6. Offense could have one of those seasons thats needed now a days...a few burners with size sprinkled in...not dbl digit D1 players..still talented tho😁
  7. Coach K won't need much to motivate them to get over this new hump. Early exits give out servings of humble pie which usually makes those returning a little hungrier...
  8. Ahh..nice..at some point were 6A in enrollment n had success yet get bumped down due to others gaining enrollment.. 3 str8 regionals..I can see y some would see them laughing their way to state in 5a..all that talent too! Anything less..would be uncivilized..
  9. From what I know of fwcs...until an athlete signs a "code of conduct" policy they can not be held liable for any unethical/illegal acts unless the school board decides otherwise. Kids will be kids yet athletes are usually held to a higher standard as representatives of their schools and communities...varsity blues anyone??
  10. The pirates won 2 consecutive sectionals n dropped a class?
  11. 1..2..bail..wash rinse repeat..D Line has always helped with the scheme of pass coverage..no rush..no luck. If another jb3 shows up then they may stand a chance..
  12. The cavemen have always been tough. They still run the triple option? Never seen a hook and ladder run to perfection b4 watching them...still shocked more programs don't regularly use it..
  13. How much do they charge for said program? On3 taking donations yet? I kid 😁
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