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  1. Have to chime in on this one..fast guys can str8 out fly..stop watches don't lie..put a linebacker on ur roster who runs a 4.4 n he will completely dominate ur stud rb who runs a 4.7..never was a fan of the term football speed. Most guys with a fast 40 will also have a blazing shuttle run..side to side north n south..fast is fast.
  2. Maybe years ago..during the 5 class era..now with so many camps..n the travel circuit.. kids can get that exposure.. many times coaches recruit size..not heart..they can mold the frame if the metrics are there..yet one of the goats ran a 5.2 40..i will also add imo if u go to a legit 1a-3a (luers😉) program coaches know where the talent pipeline flows..
  3. it was an agreement of peace..still an agreement none the less..i donated b4 halftime
  4. Even new pal loses occasionally. 50% could be seen as dominant ..I get it..would success factor come into play? Tons of talent out there for programs that teeter between 5a/6a.
  5. I think this was hinting at dwenger.? EM will be a tough win for the knights.
  6. I'll sponsor @Ryan11p in this..i like the site n enjoy being a booster.
  7. Idk who wins this game.. I've been to east noble games..they seem to sell out..im shocked they even have tickets available for semi state? Is there that much of a price jump? The games I attended I had to stand!
  8. I thought the majority of us believed carmel was a favorite for our different reasons maybe..nonetheless the favorite..they will be favored against the pirates n rightfully so..battling the lion is the beauty of it..from Rudy to rocky..somebody gotta do it..their playoff record was quoted on air one game I watched..most yrs they win state by beating their mic counterpart which is (cough cough) considered the best conference in the state so even they have a hard time beating them..would one more game help decide this best team in the state debate? After the finals..1a vs 2a..3a vs 4a..5a vs 6a? Heck give em2 rings! 😁
  9. All good for the BFS convo from the coach..maybe locker room first media second? Valpo lost to the hounds by 4 at semi state last yr n moved down to 5a..sounds about right..imo opinion valpo' s line is big across the board..larger than sniders I believe..im sure that can be fact checked..the vikings will be a formidable foe n the game is a toss up in my eyes..if any team could beat the saints during tourney time it would be the aforementioned program (6a ss loss). Traveling to their campus also will be in their favor.
  10. I'll take it. Can we lay off the guy now? 5a title game may be another classic!!
  11. Homestead pulling away at the end of 3rd. Run game starting to take over against sparty. Carmel 28 Homestead 7
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