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  1. Especially with their talented seniors...tae tae being moved to qb will be a game changer..when the panthers moved that big ot to dt last week...genius move..
  2. I'm saying if they were to schedule fishers or HSE they may get 70+ put up..Snider is a sac school that is ok without the style points..how may points did Brownsburg put up on dwenger? Just saying if they were indy schools and put up 70 they wouldn't blink..imho..
  3. Have not watched the game..2nd n 3rd stringers running the ball or starters throwing bombs? Snider is not HSE or Fishers etc..u think a 6a indy power wouldn't have put up a least 50?
  4. Hey hey..Dinan came from the Snider coaching tree..he preaches humility..I haven't asked him yet knowing him as on oc coordinator I can see him in earlier days wearing his shades asking "should we kneel every down"? Trying to remain on earth while driving a spaceship has to be tough business..the chargers wish to be in the class of their 6a Indy brethren..if HSE or Westfield played those schools a blowout would also be expected n anything else..would be uncivilized..4 now the schedule allows such games n who knows..on a good year dwenger may beat Brownsburg or moeller..
  5. I'm calling it now..valpo will beat cp n roll through the rest of their season..they have gotten their swagger back..from what I hear there could be a dark horse in the running from the south..as for snider..they have to win the sac b4 eyeing sectionals..let alone the cavemen n vikings..the days of crushing the chargers may be gone..if they were to have one of those 62 to 7 scores then I'd say clear cut favorite..right now they seem to have lady luck on their side tbh..
  6. Maybe he should transfer to snider..could use a D1 qb next yr..or ever..
  7. He committed to Vanderbilt for baseball..Iowa wants him at safety..his dad stated he has been receiving more calls n after last night I can see that phone ringing a little more..yes had the 2 pick sixes n also a couple catches at wr..yes if that fb would have stayed the offense would be on another level..can't fault him though..imho valpo still is the team to beat..19 returning starters wearing blue rings usually bodes well come November.. sophomore class has a few making their mark as well..cb that made that hit to help seal the win can fly on the track as well
  8. Snider had a few legitimate penalties themselves..I am just glad the spot the refs gave was still short even with it being generous..that safety is a dynamo..
  9. Dinan is the qb whisperer..ohhh the agony!!!
  10. Knew the pipeline of talent would be on the upswing a few years back..Dinan vs tippman never disappoints n their philosophies were on full display.the gamesmanship of the fake punt can be seen as humorous now..both coaches made sure their kids had fun!
  11. He may want to reconsider n choose Iowa as a safety..saved their tails in the 1st half..
  12. Have to keep the defense honest..not sure if they have the scheme to run run n run some more..Carroll has the speed for it.. Chargers qb was the panthers downfall last year..quick strikes vs 3 yards and a cloud of dust.. I will give tippy credit for expanding the offensive playbook..if the chargers score more than 21 the panthers may be in trouble.. What happened? Conditioning?
  13. Dinan vs tippman...lately the former oc/dc matchup has favored the chargers and if the panthers plan on ending that conference win streak Friday they will need to sure up their flaws..unfortunately Dinan is all to familiar on knowing exactly how n when to expose them..
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