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  1. Sparty upset dwenger last week n will be licking their chops.. a 2 loss snider team this early in the season does not come around that often..could this be the game the Panthers need to get some swagger back or will they buckle once more? Archers had them in a dogfight last week..it was good for both programs..
  2. Miracle catch by Dwenger leads to 35 34 score..dwenger goes for 2...get stopped on qb draw.. Homestead 35 Dwenger 34 Final (3OT)
  3. Let me call IT..figured those other sites were scams..thanks..
  4. Besides chatard fb page has anyone heard of live streams?
  5. Can scheme ever beat talent? Ala wc triple option..
  6. Carroll could be top 10 in 6a..it hurts that regionals always ended runs in that class over the last few years for whoever came out of the sac...moving the hounds south helps ..yet diminishes the feat..chargers may have issues with Jeff n eventually mhs..competing with yet alone beating southern 6a programs is no small task..far as this week goes: Chargers Saints Knights Panthers Legends
  7. Heard the defense did what it should have done..bravo..
  8. I hope this plays out..kendallville may be heading in the direction of dekalb/auburn n angola..unfortunately
  9. I got it..give us a break..if u think we're bad the generations behind us will terrify u😁
  10. Legends- they have the juice n it's not just deuce..they have toughness in the trenches... and against BD..they're gonna need it Generals-Haydock over Lindsay(sp)..scheme wise he gives them the edge..if his pops is involved with game planning then I'll change my pick.. Chargers-panthers were punched in the mouth last week..carroll n Dinan put them out last yr.. panthers first 0-2 start since when? Bruins- doerfler(sp) coaching tree starting to show its worth..if they can keep the team together (no more fighting) they may pose a legit threat for the conference crown..n y not? The
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