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  1. Amazing that the state's leading rusher went to heritage..mid 90s?
  2. Homestead will be good. They will be in each game they play..it will take the Panthers best shot every week if they plan on ringing that bell..time will tell.😉
  3. They may be due for a couple of good runs ala ac..an unexpected loss could be good for their ego b4 the playoffs hit..although no pioneer this year..their road will still be tough
  4. If valpo had enough points to stay up plus their population qualifies for 6a..who or what makes the decision to move them down? Geographically easier during tourney time?
  5. If I were a betting man I'd say cathedral based on tradition alone. Going through New pal will be difficult..MC was good..cathedral is its own entity though..Valpo and Dwenger would be epic..based on what I've seen from all four programs..cathedral just keeps coming at you..2nd stringers are starters at most schools in Indiana unless something has changed..
  6. Specialization in 1a and 2a programs can definitely hinder certain sports..even prized recruits in 6a programs pull double duty...winning a state title in one sport is great..winning two in one is even better! I know Warren pulled off that feat..not sure who else can lay claim to that..?
  7. I wondered about capacity concerning the big games. Compared to zollner..better get there early..
  8. Im happy to see them in 6a...ive stated b4..winning 6a is the creme de le creme..that 2015 team could have competed for the 6a title..heck the two teams after them were darn good as well..snider is a 6a program regardless of population..
  9. Kudos to tippman and the staff for getting kids to join the team while ensuring they're accepted onto the team..its a shame when schools have some of the best athletes walking the halls whom never touch the field or court..if this year's team can come together they may shock some people..upper echelon teams will not fear them n mid level programs will place a target on squarely on their back. If they are a true panther squad that can bring home the bell it will not take long to put avid watchers on notice.
  10. Sounds like S.A. will be tough this year..lofty preseason ranking..
  11. True..i just like rooting for sw..!😉
  12. As an outsider looking in..if I was a betting man I'd go south adams..woodland..sw...ac..as my top 4..i do think the conference title is up for grabs and hopefully the teams I didn't mention shock me. The aforementioned 4 will have some heavy lifting to do as traditional conference juggernauts.
  13. (T1)Snider- they don't rebuild..they just reload..the starters they return should be solid and the o-line has a stud..could take loss or two to any top 3 or middle tier.. (T1)Dwenger- returning state champs act different..they will be tough to beat..im reminded of seeing that cyo run clinic over n over..with the dynamo wr added in..watch out..could lose two games.. (T1) Homestead-returning qb is an athlete..hhs has always been quarterback U..they're 6a and have a 6a mindset..hard to stay focused when ppl expect victories..could take two losses.. (4) Luers-pretty lofty for the knights this year..lost some good players..their coaches always seem to get the best out of their teams..2a..3a..whatever you wanna call em..they always come to play.. (5) carroll-any large school with Dinan as coach will always be up there on my list. Soph qb will have some learning to do.. (6) Northside- This is the year of fruition for the legends and their coach..could they be last year's wayne or regenerate an incredible run through the sac as in decades past..? They are my sleeper team (kinda). (7)Wayne-they seem to put together a good team every few years..the cupboard is never bare for the generals..they always have gr8 talent..the moxy it takes to garner hardware..they have it.. (8) Northrop-one of the larger schools with a great coaching staff..getting the athletes out for football and playing together will get them a a few wins alone.. (9) Concordia-This may ruffle feathers..i know they're not far removed from a state title and a few alumni would tell me their top 4..id happily eat crow if they shock a few squads..somehow..they always do (10) Southside-refer to #8 This is just a mock poll n observations of the sac imho..the top and middle will be muddied up..even the teams at the bottom will be sectional contenders..thats the best part of the playing in the sac..i faintly remember seeing a 3-6 Northwood team go on to win a state title..should be fun..
  14. What will be the max capacity? Games on their campus will be crazy!
  15. Some schools measure success by a winning season..others by hardware...elite programs may have all or nothing mentalities..ie..Notre dame has a goal to win the national title very year..that being said this is high school and sectional titles are not a given..the rules are what they are for a reason and imo snider would be playing 6a every other cycle anyway..schools populations have changed..yes..yet when it was 5 classes snider last repped the north.
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