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  1. Hard fought win for the panthers tonight..few key athletes back from injury seemed to be major..secondary can hit..yet can they cover? O LINE is still the best position group and it seems it's only one deep threat at wr..they have too much talent on the sideline to only have one legit pass option..not including the TE..good thing is tippy hasn't played all his cards yet n the next few weeks will be chess games..coach k n those 2a knights are barking n biting..sni high better get their wheels rolling now if they plan on getting anymore w's this yr..tonight was a step in the right direction yet pups win rivalry games...while big dogs bring home hardware 🏆
  2. Maybe they are waiting until the playoffs?? The bucs won a super bowl without a fantastic back 4..coaches scheme up solutions to hide deficiencies..greater coaches expose them..coach k (Luers) being a complete student of the game is scary..those guys might be in for a run..he is playing n chess at a young age..tippy has to do what he knows needs done..
  3. Mega conferences will become the norm eventually..never wanna use the "c" word with programs n believe every school that wants to play 11 on 11 contact should be given the opportunity..the 1as in the area would be included..if I had the time I could sure come up with something!! Creating love for the game is the goal..making money in the meantime doesn't hurt!!
  4. Allow an expansion to the surrounding county schools..keep competitive balance..large school small school division..this will at least create community involvement n if the numbers make sense..add out of conference situations..if not..we will rinse n repeat every year until playoff time..
  5. Had a chance to visit Homestead campus this weekend..their feeder systems have some big kids coming through 👀..sw part of town is booming..splitting kids with Carroll makes the situation look similar to fishers/hse..ik fishers won a title before 6a and don't see either the chargers or sparty reaching carmel level as far as enrollment yet they are adding on n may have the room n will 4 it.. Luers n Dwenger will always have cyo...Snider... once deemed a private public school (if that makes sense) may want to go the charter school route unless their historical base comes back in the fray n fwcs enrollment allows another all star team every now n then..Concordia has to to deal with cyo prospects..their feeders all play one another..the other programs may catch lightning in a bottle but should aim for potential playoff scenarios..similar to those cathedral teams of old or a 4 or 5 loss mic squad..enter the postseason with subpar record only due to sos n win some hardware..
  6. Sparty has had their number the past couple of years..if the panthers plan on playing on into mid November this game is where its at..offense has to score when they get their chances..score..score..n score some more!! Lol
  7. If they switch up their coverage they may be able to contend..would like to see them jam at the line every once in awhile to keep them guessing..
  8. Not soft per se..need to have toughness to score from one yd out..usually the defense takes care of the grit work..after all..defense wins championships while offense wins games..seriously though..to make a deep playoff run in indiana the offense will need to run the ball in high level games.. bubble screens will only get u so far in the rain n snow..
  9. 1) Luers- knocking off two 6a programs gets them the #1.. although undersized..all they do is win ...that upswing in talent is upon us n coach k has the keys to a new car.. 2) Dwenger- treating opponents "O" like a defenseless boxer..the hits just keep on coming from the saints..the offense may only score just enough..typical cyo clinic 3) Carroll- dinan has their full attention and now so does the rest of the sac..this could be the year they make it out of sectionals..they have playmakers everywhere..even in the stands.. 4) Snider- taking it on the chin to a former coach could be what they needed..offense seems to restrain itself..so many weapons yet no permit.. 5) Homestead- I'm sure they will figure it out soon..the 2nd half of the game with the knights had new wrinkles that will pay dividends..until they figure it..they may take a few more L's. 6) Northside- starting the season with a few tough matchups can hurt their legend ego..victories are on the horizon and come tourney time they will be ready.. 7) Concordia-see above.. 8 South side- they can win games n proved that last year in sectionals..if a team had them checked as a w at the beginning of the year they will be in for a rude awakening...if the archers stick together. 9) Wayne- trust goes a long way with a resurgence n time will tell if haydock can get community buy in..a couple victories never hurt n I don't see the generals going winless.. 10) Northrop- someone has to be last..no shame in being competitive..I wouldn't put an upset past them n will probably choose them in a few matchups this year..
  10. That sectional will be brutal. That kid from North is a stud...not too many can affect the game like him....flim looked sub 4.4.. could be wrong
  11. I'll bite Luers Dwenger Carroll only if legends aren't at full strength Panthers Generals
  12. 1)Homestead- until someone beats them...they will continue with their bell..ringing up victories along the way..the hounds of ft wayne? 2)Luers- they earned it n will be a nice matchup with #1 this week..they are proving what a team with purpose can do..others should take note.. 3)Dwenger- the legends were missing a few athletes..notably their game changer..yet dwenger just wore them down n the hits just kept coming..whew... 4)Carroll- dinan always got the ball to his best weapons as an oc n does the same as a hc..he will torch u until u take it away..reason why coach k has the knights slated @#2 5)Concordia- they move up only due to being an unknown..sparty spanked em yet they have rung many a bell the last two seasons.. 6)Snider- they have the athletes yet will not win games due to their jerseys..the ranking may slight them..until they prove otherwise..6-4 awaits 7)North side- where did everyone go? Create a rival with all programs if thats what it takes to be competitive..hopefully fan support remains strong n they get their leaders back 8)South side- almost made top 7. Can they arise to the occasion when only playing their public counterparts? Show up every week n move up.. 9)Northrop- one step forward..two steps back..one week they're over 80 kids..the next week 70..will the bruins ever decide if they wanna be a legit contender in football? 10)Wayne- haydock has the brain..does he have the buy in? Early results say no yet I know he is working the hallways n don't be shocked if he pulls talent outta nowhere in September..
  13. The pass defense..is it the scheme..or the coaching? Y go deep cover 2 with 20yds to go? I still think sparty has it with luers then dwenger..heck south side looked good..yes I know I went Luers #2..imo they earned it n now have no fear...as for as the panthers..this offense can't score 50+ on new pal ala 2015....or can they? They have the weapons and I will disagree with u on the deep threat..they dropped some bombs yet going downfield may be reserved for playoff time.. the speed is there..they don't get open on deep outs without..or unless ur in a deep cover 2! I kid..the offense has to score every time it touches the ball..the other rb is a dynamo n big fella up front creates nice lanes for the minibus. @temptation he didn't mean it that way!!!!!
  14. Dinan knew their achilles heal n attacked with a vengeance. That film will tell a tale that won't soon be forgotten...
  15. I believe they are in the sectional with dwenger n throp..👀
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