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  1. The game constantly changes..I've been on the field where the defense called out the offensive play we were attempting to run n they still couldn't stop it..a buddy that played in the NFL said the same thing happens at that level...it may be more about signals being sent in rather than teams knowing what formations are being used...I could see a potential issues when wrinkles are introduced during playoff time..security!!!😁
  2. Good call out..anyone know the longest distance between schools in the top tier conference's..or any conference alignments that require "distant" traveling?
  3. Possibly..I still remember them losing to new pal after I wagered with a buddy who took "the field"..yes I'd still make that wager again yet dont mind an underdog..in theory they are 4a correct?
  4. Trai played TE in high-school didn't think he would be OT until Nw convinced him. He played DE too..yet technically speaking that could make moore the guy if trai went as a TE..
  5. If you're a big enough program to be deemed the highest then yes..the first game you play would be for a sectional title..not every school..just the biggest..give em a few bye weeks..unfair advantage..yes..risk of injury during practice..yes..the pro could be the "mega" programs would probably travel well n the gate would make back the money of them not playing the first 2 weeks..I do not want to dilute titles...when communities experience those runs they can be gamechangers n..state champs no..maybe a sectional title(1) in their record book..I know hardware isn't the only motive yet it sure h
  6. sounds so simple yet has yet to be accomplished. The tax payers may believe the status quo reigns true forever..banner program for decades yet no stadium..snider alum, athletes or not, may be just waiting to cut the check..I know I am😉
  7. This is true. The past few years have seen some teams derailed due to kids being kids which usually didn't hurt as much..student athletes have to uphold the standards set before them n im sure every team goes through that. These next few years will be telling...those $200 handshakes could helps with facility upgrades if tippy n ziembo play their cards right 😁..dwenger was able to elevate their campus and maybe Snider could do the same. At one point I was told parking would be an issue..you don't build a stadium due to parking concerns??? Redo the whole setup n remodel the weight rooms again n
  8. The one hundred has turned into the two hundred dollar handshake...I kid😁..5a has a few historically strong programs..north n south..Zionsville continues to grow n could be 6a eventually..although as a public 5a id put Snider up against anyone... I can see why you picked them. The film n numbers don't lie. Valpo as well (from what I've seen) can be dangerous..the panthers are going through an upswing in talent yet as we all know it don't mean a thing if u don't have (idk the actual song) a ring..
  9. Could depend on facilities available...kid ran a 10.25 yet due to downwind the 10.31 mark still stands.
  10. Yes..heard him give an interview on the radio..name escapes me at the moment.
  11. The usual contenders that once dominated the gridiron were always contenders for some sort of T&F championship. Center Grove, carmel, and cathedral all have representatives and will be the favorites for next year..usually the finals have a few more mic contenders..not saying those 3 schools will win but their future looks bright..btw Snider has a relay team that could score if they get their handoffs down😁
  12. Agree..how a few powerhouses are missing tells the tale as well..
  13. The 100 n 110 hurdles are back to back in order of events..the other places in the 300 hurdles..incredible..
  14. None of whom are in the NFL or equal his size..could be wrong..u know I never look up the numbers..wonder what a top 100 guy would look like on the field😯..seeing a bona-fide 4.2 at the hs level would be insane..
  15. Although he came in last...his time was surprisingly fast for his size..football speed<track speed however gr8 track athletes tend to dominate on the field...at times the difference in a 4.4 and 4.7 can win or lose a state title in football..
  16. Very true. I believe either Georgia or Florida recruited entire relay teams for football. Ik Miami did it back when they had sanctions..If a program has their top 6 sprinters playing football as well they usually are in contention for hardware during the fall. Y coaches wouldn't want their kids getting faster always behooves me..
  17. Yes ik how the standards are set..the standard this year is 10.9 I believe..I've seen 6a programs have 3 cats run in sectionals..not football programs which was mind boggling (LN..fw northrop)..the best programs may have track guys that don't play football is what I was getting at
  18. On average how much D1 talent do they usually reload with? 5 to 10 is incredible for a 4a (in theory) school..
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