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  1. * clears throat*..id like to say carmel upsets south 6a n stops the cg streak..if they don't .. ill donate 50 to the gid..plz first 3 takers only 😁
  2. Carmel will be an underdog..I think they made top 115 in the nation on the latest poll..granted not top 10..yet still ranked..Westfield wasn't far behind..yes ik..polls smolls
  3. Yucca knows of which he speaks..I live in those parts n yes they still fight against it..maybe in a decade or two..Luers getting Turf may go against tradition too much..only thing I can see why they don't have one..though shalt not possess turf..football ch.4 verse 7
  4. Depends on who u ask..some say there is room for a nice field..others..not so much..Northrop n Snider were one school that split with Snider having the smaller enrollment at the time the powers at be decided to share Northrop's field Rumors have it that Anthony Spencer attempted to install Turf for the knights yet wasn't granted the request
  5. If the generals n archers can control the clock they might have a chance at a couple of upsets..
  6. Nothing like running over that hill coming out of that locker room after walking through the line of fans b4 entering luers field...it saddens me that the game must be moved...I understand it yet dislike it..I roll with coach k though n trust his judgment
  7. ig I've just seen too much of carmel to think the rocks are on their level..I could totally be wrong here..I'm assuming the rocks have won the past 4 or 5 hcc titles?
  8. Yes.. that was my get off my yard comment was wanting them to still be in the north..have either them or westfield come out as sectional champ..carmel in the south...not in my day...haha
  9. Rocks n hounds equal caliber? Have they ever actually beaten carmel? Serious question
  10. Bah..humbug..give me carmel out the north..if two mic teams make 6a finals then so be it..does not seem right that the passage to los for 6a north does not go through carmel..ig Westfield has taken the helm..yet even the rocks aren't sporting that 5k student challenge..for giggles ill take Carroll or warsaw..Dinan or bart ball..
  11. if pioneer didn't lose their punter/Lb/kicker/OT last yr that game could have went the other way..that being said anything can happen..coach k will keep them grounded I'm sure yet the target is firmly on their back..east side n andrean are my dark horses from the north
  12. It was a classic old school slug it out contest..both programs showed "grit" while duking it for the bell...those hits..whewww...this could have been a 3 team sac weekend during Thanksgiving yet the world works in mysterious ways..maybe those 6a schools have something left although on film..Warsaw looks mighty good
  13. Thought jimtown was mater dei b4 seeing them...small notre dame..the aura!!! Gr8 games!
  14. "15" panthers were pretty good..yes new pal would have scored that (if not more) against 99.5% of Indiana imho..that 01 team was solid..Those knights were battle tested from jimtown days..
  15. Nahhh..I still remember the bell ringing for coach k as a player..it can be done..the Achilles heal for the panthers is their pass d which the younger Lyndsay will surely dissect with his gameplan..if it rains n the pigskin gets slippery then maybe...just maybe..sni high can pull this one out.. Also think the bruins will give the saints all they can handle..I'm a cyo guy though and want to stay in the bishop's good graces.. Chargers pull away in the 3rd and the archers just need to remain healthy
  16. I cant keep up with all the changes.. I could see why..it was definitely ringing against Valpo during semi state (back in the day😉)
  17. From what I've seen from him as a coach so far..he will be adding some wrinkles n I agree..getting healthy is the best thing for a deep playoff run..21 days!??? Whew..they will be ready to lay the wood on whoever isn't wearing the orange n blk
  18. Talks are in the works..ziembo is open to having discussions of adding their own field..currently across the street from Luers..man it looks good...when its not raining!!
  19. sad to see carmel go south..just for giggles..I'm going with the hounds for the upset! Bart ball will give a good showing in sectional 3..1 game for hardware..I like it!
  20. Yep..I'm getting old..I remember the bell having to be painted 3x back in the early 00's
  21. Can't recall the year per se yet thought it went to the 3 schools the next year then the next yrs champ during playoff time..
  22. I've pitched this idea b4..larger schools playing for hardware..1a can get some love too..diluting titles is the con
  23. Isn't that the way it used to be? Wanna say a few teams shared it awhile back..memory isn't what it used to be though
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