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  1. Curtis Blackwell via Norwell and Ball State offered undrafted FA contract with Tampa Bay
  2. Yes, Snider has been winning and will reman a team that warrants the talk. A bit concerned about the 29 - 13 record the past 4 years. Haven't seen that 4 year run in some time. JMO, but just doesn't seem like the "good ole" days recently.
  3. It's wild IMO that these games get scheduled out 3-4 years in advance. Not so much that the schools do that, because I know they need too, to lock in schedule. More so that I'll be close(r) to retirement mode in 4 years. Be interesting to see what Snider can line up beyond that. And great job by Warsaw in lining up these high level games.
  4. Who you talking about, not sure what high school is on SE side of FWA
  5. Snider didn't move down, they were 5A last year.
  6. Nebraska for sure, 3 titles in 4 years. Not sure about Tennessee, does (1) title and then nothing much before or after put them in that crowd??
  7. So I had it wrong, Snider then came out of delay and controlled game. It was a strong line of storms that moved through the area, that I recall. They postponed the Penn game in MIshawaka till Saturday and the game was played with some lake effect snow from cold front that shifted winds off the lake and dropped temps.
  8. I remember that now. I recall Larry Davis, was at that Carmel game. I remember it had a delay for storms and If I recall correctly Carmel came out of that delay and took control of the game. Did Larry Davis play college ball anywhere? I recall him being pretty good.
  9. I thought Courtney Davis was QB?? If not QB who was QB for the team?
  10. Only Snider back that I believe went to IU was Vaughn Dunbar. think he was there in 1990 & 1991? He would have graduated Snider in 1988??
  11. School City of Mishawaka is a pretty confined school district. My wife is a teacher in SCM, elementary, middle school kids walk to the neighbor school, and high school will walk, take city bus, parents or drive themselves. They do have 6-8 buses for transpo of athletic teams and other school functions.
  12. Fake news here, Penn kids are not changing schools to the Mishawaka school district.
  13. Why can't they have a transgender team face another transgender team?
  14. Yep, if you are a "club sport" you can go anywhere you want. I've experienced that when my girls where playing Rugby
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