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  1. I would agree, but only on years when the groundhog sees his shadow.
  2. No impact at smaller schools will be seen. Fake news !!
  3. The point is "when they are offered a PW they have a choice to go there or not" . So the kid can go there and try to get playing time at a P5 school, or go the other route; non P5, FCS, D2, D3 or NAIA.
  4. So, the kids are then forced to go there when they get the PW??
  5. See that he got let go Tuesday. Sounded as if he had some inappropriate or questionable conduct the past year or two. Wish him well and hope he gets help if needed.
  6. Too bad the Aces haven't carried that momentum after that win
  7. Anyone have "ins and outs" on the SAC this year. I normally follow SAC football, not all in tune with who is and who isn't in league B-ball. I see Snider won on deep shot at buzzer last night and see that Carroll is good. Just wondering how the SAC may play out this year.
  8. i agree, Carroll is likely best in SAC, I would saw Homestead/Dwenger duke it out for second. Snider has a lot of skill positions to fill on O, and has some big D positions to replace, they may have tough year. That is unless there are some surprise transfers or some young'ins step up.
  9. Yes, I remember Doerffler, I think he was at Snider when I went their. They had some good teams at North when he was coaching them. I always wondered why he left north. I think SAC bottom third of conference will be better, maybe more balance next year then this??
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