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  1. I would expect Penn and Snider to be flipped. I do remember Snider being ranked #14 nationally, think that was back in the 80's?? or early 90's?? Luers could make a case, but being 2A may be the issue
  2. I find that interesting that FWA Snider is the top, non Indy area school.
  3. Always wondered why he was overlooked by most P5 programs coming out of high school.
  4. I think the long standing staff stability gives Snider the edge over a up and possibly coming North Side staff and program. I will stay tuned 🍿
  5. Yep, Your opinion so I can't argue. I did wonder if the Saints QB went into transfer portal cause he felt Dwenger was going struggle in 2022 and he had opp to throw ball to one of the best WR's in state and nation, plus had a great back behind him. We may never know. IMO North Side is not the #2 football destination in the FWA Metroplex
  6. I'm interested in you having North Side there vs Homestead. North seems to get on a 3-5 year cycle of having decent team. This last team, 2021 & 2022 was this best since late 1990's?? I would think Homestead would be one of the top 3 designations in the greater FWA metroplex?
  7. Would be nice is Snider had their own stadium. Been wishing that for decades.
  8. I will say Snider underperformed in the Valpo game for sure. Not talking away from Valpo, but how many times does a team need to run off left tackle and the D can't adjust. Think they were also unprepared for the 2 point conversion.
  9. Disagree. Merrillville probably in good spot. Snider and North and Valpo would beat GS, Andrean, LN and a few others IMO. But it is your poll so it is what you see. Just not good JMO
  10. Do you know how many starters are returning for Snider in 2023?
  11. Congrats to Valpo for the win and being best team in 5A !!
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