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  1. Angola?? The only notable landmark there is the old Skips Bar 🍺
  2. They should be playing at the Cathedral of Football, ND Stadium !!
  3. I would move the above order and have Saints #1, Homestead #2, Snider #3 and Wayne #4. Think Northrop is too high and Luers to low.
  4. Dude, that is a long link. Looks fishy.
  5. I think they have RB Bennett returning at RB, 1 D1 P5 recruit on OL and maybe non P5 on OL as well, maybe a few more???
  6. I was just thinking why don't Football teams/players do like a flag football club for a few weeks/a month or so in summer. That way they could do at least some form of practicing??
  7. To add, Fort Wayne Luers for a few times had 4+ loses in regular season because they were playing against 4A & 5A teams in regular season. Come time for playoffs, they would have deep run, if not win it all. 2009 & 2007 are good examples.
  8. Looks like a few teams have week 8 open, give them a call.
  9. Anybody have info on how many returning starters and number of seniors for this years squad?
  10. What is the JR day tradition?
  11. Just drove by the site, looks like a lot to still be done, may be good thing first game is on the road.
  12. I doubt the IHSAA will move Carmel out if sectional 4 and risk not having two high profile Indy area schools in the title game. I could see them moving Fishers or HSE to 5 and keeping Carmel in #4. The best bets for North team this year has to be the usual suspects. Carmel and Penn as 1A & 1B, then either Snider & Westfield
  13. So, obviously f Snider earls 6 points in next 2 year cycle they stay in 6A, but if they only earn 2 they will then drop to 5A for the 2021 season??
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