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  1. Scott Frost is not worthy of consideration. The other three would be Ok, but wouldn't stoke much excitement from my end.
  2. He sure does like the college students though !!
  3. I think it was 2019. I don't think Kelley was in top 10 of coaches earnings.
  4. My perspective comes from Natty's won, thank you very much!! If Kelley felt any heat at ND for not winning the big one, just wait till he gets to LSU. They ran a guy out of there that won the big one 2 years ago. I want to see him do well down there, I'm sure a lot of us will be watching.
  5. 1 Nick Saban Alabama 63 SEC $7,300,000 2 Jim Harbaugh Michigan 52 Big Ten $5,250,000 3 Charlie Strong Texas 54 Big 12 $5,000,000 4 Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M 50 SEC $5,000,000 5 Urban Meyer Ohio State 50 Big Ten $4,800,000 6 Bob Stoops Oklahoma 54 Big 12 $4,750,000 7 Les Miles LSU 61 SEC $4,500,000 8 Art Briles Baylor 59 Big 12 $4,250,000 9 Steve Sarkisian USC 40 Pac 12 $4,250,000 10 Kirk Ferentz Iowa 59 Big Ten $4,000,000 11 Gus Malzahn Auburn 49 SEC $4,000,000 12 James Franklin Penn State 42 Big Ten $4,000,000 13 Brian Kelly Notre Dame 53 Ind. $4,000,000
  6. Yep, it is the retirement check he (and most people) would like to get. Good luck to him if it happens, some web sites are already saying he is hired. Funny no mention of this on WNDU or WSBT, the main local news feeds here in the greater metro tri-plex of SB/Mish/Elk Kelley is not close to Saban. Miles, maybe closer, who knows.
  7. IMO, Kelley going to LSU is bad move, mostly for LSU. I think you need to be from dem parts to recruit there, Kelley is a bit "Yankee" AIMO. Kelley would get big payday and he is at end of his career, so he really has not much to lose,
  8. The one big thing I noticed when watching the 5A & 6A game is the overall size, speed and power of the players on Cathedral. Zionsville, GC and Westfield. Trying to compare to what I see from the players, teams and games I've watched from SAC, NIC and Duneland conferences, they are no where close to what I saw last night and Friday night
  9. Deleted my post and put elsewhere. There needs to d a delete option.
  10. I'm doubting M-ville will be a 5A power. Maybe good, but let's not put the bar that high yet.
  11. Maybe Snider & Dwenger have suffered with Homestead and Carroll additional then, taking away the chance for 2 OOC games ???
  12. All their D1 prospects will come through in the end.
  13. Sometimes the simplest tasks such as updating a web site or page is the hardest thing to do.
  14. Looks like the guy who caught the ball, kept the ball.
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