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  1. Yeah, I know. Homestead was certainly over there head in this one. Carmel is always a good team and will normally be one when you have 5,000 plus students.
  2. Yeah, I think they will spend more time in 5A than 6A, occasionally bumping up to 6A after success at 5A level., though it seems like 5A is getting tougher as well.
  3. And Snider has beaten them 4 times, last time on 2004 I believe, so it has been awhile.
  4. Chatard up by 14 over Concordia. I think everyone will admit Concordia is hanging with them more than expected.
  5. What, no lunch stop on way out of town ?? I would think that you would want to get there at least 2-3 hours before, but guess not.
  6. So what is typical procedure for team when they have to travel over 2 hours away? Leave at noon/1:00 so they can arrive 3-4 hours before and unload, suit up and practice/warm up? Just wondering.
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