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  1. Think a lot depends on how much of a "leap" Haupert can make from soph year to jr. year. Need a strong season out of Brown the lead back, I'm expecting to be.
  2. Not sure, some poster from page one of the thread. How good do you think Snider will be this season?
  3. Tommy has already anointed Valpo as the 5A north representative.
  4. Especially when they get all the playoff tourney games at home.
  5. I think Snider or Dwenger, who ever comes out of that sectional, will disagree. MI City may object to your point as well.
  6. Someone needs a lesson in geography. Why do you have Concord and Goshen in sectional 11? They should be in sectional 10, while moving Mi City to sectional 9. Stupid.
  7. Will this ever be disclosed?? I need transparency!!!! The fans of High School Football need transparency I say
  8. All but three are in the Indy area. Maybe just set up "Indy class" so other larger schools can get a real trophy vs a participation trophy.
  9. The way I read it is IHSAA would reclassify for upcoming 2021 due to enrollment and then again in 2022 for success factor. Not sure if that makes sense to do or not. I would think it be easiest to treat 2021 as a third year of the most recent classification keeping everything the same as the past two years, then reclassify for the 2022 season for a 2 year cycle.
  10. From what I see, possibly Fort Wayne Northrup and Valpo?
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