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  1. OK, Snider backers, tell me why/if Snider has a chance vs. Homestead. I think the tables have turned on this years game and Spartans will get the W. Thoughts?
  2. Carroll at Dwenger - This will be a good game. I think Carroll will give Dwenegr all they can handle. On other hand, Dwenger doesn't want to lose two in a row at home. I'll go with the Saints in OT by 3. Concordia at Nothrop - Northrop good "middle" pack of league team but Concordia will get them by 14 +/- 3 Luers at North Side - QB change for the the Redskins may be difference in game, I'll take the "Skins" by 6 Snider at Homestead - Tough call for me, heart says Snider, gut says Sparty. I consider the dominance for the Panthers vs the desire for Homestead to put ghosts of past behind them. I'm saying Sparty by 10 South Side at Wayne - Battle for bottom of the barrel, Wayne has more O than the Archers, Generals by 20 The Snider/Homestead game is subject to further consideration.
  3. Would that be Hooples, Bud's or the VFW?? I heard somewhere that Hooples is the oldest bar in Indiana??
  4. OK Bobref, was Lacrosse even invented back then 🙂
  5. 6 years to graduate?? West Virginia or Arkansas??
  6. Yes, Panthers are in for a game with the Spartans. Hope they don't implode on penalties, as they have in past in some big games. I'm thinking Snider has more offensive weapons then Dwenger did, so they may be able to get a W here.
  7. I had one of those, with a power buster mounted under there as well. I remember the first car I got, I immediately took off the carb and put on the 4 barrel carb. That was back when you could work on a car with a wrech, pliers and a screwdriver.
  8. What I'm talking about is additional fees needed to view something on the world wide web. I even had a "bag phone" back in the day. You remember those??
  9. IMO, Dwenger had time management issues.
  10. Believe me, sooner or later, nothing will be free viewing on the world wide internet. Thanks Al Gore.
  11. Am I that "other" Snider poster?? Sagarin ratings are what they are. I really doubt that Pike, Mooresville, Delta and maybe a few others would be able to beat Snider, Homestead, Dwenger and maybe even Carroll. As I think I've mentioned before, I think the SAC gets pigeon holed due to all in conference games.
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