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  1. Not saying that is good or bad, just thinking out loud. I was probably a bit high on the estimate, could be that 65 - 70% be the ceiling for 6A in Indy metro area maybe in 10-15 years??
  2. Sooner or later, 6A will be 75% or more of Indy Metro area schools with a few from other parts of Indeander
  3. What about the Yankees?? As a Caucasian living in the north, I'm offended.
  4. You can still sign after the traditional signing day of Feb 3. Not sure when deadline is, but think there are few that hold off until April/May
  5. Leo way more competitive, can't recall HN ever doing anything in football.
  6. I always thought it was D3 above NAIA?? I know Trine (was Tri State at the time I think) went from NAIA to D3 years ago, so thought they would take step u, not down?? Guess I'm wrong?
  7. Is it just NAIA or is D3 playing as well? I know it is probably, would be nice to have so TV coverage as well.
  8. There will likely be a changing of the guard in 5A north every 2 year cycle. Valpo, Snider, Dwenger, Mishawaka and then any DAC team that drops down. It will all depend on who goes to 6A due to success factor. I wouldn't anoint Merrillville or any DAC team a 5A king apparent at this point.
  9. I think the program really made a mistake in hiring Sampson. IMO that is when all started trending down. I actually liked Crean, came in and cleaned up program and good recruiter, average coach though.
  10. Should have good opportunity to be #1 back with their top back not returning.
  11. I don't subscribe to Sirius XM, guess he does a show on there on Saturday mornings. I do listen to him in 1070 the fan during the week days. Yesterday's show was mostly IU stuff, had Matt Painter on, he is always good to listen too. He is a really good coach, gets a lot out of the talent he has. You can listen to Dakich on Podcasts as well, if you like.
  12. psaboy

    IU 20-21

    Didn't think of Stevens, that would be interesting. Since the alumni/legacy route is likely not to happen, mid major or top assistant sounds like the path. Top mid majors candidates; Wes Miller (UNC Greensboro). Bob Richey (Furman), Andy Toole (Robert Morris). Some top assistants to consider; Jon Scheyer (Duke), Brian Michaelson (Gonzaga) Nichols & Mincey (Flordia) and Krabbenhoft (Wisconsin) There are tons more out there as well. Years ago you would think that IU would never turn the keys to the program over to someone other than a "big name" coach, but think those days are over. Per Dan
  13. psaboy

    IU 20-21

    Problem is, if you get rid of Archie, who is next?? I just so surprised that Archie can't run any type of offense scheme to score points. They rank 146th in nation in points scored in B1G games, Defense is worse, 240th national in points allowed with B1G games. Dane Fife?? Problem is that is association to Knight and IU doesn't want to go down that road anymore from what I've heard.
  14. Can all the Snowflakes sleep well tonight now??
  15. Ok, so 4 of the first 6 years you had conference champ team in state finals, 2 wins and 2 losses. Luers won state in two years form 2010 - 2015 though the were not SAC champs. The next five years the SAC produced 2 state champs, one was SAC champ. So six state championships by SAC teams in 11 years. But wait, there is more. Snider has state title in 2015, so 7 state titles in last 11 years. Not bad, Is there another conference other than MIC that has more in last 11 years??? OK, I know about the Luers argument, but they are in conference.
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