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  1. I guess another question I pose, is what is the Unions' position on this? Members pay over $700.00 a year to be represented, so what are they doing?
  2. Good points. Most teaches i know and have talked too say it is not a 8-3 job. They spend numerous hours, after hours preparing for lessons, grading papers, etc. If the teacher that is only doing the 8-3 hours they can't not be effective in most cases.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Catholic schools are pretty much funded by that certain church, not with tax payer money like these charter schools?
  4. Indiana is now requiring teachers to do additional work to renew license after July 1st. This is another great example of poor leadership at the education level of our great state. But I guess on the bright side, we can soon gamble on pro and college sporting events in Indiana and a few more casinos have been approved. Way to go INDIANA !!! A new law centered on Career and Technical Education (CTE) signed by Gov. Holcomb will make major changes to teacher Professional Growth Plans (PGP) beginning July 1. The changes come from HEA 1002. ISTA opposes this additional requirement of traditional public-school teachers. For teachers who have not yet started their license renewal, we urge them to start the process in the Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS) before July 1, to avoid this new PGP requirement for their next renewal. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has issued guidance on the upcoming changes. As outlined: License holders starting a PGP for renewal in their Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS) accounts after July 1, 2019 are required to complete 15 of the 90 PGP points required for renewal in one or more of these areas: An externship with a company; Professional development provided by the state, a local business, or a community partner that provides opportunities for school and employers to partner in promoting career navigation; Professional development provided by the state, a local business, or a community partner that outlines: current and future economic needs of the community, state, nation, and globe; and ways in which current and future economic needs described in (A) can be disseminated to students.
  5. I have a family member that is an teacher at an Indiana public school and the things see tells me blows my mind sometimes about the ineptness and poor management of resources. The substitute teacher situation is a "laughing stock" as well. Tax payer money should not be funneled to private schools, the taxes need to go to public schools.
  6. I also need to add Daniels as a person that has hurt the Indiana public school system as well
  7. Well, Indiana has been talking about how this is a problem for years. When are they going to do something about it?? I know teachers that have been in for 5-10 years and are still making less than 40K per year. Indiana's leaders should be embarrassed about this, lets see some pro-active measures to address this before it gets worse. They are losing teachers and funneling money from public schools to the private schools thanks to Pence and his crooked buddy Tony Bennett.
  8. You opened the door, I just walked through it my friend.
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