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  1. Heard Penn is suspending ?? Anyone else hear this?
  2. Thanks. I was wondering of that was Jabar's son. Not sure if I have correct spelling, but I do recall him playing there. Was pretty good if I recall. Not sure if this means anything, but see he has already been added to roster.
  3. So, I thought I would start a thread for this year. It will be interesting to see how season plays out. I'll start thread with news of a kid from Bolingbrook, IL will enroll and play at Snider this year due to IL moving season to spring. Ison Robinson is player, don't see too much about him, so not sure what the impact will be for the Panthers. Guess he/his family has moved to Fort Wayne. Anybody know anything more?
  4. Crap, I only have months to live now, thanks!! Wait, from the chart above, I'm at 39. I have many fine years ahead of me 😐
  5. Too sad, How will Joe do able to speak for 4+ more years??
  6. That will be interesting to see the grind that may put on lower class kids (Jr & Soph). End football in May and then go back for the 2021 fall season in July/August.
  7. I'm not sure about that. If they played there (Gib S) it would be interesting IMO. Probably differnet if GS played at WC. I hear Gib S has a good QB though, may be able to keep competitive??? Keep within 14-21??
  8. Yes, this is a world changing event, seems more so in the U.S. So, back to the subject. Here are my thoughts. Every attempt will be made district wide to do the best they can to have in person teaching and some form of virtual. I know the IHSAA said the kids doing virtual can play. There will be an attempt to start fall sports, some districts will probably be more successful than others. As season progresses per selected sport, any area will pair down due to school participation and pull back as virus spreads, that sport of choice will have to adjust to amount to schools that can maintain participation in that sport. As most know, if things progress on negative side, does this become a state or local decision? The arrow is pointing down vs up on this at this point, IMO. They may play but a scaled back schedule at best. Is that what we want?? Play just so they can play no matter what?? We all know that the football and other fall sports will be chopped up. What is the end game here, play any type of sport/season for a few games or keep people safe?? I'm just asking here.
  9. I was not familiar where school was at so I went to John Harrell's site, school section. Last year he used to have map to school when you clicked on school in schedule area. Now it has "football field" map/view, pretty cool. Not sure if this is for all schools, but probably??
  10. That would be an interesting game IMO.
  11. I think the Rona will be like STD's, always around and a part of life for some. (FYI not me on the STD part or Rona yet) LOL
  12. PORTLAND, Ore. — A federal judge in Portland on Friday rejected Oregon’s legal bid to restrict the operations of federal agents who have been battling protesters nightly in the city. The lawsuit by Oregon’s attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, argued that the operations of federal authorities, who were using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters, resembled abductions. It called on the court to order the agents to stop arresting individuals without probable cause and to clearly identify themselves and their agency before detaining or arresting “any person off the streets in Oregon.” In his ruling, Judge Michael W. Mosman of the U.S. District Court in Portland said the attorney general’s office did not have standing to bring the case because it had not shown that the issue was “an interest that is specific to the state itself.” “I find the State of Oregon lacks standing here and therefore deny its request for a temporary restraining order,” the judge wrote in his ruling. “I am quite disappointed,” Ms. Rosenblum said in an interview. “If I don’t have standing, I’m not quite sure who does.” A number of other lawsuits have been filed by private parties against the presence of the federal agents, and Ms. Rosenblum said she hoped they would be more successful.
  13. I should have clarified, I'm in the South Bend/Mishawaka/Elkhart Tri-plex metro area.
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