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  1. I hope they bring him in when they play and beat a decent team, maybe bring him in for the OSU game. I guess second choice would be Cincy game. Other than that, not many exciting home games.
  2. A scrimmage is like sinking good putts on practice green. Doesn't mean anything on how you will putt on the course.
  3. Luers was not very good last year and they still beat a highly regarded Eastside. Think that is a product of them playing most of regular season games against teams that are 2-4 class up from them.
  4. Alex, the answer is "the North". So I would say the recent concern noted by DT is definitely not to big of a deal. No one was saying that the North was so dominate that change was needed after the 2019 game, did they? No game was played in 2020.
  5. Can't find any mention of him on any of the football recruiting sites. I remember watching him against South Adams and was very impressed. Probably to small to get any notice from non P5 FBS or FCS schools I'm wondering.
  6. On paper they (Cathedral) are the team to beat. Lots of things happen during course of season, should be a good one !! Probably more entertaining than 6A this year??
  7. I interested in knowing which past SAC conference players have made a team roster and played in the NFL. Not necessarily only looking for players that had a career in the league, spot playing time during a season or two as well. I'll start with what I know and looked up, thinkng there has to be more, interested if anyone can add any? Rod Woodson - Snider Jason Bates - Snider Vaughn Dunbar - Snider Jaylon Smith - Luers Anthony Spencer - Luers Rod Smith - Wayne Jason Baker - Wayne Tyler Eifert - Dwenger Bernard Pollard - South Side Lamar Smith -
  8. Wow, I was way low. 17 D1 players, man they were loaded, Ha Ha.
  9. Zuck will lock you down anytime he wants too.
  10. Yeah, they had like 8-10+ D1/P5 recruits on that team, from what I heard. They were stacked, what happened ??
  11. Well, now that you clarified that, he may be able to achieve that status. Let's see how things play out in next 4-5 years.
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