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  1. Yea, I know, Thanks anyway. We speakem different tongue in upper Indeaner
  2. Chesterton could be a closer game than most expect for Penn, IMO. Elkhart has beaten Columbus East on their turf and also beat Mishawaka. Yes, Penn has played Valpo and Cathedral and they are playing better now than earlier in season. I just think it is Elkhart's year for one reason or another. If both Elkhart and Penn win, Penn will be playing at Elkhart, not sure if that really matters or not? I would throw out the 33-3 score from first meeting between Snider and Homestead. Don't take me wrong on this, Homestead is definitely the better team and should win. But I think if Snider plays l
  3. Penn will not likely get to regional this year, unless the Rona knocks out Elkhart. Also, Homestead has a hard time beating Snider, I think the Panthers may pull the upset next week.
  4. If the Mighty Panthers of Snider, who are playing a lot better, pull off upset of Sparty next week, 6A north may have to take notice.
  5. Carmel can't meet CG in 6A title game. They would meet in south region semi state. They moved them this year.
  6. Yes, they looked like a different team tonight. Maybe some of that had to do with fact they were playing Saints? The D was really aggressive, which is what they will need in Sectionals against the high powered O's they will face. Fumble in the third on the QB/RB exchange and Hupert's underthrown pass in fourth on INT really hurt. didn't watch the last 5 minutes, so can't comment on anything there.
  7. Not liking those facemask calls in the third quarter. Was hoping to see replay, didn't show.
  8. IS TH North good, or is Chatard playing real bad?? That's a pleasant surprise. Just watched the last 4-5 minutes of first half, Snider looks like they came to play. Can the keep it up, not sure??
  9. The 2020 election is Americans' vs Democrats. I'm thinking the silent majority is bigger than most know.
  10. I kinda of wondering who has good chance of getting the bump down??
  11. Do Panthers have a chance vs Dwenger next week? I'm thinking they are playing better, just hope they can score a TD or 2 in first half, D plays good (they looked better as unit vs Northrop) to keep respectable. I'm thinking Saints by 13 or 17??
  12. Yeah, I know. The schools and fans like the ease of all conference games and little travel. I do think it is a negative when if comes to state playoffs. Yes the SAC is a very good conference, 3rd or 2nd in state, but the teams are struggling when it comes to matching up year in and year out vs the traditional power teams of respected class. Probably be the way it is for quite awhile. Just was hoping SAC may look at being on cutting edge and trying something new one of these years.
  13. You split the SAC into two divisions either by mutual/balance or be size. 5 teams each division, or you go rob NE8 conference of New Haven and Leo and have two 6 team divisions. The you have either 4 or 5 games in your division, a rotating cross over game or two (depending if you have 10 or 12 total teams) and then 2 OOC games and then last week have a champion week games of #1 vs #1 from other division. #2 vs #2 and so forth.
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