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  1. ^^ Not sure about that. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. 😶
  2. Yes, I know the mayor doesn't run the schools, but aren't some/most school boards that make some/have input in decision(s) elected??
  3. Yes, the Democratic machine at work in SB possibly ???
  4. Justin Smith leaving program as grad transfer. This will hurt, he led team in minutes last year and should have been key starter for Hoosiers this coming fall. Something seems amiss in B-Town??
  5. Anyone have an idea on when these decisions will be made? I'm thinking probably in 30 to 45 days/end of June??
  6. Unfortunately, a good percentage of parents can not take kids to school and do need that transportation, so yes, that is a big one to answer.
  7. Excellent points. There is also the "liability" factor. Maybe there needs to be some form of written or legal document signed by each player that they know and understand possible risks and it is their choice to play and the school, school district and opposing team/district can not be held liable??
  8. I'm thinking the more universities/colleges announce they will open up in Indiana, the high schools will too, setting up some form of HS football. Maybe not full season,, may start a week or two later??
  9. Notre Dame just announced campus open and fall semester starts on August 10th
  10. I'm thinking Carson will be just fine, may get some more offers as season goes. That is if there is a season.
  11. Charlie Strong, not much success lately, but had a few good years at the Louisville.
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