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  1. Being the first game of the season, I wouldn't put much into that game. What I look for is progress as the regular season progresses, think Snider has shown that in past few games. Just need to continue. The one good thing I see is more discipline, not seeing the 8-10 flags every game, that in it's self is huge.
  2. You may be taking my "easier" out of context. No game is easy, but when you compare playing Dwenger and Luers vs Northrop or Wayne, I think you would agree that first two are more likely to be a lose or less likely to be a W for Snider than the last two??
  3. Yes, I agree. They are playing way better than at the beginning of the season. IMO, that is what the regular season is about, yes it is nice to have a lot of wins, win league championship, etc. but the prize is to win your very last game of the season.
  4. I think they will get more wins this year. They have two "easier" games next two weeks before the two "harder" games. Hoping Brown injury doesn't take him out, not sure what happened but looked like ankle or knee. Best big back I've seen at Snider for many moons.
  5. Snider got good win tonight, almost let Homestead come back for win. A few observations from the game. 1st half Snider O line dominated play, rushed for 171 yards. Ball control offensive, with good D and good discipline (not sure if I saw they get flagged in first half) lead to 14-0 lead. Third Q they allowed TD, and started to play a little less disciplined, few flags started flying towards end of third and early fourth. Brown went out with injury, back up RB looked capable. Secondary played better than expected, big INT with less than 2 left to pay sealed the game. Still worried that secondary needs work, saw a rush three with eight back in secondary and stil had hard time stopping a few passes. Overall, win I really didn't expect, still alive for the conference championship.
  6. Homestead scores TD. Snider rushes three and can't cover 4 Wr's with 8 in secondary. 😖
  7. Snider O line controlling game, have 171 yards rushing in 1st half. Brown is running well, has to have 120 in game?
  8. Yea, me too. I thought saints would have responded better from last weeks beating.
  9. Yep, Homestead made Saints look like a average team last week, they are better than that. I didn't watch the game, so not sure how Sparty jumped out to such a big lead. I feel Dwenger will come out ready to play Friday.
  10. Carroll at Dwenger - Saints by 9 Concordia at Northrop -Northrop by 6 Luers at North Side - Luers by 24 Snider at Homestead - Homestead by 17 South Side Wayne - Wayne by 10
  11. Yes, the workload for teachers really don't give them the time. My wife has been in system for 25+ years and it is to the point of being unbearable now. She is in low 50's and wants out. Politics in local system and lack of state support is reason.
  12. Well, I no football coach, but yes, I agree. When it is 3 and 5 or 7 or whatever and your D man is paying 10-15 yards off receiver, that just makes no sense to me.
  13. Homestead pounding Dwenger, hopefully Snider is ready next week.
  14. Yea, thought they would have hard time finding someone on short notice
  15. Back to topic at hand, anyone hear of possible game for Snider, or will they start prep for Sparty for next week??
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