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  1. I called about this camp and never got a call back. Anyone help me out on who to contact about this camo? Thanks!
  2. Columbus East- The powers that be back in the beginning liked the Cleveland Browns and USC Trojans. Hence the brown and orange uniforms. The school song is the USC tune . The school began in an Olympic year so they are called the Olympians.
  3. I believe that nominations were due this past Friday. Things may be behind schedule due to COVID. A lot of meetings are being conducted on how to have meetings if that makes sense. Hopefully the All-State process can be completed promptly.
  4. Trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that we are looking forward to turning the page on 2020. Wanted to update. I order some more as we have stragglers.. Current Inventories 4 Dozen War Birds , 8 Dozen Super Soft. 20 Bridgestones. Once we get rid of these that will make 120 Dozen for the Cause. Sitting at 88 Dozen Sold! Thanks Coach Dowell
  5. Big Shout Out to the Center Grove and Perry Meridian Athletic Departments for their purchase. We sent 5 more dozen out the door today as well. We have the following inventory available 8 Dozen Callaway Super Soft 5 Dozen Callaway War Bird 28 Dozen Bridgestone E-6 (Just brought in an additional 24 Dozen) Order Now, Order Often. Once these are out the door, That's All!
  6. We are sitting at 70 Dozen Sold as of Monday Morning 12/7/2020. If you have not ordered yet... please do so!. You can go to the Paul Loggan Topic at the top of the forum to find the links or search e-bay for Paul Loggan Golf Balls. Big Shout Out to the Center Grove Athletic Department for the generous order!
  7. WEBO: Way to go! Coach Pelley used to sub for me when he has in College at Hanover. Class Act! Well Deserved Roncalli: Hardest hitters on the South Side. Officer D. Moore , B. Irish and Coach Leffler are smiling down from Heaven. Center Grove: Great Job. That's Edgewood Grad and Fellow Mustang Eric Moore Westfield: Coach and Longtime Pal Jake Gilbert is a Class Act. Can't wait for the 1 3 and 5 Games Tomorrow.
  8. We are right at 60 Dozen Sold thus Far. We are working toward selling 100 dozen. Please get your orders in as they will definitely ramp up this Holiday Season. Simple to Purchase: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Callway-Supersoft-logo-balls-Paul-Loggan-benefit/324308942569?hash=item4b8251bee9:g:TQAAAOSw0aNfbi0d https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bridgestone-logo-balls-Paul-Loggan-benefit/224170423329?hash=item3431993421:g:HcIAAOSw04dfbi~O https://www.ebay.com/itm/Callway-Warbird-logo-balls-Paul-Loggan-benefit/224170422404?hash=item3431993084:g:HcIAAOSw04dfbi~O Th
  9. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Time for two days of football and some great leftovers. We are sitting right at 60 Dozen Sold. Goal is to get to 100 by Dec 25th. For those who have purchased already... Many Thanks! For those who have not, Let's get to it! Ebay - Search Paul Loggan Golf Balls. Thanks!
  10. A class act. Always trying to make the game better. Congratulations on a great run Coach!
  11. Thanks Coach Nowlin for your order! Wanted to update everyone. We are sitting at 46 dozen sold. Goal is 100 dozen by Christmas. Thanks for everyone that is stepping up and getting this done. Again thanks for your support. Mike Dowell
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