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  1. I have schedules done please PM so I can make sure it gets to each of you please.
  2. We have a spot that just opened for the 11 on 11 if any one would like to fill in that would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me for info and details. I will be getting a schedule done next week and getting to everyone to make sure it's ok. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing everyone.
  3. The teams I have so far for the June 24 11 on 11 is as follows: Pioneer Woodlan Monrovia Southern Wells Kokomo Shenandoah Winchester Fountain Central Clinton Central Blackford Clinton Prairie Oldenburg Academy Taylor Rochester Tri-Central Please if I have missed your name PM so I can fix it. I will be drawing up brackets and letting everyone know in a week. Please if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks again for coming to our event and we look forward to seeing you all.
  4. We had a couple of teams drop out last week so we have a couple of open spots. Please if you want in to play in a great free 11 on 11 PM me. We will have officials working all fields, we will have time for JV to play, we will rotate after 20 minutes so you can get several different looks. Again we have open spots so PM me asap to reserve your teams spot. Any questions please feel free to call or PM Coach Arnold. Thanks again and good luck this year.
  5. Congrats to Taylor on a great hire. Good luck to Coach Gilbert and his staff. I know you guys will do an amazing job.
  6. Monday June 24th 5:30- 8:00 pm @ Tri-Central high school will be Tri-Central annual 11 on 11. The event is free and each team will have an opportunity to play several different opponents. We will also have times for JV teams to play at the end of each round. We will have officials working all fields again this year and look forward to another great event. Please PM me with any questions, concerns or to get your team signed up. Thanks again and good luck this year.
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