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  1. I mean no disrespect to any program just my thoughts and opinions on 1A next year. South Adams will be the preseason favorite and will be absolutely loaded. They have an awesome group of young men that has size, talent and athleticism not to mention an incredible coach and staff. I think you have an incredible group of outstanding teams and amazing coaches following very close behind. I think LCC, Monroe Central, Adams Central and Sheridan will all be crazy talented and extremely well coached. I think it will take a great effort for someone outside of this group to get through this amazing group and surprise us all but that's why they play the games. Again I mean no disrespect to anyone just my personal thoughts. Everyone have a safe offseason and a blessed Christmas and New Year.
  2. Tri-central lights are on in memory of Coach Bowsman.
  3. Tri-Central high school will have it's lights on starting Friday morning in memory of Coach Bowsman.
  4. Not a broken play at all. This was a defensive stunt with good coverage and the rush got home for the sack.
  5. I would love to play please and if u need help grading 1A or 2A I would love to help.
  6. Frankton has a very good team. They are physical, athletic, strong and extremely well coached. I wouldn't throw hope away over one game. Maybe Tri-Central isn't as bad as some thought? Maybe they didn't show much in the scrimmage for a reason and maybe MG is much better than everyone thought. Let's remember they are kids and anything can happen from week to week because they are kids. Sometimes it takes a while for teams to figure things out and get it going in the right direction. The goal is to build through the season, compete for ur conference and try to stay healthy and be playing ur best at playoff time. I think the CIC and it's teams are going to be fine just give it time. Just my thoughts and opinions hopefully I didn't upset any of you with my thoughts and if I did I am sorry.
  7. We are going to have to cancel the 11 on 11 for today at TC due to weather and wet fields. We are truly sorry for this. Please Coaches PM me so I know you received this message. Everyone have a safe and blessed Dead week.
  8. All teams can arrive whenever you wish to start stretching and getting warm. We will have a Coaches meeting at 515 and start play at 530. I will have copies of schedule of play at the coaches meeting. We will have trainer's at the event with ice and water available for teams. We will also have concession stand open for everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.
  9. I have sent out schedules to everyone and just wanted to make sure you all received them? Please let me know through PM if you have not received it yet. Thanks again for everyone coming and playing. We look forward to seeing you all.
  10. I have schedules done please PM so I can make sure it gets to each of you please.
  11. We have a spot that just opened for the 11 on 11 if any one would like to fill in that would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me for info and details. I will be getting a schedule done next week and getting to everyone to make sure it's ok. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing everyone.
  12. The teams I have so far for the June 24 11 on 11 is as follows: Pioneer Woodlan Monrovia Southern Wells Kokomo Shenandoah Winchester Fountain Central Clinton Central Blackford Clinton Prairie Oldenburg Academy Taylor Rochester Tri-Central Please if I have missed your name PM so I can fix it. I will be drawing up brackets and letting everyone know in a week. Please if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks again for coming to our event and we look forward to seeing you all.
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