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  1. South Adams will be an absolute bear to deal with this year. They return a ton of talent and IMO it was a huge shock/upset them losing last year(but that's what makes the tournament great because on any given Friday night anything can happen). I would put it 1. South Adams 2. LCC 3. Adams Central I think the semi-state (potential) game of South Adams vs LCC could be an incredible match up.
  2. I believe if u move it to Saturday u can have fans at the game. If u play Friday night u can't.
  3. The Engle boy transferred to Eastbrook? I didn't know that.
  4. I spoke with Dean and we will have officials for this event. Again it's no cost to play and we make time for JV teams to play while the varsity teams are rotating fields. We will take the first 12 teams and after that make a waiting list. We will rotate teams and fields so you can get as many different looks as possible. If we have teams from same conference we will keep you separated if you want. We will have trainers on hand to help with any bumps or bruises. Please PM with any questions, concerns or to sign up your team.
  5. This is free event and open to all. We will be rotating fields and play in groups of 3. We will have concession, trainers on hand and I am hoping to have officials again this year for all fields of play. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to help.
  6. Tri-Central will host it's annual 11on 11 this summer Monday June 22nd starting at 530 pm. Please get with me to get ur team signed up for this great event. If you have any questions please contact Coach Arnold or PM me. Thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing you all.
  7. I don't know if anyone has said these so I apologise if they have. I think Grant Moser at South Adams and John Hochstetler at Monroe Central are 2 solid younger Coaches. They do a great job of teaching the game, life and all that goes with not to mention they are incredible men and role models.
  8. No offense but I think you will see that Monroe Central is a great add for HH. Monroe Central is big, physical, athletic, fast and extremely well coached. I think the physicality, size and scheme (Monroe Central offense can double tight or 5 wide and anything in between and does it all extremely well not to mention a defense that is hard-nosed, fundamentally sound, nasty and fly around and hit you) will help HH prepare for league play just fine. I would be shocked if this isn't a very good game. Again no offense just my thoughts and knowing both teams and the great job both schools and staffs do to prepare.
  9. I mean no disrespect to any program just my thoughts and opinions on 1A next year. South Adams will be the preseason favorite and will be absolutely loaded. They have an awesome group of young men that has size, talent and athleticism not to mention an incredible coach and staff. I think you have an incredible group of outstanding teams and amazing coaches following very close behind. I think LCC, Monroe Central, Adams Central and Sheridan will all be crazy talented and extremely well coached. I think it will take a great effort for someone outside of this group to get through this amazing group and surprise us all but that's why they play the games. Again I mean no disrespect to anyone just my personal thoughts. Everyone have a safe offseason and a blessed Christmas and New Year.
  10. Tri-central lights are on in memory of Coach Bowsman.
  11. Tri-Central high school will have it's lights on starting Friday morning in memory of Coach Bowsman.
  12. Not a broken play at all. This was a defensive stunt with good coverage and the rush got home for the sack.
  13. I would love to play please and if u need help grading 1A or 2A I would love to help.
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