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  1. He is a Stud. But what probably impressed me the most was the blocking for him. You don't only have to control the line, you have to find his backfield and control them. They block just as well as the line and spring him open more than anything. The O line gets things set up, then the RBs come through and clean everyone out. It was quite impressive to see first hand last week. Also, Ball control. They don't break the huddle until 11 seconds to go almost every down. Very methodical.
  2. It was trapped, official made the call, right or wrong. Eastbrook won an instant classic against a very good Tipton team. Congrats on a great season Blue Devils. Tipton Fans were anything but hospitable (You always have that one or isolated group that isn't. Both sides are guilty of that) Tipton fans didn't raise a stink about us being on the field celebrating the win, walked through the tunnel on their side to leave the field and nothing but congrats given, both ways. Game is over, nothing is gonna change no matter what is said here. On to the next game.
  3. It will be on IHSAAtv.org. Here is a listing of all games if interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTVlaceJ92dqFQ95rQEwkAr-i-PARCR75inEMfxj_v97yTgMXnszcA_C29Uro6Q0zyFFktlauIO9Wf7/pubhtml
  4. Doesn't look like any video is streaming. But there are radio options: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTVlaceJ92dqFQ95rQEwkAr-i-PARCR75inEMfxj_v97yTgMXnszcA_C29Uro6Q0zyFFktlauIO9Wf7/pubhtml
  5. The game we had hoped would happen has come to fruition. Eastbrook wanting to avenge an early exit from the tournament last year, Tipton wanting to prove that last year wasn't a fluke and that they are the Panthers Kryptonite. #1(2) Eastbrook at #6(8) Tipton. This Eastbrook defense seems to have a chip on it's shoulder, not just 1st string, every string wanting to prove a point. Bend a little and break you more. Can count on one hand how many TDs they have been allowed this season by the starters. Offense, they run the ball, but as people are finding out they have passing threat now also. Brings a great dynamic to an already high powered offense. Tipton also looks to be well rounded. QB that likes to throw and a very good RB. I know that the coaching staff will have them well prepared and ready for this rematch. Eastbrook still to much, running clock streak may end tonight. Starters play all 4 quarters. Panthers win by 20. Sectional championship on the line. Coach Adamson's 300th win on the line. Season on the line. Can't wait for Friday Night!!! Good luck to both teams. Hope everybody stays healthy and injury free! Safe travels to all family and fans!
  6. I realize that, just don't like throwing kids names out there. Is there a health update on Mr. Dollar by chance? Didn't see any news about the game, just saw that he had 4 carries for 20 yards. Was there an injury or just resting up for Friday's game?
  7. Do officials research the teams at all to see what kind of offense they run? For example, Eastbrook's quick tempo offense, do the officials know what they are getting into or does the coaches give them a heads up? I would hate to show up to a game to expecting a standard offense only to realize I am sprinting when a certain team has the ball.
  8. Ok, Can't not ask. Who is beating Luers in your eyes? Do they win their sectional? Lose to who in Regionals?
  9. Eastbrook [9-0] at Lapel [8-2] Looks like another nasty night for football, Cold and rainy. Looks like RB1 for Lapel might be dinged up, only 4 carries for 20 yards. Not that he would be an issue for this Eastbrook D. Don't see much passing this game, this will be won in the trenches. With that being said, Eastbrook by 4 TDs. Running clock streak extended. Tipton [9-1] at Alexandria [4-5] Might be closer then most would think. Feel as though it may come down to turnovers and Special teams being the difference here. Tipton by 14 Good luck to all teams! Hope all stay healthy and injury free.
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