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  1. Congrats to GV5 with the Pick 'em victory!! Congrats to the Eastbrook Panthers for a great season! Until next season, everybody stay safe and root on the CIC!!! GridIron Standings.xlsx
  2. Hearing cowbells in the crowd for the 1A game.... Guess the Bells aren't banned...
  3. The entire game is on WJOB facebook page. Of course this play took place at the end of the game so you could fast forward to it.
  4. To do 4 games in a day the first game would have to start at 8am or the last game start at 11pm midnight... That would be the first strike against this idea...
  5. Congrats to the Panthers for keeping the CIC train rolling!!! Here are the standing as we enter the last weekend of the best football around. Let's bring home a State Trophy this year for the CIC!!! Good luck Panthers!!! GridIron Standings.xlsx
  6. All 3 fumbles were against the same team, Blackford. Safe trip coach, I'll be there later!
  7. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed the leg room, I was a little disappointed in the turn out last week for Regional. Not sure why, but I have a good feeling that tonight will be electric! Eastside brought a great crowd last week, hope Andrean brings the same. Makes for a great environment!
  8. Restrictions are at the bottom of the page.... https://ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Football/2019-20/State-Tournament#39822428-semi-states
  9. Yep.... 2. No battery powered or electronic noise makers, fireworks, recorded music, sirens or whistles are allowed.
  10. Would love to meet ya coach! I always sit 4 rows down on the East side of the press box.... Can't miss me, I'll be ringing a cowbell!!
  11. Who cares about the "woulda, shoulda, couldas" of the past, like the fumble EB returned against WEBO last year that didn't end up being a fumble in the officials eyes.... or when the kid from Ritter stepped out of bounds on the long TD run against us.... Obviously we have got past all of this 😄, and are moving on to the next step... Our 4th consecutive Semi state game. Going to be a huge challenge with a very tough Andrean team. A QB out to prove something after a Labrum and rotator cuff tear 2 years ago and a 2000+ yard rusher and all of their other weapons that are back from injuries. The 3 losses that this team has are from teams that all played in the 4A and 6A regionals, with 2 of those teams playing this week. They also beat the #1 and heavily favored Lewis Cass Kings last week fairly easily. I was able to get my first glimpse of the Panthers last week, finally attending my first game of the season. I was impressed. The defense is lightning quick and seem to have their ears pinned back on every play. Pass defense really impressed me, Eastside threw a lot of screens and we read them quite well and only seemed to give up short yardage on them. Offense, typical Eastbrook, run it down your throat and pop up for a pass when you are least expecting it. It will be a packed house tonight at Freck Field. I will be making the trek up from Indy again. Get there early and enjoy a grilled ribeye, tenderloin or sausage sandwich, dress warm and prepare for a enough cowbells to cure any fever you may have! Safe travels to all and good luck and good health to all teams playing tonight! GO PANTHERS!
  12. Just checked the IHSAATV site and it looks like WJOB will be streaming this one. Throw a ribeye on the grill, make a sandwich and it will almost be like being at the game....
  13. Week 14, Semi-State. 1 lone survivor, again..... Congrats to the Panthers with their 4th straight regional and 7th overall. Congrats to the Indians on a great season. GV5 will be hard to catch, tight race after him though. Good luck to the Panthers @home friday night! Keep that CIC torch lit and carry it to STATE! GridIron Standings.xlsx
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