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  1. My guess would be 1976ish. The new school opened in 1977. I played a few games on that field when I was in Jr High. No fog, but the skeeters would carry you off the field....
  2. Here is the best thing I could find.... Think it may answer your question. MississinewaHSImprovementPlan.pdf
  3. Just trying to ruffle the Panthers feathers aren't ya 🙂.... Cass #1 in the state last year, couldn't win a Regional... Would've loved to see an old school MIC match-up in Semi-State last year.
  4. Actually he is 5-6 against Coach Adamson's mighty Panthers...
  5. Congrats to GV5 with the Pick 'em victory!! Congrats to the Eastbrook Panthers for a great season! Until next season, everybody stay safe and root on the CIC!!! GridIron Standings.xlsx
  6. Hearing cowbells in the crowd for the 1A game.... Guess the Bells aren't banned...
  7. The entire game is on WJOB facebook page. Of course this play took place at the end of the game so you could fast forward to it.
  8. To do 4 games in a day the first game would have to start at 8am or the last game start at 11pm midnight... That would be the first strike against this idea...
  9. Congrats to the Panthers for keeping the CIC train rolling!!! Here are the standing as we enter the last weekend of the best football around. Let's bring home a State Trophy this year for the CIC!!! Good luck Panthers!!! GridIron Standings.xlsx
  10. All 3 fumbles were against the same team, Blackford. Safe trip coach, I'll be there later!
  11. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed the leg room, I was a little disappointed in the turn out last week for Regional. Not sure why, but I have a good feeling that tonight will be electric! Eastside brought a great crowd last week, hope Andrean brings the same. Makes for a great environment!
  12. Restrictions are at the bottom of the page.... https://ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Football/2019-20/State-Tournament#39822428-semi-states
  13. Yep.... 2. No battery powered or electronic noise makers, fireworks, recorded music, sirens or whistles are allowed.
  14. Would love to meet ya coach! I always sit 4 rows down on the East side of the press box.... Can't miss me, I'll be ringing a cowbell!!
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