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  1. Alex @ Blackford *Game of the week* Frankton @ Elwood MG @ Mississinewa Oak Hill @ Eastbrook
  2. No, my point was that it seems like every year it's their "best team" ever, according to their fans...
  3. This game will be broadcasted live on WIWUtv 51 on youtube... Just sayin....
  4. If anybody remembers last years Ole Miss V Eastbrook game came down to a touchdown pass as time ran out to avoid going to Overtime. And that was against the best team Ole Miss ever had last year.... Now we are back to the best team Ole Miss ever had this year, not sure how that seems to get labeled every year, but that's just how they do in Gas City I guess. Yes, Ole Miss is in the top 10 in 4A, but who have they really played? This ranking is based solely on last years success not by the quality of victories this season for sure. But tonight, finally a quality opponent, The Mighty Eastbrook Panthers. Out to prove a point that having quality out of conference opponents have made them a stronger team. And if anybody will learn and excel from losses it is Coach Adamson and his staff. Motivation? Get that can back to it's home, CIC title(most likely) and one step closer to Grant 4 champs! As to why the chatter on here has been so quiet? My guess is that everybody in Gas City is Cleaning out the Kmart and getting it ready for the Archery range, players are huddled up around the Milk can saying their goodbyes and Upland and surrounding areas are shining up the Cow Bells to bring the noise tonight... And the players, Making room for "Frank" to come back home for the season! To everybody going tonight, Have fun, be safe go early and hit Ivanhoe's, or enjoy a ribeye sandwich fresh off the grill at the field. It is going to be an electric night! Enjoy and GO PANTHERS!!!
  5. Elwood @ OH Frankton @ Blackford MG @ Alex Ole Miss @ Eastbrook *Game of the Week*
  6. Elwood @ Oak Hill- Oak Hill By a lot Frankton @ Blackford- Blackford by a lot, according to some they will be 2nd in the CIC.....SMDH..... M-G @ Alex - With M-g taking one on the chin last week they will be out to get the bag pipes going again with a victory tune... Close, M-G wins.... Ole Miss @ Eastbrook- ***GAME OF THE WEEK*** Here. We. Go. 10 miles seperate these rivals. Home team has won since 2011. Yes Eastbrook has lost to 2 ranked 4A teams, Ole Miss has beat 2 unranked 4A teams. Advantage Panthers. The Panther fans are shining the bells up, already got their tickets and have been out to the stands and taped down their blankets to reserve there spot for the Battle for 1st place in the CIC. Time to bring the Can back home!!! Eastbrook in a close game. We've seen better 4A teams and know what to expect. Stronger schedule, stronger team! Unfortunately I can't make it, but I will be ringing my Bell in Indy WATCHING it on WIWU-TV. Anybody else can't make it here is the link to the youtube channel it will be on: https://www.youtube.com/user/wiwutv51 Go Panthers!!!!
  7. I actually got confirmation from Dr.Butts that we would have to sit on the visitor side due to her not being a BD student. If you are a High School student from any other school than BD, you have to sit on the visitor side. Doesn't matter if you are with your parents or not. I could see this to really be an issue IF BD is lucky enough to get a home playoff game. There could be more people in the visitor stands due to parents wanting to take in the fun of High school playoff football.
  8. https://www.wishtv.com/news/local-news/fight-at-ben-davis-hs-football-game-prompts-new-security-enforcement/ I understand the need for some of these rules and some schools may already have some of these in place already. But here is my issue: I have a daughter that goes to a different school that doesn't have a great football team. She loves football so we will occasionally visit local schools to watch key games. As she is only with me every other weekend Ben Davis has been a great place to catch a game as we can walk to the stadium from my house. But, according to these new rules we can't go to a Ben Davis game and sit on the Home side because she is not a student at Ben Davis. If I'm visiting a stadium I like to sit on the home side. A: the atmosphere is better B: More room to sit C:Facilities and concessions are closer Needless to say, we won't be going to BD games this season. or ever.
  9. Alex @ Wabash Eastbrook @ Delta *Game of the week worth 2 points Eastern @ MG Frankton @ Lapel New Haven @ Ole Miss Southern Wells @ Blackford Southwood @ OH *Game of the week worth 2 points Tipton @ Elwood
  10. Monroe Central Eastbrook Lapel Tipton Pendleton Heights Eastern Frankton Alexandria
  11. Here we go!!! Week 1 of the CIC!!! Players are fired up, fields are prepped and ready, lights are bright and the practices have more focus this week! Looks like there are going to be some good games this week. Rankings are The IFCA Polls. 2A #24 Blackford at 1A #5 Monroe Central, 7:30 pm 2A #2 Eastbrook at 4A #1 Marion, 7 pm 2A #13 Lapel at Elwood, 7 pm Madison-Grant at 2A #11 Tipton, 7 pm 4A #9 Mississinewa at 4A #25 Pendleton Heights, 7:30 pm Oak Hill at Eastern, 7 pm Tri-Central at Frankton, 7 pm Wes-Del at Alexandria, 7 pm Good luck to all the teams this season and hope everyone stays as healthy as possible!!!
  12. Typically I would agree with that. But if the big school isn't dominating everything and the small school isn't losing miserably at everything, I don't see a need for a shake up. I feel across the board It is a fairly level playing field and a very competitive conference. Everybody just loves to have a knee jerk reaction when A sport leans one way or another.
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