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  1. Could there be 3 Sectional Champs* in the CIC this year? Most will say no because the SOS is weak. I would like to believe there is a chance. Jay County at Mississinewa*, 7 pm Ole Miss seems to be coming together and the new QB1 is leading this high powered offense to a 6 game winning streak and 2nd place in the CIC. Ole Miss by 14. Oak Hill* at Bellmont, 7 pm Oak Hill RB1 can't be stopped by meager Defenses. Bellmont seems to give up lots of points. Oak Hill by 4 Tds. RB1 adding 4 or more to his TD count. Eastern at Eastbrook*, 7 pm Eastbrook keeps this train rolling. Running clock streak extended? Hopefully not, would love to see A squad go the full 4 quarters. Eastern keeps it close for a few, can't handle the hurry up offense. Eastbrook by 30 Lapel at Frankton, 7 pm Frankton improving week by week. Future looks good. Lapel by 25. Blackford at Tipton, 7 pm Tipton has the easiest path to the Sectional Final. Tipton by as much as they want. Alexandria at Elwood, 7 pm Could be the best game for the CIC teams. First matchup Alex wins by 14. See the same happening in this one also. Alex by 14. South Adams at Madison-Grant, 7 pm Runner up for best game of the night. South Adams to high powered for MG unfortunately. SA by 21. Good luck to all teams. Hope all stay healthy and injury free!
  2. Grass was cut too short.... Sprinkler and MIracle Gro couldn't get it to the mandatory 6inch blades required for play...
  3. Eastbrook - 56 Madison Grant - 6 4.5 left 2nd Qtr
  4. Eastbrook - 49 Madison Grant - 6 3:13 left 2nd Qtr
  5. Eastbrook - 42 Madison Grant - 6 7:07 2nd Qtr
  6. Eastbrook - 28 Madison Grant - 6 .47 left in the 1st
  7. Eastbrook - 21 Madison Grant - 6 3 09 left in the 1st
  8. Final week of regular season already. Alexandria at Frankton ©, 7 pm Game of the night. Both teams on losing streaks after playin the top teams in the conference back to back and Frankton losing a nail biter to MG. Both trying to get the win and the momentum heading into Sectionals. Alex get s the win by a TD. Blackford at Oak Hill ©, 7 pm Oak Hill running clock Elwood at Mississinewa ©, 7 pm Ole Miss, Running Clock Madison-Grant at Eastbrook ©, 7 pm Eastbrook, running clock and Grant 4 champs Good luck to all teams, stay healthy and injury free!
  9. Eastbrook at Elwood ©, 7 pm Eastbrook by as much as they want. Running clock to start the game would keep this to a 5 touchdown win.... Frankton at Madison-Grant ©, 7 pm Best game of the night. M-G by a Touchdown Mississinewa at Blackford ©, 7 pm Hopefully Blackford is back to healthy. Ole Miss by 6, touchdowns... Oak Hill at Alexandria ©, 7 pm Let Turanchick eat, he will beat Alex by himself, probably another 5 TD night to add to his 21 already. Also, an FYI to lasts weeks hopeful game of Harrison v Eastbrook: Harrison did reach out, Eastbrook declined due to nursing injuries. Not that any injuries would change the outcome against Elwood this week, just hoping that the extra week allowed everybody to get as close to 100% as they could. The exact response is in the "cancelled games topic" at the top of the listings. Another Eastbrook tidbit, video has emerged of the Field goal kicker hitting a 60 yarder in practice. No pads, no defense, still pretty impressive. Have a great week and hope everybody stays healthy and injury free. Good luck to all teams on Friday.
  10. No Game tonight. Unable to find an opponent.
  11. Harrison plays Hammond Central in week 8. Harrison is still looking for week 7(tomorrow) game as far as I know.
  12. Just saw that also.... Harrison Lafayette is looking. AP 5A #5 vs 2A #2. That could sell some tickets, but getting a game plan together that quick would be interesting.
  13. Agree with this. I was at the Eastbrook v Frankton game and we talked about how many Sophmores were on this team and getting a lot of playing time. If they are able to keep everybody together for the next couple years I could for sure see this team be in the top half of the conference again.
  14. Eastbrook at Blackford ©, 7 pm Eastbrook, 2nd string playing in the 2nd Quarter. Running clock streak continues. Elwood at Madison-Grant ©, 7 pm M-G big. Hopefully a barn burner like last season, but don't see that happening. Mississinewa at Alexandria ©, 7 pm Ole Miss backfield may break records this game. Oak Hill at Frankton ©, 7 pm Oak Hill by a lot. OH fans, wear hats and sunglasses, if the suns out you can't see the field until halftime. Looks like everything is pretty much coming to fruition as to what was being forecasted in the preseason. Hope all teams are healthy and injury free this week!
  15. The only "punishment" that we are talking about is the public punishment that we see as fans, missing a game. There could be several levels of "punishment" to the players\students involved that we don't see or hear about, i.e., community work, fixing whatever they had done, formal apologies to whomever may have been affected by their actions, list can go on and on. I'm sure the coaching staff took this seriously as I'm sure the school itself did as well. Just because they may be back on the field this week does not mean that the repercussions for their actions have ended. As far as being at full strength, guess we'll find out tomorrow night. Running clock either way. Streak continues.
  16. Alexandria at Eastbrook Homecoming for the Panthers, players will be hyped up and the cow bells will be all shined up ready for the big night. Too bad Alex will be the 3rd wheel this night. Alex has put up big points in every game, don't see that happening against the defense of the Panthers. Running clock streak extended... Blackford at Elwood Might be the closest game of the night. Going with Blackford by 10. Frankton at Mississinewa Ole Miss offense seems to be coming together, will get out of hand quickly. Ole Miss by as much as they want. Madison-Grant at Oak Hill County rivals, Oak Hill wins easily.
  17. Believe the School record is 52. They ribbed the running back when they centered the ball because he was supposed to lose 3 yards to be able to go for the school record. Kid had plenty of leg left for the 53 or more, straight and true. And 0 wind. Hopefully he gets that opportunity this season.
  18. Don't see that happening, but, that's why they play the game. Still a running clock to finish this game out.
  19. Looks like 2009, both teams were 1-0. Eastbrook won 55-6.
  20. Care to elaborate? Injury or illness?
  21. Friday, Sep. 17 Blackford at Madison-Grant ©, 7 pm Will probably be a close game, Blackford able to put up 28 on Alex and M-G looking to get their first conference win this season. I'll take Blackford in a shoot out and breaking the 8 game losing streak. Eastbrook at Frankton ©, 7 pm "Battle" for first place in the conference! Frankton still getting their bearings with the new coach, Eastbrook battling to keep the tradition of a running clock this season... Clock will be running early again this week. Eastbrook by a lot. Elwood at Alexandria ©, 7 pm Alex riding high after a close game with Blackford, Elwood still trying to fond some offense. Alex Big. Mississinewa at Oak Hill ©, 7 pm Ole Miss finally getting in the win column and Oak Hill reeling from getting shut down last week should make this a good game. Think this will come down to a turn over battle. Oak Hill will be trying to prove they should be the 2nd place team in the CIC and get their offense back on the rails will pull this out in dramatic fashion. As always be safe and stay heathy!
  22. Good night for beverages and a fire pit at the homestead..... Probably will have the Mudsock game on though
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