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  1. We are on the doorstep of February and not many of these vacancies have been filled yet???
  2. Wonder when vacancies will be filled?? Going to be tuff as days go by and no coaches..... I'm sure other teams are going strong with players off season work!!
  3. Interesting... wonder if they will stay with an in house guy to take over program
  4. Saw this coming! Wonder if he is seeking an opening or just going stay off the sidelines for a bit??
  5. Only 14 coaching positions have opened up in the entire state, with 2 already being public as far as being filled. THATS IMPRESSIVE!! I'm sure more have been filled in closed doors just havent been public.... THOUGHTS??
  7. I would think a decision should be made soon since this was an early opening that's been open for awhile and I'm sure the boys are ready to get going!!
  8. Sounds like a bunch of excuses from the Rockies....saying goes "excuses start at the top"
  9. Didnt know if any would be interested in that Goshen position or any would switch to John Glenn or St. Joe
  10. Going to take a lot of energy by that entire staff to get excitement going again there... does coach Barron and his staff have it???
  11. That was just what i have been thinking.... wonder if any more will come out they are leaving as well.... NIC will have a little bit of new look potentially if programs hire outside their current staff.
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