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  1. This will mean they will miss the first 3 weeks of football due to the state requirement of having 10 practices in before competition! WOW!!
  2. Just seen where Rochester has suspended ALL fall sports until August 24th. Posted by WSBT.com NO PRACTICE, WEIGHTS ANYTHING!!! Who is going to follow suit??? Very sad start for them!!
  3. Freaking out or trying to get clear direction as season is less than 20 hours from kicking off??
  4. Very last minute considering official practices begin tomorrow morning or afternoon!! IS IHSAA RECONSIDERING SEASONS??
  5. Hearing rumors of an IHSAA meeting today...... ANY SOLID LEADS???
  6. What are the bringing to the table today?? Cancelling the season??? On a Sunday??? Odd??
  7. How can they say "it doesnt spread in schools"??? NO SCHOOL HAS STARTED YET!!!
  8. probably not needed!! Not looking good from what I'm hearing unfortunately!!
  9. hearing non essential businesses are going to 25% capacity starting August 3rd. Sorry for voicing my opinion here but... there will be NO highschool football in 2020.... who is agreeing on this opinion!
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