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  1. Yes i believe it was to the general public.... Not sure if he will stay there or not... dont think the general feel is very good with him. I also think he thought the HNAC would be a cake walk for him to come into and get W's. Time will tell!!
  2. Looks like the HNAC will be a solid football conference again in 2021!! Who will be the team to beat?
  3. Does anyone have any info on how state finals will work as far as general public getting tickets? Its tradition to go there and watch games!! Thanks for any info
  4. Very interesting!! Does this keep Pioneer on their heels because of not knowing?? Do the Lancers take down the Panthers finally! Lewellen;s from what I have personly witnessed do not and i repeat do not like contact!!!! This folks is gonna be a ball game....
  5. Eastbrook by 20 Adamson will have the panthers ready as usual!
  6. No inside info here .... Just assuming that people cant be happy with things there! Not much improvement through the year from what I've read.
  7. MANY believe that the Glenn team was just satisfied beating Jimtown.. Only win after that was a very close game against CLAY LOL!! Wonder what the future holds in Falcon Country... VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING SECOND HALF OF SEASON!!!!!
  8. LaVille over Cass in a tight one Delphi over Pioneer... running game to strong!! Bremen Rolls Wabash
  9. Here's the picks from my perspective....does weather play a roll in tonights games?? Knox BIG LaVille in a tight one DELPHI WITH BIG UPSET Winamac by 12 Culver BIG Judson BIG Triton upsets busco by 6 Caston in a good game
  10. Not sure why LaVille has been so weak at O-Line for such a long time .... maybe coach Hostrawser should look into making some changes to sharpen things up and get better quality and execution out of them. Is it the scheme?? Are they not properly prepared?? Do the coaches just rely on the skilled guys?? Whatever it is, if they could figure it out, I think they would be pretty darn good!
  11. And wont even be played at Lucas Oil Stadium!! Think of that.."How do you let highschool teams play in there with fans when Pro cant even??" Pretty crazy to keep playing What are the percentage rates now?
  12. Knox buuut close!! Winamac big LaVille in a dog fight!! Pioneer BIG BIG!!
  13. Here's the matchups.... what's your predictions Knox @ Triton Winamac @ Caston North Judson @ LaVille Culver @ Pioneer
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