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  1. Whats a good word out of the programs that have the new coaches.... St.Joe...SB Riley...John Glenn.... good vibes or just status quo?? Community excitement???
  2. Alot of really good teams from up north not even mentioned.... JMO!! Time will tell
  3. Not so fast... last i checked sectional 34 was still a 2a sectional which is what Pioneer is in
  4. i dont see jimtown or pioneer in this picture but maybe the others... would Rochester jump or stay in trc if valley leaves to try being the cream of the crop??
  5. how do programs go about doing this procedure and does it effect all sports or just the sport addressed?
  6. Been looking at things and it seems to me that a Jamboree makes more sense than the traditional scrimmages anymore... give you a look at a couple teams not just one. Thoughts and are there more schools going to this??
  7. Was really shocked to read that Hendryx resigned from the Warrior Football program especially this late in the new year!!! Thoughts on who will be interested in this position??
  8. Looks like there will be some major shifting in sectional alignments!!!
  9. All this confusion on a mascot and extra off the subject chatter must be scaring the new coach prospects away!!!🤣
  10. Anyone have a list of schools that do not play varsity football?
  11. easy way to determine who does and doesnt play football.... if so you could see what class each school would fall into
  12. Yeah I get it LOL!! I unfortunately havent even seen the messed up numbers yet...wish I would have....
  13. Sounds like you are hoping the arent??!!
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