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  1. Trying to think of them.... I can remember Kevin Hardy, Derek Cooper, Levron, Ty Browning. Who else?
  2. Not being argumentative, but who from the SIAC in recent times (say last 3-4 yrs) do you think had D1 talent that didn't go D1? From Memorial, I would say the players we've had in recent times who had "D1 talent" (or maybe the correct description is D1 size/talent) all went D1 - Drew Hart ('18 to EKU), Michael Lindauer ('19 Cincy to SIU) & Branson Combs ('19 to SIU). We've had a lot of other players who were very good HS players, but they weren't D1 caliber players.
  3. Bump to page 1. Nobody puts Baby in a corner ...
  4. None of us down here in SW IN know the mascots of the Indy mega-schools. I figured Bears62 was for the Chicago bears too. Now nobody can ever say I didn't defend a GS fan....
  5. No. The IHSAA cannot stop a kid from participating in a camp during moratorium.
  6. They can't block the transfer. They only control the athletics. With limited eligibility he can participate in everything except a varsity game. Meanwhile his former teammates who transferred to Reitz will be allowed to suit up every Friday night. So glad the IHSAA is all about protecting the kids.
  7. Give us evidence of "private training" being the secret sauce of P/P success. That is silly in the context of football. Tennis maybe. Coach Ralph is known for a tremendous S&C program. Are you saying all the kids do private training?
  8. So the success is because of private training? Is that why New Pal had so much success a few years ago?
  9. The talent pool may be shifting, if you will. Central is in some measure of turmoil as several kids have jumped to Reitz, along a player or two from other EVSC schools (all purely for academic reasons, mind you). As a result, Reitz will be much improved. Of the 5 EVSC programs, Reitz and North will be the best, while Central, Bosse and Harrison will struggle.
  10. I don't disagree with that. Well heck, none of those schools play football...
  11. IMO, football blew past basketball in popularity many years ago.
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