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  1. Right, and then questioned witnesses on the record during the hearing and injected athletics into a hearing where both schools had gone on record that the transfer was not athletically motivated. In IHSAA cases, the Courts call it the "poison-pill". Gotta love 'ol' Paul, Paul, Paul, he's always looking out for the kids....
  2. Yes they are fantastic. Watching the state wrestling is a blast. Mike is a good dude.
  3. And remember, Porter Rode had to sit 2 games only because of the EVSC and IHSAA. Of all the transfers from Central and other schools (most to Reitz, mind you) he was the only kid who had to hire a lawyer to get full eligibility... Disgraceful..
  4. Give me one good, simple reason why Bishop Chatard should be bumped up from 3A to 4A in boys basketball when they haven't won a 3A sectional since 2004? ERM hasn't won the all-sport trophy in years. Probably won't now that Jasper is also involved. Castle should win every SIAC title in every sport, every year. So, if you ask me, Castle punches way below its own weight. You cannot have a system that says a school with 525 students (MD) is effectively equal to a school with 700 students (GS), yet a school with 575 students (ERM) is effectively equal to a school with 1800 students (Castle). Your "data" is asking your kids how many kids don't do anything at GS. I would argue GS has more non-deadweight boys available for football than ERM, because we have a lot boys involved in soccer. So GS's "dead-weight" may be roaming the halls doing nothing, but we have "dead-weight" roaming the halls who attend soccer after school. The result is the same, neither group plays football. Our girls softball has rarely been good and the reason why is so many of our girls play soccer and the travel season is busy in the spring. We reap the rewards in fall with state soccer titles and will get bumped up in the next cycle due to the SF.
  5. Recruiting is perfectly legal. Using undue influence is not legal, which is why you see coaches who call or text students at other schools getting into hot water (see most recent IHSAA minutes referred to in another GID topic)...
  6. I always tell non-Catholic friends before weddings or funerals it is pretty easy to get the hang of, just remember "stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight..."
  7. Uh, no. In 2019 Brock Combs dominated the 4A state title game on both sides of the ball, but was referred to as "Luke Combs" several times. Brock was a helluva football player, but he couldn't play guitar or carry a tune at all.
  8. He was injured in Wk.1? I'm surprised ND didn't want him shut down, repaired and rehabbed for when it counts (to them)...
  9. Both are struggling. I don't recall LS having so much trouble in past years.
  10. Apparently all you gotta do is write a check for tuition and the titles just appear.
  11. His homilies are drier than a popcorn fart, but the man can do a keg stand like nobody I've ever seen.
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