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  1. I'm not sure what happened to editing, but anyway... Adding Lincoln gives more opportunities for Bobe's Pizza. Plus, Lincoln's basketball pep band jams.
  2. I agree, especially when you consider overall athletic programs. Jasper and Lincoln were a package deal. But it solves a lot of problems for SIAC schools in football and shouldn't be a huge undertaking for the ADs from a scheduling standpoint since a lot of SIAC schools already play Jasper and Lincoln in other sports.
  3. Yeah, I agree. While I'm a little surprised, it's surprised is a good way overall. With the exception of the IN-KY border bowl series, I know we've always had trouble finding a Wk 2 opponent sicne the series with Lincoln ended. Only drawback is it eliminates any chance of any Indy-Evansville challenge weekend, which is something I've always thought Memorial, Mater Dei, Reitz and Castle should try to get together and do. Welcome to the SIAC Jasper and Lincoln!!
  4. Seems to me its an even better question for the stronger PAC programs like GS, HH & SR. Adding MV, Washington & Princeton doesn't do them any good good and eliminates any chance of scheduling better competition in non-conference. I would imagine GS will object to adding anyone but Boonville.
  5. The decision on divisions will be very interesting. It makes a huge difference in the main revenue sports (football & boys basketball). Currently, all SIAC schools keep the gate when they are home team, including the parochial schools who "rent" EVSC's Enlow and Reitz Bowl for the janitor fees. From what I understand, the EVSC then pools all the gate from its 5 schools and splits it among those 5 schools (to the chagrin of Reitz fans). Based on my observations of football over the last 30+ years (the largest gate revenue sport), the schools that consistently bring the most fans to away games would be Jasper, Gibson Southern, Memorial, Mater Dei, Castle, & Reitz. That would be a great division in terms of competition (in most every sport). But, with the exception of Central in recent years, the other schools don't typically bring a lot of fans. So, depending on the split, one division could be a large revenue pool and the other not so much. Deciding this issue could be where the loss of the EVSC majority control might be an issue.
  6. I like it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  7. I'd be fine with Jasper (and more so of Boonville) in the SIAC. Not a fan of VL joining. I realize its about the same distance, but I hate the drive up 41. If I had to rank the schools I'd like to see in the SIAC, it would be Gibson Southern & Boonville (equally), then Jasper, Mt. Vernon.
  8. I think there is a much greater chance of the SIAC adding 1 school than adding 2. Adding 2 would mean the 5 EVSC schools would no longer have majority control of the conference.
  9. Yep, Mr. Condry does a helluva good thing for IN HS football.
  10. You don't like the SEC? It kills me to say it, but from a purely football perspective the one place I would not want to see Allen go is ND. And that's only because Brian Kelly always favors mobile QBs over pro-style QBs (and is still annoying IMO).
  11. LOL. Never thought of it that way before, but yep, you're right, there's only a handful of football-playing schools south of Evansville Central... Reitz, Reitz Memorial, Mater Dei, Harrison, Bosse, Castle, Mt. Vernon, Tell City & South Spencer.
  12. Not arguing GID policy, but he's already resigned and made it known to the local media that he expects to be approved at another school on 4/15. If for some reason the new position isn't approved, it won't be because of anything that has been posted on the GID. Personally, I'm sad to see him go. There is no question he made positive and much-needed changes in the historically undisciplined Bears football program, and of course the result in his one year speaks for itself. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out and whether the new coach, whoever it turns out to be, can maintain the same positive trajectory. If history tells us anything, there will be new (old) challenges next season.
  13. I'm just a guy with no real inside knowledge, but I would be very surprised if the SIAC did anything that pertained to only one sport. The main reason is there is just no need. The conference is very stable across schools and sports. I would be shocked if the SIAC ever expanded beyond 8 teams bc with 8 schools, the SIAC vote will always be controlled by the 5 EVSC public schools, and the ADs of those 5 schools all report to 1 head AD at the main HQ. So, in essence, the vote is controlled by 1 person. Add 2 more schools and the balance of power could be disrupted.
  14. I would agree the MIC is a great conference and easily the best in Indiana, but the best player on the best MIC team isn't automatically the best player in the state. Both are great players, but Bell wasn't "hands down" better than Kizer and finishing second in the voting wasn't a "crime".
  15. Evansville Reitz is on the list twice, so if their 2 numbers are combined it throws this whole thing for a loop!!
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