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  1. Evansville Reitz is on the list twice, so if their 2 numbers are combined it throws this whole thing for a loop!!
  2. That makes too much sense.... You gotta remember who is making these decisions...
  3. I am genuinely happy Bosse is back to 3A. Having to play in 4A was BS. Ev. Memorial is gonna have our hands full. 200 fewer students than the next smallest 4A school, and only 50 more than the largest 2A school.
  4. If you are referring to Reitz, they have won 2 state titles in 2 appearances. Since 1994, MD has been to the state title game 5 times, winning 1. Memorial has been 4 times, winning 1.
  5. You can find SIAC (or any other conference) standings on the John Harrell IN HS football website under "Archives" going back to 1994. Just looking back to 2000, Reitz (8), Castle (3), MD (6), Central (3) and Memorial (2) have won or shared the championships. North, Bosse and Harrison have not.
  6. What are your thoughts about exchanging pleasantries before the game? I think it shows collegiality and ask only because in the tournament this year, an opposing coach advised our coach he would not do so.. I'm not sure what I find more odd, not exchanging pleasantries with a fellows coach, or communicating that you won't several days before.
  7. Yep, I would bet a few bucks on that one. Look no further than Sectional 27 in basketball....
  8. He sure as heck did us a solid in the 2017 Semi-State at Danville when Pierre (our equipment guy) left the headsets in Evansville...
  9. From what I saw in the Sectional championship game, I believe Rivals.com needs to pump the brakes a little bit, although I get what those kinds of services and websites are about, especially if you are paying for premium services. He is a very good QB for a freshman, has great size, potential, and upside (a a heck of a work ethic) and should be getting the offers he's getting, but he isn't anywhere close to being able to start for a college football team at this point. He's 15 and doesn't have enough snaps under his belt for anyone to legitimately make that kind of claim. In a year or two he will be scary good, assuming there are guys around him who can make plays, which I expect will be the case.
  10. This is not a knock on the Allen kid at all, but from just following things on social media, I don't see how he would have time to play basketball. It seems like he is doing something every weekend (combine, visit, etc.) and more power to him. Take the scholarship from the school that is the best fit and hopefully won't treat him like a piece of meat, get the degree and see what doors open after that.
  11. #2 - That is what we are hearing. Enrolled at Central. I don't think the new coach (who I like a lot) will tolerate what was tolerated in 2017. We shall see. #1 - Why? Basketball?
  12. By enrollment is a huge mistake in my opinion. Trade the #3 and #10 and you might have something....
  13. Obviously no dog in the fight, but it seems intriguing to me.... Boonville, Jasper, Lincoln, GS, HH, Southridge & (MV, PCHS, or NP) in one division would be VERY solid.
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