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  1. Seems to me it would be a lot easier to seed an individual sport like wrestling than a team sport.
  2. I would estimate that is pretty close to the "non-participant student" numbers at Memorial as well. So, if we use Wildcat1992's 10% for NPS that would give MD an effective enrollment of 450. If GS and MD are very close in effective enrollment, then GS would have a NPS percentage of 35% (450 / 700 = 0.64). Does that seem fair?
  3. I will give you some degree of socioeconomics and definitely increased parental support at p/p schools, but evidently those don't translate to athletic success at Day School, Wash. Catholic or Rivet. As for controlled enrollment, those 3 schools could have significantly higher enrollment and still be 1A, so I'm not sure that holds water. The implication that schools like Memorial and Mater Dei control the enrollment to stay in a given class for athletics is wrong (or "bull crap" as Muda says, LOL). There is no question p/p schools cannot adequately provide for every type of student, especially those with significant learning challenges. Not being able to accept those student is a form of "enrollment control" but it has nothing to do with athletics. Having served on the board of trustees at Memorial for a long time, we would love to be able to accept all students, but the economic reality is we can't. If we could get another 200-300 non-sports playing students, we would take them in heart beat because it would mean tuition doesn't grow by 10-15% every year.
  4. I meant actually participates. My knowledge of 1A is pretty limited because we don't have many 1A schools that have football programs down here in SW IN. I thought LCC was 2A on enrollment.
  5. No. I will never agree that every p/p has advantages over all similarly sized public schools - because it just isn't true. I ask again - what are the advantages that EDS, WC and Rivet have over Tecumseh, Wood Memorial and NE Dubois? To be honest, the only 1A p/p I'm aware of that actually plays football is Lutheran, who has demonstrated lots of success and yes, has advantages over most 1A publics.
  6. Considering there are only a handful of schools currently being SF'ed in football, the other sports are probably relatively similar - a few in any given cycle. Me too. I'm okay with no p/p in 1A for football, but not other sports like basketball, baseball, etc.
  7. I'm not sure you read my post correctly. I said there is no question Memorial and Mater Dei are capable of punching above their weight because I do not dispute that Memorial and Mater Dei have advantages over a lot of public schools of similar enrollment. I would argue they have some disadvantages too, but that is irrelevant to my question... I asked what advantages Day School, Washington Catholic and Rivet have over Tecumseh, Northeast Dubois, etc. You want to automatically bump all p/p schools, regardless of whether they have any success. If a p/p isn't having any success, why should they be bumped up?
  8. But there are in other sports. You gotta remember that any SF / multiplier system applies to all sports, not just football. The IHSAA is never going to do one thing for football and something else for other sports.
  9. There are some weak sectional fields out there across some sports. I would never support a system where a program like GS girls tennis gets bumped up for multiple consecutive sectional titles while having never won a regional.
  10. Please explain their advantages. Day School has an enrollment of 44, Washington Catholic 74 and Rivet 68. Ev. Christian is just recently eligible for IHSAA tournament play, but EDS, WC and Rivet have been eligible for a long, long time and have had little success in any sport. In boys basketball, EDS had Evansville's career leading scorer (twice actually) and won 1 sectional each time. They have zero advantages over Tecumseh, Wood Memorial, Northeast Dubois, etc. The problem with an automatic bump is while some p/p schools can punch above their weight in many sports (eg. Memorial and Mater Dei in SW IN), there are as many, if not more schools that can barely land one in their own weight.
  11. Explain the rationale for putting 1A p/p schools like Ev. Day School, Ev. Christian, Washington Catholic, or Vincennes Rivet in 2A?
  12. I agree. A regional and a state title in back to back years means a bump, regardless of whether its the same cycle or consecutive cycles. Ev. Memorial won 3A state in 2017 and lost at 3A state in 2018 - bumped to 4A in 2019. Mater Dei lost at 2A state in 2021 and won 2A state in 2022 - no bump to 3A in 2023. That's a bad system.
  13. Memorial has some big holes to fill. I heard we had a OL/DL move in, so that should help. We will be good at QB and WR, but the success of the season will come down to the trenches. We also have a pretty good schedule at Enlow (Jasper, North, MD and Lincoln all at home). I'd like to see us keep our 6 game win streak against MD going, which I believe is MD's longest L streak to a city school since they dropped 6 in a row to Reitz from 2005 to 2010.
  14. Yeah, I would agree. I don't see MD having a losing record in the SIAC.
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