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  1. Linton was actually in the SIAC before Memorial. They were members from 1936 until 1951. Memorial was finally allowed in 1947, five years after the IHSAA bigots finally allowed Catholic and African-American schools into full membership. Now you're not just a hat rack...
  2. Castle 42 - Lincoln 10 (expect a tough night for the Alices) North 24 - Bosse 18 (Bulldogs should make this game close) Memorial 41 - Harrison 0 (Coach Moe said the Warriors are banged up this week) Reitz 24- Central 7 (if their QB is out Central may not score, things not sounding good out on 1st Ave) Mater Dei 28 - Jasper 17 (clear Game of the Week in SIAC - let's GO catechized Cats)
  3. Me neither. Give QB1 all the reps until the starters are pulled. The schedule gets a little softer the next few weeks, so he'll get the kinks worked out and be ready for Castle in Wk. 9.
  4. I don't think I can remember a time when MD did not come out ready to play the week after a game like last week. Coach G seems to have soften a little bit (at least publicly) but I suspect he peeled some paint off the walls the last few days.
  5. I haven't seen any film and won't, but playing past the whistle is not inherently dirty in my opinion unless its coupled with something more, like taking a guy backwards over the pile, etc. Finishing a pancake block after the whistle is not dirty. I tend to think that with the increased emphasis on player safety, officials seem to be keeping a tighter reign on things and are generally pretty quick to call a PF to keep things in check.
  6. Castle, Memorial and Reitz won't have any problems. Bosse at North could be a good game. The game of the week is the battle of Wildcats at the Bowl. My Tigers need MD to bounce-back and beat Jasper. I'm guessing Coach Goebel will have them ready to go.
  7. I would have MD above Castle based on the MD win.
  8. Pretty dominating performance by Memorial. Other than the bad punt snap the game was never really in doubt. Nice win for the Tigers. 5 in row feels good.
  9. If I see you watching GS on your phone I will punch you in the throat....
  10. I heard he apologized to Coach Hurley. LOL. Guessing that won't ever happen again...
  11. That's how my predictions usually turn out too. That 2018 game was the "dart" game, when a few MD players had the brilliant idea to snapchat pictures of Branson Combs and Michael Lindauer with darts in their faces the week of the game. Of course our kids printed them out and had them all over the locker room. Branson had 5 catches for 200 yds & 3 TDs (74, 24 & 55 yds.), plus a pick 6 (all before halftime). Probably the most dominating performance by 1 player that I've seen in my lifetime in the MD-RM series. He reminded me of Jefferson in Fast Times at Ridgemont High that night... LOL. You are 100% correct... the last 2 games have definitely been very evenly matched and could have easily gone either way. Thankfully we have been much better since we laid the egg in Wk. 1 against Jasper. Getting 2 D starters back against Central who hadn't played the first 2 weeks also helped us. Should be a good game. I haven't seen any film on MD but I know you guys are very, very solid and will be a big challenge. Just wish the game was at Enlow...
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