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  1. Fly down from Indy to Ft. Myers ($208 round trip) and head over to Sanibel Island.
  2. Might be less-crowded than normal.
  3. Definitely. I forgot Linton was in Sectional 40 now. Makes it even worse for the Rebels.
  4. I kinda wondered the same thing. Haven’t really ever done much and getting through Sectional 40 with Mater Dei and (usually) Southridge is always going to be a challenge.
  5. Here's one from Nov 2018 when we played Chatard in Semi-State.
  6. Thought you might be starting a new program...
  7. Have never really understood the allure of the Snake Pit.... BTW, Evansville Day?
  8. I'm partial to Enlow Field in Evansville. There just aren't many covered grandstands around anymore.
  9. Boonville was pretty nice when we were up there in October. The crown wasn't nearly as severe as Castle. Both need to get turf though. It makes sense for so many other things besides football...
  10. With the increasing use of the forward pass and receivers occasionally lined up near the numbers, Hatchet Hollow has become as close to dangerous as you'll see in SW Indiana.
  11. Great message. I too hope he can turn the program around. A big step would be getting the community to show that football matters and invest in a turf field at Hatchet Hollow.
  12. This topic has been beaten more than a clubhouse garbage can in Minute Maid Park.
  13. As much as I like to believe otherwise, I just don't see Memorial being 8-1. We have a lot of holes to fill and while I think we can, it will take some time and we'll take some lumps along the way. Being 5-4 or 4-5 wouldn't really surprise me..
  14. Well, Bosse and Harrison were the 7th & 8th place teams in the SIAC compared to Mt. Vernon and Boonville being 2nd and 3rd in the Big 8. We played both Jasper and Boonville and I would not characterize either as being "far more" physical than anyone in the SIAC except Harrison.
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