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  1. Heat must have gotten to Coach... Or still maybe its still the fumes from the burning plastic boat...
  2. No question having a group of kids that has played 30 games over the last two years helps in a lot of ways.
  3. LOL, not sure but love the passion I guess. Pence will be the QB and has a lot of the same skills as Lindauer had - can move the pocket & extend plays, run, and has a strong arm. Central has to be the pre-season SIAC favorite, but they have to replace as many if not more starters from last year as anyone in the upper part of the conference. Should be an interesting year in the SIAC.
  4. Yes it was an absolutely brutal way to lose for Southridge - 3 critical mistakes - E on throw to 1st after dropped 3rd strike on what would have been the final out, CF missing cut-off on hit that tied the game, then the miscommunication on the pop up to shallow LF. Per IHSAA website, 2 day attendance was down by a little over 400 from 2018, which isn't that big of an issue I suppose...
  5. I don't want to beat up on Boonville because I think Coach Ward is building something good there, but I agree the AD's comment about being undefeated and barely beating Bosse didn't show much faith.
  6. The Wk 1 crowds when they've played us at Enlow have always been pretty good.
  7. A lot of schools already play Jasper and Lincoln in multiple sports, so adding them as a conference opponent isn't all that big of a change. I think the biggest benefit is what some have already said, it makes scheduling football easier and brings in 2 schools that have good athletic programs overall. As I've said previously, I would have preferred Jasper and Boonville or Jasper and Gibson Southern, but I'm fine with Lincoln too. I do know several SIAC schools have had problems scheduling non-conference opponents in football at times. I know we have, in part because other conferences don't always use Weeks 1 & 2 for non-conference opponents. Jasper is definitely a good gate addition for football and basketball, which are the only consistent gate revenue sports for most schools. As an example, Jasper will be a better football gate draw for Reitz than Henderson County. Mater Dei currently plays Indian Creek and Whiting in non-conference football, so this move will save them travel costs and I suspect both Jasper and Lincoln will travel better than either of those 2. At this point, I'm not a fan of adding 2 more schools and going to 2 divisions.
  8. Unless of course you live in any part of the state that requires driving more than an hour or so to Indy and you have to work the next day... I would have preferred the IHSAA to use another facility on the weekend and skip Victory Field this time around. I think it will really impact attendance unless the participants are all from the Indy donut..
  9. I don't see that doing much for you guys, do you? I think I'd rather leave the PAC as is and have the ability to schedule some quality non-conf opponents like you guys have been trying to do the last few years. I sure as heck wouldn't want a guaranteed football game every other year at Washington and risk injuries...
  10. They are both pretty dang good pizza IMO. I agree 100% with your comment about having the stones to compete at a higher level.
  11. No idea, but it could be a very cool set-up if they would put some money toward it.
  12. Washington brings zero to the table for the SIAC and the football field is flat-out dangerous.
  13. I don't see MV as a big benefit to SIAC at all, but just wonder if GS is trying to find a date to the party.. LOL
  14. Must be. It doesn't make sense for them to not want in. Has GS approached any other schools? MV?
  15. According to my source, Jasper was always looking SIAC and had Lincoln ready to commit early on if the SIAC was open to the idea. Same person told me Boonville is not the school that got cold feet, it was the 2 schools they were trying to pair up with. In any event, I like where the SIAC is as a 10 school conference and hope they stay there.
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