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  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as a simple algorithm.... No question at all - they were very special.
  2. My memory isn't that good, but I would disagree with any Memorial fan who said that. To me it doesn't reflect the mentality of our program. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. As for Jay/Brady, with very few exceptions, most teams need a few extra special players to win at state. Look no further than this year where each of the winning teams seemed to have a guy who was clearly the best player on the field. That's definitely what helped us get as far as did in 2017-2019. I don't see the IHSAA ever implementing an automatic bump for p/p schools, but I know many have a similar opinion. Personally, I think both sides can make valid arguments for & against. I wish we were still in 3A, but its only because the post-season rivalries were a whole heck of a lot more fun than in 4A. I doubt we'll ever have the depth to win 4A again, but I think we'll be good enough to earn enough points to stay up. For my money, Sectional 32 from 2013 to 2018 was one of the most exciting in the state. Good teams with passionate fan bases made for a lot of fun.
  3. Don't make promises for a team you know nothing about . We aren't glad or sad. It is what it is. We will compete as a school of less than 600 kids in whatever class we are told to play in, whether it's against schools with 600-700 or 1350. We would have enjoyed playing HH in 32 Sectional in 2019, and then Chatard at state. Too many teams down here seem to fear them.
  4. Like most of these awards I suppose...
  5. If we're being honest... This might be the year when we find out if the most important number in Mr. Football is zip code.
  6. You get the lights. I'm gonna sit by the fire a little longer and finish off this Woodford. Always hate to see the HS season end..
  7. #34 was a beast. Congrats to Andrean! Not the result we wanted for MD, but the Wildcats had a great run and should be solid next year too.
  8. I think we only did the practice in 2008, then skipped it in the other years.
  9. 1A - Lutheran 2A - Mater Dei 3A - Gibson Southern 4A - Mt. Vernon Fortville 5A - Cathedral 6A - Center Grove
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