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  1. Evansville Memorial has Aiden Farmer (Jr.) at 152 and Kelton Farmer (So.) at 220.
  2. I really enjoyed the Mooresville livestream coverage when they played Evansville Central in Regional. They had 2 students (one ... was .... a ... girl ... ) and they both did a fantastic job. I also agree that the SEI Local coverage is A+.
  3. I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I have noticed our basketball team is a lot better when it is full of football players....
  4. I thought progress was electricity, school consolidation, church remodeling, second farm tractors....
  5. I would agree that is the most stable of the 5 at this point, but that drive hasn't gotten any shorter. I think that has been part of the reason Central has improved in recent years - kids stopped at Central instead of going all the up to North.
  6. No idea, but Mater Dei and Memorial should both be pretty strong next year. And both have coaches who've been there for a long time.
  7. Of course it's a recruiting tool, but there's nothing wrong with having an open camp. The key is that it isn't an undue influence tool....
  8. I'm surprised, but I'm also not close enough to hear any program chatter. Interesting situation...
  9. Any word on the transfer from out of state?
  10. Our Maxpreps stats are accurate. Pence will graduate, so the big question is who will take his place. Memorial is rarely going to have a RB with a lot of carries and/or yardage totals. It just isn't our offense. Our success depends on spreading the field and the workload. Next season we'll return 5 WRs who had at least 20 catches and 2 RBs who had 80+ carries, plus the entire OL. Just gotta find that QB.... And stupid...
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