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  1. Yeah, that seems surprisingly low. I know we pay clock operators, etc., for tournament games because it is included as part of the IHSAA "host fee", but even adding those minor expenses, I still don't see how the per school split of combined Sectional gate could be that low.
  2. The link to the IHSAA Fall Sport Bulletin has been removed, but unless there has been a change, the schools participating in Regional and Semi-States each get the gate revenue equivalent of 100 tickets sold, plus the standard travel reimbursements, site host fees, etc. Which would be roughly about $3,250 per school ($1.3M / 400 schools)?
  3. I'd love to see a breakdown of salaries and what the IHSAA spends in attorney fees. To my knowledge it isn't included in anything available to the public.
  4. Rule 9-13 No Sunday Athletic Participation There shall be no interschool athletic Contests, school Practices or school sponsored Camps/ Clinics held on Sunday. Calling One (1) or more team members together on Sunday for studying scouting reports, viewing films of games, any kind of participation, etc. will be considered a violation of this rule.
  5. Why? The success factor is in place for a reason. Why punish a p/p school that hasn't had success?
  6. Read the probable cause affidavit. Can't use it if you don't have it.
  7. You obviously don't get the point of my post. I think we've done pretty well under Coach Hurley. I look forward to renewing old rivalries, and obviously creating a new one with your Raiders.
  8. Have faith. The IHSAA is going to fix the screwy 3A South assignments and restore Sectional 32!
  9. Works out perfect for the new Sectional 32: GS - 771 VL - 711 Heritage Hills - 635 Ev. Memorial - 617 Princeton - 600 Southridge - 576 Mt. Vernon (Posey) - 574 Ev. Mater Dei - 520 Any other grouping would be completely illogical...
  10. Mighty impressive academic numbers. Congrats to the Irish.
  11. I imagine the rationale might be that the EVSC would lose more in gate receipts if Reitz was forced to host home games away from the Bowl versus the loss when Bosse hosts away from Enlow. Big difference in number of fans between those 2 schools. It kinda stinks for Memorial, but we don't really have any say (and shouldn't because we are just tenants). Our 2024 schedule is similar to 2020 (the last Enlow project) in that we only have 1 home game in the first 5 weeks anyway so it won't be much of an issue.
  12. Is there any detailed info on the scope of the work to be performed? The only thing I saw in a newspaper blurb was there was an issue with the concrete coatings that were applied a couple of years ago. I hope the Enlow turf is getting replaced as it has been 15 seasons. I suspect it will be because the turf at Reitz and Central was replaced in recent years. Did EVSC ever do anything about the lighting at Bowl? I was out of town for our game at the Bowl this year.. I wish it were possible to restore the interior areas of Enlow accessible from the top of the home grandstand. They have been gated off for decades.
  13. Interesting note... MD's Mike Goebel was named NFHS 2022-2023 Football Coach of the Year. Memorial's Angie Lensing received the same COY award for girls soccer. These are national awards, so its pretty impressive for Evansville's Catholic high schools to have 2 winners in the same year.
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