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  1. I think there is a better chance of Kevin Hart coaching on the hill unless there are more MacIntosh boys in the pipeline....
  2. @DumfriesYMCA. Dang, until today I didn’t know how bad my family and I had it.
  3. I disagree with your assessment of Evansville. It's a great place to work and raise a family. LOL. That is pretty hypocritical...
  4. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the 3A list.
  5. And boy are their arms tired.... da-dum-chishhh.....
  6. Agreed. Seems to be a perfect fit. Good guy - good community & school. Should have a good chance to finally get to Lucas Oil the next couple of years too with Memorial in 4A and Heritage Hills graduating a lot of seniors.
  7. As for BTF's list and the Evansville schools... I'd move Reitz up (2nd. all-time in wins and 2 state titles in in 5 class format, plus lots of AP mythical titles).
  8. I've debated putting this on here for the last few days, but decided to do it because I think we too often hear about the negative, but rarely enough about the positive. The young man in the wheelchair is Sam (last name withheld for privacy, although he is probably more well-known in Evansville than our mayor). Sam has Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare genetic condition. His skin is fragile and blisters easily from even slight contact. He endures painful bandage changes daily and has endured countless medical procedures and spent many days and weeks in hospitals. He has literally fought EB every day of his entire life. He loves Memorial, Memorial sports and is an inspiration to our entire school family. And the Memorial family loves him. He rarely misses any Memorial football, basketball or baseball games. Saturday he watched the game from the sideline (and even attended the tailgate in the rain and wind for a little bit to help get the crowd fired up). While he may not look it, Sam is widely known as the toughest kid at Memorial. After the game (unbeknownst to anyone), Brock Combs, who was the clear star of the 4A game, received his medal and made his way over to Sam and hung it around his neck. A few minutes later the trophy was presented, this picture was taken. Very few people even knew it had happened until the following morning. This, my friends, is what HS football is all about! Thanks to ALL the coaches across our state who sacrifice so much to help young boys become men!
  9. Yes, Cathedral won back to back 5A state titles in 2013 and 2014 after getting bumped up from 4A.
  10. Maybe this should be its own topic, but simple responses would be appreciated... After our game Saturday, our players were not allowed to come up from the locker room to the concourse to visit with family, etc. before loading onto the buses for the ride home. In all previous appearances we were allowed to visit with our kids, take pictures, etc. before leaving Lucas Oil. Security at the locker room doors were not allowing the kids to leave, including protesting when a coach was going to walk our young ball boys up to their parents (they obviously don't ride the team buses home). We had to have our buses circle around LOS, stop on the south end of the LOS parking lot on the street and the players came into the parking lot to meet us briefly. It was crazy. Seemed to be directed by the LOS security. Did anyone have this same experience?
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