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  1. Coach - Have you seen any increase in numbers, or better retention going into 6th grade+?
  2. IMO new lights would be the better addition to Reitz Bowl.
  3. EVSC (our local public school corp.) announced this week that the turf at Reitz Bowl and Central Stadium will be replaced this summer. Sprinturf was originally installed in 2009. Enlow Field is also 12 years old but is not being replaced this summer.
  4. My comment was completely in jest, meant purely as a belated birthday wish for Titan32, my friend and newest member of the "Half a Hundred Club"!!
  5. Oh come on! It's so obvious... The young man just wants more free weekends in November....
  6. Yep, that is the correct distinction, at least as we know it in Evansville. Can barely warm an egg.... LOL...
  7. We took our 2017 & 2018 classes over to Mt. Carmel when they were 7th & 8th graders for a Saturday night double-header. It was a blast.
  8. Or us, we are close to 2A enrollment playing 4A for what, 2 more years? Hard to figure...
  9. Shhh. You might hurt Reitz Bowl's feelings, but you are 100% correct. LOL. Here's a shot of Enlow from the 2018 Semi-State game between Evansville Memorial and Bishop Chatard.
  10. I'm pretty sure he is an engineer and worked at Crane NSWC for quite some time. I don't know anything current except that he is our OC's brother-in-law and is a pretty good dude. I still often wonder about what happened with the prior HC though. It is odd IMO.
  11. Will certainly make the Memorial v. Central rivalry even more interesting....
  12. Evansville Memorial has Aiden Farmer (Jr.) at 152 and Kelton Farmer (So.) at 220.
  13. I really enjoyed the Mooresville livestream coverage when they played Evansville Central in Regional. They had 2 students (one ... was .... a ... girl ... ) and they both did a fantastic job. I also agree that the SEI Local coverage is A+.
  14. I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I have noticed our basketball team is a lot better when it is full of football players....
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